Breakfast Is Served

This story is complete fiction.


by rawballz


Tia Carrere

Jennifer Connelly

Jill Hennessy

Debra Messing

Rhona Mitra

Paula Trickey

Debra Messing arrived at Jill Hennessy’s house about 7:15 a.m. They
were best friends, but hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years.
It seems that when one of them was free the other would be busy &
vice-versa. Deb had never been to her new home, it was a nice,
modest 5 million dollar house. They were going to have breakfast &
talk about Deb’s new film role.

Deb walked
up to the front door & rang the doorbell. A few seconds
later a woman opened it. “Mrs. Messing?” “Yes. Hi, I’m here to see
Jill.” “I know, come in.”

The woman was dressed in a french-maid’s outfit & looked a lot like
Paula Trickey. Deb walked in & Paula closed the door. “Ms. Hennessy
will be with you shortly. May I take your coat?” “Yes, thank you.”,
Deb replied while removing her coat. She handed it to Paula & she
proptly tossed it on the floor. Deb looked at her in disbelief.
“What the hell are you doing? That’s a $2500 coat.” “Well, I think
you’re the stupid cunt that spent too much for it.”

Deb cracked a nervous smile & started to walk over to the coat.
Another woman grabbed her arms from in back of her. Deb didn’t know
what was going on. The woman pinned her arms behind her back &
grabbed a handfull of her hair. “Leave it on the floor, bitch.”, she
whispered in her ear. The other woman was also wearing a maid’s
uniform. She resembled Tia Carrere a lot.

“What the fuck is going on? Where’s Jill? What do you want from me?”
Paula reached under her maid’s skirt & slid her own panties down her
sexy-ass legs. She waded them up & stuffed them into Deb’s mouth.
“Too many questions.” Deb was breathing heavily out her nose.

“Move & I’ll break both of your arms.”, Tia quietly told her. A
nervous look came over Deb’s face.

Paula knelt down in front of her & took her heels off. Deb felt the
coldness of the floor on her barefeet. Paula stood up & walked over
to a little desk that was next to the front door. She reached in one
of the drawers & pulled out a pair of scissors. Deb mumbled
something into the panties. Paula walked back over to her. She took
the scissors & slowly closed the blades over Deb’s top button on her
burgandy blouse. Snip. The button fell to the floor. Snip. The next
one dropped. Snip. Snip. Her blouse came open enough to expose her
black bra. Paula pulled her blouse out of her skirt & snipped the
last button off. Deb’s blouse served no purpose now.

Paula tugged the blouse down off her shoulders. Tia removed the rest
of it until it was thrown over to the coat on the floor. Paula knelt
down in front of her again. She brought the scissors up to the
bottom of Deb’s dark-grey skirt. Paula tugged at the bottom with one
hand & cut a deep gash into the skirt with the other. She slowly
moved the blades up & cut again. A little more leg was showing.
Another cut. You could see part of Deb’s black panties now. Paula
moved the scissors up again. Debra felt the back of the blade rub up
against the front of her panties. She cut again. “Now for the last
one.” Paula cut through the waistband & the skirt fell to the floor.
Debra stood there helpless & in her underwear.

Paula slowly moved the scissors up Deb’s thighs. She placed one of
the blades under her panties & the other above. She felt the
coldness of the metal right next to her pussy. Paula cut. The
panties almost fell off of her, but it still held tight around her
left leg. Paula cut at it again. The panties gave up & they dropped
to the floor. Paula rubbed her fingers through Deb’s bush. She

Paula stood up & cut her bra straps in half. The bra became loose.
She cut right inbetween the cups & the bra quickly fell. Debra was
so embarrased about being totally naked in front of these women. Her
face turned bright red.

Tia turned her around & led her into the dining room. She bent her
over the very large table. The side of Debra’s face laid on the oak
table. Tia tied some cord around her wrists & bound them together
still behind her back. She kept one hand placed between her shoulder
blades, pinning her to the table. Paula grabbed a large wooden
paddle. She positioned herself behind Deb & whacked the paddle down
on her bare ass. She screamed into the panties. Paula wasn’t hitting
her real hard, but hard enough to cause a tiny bit of pain. She
rared back again & smacked her ass. Deb thrust forward. Paula placed
the paddle on the table & began spanking her ass with her hand.
Debra’s asscheeks jiggled with each spank. Paula slapped both cheeks
with both hands.

Paula walked into the kitchen. She came back with a tray of ice
cubes. She & Tia each took out a cube began rubbing her asscheeks
with them. Deb felt the icy cold sensation over her red warm ass. It
was quite a relief for her after the vicious spanking she recieved.

Paula knelt down & opened her buttcheeks. She rubbed the half-melted
cube on her asshole. Her butthole puckered. “Spread your legs.”, Tia
demanded. Debra complied. Paula grabbed another ice cube & rubbed
her buttlips again. She than slowly inserted it into Debra’s rectum.
She pushed until finally it disappeared. She grabbed another &
forced it in. Water was dripping from her anus. Paula shoved another
inside. Debra’s butthole was almost completely numb. She didn’t feel
at first when Paula stuck her tongue deep inside of her rectum. She
jabbed in & out of her asshole.

