Brave New Interviewer – Entry II

Brave New Interviewer
Entry 2: Witch’s Brew

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home.

I’ve come across a few interesting things in my experiences,
but this is one I have to
relate. It was a fairly recent encounter, one that still makes me
smile. I was assigned to interview
Melissa Joan Hart. I had, of course, been familiar with her from her
hit TV show "Sabrina the

Teenage Witch" and was eager about her upcoming movie. And given
that she had chosen to
show a more sexy side to herself the last few months, I was more
than eager to see just how bad
she could be.
The interview was scheduled to take place at her hotel room, an
easy place to let what I
had in mind develop. I arrived early and eager, dressed in a way to
put Melissa at ease and help
with the induction, not that I needed a lot with my abilities. I
knocked on the door and waited.
After a few moments, it opened to reveal Melissa standing on the
other side. She wore a simple
one-piece red outfit with a nice dip in the cleavage, her blond hair
a lovely mass around her pert
face. But none of that got my attention. It was the look of surprise
on her face, a look I was sure I
You know how on "Highlander" Immortals recognize each other by
feeling some sort of
aura? It’s like that with mind controllers too. So, imagine my
surprise when I realized that I could
feel that aura coming from Melissa. She was a controller.
We must have stared at one another for a full minute before she
finally backed into the
room. "Um, coming in?" I mutely followed her into the luxurious
suite. She closed the door and
motioned the table. We sat down, still staring at one another.
Finally, she let out a small laugh.
"I’m sorry," she said. "It’s just that this is different for me."
"No more so than me," I said. "I guess I shouldn’t be too
surprised. Why should the
unwashed public be the only ones with the gift? How long?"
"First noticed it when I was 15," Melissa said. "Slow at first,
but I got more developed
with it over time."
"That’s pretty much how it is with all of us," I nodded. "I
must admit this changes things."
"Ah, so you were planning to seduce me for an afternoon of wild
sex?" Melissa said.
"Actually, I was hoping to do the same, if you were cute enough."
"Am I?"
"Moderately so. Well, guess you’ll have to do an actual
interview now, won’t you?"
"Wow, I think I’ve forgotten how that goes." After a brief
laugh, I looked at her.
"Actually, there are a few new questions I wanted to ask you."
"Like, how many people I’ve hypnotized?" she grinned. "Pretty
lengthy and you’d be
surprised by it."
"No more than you by me. So, any amazing recent encounters?"
"Actually, there’s one I think you might get a kick out of. It
was a couple of weeks ago…"

"God, I thought the shoot would never end," Britney Spears said
as she brushed a hand
through her long blond hair. She and Melissa were walking down the
hallway of their hotel. The
two had spent the day shooting the music video for Britney’s "Drive
Me Crazy," the song that
shared the same title as Melissa’s new movie. Melissa had done an
appearance in the video to
boost a little more recognition for the film and the two had gotten
close over the last few days.
"Try doing a weekly show and TV movies," Melissa replied.
"That’s real monotony." She
paused as the two came to Britney’s room. "So, any plans tonight?"
Melissa asked in what she
hoped was a conversational tone.
"I’m going to take a nice long shower and a longer nap,"
Britney said with a sigh.
"Great idea," Melissa smiled. "We can do it together."
Britney turned to her frowning. Before she could say anything,
Melissa locked eyes with
her and concentrated. A blast of blue electricity shot out of
Melissa’s eyes and into Britney’s.
Britney’s body went into shock, straightening as if electricity had
been run through it. Then, she
relaxed slightly as the lightning faded, her eyes drooping as she
fell under Melissa’s control. "Let’s
go inside, Britney," Melissa said. Helpless to disobey, Britney
opened the door and led her new
mistress inside.
Almost before the door was closed, Melissa was tearing her
clothes off, finally standing
naked before Britney. As the singer stood in the middle of the room,
staring blankly at the wall,
Melissa hurried into the bathroom and started the shower. Coming
back into the room, she faced
Britney, gazing into the songstress’ blank eyes. "You want to take a
shower right now, Britney.
You want to take a shower very badly. You’ve been looking forward to
it all day. Now, you want
to take a shower with me. You will take a shower with me, Britney
and as you feel the water
coming down on you, you will feel more and more aroused. Very, very
aroused, Britney, you will
feel so aroused. Now, take off all your clothes, Britney, so we can
Melissa watched as Britney slowly peeled off her tight suit.
Her ample chest came free and
Melissa admired it while watching Britney push off her pants. Taking
the now-naked singer by the
hand, Melissa led her into the bathroom, where the shower was
running full-blast. Melissa pulled
Britney into the shower, letting the water cascade around them,
their hair instantly soaked against
their skin. Britney sighed as she felt the water fall down on her,
igniting her arousal. "Just let me
feel you, Britney," Melissa said softly. "Let yourself feel my hands
on you and you’ll feel more
and more aroused." Melissa leaned forward and took Britney’s breasts
in her hands, massaging
the tender nipples and pushing against the curves. Britney sighed as
she felt the other woman’s
touch and her sighs grew louder as Melissa’s hands ran down her
Melissa moved forward and kissed Britney on the lips, embracing
the other woman. Their
breasts pushed against one another as their hands ran down each
other’s bodies. Melissa gave a
slight pushing motion and Britney slowly sunk to her knees, her face
inches before Melissa’s clit.
Melissa pushed her face in close, allowing Britney to begin kissing
the tender pussy, enjoying the
taste of the juices slowly running out. Britney’s hands went to
Melissa’s ass, instinctively grabbing
her cheeks for grips. Melissa gasped as she felt her bottom pinched,
Britney’s hands running over
it. Her licks became faster, the juices running more quickly until
Melissa came, splashing onto
Britney’s face. The juices that weren’t licked away were swept into
the drain and washed down.
After letting the wave of her orgasm pass, Melissa shut off the
water and pushed Britney back
into the tub. Britney’s back was pushed against the wall one leg
draped over the edge of the tub.
Melissa moved down and pushed her lips into Britney’s waiting pussy.
She ran her hands over the
wet surface of Britney’s thighs as she went to work, pushing her
tongue into the tight opening,
her hands motions seeming to increase the flow of juices to
Britney’s cunt. Melissa was well
experienced at this and proved it with her long, slow motions into
Britney’ cunt. Under her expert
movements, Britney’s excitement, which had built during her earlier
love-making, soon came to
the surface. Britney pushed herself back into the wall as she felt
herself build then release, her cum
quickly licked away by the ready Melissa in the first of what would
be many orgasms that night.

