Brave New Interviewer – Entry III

Brave New Interviewer Entry 3: Alyssa Milano

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home.

Sometimes, things just happen without our ever expecting them.
In my many encounters,
most of them have been planned and carefully laid out. A few have
been chance encounters on the
street, my spotting a celebrity and using my interviewer persona to
win them over. And a very few
of my encounters have been
nothing but blind luck, including a
recent one that I felt notable to
It was late on a Saturday night, downtown L.A. I had just been
at a party at a high-class
restaurant and I was coming off a high. Not a drug high, I never
touch the stuff. A high from
partying, I’m sure many of you can relate. It was a high that
promptly ended when I came to the
space where my car should have been only to be greeted by a blank
spot and "The Club" lying on
the ground, as if mocking me. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, being a
master mind controller does not
make you immune to crime.
Being ripped off was bad enough. However, I had left my cell
phone back in my house and
I was in a section of town I was unfamiliar with. My home happened
to be nowhere near a bus
station and it looked like had to walk. And as anyone can tell you,
walking alone at night in Los
Angeles is pretty much throwing up a sign saying "come mug me!"
"Um, you need help?" The voice behind me made me jump, it came
out of nowhere. I
spun around to behold a vision. Alyssa Milano dressed in a tight
black dress with a nice cut to the
leg and dip to the chest. Now, I’ve never watched "Charmed." I know,
I know, a show about
three hot babes, you’d think it would be a natural for mind
controllers, but I never got around to
catching it. I knew Shannen Doherty of course. Quite intimately. But
Alyssa? I had had a crush on
Alyssa Milano ever since she hit her teens on "Who’s the Boss?"
"Embrace of the Vampire" was
in my video collection and her presence had only heightened the joys
of "Melrose Place." Yet, in
all that time, I had never gotten around to meeting her in person.
And now, just when the sight of
anyone would have been good, seeing her in the flesh gave me proof
positive that there was
indeed a god for people like me.
I quickly introduced myself and explained my problem. "Oh,
yeah, Shannen talked about
you," Alyssa said. "She said you were one of the more friendly guys,
didn’t grill her or anything."
I smiled, knowing that there was a lot more to that interview than
Shannen could remember.
"Look, if you need a lift, my car is here. I’m pretty free tonight.
Would it be okay?"
I had a woman I had a long-standing crush on offering me a ride
back to my place with her
night open and she was asking me if it was okay. What am I, nuts?
"As long as I drive," I replied,
trying to keep calm. "It is my house, after all."
"No prob," Alyssa said as she led me to her car, a number just
as hot as its driver.
Throwing me the keys, she got in the passenger seat as I pushed
myself behind the wheel and
within moments, we were off. "Sorry if this inconveinces you," I
said as I pulled into traffic.
"No worries," Alyssa said. "Like I said, it’s a quiet night for
me. I’ve got the time."
"Must be nice," I said. "Finally being able to take a break
from the whole studio grind, the
shootings, the interviews, public appearances. It must be tiring."
"You don’t know the half of it," Alyssa said as she leaned back
in her seat.
"Yeah, it must be pretty tiring, working in day and day, night
after night, all that work.
Must be good to finally relax at times like this. Just to relax and
sit back and watch the streetlights
pass by, on after another, after another. Just watch the
streetlights pass by and relax, Alyssa. I feel
good to relax and watch the streetlights pass, one after another,
one after another. After a while,
they seem to blur, a bright blur, passing before your eyes, like a
long series of flashes. You can
see the streetlights zip by, flash, flash, flash, it’s so relaxing
to watch, Alyssa, to sit back and
watch the streetlights pass by, it’s so relaxing, so very relaxing,
a long, slow blur of light, passing
by your eyes and it’s so relaxing, Alyssa, so relaxing to watch the
lights pass by, so very relaxing,
Alyssa, so relaxing. You’re feeling so relaxed now, Alyssa, so very
relaxed, so relaxed that you
