Brave New Interviewer – Entry V

Brave New Interviewer
Entry 5: Heavenly Sinner

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home.
I saw the March issue of
Gear magazine and immediately knew I had to write this. If you
haven’t seen the issue, get it.
You’ll love it. Enjoy.

I was killing time before a meeting with an editor and was
wandering through a local
bookstore, looking over the magazine rack, scooping out both
rivals and potential
employers. Being a freelancer does have its benefits, including the
ability to set your own rules
and prices on the pieces you do. I was looking through the men’s
magazine section (a favorite of
mine) when a certain cover caught my eye.
It was the March 2000 issue of "Gear," a magazine that catered
to the sort of people who
hated to unwrap a "Playboy" on the stands. The cover showed a
topless photo of Jessica Biel, one
of the stars of "7th Heaven," her arms strategically placed to cover
herself. Although I doubted
the actual article would live up to anything, I paged through it and
stopped dead on page 62.
The article was unbelievable. Jessica was openly saying she was
sick of her good-girl image
on the show and wanted off, contract or not. Swearing a blue streak,
talking frankly about life,
she made Melissa Joan Hart look like a nun. She was openly hoping
that the article would get her
fired from the show and as if to prove it, the accompanying photo
spread was more graphic then I
had expected. She was topless in most of the photos, her nipples
visible in several and was
flaunting a sexuality few people could have expected from her.
A lot of men would be reacting in surprise to this, I knew. I
was surprised as well, but for
a different reason. Looking at the photos, all I could think about
was that I had created a monster.