Needless to say, I was blown away by Melissa’s account, as the
bulge in my pants could
attest to. She laughed at my expression, shaking her head. "What can
I say? I like it wicked."
"This is a side to you I would never had guessed."
"Yeah, yeah, I know, everyone expects me to be the
squeaky-clean teenager. Makes
things a lot more exciting to tell the truth."
"Sounds like you’ve done it all."
"Not quite." She bit her lip and looked at me. "I haven’t
encountered one of us in a long
time. And now that you’re here, I was wondering something."
"I’ve always had a dream. It may sound weird, but it’s always
something I’ve wanted to
experience. I know what it’s like to control. I know that. But I
want to know what it’s like to be
I paused before speaking. "Are you proposing what I think
you’re proposing?"
"Put me under," she said, leaning forward. "Put me in your
power. I just want to know
what it’s like to be dominated. I have to know."
"What can I do."
"Anything you want."
"Thought that’d get your attention. What do you say?"
I looked right into her eyes. "Relax," I said, shifting to a
commanding tone. "Relax.
You’re feeling tired now, Melissa, very tired, your eyes are so
heavy. So very, very heavy, you’re
feeling so sleepy now, Melissa, so very sleepy. You’re so sleepy and
your eyes are so heavy,
Melissa, you’re so sleepy, you just want to close your eyes and
submit. Submit, Melissa, you want
to submit to me, you want to close your tired, tired eyes and submit
to me. Sleep, Melissa, close
your eyes and sleep. Sleep and submit to me. Sleep and submit. Sleep
and submit."
In less than a minute, Melissa’s body was slumped in the chair,
her face even more
attractive in sleep. "Stand up and open your eyes, Melissa, but stay
deeply asleep." I watched her
stand and open her glazed eyes. "Melissa, are you asleep?"
"Very good, Melissa. Now, you want to do everything I say,
don’t you?"
"You will do what I say without question and obey me, won’t
you, Melissa?"
"Take off all your clothes, Melissa and then lie on the bed." I
watched as Melissa pulled
her dress over her head. She wore no bra and her full breasts were
prominently displayed. I
watched her push her panties down her smooth legs and move over to
the bed, her legs spread
invitingly. I began to take off my clothes as an idea occurred to
me. "Melissa move over and get
on your hands and knees." I watched her move, her ass beckoning to
me. I was on her almost as
soon as my cock was out of my pants. I slid it into her waiting hole
and began to pump her,
grabbing her cheeks for support as I pushed into her. I could see
she was getting off on it, her
entranced face in ecstasy. I continued to work my way into her,
ramming my cock into her ass
with glee as I waited for her to get off on it. It didn’t take long,
her rocking motions soon
bringing her close to orgasm. She gripped the sheets hard as I let
myself go, blasting my wad into
her, causing her to cry out in total pleasure, my orgasm rocking
into her like a tidal wave.
I pulled out of her and fell back onto the bed, gasping for
air. Without warning, I felt
Melissa crawl on top of me, gripping my still erect cock in her
hands. She took it into her mouth,
her lips closing around the penis, moving up and down my shaft. I
couldn’t believe this, this
gorgeous woman sucking me off and obviously enjoying it. I wondered
if she was truly entranced,
then decided it didn’t matter as she sucked harder, nearly taking my
entire cock in her mouth. I
grunted as I came again, my cum blasting all over that pretty face
and hair, not stopping her from
continuing her mouth work until all of my semen was licked away.
Melissa and I still continue our relationship from time to
time. It’s nice having a celeb who
truly understands me and of course there’s another benefit. With
someone inside the celeb
community, I’ve got a new line into the star’s lives. Not a bad bit

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