Breaking Her Bottle


By Smooth Criminal

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There’s more than one city that never sleeps, I thought to myself as I hiked towards the looming colossus of the Air Canada Centre, fingering the hand-held tape recorder in my jacket pocket for the tenth time. Steadily I plowed a path through the huge crowds, ignoring the occasional rude comments thrown my way. A few times I brushed against some teenage girl, who smiled in return and waved at me invitingly. Declining (though regretfully) with a smile, I finally made my way to the front of the crowd, where a large, burly security
card held the line. “Toronto Sun, here to interview Miss Aguilera.” I flashed my press badge.

The man nodded, and spoke into a walkie-talkie. “Yea, he’s here. Right.” Moments later an eager-eyed teenager, perhaps no more than seventeen, came running up and took me by the arm. Leading me into the stadium, we took a few turns here and there, into the restricted areas, until the noise of the crowd outside had disappeared. “My name’s Ray,” the kid said, “Miss Aguilera is expecting you in her dressing room. We begin in forty minutes, so you’ll get about fifteen minutes to talk with her. I hope you have your questions ready.”

“Hey kid,” I said, a hint of irritation creeping into my voice, “Do I tell you how to do your job?” Ray winced from embarrassment, and when his back was turned I smirked in satisfaction. Having only been recently promoted to a full-fledged reporter, it felt nice to bark instead of being barked at. I was a huge fan of Christina’s music, and had jumped at the chance to cover the concert that was helping to promote her newest CD. It had taken a good deal of negotiating to get the editor to hand me the assignment, and I was determined to do a good job.

“Sorry if I seem overly curious, but isn’t fifteen minutes before a concert a little late for an interview?” Ray asked as we descended a flight of stairs.

I decided to humor him. “The real interview is scheduled an hour after the concert. However, I want to get some pre-performance thoughts. I can use it to start off my article.”

“Cool,” Ray murmured, “Oh, we’re here.” Stopping outside a dressing room clearly marked with Christina’s nameplate, Ray knocked lightly on the door. “Miss Aguilera? The reporter from ‘The Sun’ is here.”

“Come in.” I recognized the voice, even muffled behind the wall, and held my breath as the door opened. There stood Miss Christina Aguilera, the stunning, award-winning diva in all her glory, wearing a revealing red costume that matched the streaks in her blonde hair. “Thanks Ray. Oh, could you do me a favor and get me a cup of herbal tea?”

“Yes ma’am!” Ray nodded eagerly and bolted off. “He’s a great help,” Christina said, smiling, “They hire a new gofer for me in every city. Ray drives four hours round trip everyday just to help me. He’s sweet.” Christina motioned me into her dressing room. “Watch the cord,” she said, as I barely missed tripping and crashing into costume rack. After introducing myself, we shook hands, and I set my tape recorder up on the makeup table, near Christina. “So, where do we begin?”

“Well,” I said, “What are you feeling right now?”

“Oh my god,” Christina giggled, “How do you describe it? I mean, the tension and adrenaline rush before a concert is incredible – everything is so hectic around here, if I’m doing ten things at once, everyone else is doing like fifty. You have no idea the stress that is running through me right now.”

“You seem pretty calm and collected.”

“Well if I’m not, no one else is! But besides the stress, I feel great. I’m excited, the audience is excited, you can feel the energy in the air.”

“Oh, believe me, I can,” I smiled, “This concert tour is helping to promote your latest album, which is due out in three weeks, and you’re previewing some new songs for your fans. Are you nervous about how these songs will go over?”

“I’m always a little nervous,” Christina said, “But the songs are definitely amazing, and I think my fans will love them, so it’s not really a huge concern; I’m more worried about the hydraulics on the stage breaking down, my god!”

Christina laughed again, and for a moment I simply leaned back and took in the melodious sound of her voice and the beauty of her figure. Then abruptly there was a knock at the door. “Miss Aguilera? I have your herbal tea.”

“Come in, Ray, and watch the cord,” Christina said. But as Ray walked in, for one reason or another, he tripped over the cord – there was a cry of surprise, and Ray crashed into the costume rack, spilling the herbal tea all over the glittering, custom-made outfits.

