Brave New World: Who Done it? Killer Anal – Episode 4

Title:  Brave New World: Who Done it? Killer Anal – Episode 4

Author: X-tremeFAN

Content Codes: ANAL, drugs, oral, rape, SICK

Celebrities: Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Eamon, Gwen Stefani

Disclaimer: Be aware that this story is for adults only and should not be construed as a true story in any way. It is pure fantasy and for non-commercial use only.

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Eamon listened intently to Selena Gomez give her account of her and Justin Bieber’s break up. She was clearly lying he thought, using an after party to spread rumours: Cool! After the laughing and carry-on died down Eamon decided to step up with his own candid tale of promiscuity. Or something like that. Whatever.

“I bet you all think I can’t top that huh!” Eamon declared with a smile like he deserved to be the centre of attention.

“What are you trying to say?” Selena asked defensively.

“Let him speak”, P Diddy said. “I’ve got to hear this.”

Eamon smiled.

“Remember when Britney went crazy, cut off all her hair and drove around like a mad bitch before being thrown into a mental hospital?”

“How can we not it’s all the media talked about!” Kanye West said emphasising the obvious.

“And now all we’ve seen since is a deer in head lights. She looks blank whenever the cameras are turned on her.”

“Maybe. You have a point.” P Diddy said agreeing with Eamon.

“Well I have it on good word that the Britney we know today is a fucking clone!”

Laughter broke out.

“Seriously. The media says it’s the medication but she literally has no memory of her life. It’s all lies. All she knows is the moment! That’s why all her finances are taken care of for her. She’s not really Britney.”

“If she’s not Britney then where is she?” Selena asked feeling that she was being treated as naive.

“That’s the crazy part. Apparently she hung herself in the shower, whilst in hospital but… ”

“Come on. You expect us to believe Britney is dead? And all because the media got in her face.” Kanye demanded.

“That’s the thing. It had nothing to do with the media. As it turns out Britney was raped by a fan! In the ass no less, and she couldn’t handle it! Her perfect life was ruined so she ended it.”

“And you’re going to tell us the elite wouldn’t accept it so they cloned her… for the good of the music industry.”

Gwen Stefani was spellbound and interrupted, “How did a fan get to her? I would’ve thought she’d be protected by her body guards.”

“He was smart figuring that the only time she’d really be alone and left to her self would be in the bathroom. And he was right. He was able to enter her premises under the cover of darkness and hid waiting for his chance. Apparently he was hiding around the house for two whole weeks. No one knew!”

Gwen listened straining to understand.

“Britney got raped in the toilet?”

“In the bathroom”, Eamon said correcting her. “He simply followed her in and put a knife to her throat. In the thirty minutes it took for Britney’s body guards to realise something was wrong she had been repeatedly raped no less than ten times. He just couldn’t stop. They had to drag him off her he was so mad, completely obsessed. Even more insane was that he only raped her in the ass!”

“She does have a nice ass”, Gwen said dreamily getting a few laughs.

“Did have a nice ass”, Eamon clarified his story once again.

“I take it that it didn’t end well for him?” P Diddy asked.

“Nobody really knows for sure so I presume so. There was some talk that he was skinned alive.”

A few peeps winced at the thought.

“So Britney isn’t really Britney. She’s a clone”, Fergie stated.

“And that’s not all. Britney clones are now being produced on a commercial scale for any Tom, Dick and Harry who has a few hundred million dollars or more and can afford one. It’s definitely a brave new world. I’ve been saving all my pennies for my order but I think Imma gunna have to write a new hit song or two. I want that young virgin Britney in her slutty school outfit!”

Eamon started rubbing his crutch suggesting he wanted to fuck the One More Time singer silly. Laughter turned to hysterics at his antics.

“You fucking liar”, Beyonce blurted out all serious but with half a giggle. She got up from her seat and walked away.

“Don’t believe me then.”

Eamon watched Taylor Swift came stumbling from the ballroom and down the garden path. Hiding behind a tree with his pants down around his knees and masturbating he throbbed at the sight of her. She was stunning a lovely pink cloak over three-quarter length pants jeans, a tight top and matching white high heels. She looked almost magical in the moonlight.