Another maid, looking a lot like Rhona Mitra, entered the room. “You
started without me.” “Sorry, we couldn’t wait.”, Tia replied. “Well,
let me get the stuff.” She walked into the kitchen. “Stuff? What
stuff?”, Debra thought to herself.

She came back holding a large tray & she was completely naked. She
placed the tray on the table. “Don’t you want some jam with that?”,
she asked Paula. She mumbled something back to her. Rhona opened the
strawberry jam jar & scooped some out with her hand. Paula took her
face out of Deb’s butt for a second. Rhona smeared the jam all over
her butthole. Paula went back to licking.

Rhona opened up the tub of butter, scooped some out & spread it all
over Debra’s buttcheeks. Tia helped spread it around. Rhona then
took some honey & opened the top. She poured it down the crack of
her ass. It dripped some on Paula’s nose.

“I’m tired of doing all the work. Let me get down there.”, Tia said.
Paula reluctantly got up & took her place. Tia removed her uniform &
licked feverishly at Debra’s bunghole. She licked all of the honey
clean off her anus. She slowly moved two fingers inside her
butthole. Deb tensed up. Tia finger-fucked her faster & faster.
Debra moaned loudly into the wadded-up panties. Paula & Rhona
started spaking her buttcheeks again.

“Dammit! I thought I heard something going on in here.”, Jennifer
Connelly said while walking into the dining room. She was completely
naked, wearing only a strap-on dildo. She walked over & pushed Tia
out of the way. She grabbed Debra by the shoulders & slammed the
dildo into her anus. She buried all 8″ inside her. She fucked her
harder & harder. Rhona got on the other side of the table facing Deb
now. She took the panties out of her mouth. Debra screamed loudly.
“Goddammit! Leave my ass alone!” Rhona quickly shoved a blueberry
muffin into her open mouth. She held her hand on it forcing Deb to
eat it. She slowly swallowed it & began to scream again. Rhona
grabbed a handful of scrambled eggs & shoved it into her mouth.
Debra began chewing at the food.

Jen was fucking her butthole harder & harder. Tia & Paula (who was
naked by now) began rubbing & slapping at Deb’s pussy.

Debra finished swallowing the big portion of eggs. Rhona squirted
some syrup on a slice of frenchtoast. She folded the slice in half &
shoved it into Deb’s mouth. Her stomach was getting a little full.
She swallowed it.

Jen pulled out of her. The maids then turned Debra around & sat her
on the table. Jen grabbed her right leg & lifted it up until it
rested on her shoulder. Tia did the same with her left. Debra was
spread-eagle now. “Wh..what are you d…doing?”, Deb asked with food
all over her mouth. “Here, put some of this on your nipples.” Rhona
smeared some whipped cream on her tits. Jen & Tia moved in closer,
pushing her legs up higher, & licked at her small, but nice breasts.
Rhona stuffed a strawberry into Deb’s mouth. She began to munch down
on it. Rhona walked back in front of her, with the tub of cream. She
grabbed some & spread it all over Debra’s bush. Paula handed her a
straight razor. Rhona began shaving her pussy.

Paula went to the other side of the table. She came up behind Deb &
pulled her back until she was laying flat on the table. She climbed
onto the table, straddling Deb’s face. Debra knew what she wanted
her to do. “Anything to get this over with.” She stuck her tongue
out & began to lick at Paula’s pussy.

Rhona finished shaving & wiped her pussy clean. She grabbed the 8″
dildo & stuck it into Deb’s pussy. “Ohhh god!” Rhona began to fuck
her hard.

“Girls, you’ve been naughty.”, Jill said entering the room. Debra
raised her head up from between Paula’s legs. “Jill?” “Hello Deb.”
She was shocked to see Jill standing there completely naked. “Having
some more breakfast I see.” “Well, it’s not what you think you
see…” “Don’t worry. I’m a little hungry myself.”

Jill strapped on a double-headed dildo & aimed it at Debra’s pussy &
butthole. “Please Jill, don’t do that.” “Don’t I get to eat?” Jill
slowly shoved the dildos into her. Debra’s eyes closed. Rhona helped
guide the 14″dildo into her pussy & the 8″ one into her anus. Jill
completely buried them into her. Debra’s head fell back onto the
table. Jen & Tia got onto the table & licked & sucked on her
breasts. Rhona stood up & rubbed fast at Deb’s clit. Paula grinded
her pussy onto her mouth. Jill grabbed both of her ankles & hoisted
her legs high in the air. She pounded away at her. Faster & harder.
“So Deb, what have you been up to?” She tried to answer but was a
little too busy cumming. “Oh well, it’s almost time for brunch.” “Oh
god, not brunch.”, Debra thought to herself.


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