Brave New Interviewer – Entry IX

Brave New Interviewer
Entry 9: Video Vixen

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. I saw Britney at the MTV
Video Music Awards and just couldn’t resist. Enjoy.

"Clothes do make the man." I never really considered that statement to apply so much to
me, at least in regard to my own fashion. Oh, I’m a good dresser, I just don’t put too much
emphasis on it. But at times, the fashions of other people, specifically women, do have a major
effect on me. My encounter with Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys was one fine example. Another

is the tale related here.
I’ve had some unique experiences before at the MTV Video Music Awards created by
some outfits the female stars wore. My encounter with Rose McGowan in that infamous almost-
dress she wore in 1998 stands out in my mind. Remind me to tell it to you sometime. Anyways,
there I was, ready to enjoy the show and my eyes roving around the room, taking in all the
various outfits, thinking of which lucky star might catch my eye for a night of fun. Of course, I
highly doubted any outfit (or woman) could top Jennifer’s infamous dress. That was until an hour
into the show.
Now, I like Britney Spears. I do. Innocent girl with a tinge of nastiness, she’s always good
to look at. So, I was excited when she was announced as the next musical guest. She certainly
looked nice in a Michael Jackson style suit with hat. I was a bit bummed she was singing "I Can’t
Get No Satisfaction." I mean, there are some songs that just shouldn’t be covered and most
anything by the Stones counts. I immediately changed my mind about her song though when she
stripped away the suit to reveal a bush up gold bra and long pants to match, eliciting hoots
through the crowd.
Watching her bump and grind her way through her routine stirred some very familiar
feelings within me, but not for the reasons you’d think. I’d spent a few great nights with Christina
Aguilera and had been pleasantly surprised by the information that she and Britney had been
lovers for the last few years. The memories of those nights turned me on as much as Christina’s
child-like body in bed. The chance to taste the goods for myself and the sight of Britney in that
outfit drove me to make my decision.
It wasn’t hard to get backstage with my credentials. Getting to Britney was another story.
She was surrounded by managers, security and camera crews and I knew she was due back in the
audience soon. Of course, I wouldn’t need much time with her. I managed to keep a safe distance
until she headed towards her dressing room. I walked up and knocked on the door. "Miss
"I’m changing," her voice answered.
"It won’t take a minute. Christina told me to give you a message."
"Um, okay." Just as I hoped, the mention of her friend and lover convinced her to open
the door. She was still wearing that great outfit, sweat staining the cleavage between her ample
breasts, her long blond hair partially in her face as she let me in. "Um, can it be quick? I’m due
back soon."
"Oh, it won’t be long," I smiled. I crossed my arms, letting my special cufflinks show up in
a spot where they could catch the light. "Christina just wanted to make sure you felt all right. That
was a big performance you just did and she didn’t want you to become too tired."
"I’m okay," Britney smiled. God, she looked gorgeous when she smiled. "She just worries
too much about me."
"Are you sure?" I asked, tilting my wrist slightly so the light caught on my cufflinks and
reflected into her eyes. "I mean, you do look kind of tired right now. Really tired. I don’t blame
you, you’re out on the road, always performing, publicity tours, it can be tiring, very tiring,
Britney, I don’t blame you for being tired, for being very, very tired, Britney, you do feel tired,
Britney, you do feel very, very tired. I know you feel tired, Britney, you feel very tired, very, very
tired, your body is tired, your mind is tired and your eyes are most tired of all, Britney, your eyes
are so very, very tired."
Her eyes were, in fact, drooping more and more with each flash of light glancing off my
cufflinks and into her face, the fatigue of her performance no doubt contributing to her
receptiveness to my induction. "So tired, Britney, so very, very tired, your eyes are so tired,
Britney, your mind is so tired, you are so very, very tired, Britney, so very, very tired. You want
to close your eyes, Britney, you want to close your tired, tired eyes and rest your tired, tired
mind. That’s right, Britney, close your eyes and mind. Close your tired, tired eyes and your tired,
tired mind. Close them both, Britney, close them both. Your eyes and your mind, so tired. Close
your tired eyes and your tired mind. Close them both."
Britney’s eyes fluttered shut and she slumped slightly but still stood standing. I knew I
couldn’t take too long so ravishing her right there wasn’t an option. But then again, I wanted to
make it special. "Britney, listen to me very carefully……"