want to close your eyes. You want to close your eyes, Alyssa. The
more the lights pass by, flash,
flash, flash, the more they pass by, the more relaxed you are,
Alyssa, so relaxed that you want to
close your eyes. Close your eyes, Alyssa, close your eyes and relax
completely. Close your eyes
and relax."
Alyssa was slumped in the seat, head to the side. I took a
moment to watch the steady rise
and fall of her lovely chest. We were closing in on my home, so I
began to give my instructions.
"Alyssa, you’re feeling very relaxed, right now, very good. It feels
so relaxed and so good to
listen to my voice and do what I say. Listening to my voice relaxes
you. Doing what I say makes
you feel good, Alyssa, very, very good. Now, in a moment, I’m going
to wake you up. When I
do, you won’t remember being asleep but you will listen to what I
say. When I invite you inside,
you will agree. You will come inside with me. When I look into your
eyes and touch your
forehead, you will once again fall into this relaxed state and
listen and do anything I say. Wake up
now, Alyssa."
Alyssa’s eyes blinked open as I pulled into the driveway.
"Whoa, sorry, must have zoned
out there," she said.
"No problem," I replied as we both got out of the car. She
appraised my house. "Not
"It’s better on the inside," I smiled. "Want to see?"
"Lead on," she said, allowing me to bring her to the front
door. I opened it, flicking on my
parlor lights. I closed the door behind me and then, in one smooth
motion, spun around, locked
my eyes on hers and let my hand drift to her forehead. Instantly,
her eyes shut and her body
relaxed, her head falling to the side as she fell back into trance.
"Listen to me, Alyssa," I said in a
commanding tone. "You are feeling sexy now, very sexy. You are
feeling so incredibly sexy, you
want sex so badly now, so very badly, Alyssa." The hungry expression
coming across Alyssa’s
face let me know my suggestions were taking hold. "Yes, Alyssa, so
sexy, so very sexy, you want
sex so badly now. Follow me, Alyssa. Follow me and you can enjoy
yourself with a lot of sex."
I imagine a stranger entering would have been quite intrigued
by the trail of clothes
leading up the stairs. Truth to tell, most of them were mine. All
Alyssa had was a dress, panties
and shoes so by the time we moved to my bedroom, we were both naked,
pawing at each other
like crazy. She was as passionate as I imagined, as if sex truly
brought her to life. Her hands ran
all over my body, squeezing my ass tight, her passions on full. Her
breasts crushed against my
chest as her tongue ran all over my mouth, twisting around my own.
We fell onto the bed and I rolled on top of her. I buried my
head in between those
wonderful breasts, loving the feeling of my tongue rolling all along
the curves of her mounds. I
put my lips around one of the erect nipples and pulled on it with my
mouth. I suckled it like a new
born babe while kneading her breasts with my hands. Alyssa moaned as
she felt me go at her tits,
licking and massaging them with long-awaited glee. I broke off my
suckling and pushed her
cleavage around my face, inhaling the taste of sweat coming off her
We rolled around again, Alyssa on top. Slowly, she sat herself
onto my hard cock, her
breasts jiggling as she pushed the shaft around her sex. She began
to rock herself onto me, gently
at first, then with an increased rythym that I tried to match. I
worked my pelvis in time with her
forward motions, setting up a pattern to bring us both close to
climax. I watched her, eyes closed,
hair flowing around her, breasts bouncing as she rode me. My hands
moved back up to those
captivating breasts, squeezing them as Alyssa worked on me. Her face
grew tighter, more lustful,
as I could feel myself build in her. We climaxed together, an orgasm
that was all the more better
by my long wait for it. Seeing Alyssa arch back, breasts thrust up,
was like seeing a dream come
She collapsed onto me, setting off a few minutes of cuddling. I
was barely aware of her
pulling out of me, until she moved her face to my cock. As she took
the hard shaft in her hands
and mouth, I leaned back into the bed and sighed. If it hadn’t been
for a car thief, I’d have missed
the chance to spend the night with a gorgeous woman I’d long dreamed
about. What can I say? I

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