Brave New Interviewer – Entry VIII

Brave New Interviewer Entry 8:
A Ling Fling

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy.

I was always accused by my teacher of reaching beyond my grasp. Whenever I
saw a great deal, I always tried to find a way to make it even better. A
flaw, true, but one that has created terrific benefits over the years, in
studies and in play. After all, when you’ve got my powers, the chances of
having fun increase even
more and give me the opportunity
make some of my dreams come true.
It had been a few months since Calista Flockhart and I had been lovers.
She was always great in bed, giving us a hot relationship, showing a
sexual side few could
have guessed from her.
I hardly even needed to increase my hypnotic powers over her to control
her. But there were always ways to have more fun. And darn if I couldn’t
think of one in
Lucy Liu had been a hot addition to "Ally McBeal" since first coming onto
the show. Wild dress, a hilarious attitude and plenty of sexual entandres,
she’d been
attracting viewers, including myself.
And the episode where she and Calista flirted with one another, including
a hot kiss, turned a lot of heads.
Seeing as how I had tasted the goods myself, I knew how hot a kisser
Calista was and the idea of her with another woman was turning me on more
than I could
So, with Lucy’s star on the rise with the new "Charlie’s Angels" movie and
more, the
time seemed right to make one special dream come true.

Calista had dropped by after shooting, the night between us spent making
love. She was lying on the bed, sheets half-covering her. Okay, she could
have been a
little more fleshed out, but she was hardly skin and bones, the slight
stain of sweat on her making her look all the more attractive, brown hair
falling on the pillow as she
slept lightly after our bout
of sex. I stroked her hair a bit and nudged her slightly, causing her to
grunt as she woke up.
"Come on, we need a break," she said as she blearily opened her eyes. They
widened slightly as she watched the familiar pendant swing above her.
Her eyes gently closed as her sleep turned into a deep trance.
"Listen to me carefully, Calista," I said in my commanding tone. "You will
begin to have some thoughts upon waking tomorrow. Thoughts that you will
not be able
to resist, thoughts you will want to carry out as soon as possible.
Interesting thoughts, Calista, very interesting….."

I woke up to the sounds of bustling within my bedroom. I looked up to see
Calista dressing, pulling her shoes on as she got ready to go back to the
"Leaving already?" I asked, propping myself up on the bed.
"It’s a hard day at work ahead," Calista nodded. She smiled and moved down
to me, kissing me gently. "Come by my apartment tonight and I’ll make up
for it." She
grinned as she walked off and my grin matched hers as I thought about the
fun ahead.

I managed to get out of Calista later what she did and was proud of her.
She followed my instructions beyond my own imagination. Of course, she had
help. I’d found some time ago that I could "lend" my abilities to others,
allow them to
mesmerize others and influence them, with my own intentions in mind, of
course. And with Calista already so close to me, implanting the powers and
ideas didn’t take
very long. And the results were soon to be evident.
"I come bearing gifts," Calista said as she entered one of the trailers on
the "Ally McBeal" set. She was still in costume, a shirt and jacket with
one of those infamous
short skirts, smiling as she approached her co-star. Lucy Liu sat a table,
eating her lunch, wearing a dark outfit, her long black hair framing a
face that was a bit more
animated than when she was in Ling
character. She smiled at Calista and nodded towards the package under her
"What’s that?"
"Oh, a little something from the props department," Calista said as she
put the small box on the table and unwrapped it. She pulled out a large
green pendant
attached to a chain and held it before Lucy’s eyes.
"They think you should have it for that dinner scene tomorrow night but I
don’t know if it’s the kind of thing that Ling would wear. Figure you
would know for sure.
Take a look at it, a good long look. You really have to look closely at it
to get the
full feeling of it, really watch the way it looks in motion. You know,
watch it move, watch it swing, watch it move side to side, side to side,
watch it move and watch it
catch the light as it swings, side to side, side to side, watch it move
and swing, catching the light and flashing as it does, flash and swing,
flash and swing, just keep
watching it, Lucy, keep watching it flash and swing, flash and swing,
Lucy, just keep watching it, Lucy, keep watching it swing and flash, swing
and flash.
"It’s realxing, isn’t it, Lucy, it’s relaxing to watch it swing and flash,
swing and flash, it’s so very relaxing to watch, Lucy. You can feel
yourself growing more and
more relaxed the more you look at it, more and more relaxed with every
swing and flash, swing and flash, so relaxed now, Lucy, so very, very
relaxed. Sleepy, in fact,
Lucy, very sleepy. The more you watch the pendant, the more it swings and
flashes, swings and flashes, the more sleepy you feel, Lucy, the more
sleepy you are
becoming. So sleepy, now, Lucy, so very, very sleepy. You feel so sleepy,
Lucy that you can’t keep your eyes open anymore. You can’t keep them open
Lucy, you have to close them, you have to close your eyes, Lucy, you have
to sleep,
you have to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep."
Lucy’s eyes shut and she slumped in her chair as she fell into a deep
trance under Calista’s excellent induction. Calista lowered her pendant
and appraised her
mesmerized prey, her mind already deciding what she would do. She glanced
at her watch, checking how time she had before lunch was over. Time enough
for fun.
"Lucy, you are asleep. Asleep but you can hear every word I say, Lucy. You
will hear every word and obey every word I say, won’t you?"
"Yes," Lucy said softly. Calista leaned forward and kissed her hard on the