“Ray!” Christina said, immediately coming over to help the boy up, “Ray are you -.” She froze when she saw the damp, irreparable stains, and I saw her eyes widen in shock. Then: “Ray! You idiot! You stupid idiot! Look what you’ve done!! My costumes! They’re ruined! RUINED!!!! GET OUT!! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!!!!” Screaming at the top of her lungs, Christina yanked a mortified Ray up to his feet, and practically hurled him out the door. Trembling, she turned around to look back at the mess on the floor. I scrambled out of Christina’s way, but the singer didn’t even notice me. Falling to her knees, she picked up a white wrap-around in her hands, now with a big dark blotch across the front. “I can’t go on stage like this…I can’t…my costumes are ruined…” Throwing the wrap aside in disgust, Christina buried her face in her hands and started to cry.

The door burst open, and a bunch of people came in. “Ah, damn!” one woman said, “This is not good. Not good at all.” She spoke into her walkie-talkie. “Joey, the costumes are ruined, I need you to put something together, *fast*. No, we don’t have time for that, get moving!” The woman left in a rush, and a bearded man came over and placed his hand on Christina’s shoulder. “Christina -.”

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” Christina screamed, “ALL OF YOU!! LEAVE ME ALONE!”

“Christina!” The man repeated, “Listen to me; you can still go on. We’re okay, we can get new costumes put together, we’re not going to disappoint the fans! -You’re- not going to disappoint the fans! Christina, do you understand? Christina?”

Christina continued to sob. The man sighed, and stood up. “Look, we need you ready to go in twenty minutes. I’ll have makeup down here in ten. Pull yourself together, we can do this.” Squeezing Christina’s shoulder, the man nodded to the others, and they all slowly filed out of the room. No one had even noticed me, standing pressed against the corner, and now I was alone with the crushed starlet.

“Miss Aguilera -.” I said, starting to make my way towards the exit. Christina looked up, and I saw smears of redness, from her eyes to the makeup running down her cheeks. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE??” Christina screamed, “DIDN’T I TELL EVERYONE TO-.”

She froze, suddenly horrified. “Ohmigod. OHMIGOD! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” She looked at the makeup table, and my eyes followed. My tape recorder was still running, and we both realized it had taken in everything that had just transpired. But more than that, someone on the outside, me, had just seen the moment when Christina Aguilera lost it. Still on her knees, Christina made her way over to me and grabbed me around my legs. “PLEASE!” Christina begged, “OH GOD PLEASE DON’T TELL ANYONE! PLEASE!!! I’M BEGGING YOU, PLEASE!!” Christina shook my legs hard, looking up at me with pleading eyes.

It wasn’t necessary. The moment I’d realized this could seriously harm Christina’s career, I’d unconsciously made up my mind never to tell anyone else. I was a fan, with a fan’s loyalty, and I also wasn’t the kind to use gossip sleaze to fuel my journalistic reputation. “It’s okay,” I said softly, “I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

“LIAR!” Christina screamed, “That’s what they all say until the tabloids appear! I can’t let this get out, it’d ruin my promotion tour, and my career -.”

“So I’m NOT going to tell!” I gripped Christina’s head forcefully to help her understand. For a moment, there was silence, and I thought Christina had finally accepted my promise. Then I saw her eyes glance around to either side, as if she were studying my arms.

“So that’s what it’ll take. Fine.” I gasped as Christina reached up, grabbed my crotch, and unzipped my pants. “What are you -.” Then I realized exactly what she was doing. With my hands gripping her head firmly and she already on her knees, Christina had thought I was subtly hinting at a blowjob as a fee for my silence. I watched as Christina’s dainty hand snaked into my pants, and a moment later my rod sprang free, already hardening from her touch. “Miss Aguilera, no! I -.”

Christina shook her head. “Please don’t ruin the concert,” she said quietly, “And we’ll discuss the rest of your fee afterwards.”

I should’ve protested further. I should’ve pulled away, gotten out of the dressing room, or done just about anything else. But the moment Christina’s lips found their way around me, all rational thought completely left my mind. Like I’d been shocked, my whole body went tense and my hands tightened around Christina’s hair as her tongue swirled around my length, quickly coating it in saliva. Then with her eyes closed and head level with my crotch, Christina began to bob back and forth like a machine. A low moan escaped my lips, and before I knew it my hands were guiding Christina’s head back and forth; all I could think about was the sensation of her young, hot mouth pleasuring me, the hot wetness of her tongue as it licked and rubbed me from the base of my shaft to the sensitive underside of the head.