It had been about a month earlier and I had been assigned to do
an interview with Jessica.
I had never actually seen "7th Heaven." A little too cutesy for my
tastes To tell the truth, aside
from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," not a lot on the WB
catches my eye. Well,
program wise anyway.
The interview was set in the restaurant of a hotel just off the
WB lot where Jessica was doing
some scenes for the show. She showed up in jeans and a light
t-shirt, her brown hair hidden
underneath a baseball cap, every inch the teenager. We exchanged
pleasantries and then got down
to business. We talked a bit about the show, about her life and what
was going on. I got the
feeling that she was holding something back from me. Her answers
seemed a little too pat, even
for an actress. Most interviewers would try to ignore it, some would
push her, all would fail. But
I’m not most interviewers.
"It must feel good to have some time off," I said,
surrpetiously maneuvering my wrist so
my watch, gleamed to perfection for situations like this, caught the
sunlight and reflected it back
at Jessica. "It’s always good to have time off to relax, time to sit
back and relax, let all the
tensions and pressures of studio life fade away, to just relax and
let yourself go. Just to relax,
Jessica it would so good to relax, to just let everything fade away
and relax."
I had secured us a table in the back of the restaurant, out of
the way of the other patrons
and had instructed the waiter to leave me alone unless called for. I
shifted my wrist enough to let
the light catch the glass of my watch and reflect it into Jessica’s
eyes, the shifts of my wrist
moving the light from one eye to the next in repetitive pattern. I
could see Jessica’s eyes following
the shiny movements, the orbs already becoming glassy. I shifted
into my closing to bring her
under completely.
"It feels good to relax, Jessica, to relax so much. You feel so
relaxed now, Jessica, so
relaxed and at ease. You love feeling this relaxed, Jessica, you
love feeling this wonderful and
relaxed. Listen to my voice, Jessica, and you can learn to relax
completely. Would you like that,
"Yes…." Jessica whispered, her eyes fixed blankly on the
swinging light.
"Good, good. Now, Jessica, I know you’re holding back from me.
You’re holding back
answers and you’re holding back emotions. Holding them back causes
tension, Jessica and you
want to let all of your tension go out of you. You want to relax
completely, Jessica and to relax
completely you must let all your tension go. You must let yourself
go, Jessica, you must let
yourself go and speak your mind. You have to speak your mind and be
honest with your
emotions, Jessica. When you do, you will feel totally at ease and
completely relaxed. Do you
"Yeah…" Jessica said, a slightly mischievous look coming onto
her entranced face. "When
I snap my fingers, Jessica, you’ll wake up and remember nothing of
this. You will feel relaxed and
calm and ready to let loose all the hidden things you’ve kept
inside. Do you understand?" After
her nod, I snapped my fingers and watched her eyes return to
She shook her head and looked at me. "Can we be frank here?"
I shrugged. "By all means. Off the record if you like."
"I honestly don’t care if you use it or not. I just need to say
something. You know how a
person’s always asked what they’d do if they met their character?"
"I’d kick her fucking ass."
I raised my eyebrows, surprised my suggestions had taken so
well. "Really?"
"Hell yeah," Jessica said, leaning forward and looking straight
at me. "You have no idea
what it’s like to try to keep the goody-two-shoes family girl image
going 24-7. I keep asking if
they can toughen her up a bit, make her a little more real, a little
more like a kid really is. You
know what they tell me? First, I’m just an actor, I’ve got nothing
to say about the show. Second,
they say they own me as long as I’ve got a contract and I have to
keep up the image off screen or
else I’m canned. Which at this point doesn’t sound too bad."
For the next several minutes, we talked about the show, about
life, about how Jessica
wanted things. I found her to be an incredibly fascinating young
woman. It wasn’t that she hated
the show or her role, she was just tired of being seen as a nice
girl and wanted to do something
different. She seemed to understand the short shelf life a teen star
has and knew that breaking out
of it soon was the best thing she could do for her career. She
really seemed to have a good head
on her shoulders as well as a nice body.
Lunch went quickly, as did coffee and soon it was time for me
to go. As I stood up,
Jessica did as well and spoke to me. "Listen, I just wanted to thank
you for this. It really felt good
to let things out and be honest for a change. You seem like the
first guy in a while who’s treated
me as a person, not a star. You have no idea how good that feels."
"Always happy to oblige," I smiled. "Anything else I can do for
"Just one." Jessica moved forward and stood a little taller,
her voice moving beside my
ear. "Get a room, take me upstairs and fuck my brains out."
Maybe it’s me, maybe I just underestimate my own sex appeal. I
sometimes wonder if the
hypnosis really makes women do something they wouldn’t do or if it’s
my own good looks. Okay,
my suggestions for Jessica to let her feelings loose had obviously
effected her inhibitations, but
her choice for me as a mate for the afternoon was a surprise. Not
that I was arguing with it at the
I usually have a good memory but I honestly can’t remember
getting the room or paying
the clerk a few hundred dollars to keep quiet about what was going
on. (I would have to pay a
visit to use my powers to wipe the clerk’s memory completely. I’d
let him keep the money,
though.) As the elevator doors closed, Jessica suddenly leaped at
me, wrapping her arms around
my neck and kissing me hard. I instantly responded, pulling her into
a passionate embrace, letting
her push me against the elevator wall. I let my hand drift to her
chest and felt the tight breast
underneath her clothing. We broke apart as the doors opened and
almost raced to our room. In
minutes, I was lying naked on the bed, watching as the young starlet
did an erotic striptease for
Any doubts as to the bad girl lying within Jessica were laid to
rest with the slow tease she
gave me. She let her jeans drop but pulled her shirt off slowly, a
few inches at a time, her sultry
grin letting me know she was enjoying this almost as much as I was.
Her shirt finally came off and
she stood in bra and panties. She turned and unsnapped her bra,
letting it drop. Her back still to
me, she folded her arms before turning around, her mounds covered by
her arms. She grinned,
spinning around a few times, swiveling the upper half of her body,
moving her arms up and down
to give me quick glimpses. She finally dropped them and spread her
arms out and allowed me to
see her full, luscious breasts.
Her panties were quick to go, then she was on top of me,
kissing me hard on the lips,
begging for my touch. She lay her body down against mine and let me
grab her ass, squeezing her
cheeks hard and tight. She tensed against me, her tits shoving into
my own chest as she rubbed
her body against mine. She quickly sat up and put herself onto my
hard cock. She slowly sat
herself down and began to rock against me, riding me hard. "Harder,"
she moaned. "Harder." I
was only too happy to oblige, working my pelvis against her, letting
my cock drive harder into
her. I ran my hands up to her breasts, squeezing them as she rode
me, pulling her closer with each
shove of my rod into her vagina. We orgasmed together, her cries of
joy louder than you could
We made love for another two hours, in several positions, her
passion never leaving her. I
hated for it to end but in the end, I knew it had to. As she
collapsed onto me after her final
orgasm, I reached over and picked my watch off the nearby table. I
moved fast, not wanting to
rethink this at the last minute and let the light play off the watch
and into her eyes. Instantly, her
face slackened and her eyes went blank as she fell back into a
trance. I quickly had her clean
herself and redress, then spoke to her.
"When you leave the room, Jessica, you will wake up. You will
not remember what
happened here. You will simply remember a nice interview and you
will not realize how much
time has passed. You will realize a new confidence in yourself. You
will no longer be afraid to
hold back your feelings or emotions. You will be confident in
whatever you do and speaking your
mind will make you feel good, very, very good. The more you let the
real Jessica out, the more
good you will feel. Remember that and that alone."
I watched her leave and leaned back in my bed, relieving the
events of that day, an action I
was repeating as I leafed through the magazine. Apparently, my
suggestions had a bigger effect
on her than I thought. It might be a bad move for her show but, as I
looked at those topless
photos, I realized that it might be better for her. And it wouldn’t
hurt the male population much
either. It got me to thinking of just how much of a sinner the woman
was and reminded me pay a

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