lips. They’d kissed before, of course, but that was just for the show,
acting. But this was for real and the passion Lucy gave told Calista that
she wasn’t the only one
who’d been turned on by that kiss.
She broke off and backed up a bit.
"Lucy, undress." Lucy swiftly obeyed and Calista was soon looking at
Lucy’s lithe body. Her pert breasts were highlighted by soft nipples that
were already tight, the
bush between her legs shaven closely and begging for Calista’s touch.
Calista was only too happy to answer the call, pushing her face towards
the waiting pussy and letting her tongue drag inside it. Lucy moaned
softly as Calista began to
lick at her with greater speed, getting more into this, the implanted
suggestions in her mind turning her arousal on full blast and taking
advantage of Lucy in her trance
state, licking at her pussy with abandon, loving
how Lucy withered on the chair as Calista licked her out, her body finally
shaking as she came onto Calista’s waiting tongue, her cum tasting so
sweet on Calista’s face.

Calista stood up and wiped her face, the cum staining her hand slightly.
"Lucy, listen carefully," Calista said softly. "When you wake up, you
won’t remember anything that has
happened here between us. But you will want to do something later

Back to me. I came to Calista’s apartment just off the studio, anxiously
waiting for what I knew would be inside. I knocked on the door and was
greeted by Calista,
clad in a tight neglige, her long legs on display.
"Hey, lover," she said, moving forward and kissing me full on the lips.
"Have a surprise for you."
"Is it a good one?" I asked.
"Oh, it’s very good," she grinned as she led me towards the bedroom.
Standing there was Lucy, dressed only in a black leather outfit, pussy and
breasts exposed, staring blankly ahead as
Calista and I came forward.
"What do you think?" she grinned.
"I like," I said, appraising Lucy’s gorgeous body, all the sexier in that
"Then you’ll love this," Claista anounced. "Lucy, come over and give him a
Lucy padded towards me with even steps, wrapping her arms around me and
kissing me full on the lips.
Damn, she was good, her tongue darting into my mouth and wrapping around
my own as she pushed her body against mine.
"Don’t hog all the goods yourself," Calista said. "I want some of that
A few minutes later, we were on Calista’s bed, Lucy beneath me as I kissed
her deeply, my hands gripping her ass as I did, my lips pressing on her
own. I broke off
to move down her body, kissing her tight nipples as Calista suddenly moved
onto us. Calista was as naked as we were, pushing her pussy down onto
Lucy’s face as I
entered her with my cock. Calista moaned as she felt Lucy go to work, her
tongue diving into her lips, lapping away with glee as I pumped myself
into her. It was a
gorgeous feeling, Lucy and Calista both under my control (although Calista
didn’t know it) and allowing me to have my way with them both. I pushed my
mouth against
one of Lucy’s tits, suckling the soft nipple as I continued to push myself
inside her. My cock was beginning to strain against her womanhood as I
could feel myself build.
I glanced up to see Calista’s ass hanging before me, her cries growing
louder as she urged Lucy to continue to lick her out. It was such a
gorgeous sight that I could
soon feel myself come, my wad blasting into Lucy’s body, causing the bed
to shake. Calista managed to hold on longer, but soon let loose herself
onto Lucy’s eager
tongue, the entranced woman eager to taste the sweet juices.
We made love several more times. Calista rode me while I ate Lucy out, the
two women kissing. I took Lucy from behind while she once again licked
pussy. Finally, I lay on my back and watched the two women lick away at my
still-rigid cock. Calista’s tongue snaked around it while Lucy tried to
take the tip into her
mouth, the two breaking off to kiss
briefly as they sucked me off, the twin tongue-licking soon bearing
impressive fruit as I came onto both their
faces, my cum staining their lovely features.
About an hour later, the two were cleaned and dressed, both staring at the
swinging pendant before them.
"When the two of you leave here, you will awaken in your cars," I
commanded. "You will not remember this night or anything that has—-wait,
scratch that. Lucy, you
will not remember anything that has happened. Calista, you will remember
that Lucy is now under your hypnotic control and that all you have to do
is say the words ‘Ling fling’ to put her
back into a trance. You can do this when you want and how you want.
Remember that but nothing else."
Watching the two of them leave, my mind was filled with how much fun
Calista was going to have on set from now on.
Ally was about to get a little more hot, not that Lucy would know it.

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