“Yea, just like that…” I’d said the words without even thinking, but lost in the moment, I didn’t care. Christina already thought I was another sleazy reporter, and besides, this was the best head I’d gotten since that slut cheerleader Melanie had sucked me off as a high school graduation present. “Ohhh man…that’s good…fucking good…” Christina didn’t respond, though I could feel the humiliation and loathing emanating from her even as her pace sped up. Then Christina pulled off my cock, and began licking it lengthwise, making kissing and sucking noises. I felt the softness of her face as I rubbed against the hollow of her cheek. There was no affection in the act, but Christina’s assembly-line blowjob was as good as a profession hookers’.

Christina made her way back to my cock head, and began sucking on its big, engorged redness. One hand gripped my shaft, and began to rhythmically pump me for the big finale. The other hand was now grabbing and fondling my balls through my pants. My mind, glazed over from the sight of Christina’s head moving back and forth, still managed to pick up a distinctive beat in her sucking noises, her pumping movements, and her fondling. Even in sex, Christina Aguilera was no less the musical artist.

“Gonna cum soon…shoot all over your face…cock-sucking tramp…” Hell, I figured, enjoy yourself! How often does one get blown by Christina Aguilera? In fact, I wished I’d brought my camera along, so I could get a picture of Christina’s greatest performance, followed by the encore of my hot spunk splattered across and dripping down her face. Christina, still the sex machine, picked up the pace, and a moment later, when almost the entire length of my cock was down her throat, I came.

And I came again. It had to have been one of the biggest orgasms I’d ever experienced, and the amount of cum that I unloaded into Christina was unbelievable. As I jerked about inside of her mouth, I could feel my seed splatter all over the place, and feel the contractions of Christina’s throat as she tried to swallow as much as she could. Finally Christina gagged and she pulled off me, coughing and spitting out globs of saliva-mixed cum. My last few shots hit the bridge of her nose and her cheek.

“Satisfied now?” Christina looked up at me from her limp position on the floor. Hauling herself up, she went over to her makeup desk and pulled out a roll of paper towels. She pulled off a bunch, and began wiping my cum off her face and off the floor.

“Yes…I mean, NO! …I mean -.” Like a husband cheating on his spouse, my morals and common sense had returned as my last stream of cum had splashed against Christina’s face – unfortunately, they had returned about ten minutes too late.

Christina stared at me harshly. “Fine,” she said shortly, “Meet me in my hotel room an hour after the concert. Ask Ray for the address. Now if you’ll excuse me -.” Christina straightened herself up, and once again she was the singer I had met before. “- I have a concert to put on.”

She slammed the door shut on her way out. It was only moments later that someone came looking for her, and the sound of their voice was what prompted me to wipe myself off and return my spent tool to my pants.

* * *

As a press agent covering the concert, I’d had a seat specially reserved for me close to the stage, and it was there that I was ushered after the crew discovered me in Christina’s dressing room. Luckily, they were more concerned about where Christina was than about why I was in there by myself.

What the hell had happened? I thought to myself. It’s one thing to go along for the ride when a beautiful woman gives you head, but you didn’t even get in a solid protest! And you treated her like a common whore! And on top of everything else, how are you going to get that interview now??

I was still lost in my thoughts when the concert started, but that immediately changed when Christina burst out onto the stage, accompanied by her dancers. Showing no signs of what had gone on in the dressing room, Christina was as vibrant and energized as I had ever seen her, belting out tremendous vocals while bouncing back and forth across the stage in her choreographed motions. Her replacement costumes, while less flashy than the ones that had been ruined, still looked amazing on her, and I doubted the crowd could tell the difference. Despite my troubles, I found myself lost in the thrill of watching Christina perform, along with the thousands of other fans around me.

After an explosive finale with “Genie in a Bottle” and pyrotechnics that did everything but set Christina and the stage on fire, I rode the crowd’s departure until I could make my way backstage once again. It didn’t take long to find Ray, who looked like he still had a job, and was busily doing it.

“Hey, it’s you again!” Ray said as I caught up with him, “Enjoy the concert?”

“Her best one yet,” I said, and I meant it. “Is Miss Aguilera around? I need to find her for the interview.”

‘”Sorry, she left in her limo from the back, to avoid the fans,” Ray said, “But she did mention for me to find you, and give you the address of her hotel.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it. So…you feeling okay?”

Ray shrugged uncomfortably. “I don’t know. I mean the concerts’ over, so it’s not like I’m in this job for much longer…but I hope Miss Aguilera will forgive me before she leaves. I can’t believe I was so clumsy.”

“Miss Aguilera’s a nice person,” I said, “And…I’ll put in a word for you.”

“You mean it?” Ray asked, brightening.