As she neared closer, looking all around her like she was expecting someone to be waiting for her Eamon tried to get her attention. He was going to get her good.


“Calvin is that you”, Taylor called out.

Eamon couldn’t help giggling.

Taylor hesitated taking a couple of steps off the path.

“Calvin come out here.”

Eamon jumped out from behind the tree pulling his cock in front of her.

“I have something for you Taylor”, he said.

“O my god”, Taylor cried trying to avert her eyes. “Ewwwww. Where is Calvin? He’s not really here is he?”

Eamon started stepping toward Taylor shaking his dong up and down with his hips.

“We don’t need him to have a good time.”

“O my god”, Taylor cried again, turning on heals and running back up the path with tears in her eyes.

“Come on it was a joke”, Eamon called out after her. “Taylor.”

“You’re positively evil”, a voice spoke stepping out into the moonlight. It was Gwen Stefani looking dreamily at his dong still stiff and proud.

“Don’t worry I’ll get her later”, Eamon claimed still as confident as ever.

“We’ll until then how about I help you with that.”

“O you want to… on my… well who could say no to your famous red lips?”

Eamon couldn’t believe his luck.

Gwen stepped closer and grabbed his dong with one hand and yanked on it slow but rough.

“You ever had a set of famous lips on your cock before?” Gwen asked with a shortness of breath.

Eamon’s mouth opened at Gwen’s touch and he couldn’t help but push his hips in time with her tugs.

“Sure baby”, he answered.


“Mariah Carey’s.”

Gwen knelt on her knees inspecting his dong and teasing him with her tongue.

“You liar”, she said before slipping her lips over the head of his hot rod and sliding them some down the shaft. Her red lipstick glistened in the moonlight as she bent her head back and looked up at Eamon who was gasping for breath.

“Everyone keeps saying that.”

Gwen gurgled something that Eamon couldn’t quite understand.


Gwen refused to take a breath even for a second ramping her movement up and down Eamon’s shaft and savouring the salty taste.

“I’m quite a mouthful I know”, Eamon could hardly mouth words himself.

Gwen’s popped her lips off his rod and looked up smiling.

“I said: That’s because you’re an arrogant prick!”

“O… “, Eamon said before correcting himself – moaning. “Oooooohhhhh.”

Gwen grabbed hold of Eamon’s buttocks and helped him thrust his dong down her throat. He wanted nothing more than to cum and didn’t hold anything back fucking her mouth like it was pussy or an ass even.

“I’ll admit it. I’m not the shyest of guys.”

Eamon withdrew forcibly and to Gwen’s surprise slid his shaft up her lips and over the tip of her nose.

“Cum in my mouth”, Gwen demanded mouthing the words against his throbbing veins before slipping her red lips back over his shaft.

Eamon didn’t need a second opening. Famous girls didn’t come his way like this too often and just the thought of it made him throb. Within ten seconds he was on the precipice of ejaculation.

Hanging off the end of his dong and holding him to her face Eamon didn’t complain that Gwen was in control allowing him but one long and deep thrust to unload! He was in that much ecstasy he could hardly even see her gag, his stuff escaping from the sides of her lips running down her chin and dripping onto her legs. She then started pulling his dong with short hand strokes making it complete agony with every successive drop she was able to milk from him. What an amazing… she was amazing!

“You’re amazing Gwen!”

“The best?” Gwen asked wiping cum from her chin and legs and licking it off her fingers.

“Truly the greatest!” Eamon stated falling to his backside on the grass and brandishing a smile from ear to ear.


Eamon had been puffing on a doobe with Snoop Dog and a few cute puppies in the corner of the ballroom half-heartedly following the crowd outside behind Alicia’s lead. Upon hearing her scream his name his heart skipped a beat and he tried peering over the crowd to see what was happening.

“I admit it! I did the dirty.” He shouted.

The crowd turned to look back at him and parted with a few whispers. There laying on the edge of the pool was Taylor Swift staring lifelessly back at him.

“I’d say that’s your cue to run man”, Snoop Dog suggested with his best insolent coolness trademark.


Ends at pool side with Eamon being called out. At first he thinks it’s a joke to get back at him and he admits to the murder, it’s not until the police drag him away that he cries his innocence.

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