I whistled as I walked down the hallways of the fancy hotel most of the stars were staying
at, twirling the copy key I held in my hand. I slid it into the proper door and entered. The room
was dark, save for a single dimly lit lamp near the corner. It illuminated Britney, who stood there
in that same dark suit, her hair bunched up as much as possible under the hat. "Undress," she said
in a tough tone that instantly hardened my cock. "Then get on the bed."
I wasted no time obeying and was soon nude and flat on my back, my cock sticking
straight up towards the sky. Britney slowly slid onto the bed, smiling as she approached me. She
moved her face down towards my cock and slid her lips around it, sucking it off slowly. Those
lovely lips slid up and down my shaft, turning me on more and more. I leaned back and watched
the hottest female artist around suck me down, her lips shifting back and forth on my cock, her
tongue licking away at the beginnings of my explosion of cum, continuing to pinch at my balls as
she went at it.
Without warning, Britney stood up and reached for her outfit, stripping it off just like she
had before. Only this time, she was wearing even less than what she had on stage. Which is to say
nothing. Okay, she’d obviously had work done, but her breasts were still magnificent, the nipples
hard and ready and her bush and ass weren’t too bad either. She threw her hat away, letting her
long blonde hair flow about as she crawled onto the bed and lay on top of me. We kissed long and
hard, my hands trailing over her back and onto her ass, squeezing the full cheeks with glee,
causing her to give out a girlish squeal as my fingers trailed towards her asshole.
We sat up, facing one another and I swiftly slid my cock into her waiting pussy. She
hooked her legs around my waist and began to pull me in closer with each thrust of my cock
inside of her. I moved my face towards her breasts and kissed the soft curves leading towards the
nipples as my face moved back and forth as I continued to pump harder and harder into her.
"C’mon, baby," Britney muttered into my ear. "Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!" I was only too
eager to please, shoving my cock further and further into her, kissing her nipples as she came
forward with every thrust, pulling on my back with her legs. We kissed as I felt myself build closer
and closer to orgasm and finally came inside of her. She threw her head back and cried out as we
orgasmed and her breasts heaved with breath against my chest.
We made love twice more, once with me taking her up the ass, once with her straddling
my cock. I then told her to sleep and she did. I looked down at that peaceful face, stroking the
blond hair and a thought occurred to me. A way to pay Britney back for what she had given me. I
reached for the phone, my mind remembering the number immediately.

Britney slowly rose from sleep as the feeling of pleasure on her pussy roused her. She
shifted in bed, her long legs dragging along the visitor’s back. She glanced down, expecting to see
the man who had been with her most of the night and was surprised to see a mass of blond hair
covering her pussy. The face glanced up and smiled at Britney. "Hiya," Christina Aguilera said as
she licked lightly at the pussy before her.
"What are you doing here?" Britney asked as the naked Christina crawled up her body.
"Oh, I got so hot watching you on stage, I just couldn’t wait to see you again," Christina
said, bringing her naked body on top of Britney’s and kissing her lover on the lips hard. "Snuck in
by a cleaning lady. Thank God for cold, hard cash."
"Hmm, remind me to leave a bigger tip," Britney said, clutching Christina’s breasts in her
hands as she brought her down into another kiss. Their naked bodies withered on top of one
another, their pussies and chests rubbing against each other as they lost themselves to passion. I
was watching from the doorway. Christina had been put under easy with her trance phrase and led
to Britney’s room where I let her in. Neither would remember me, only a great night spent with
one another. As for myself, I was being treated to the sight of the two most gorgeous women in
pop music making love to one another and I wasn’t about to miss it for anything. Who says video

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