I nodded with a faint smile. Though, I thought, that’s if she’ll even let me put in a word for myself.

* * *

The name under the registry was Miss Patty-Ann Dubois, though the hotel staff knew perfectly well who I was really looking for. It was simply standard procedure, done to keep fans from hassling celebrities. When Christina answered the door, dressed in a purple robe, I saw a few other people sitting on the sofa behind her, laughing and drinking champagne. Her producers and close staff, I guessed, celebrating another successful concert.

“Ah, I’m sorry to cut the celebrations short,” Christina said pleasantly, “But I must finish up my interview.”

“Oh, sure!” said one woman, whom I remembered was the one worrying about the costumes, “We should be heading off anyway. Lots more that we have to do. Night Christina!”

“Good night!”

“See ya tomorrow!”

When they had all departed, Christina led me over to the sofa. “Champagne?” she asked, but I could tell her attention was focused beyond the room…to the departing footsteps of her staff. “No, thank you,” I managed.

“Business then. Just as well.” Wordlessly, Christina went over to the counter and picked up a pen and her cheque book. “Okay then. What’s it gonna be?”

“I’m not here for money,” I said, exasperated at the thought of starting this all over again, before realizing I had conveyed the wrong message.

“I see,” Christina said, “Very well. Come with me.” Pulling me off the couch, Christina took me into the bedroom. Closing the door behind her, with one tug she undid the knot that held her robe closed, and she shrugged it off her body. It fell in a heap around her, revealing the sexy, arousing bikini piece she had worn for the finale. Actually it was more than just a bikini, a combination of peek-a-boo material woven around in intricate patterns. But the effect was the same. I felt a very familiar sensation in my pants as I came to attention.

Christina flung herself on the bed, then rolled over to look at me. Wiggling out of the lower portion of her costume, she cast it aside, then opened her legs and spread them apart. I gaped, her smooth, shaven pussy and inviting pink cunt lips. “Go ahead. Just let me know when you’re finished.”

The absurdity of her comments shook me out of my trance. “No, wait, Miss Aguilera, you’re wrong. I didn’t come here for sex. Just for the interview, and to clear up a misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding? Put it in, get off, and leave.”

“I’m serious. I didn’t want the blowjob you gave me before…” I fought silently to keep from adding, “But I sure wish you’d blow me again.”

“Didn’t want it?” Christina snorted. “My ass. What was that you said? Oh yes: ‘cock-sucking tramp’. And yea, the way you were moaning and tugging on my head, just told me I was torturing you.”

I sighed. “Fine, I won’t deny that I enjoyed it. And I got carried away when I shouldn’t have, I’m sorry. But it’s hard to pull a beautiful girl off your dick when she’s giving you the best blow of your life.” The words had just tumbled out, and I paused to see if Christina would take them as an insult or a compliment. Her face remained expressionless, so I kept going. “But you didn’t let me explain. I wasn’t going to tell anyone. I don’t do that kind of reporting.”

“I’m supposed to believe that?” Christina sat up in the bed now, a dubious expression on her face. Maybe it wasn’t my words, but the fact that I hadn’t just dropped my pants and boned her on the spot had to count for something.


“Fine. Then thank you for your integrity, and get out of here.” She crossed her arms expectantly.

“No can do. You owe me an interview.”

“Ah. So our moral little reporter has an excuse to hang around. That’s what the other guys said too. And my ass was sore as hell the next morning.”

I tried to block out the image of Christina Aguilera getting rammed from behind, but I felt further stirring in my pants. I ignored it. “Look Miss Aguilera, I need an interview for tomorrow’s edition. That’s all.”

“Go ahead, ask. I’ll moan out the answers as you fuck me raw.”

It suddenly dawned on me that Christina’s cynicism ran deeper than face value; she didn’t want me to do her, yet she was expecting and almost demanding it, and maybe her body was too. I wondered what others had done to her before to get her like this. But that wasn’t helping my situation. What could I do to convince Christina I wasn’t here to simply use her?

Then it hit me. A crazy idea, but I had no other choice. “All right. Your choice.” Christina shrugged and leaned back, looking up at the ceiling as she waited for the inevitable harsh thrusting and ejaculation. Suddenly, she felt a tingle between her legs… pleasure, without penetration or pain. Christina blinked. “What the-.”

Christina Aguilera looked up to see my head between her legs, busily tonguing at her sweet pussy. “What are you…ohh…doing…?”

“Seeing if -you- can put together a coherent protest while someone’s getting you off.” Christina raised a hand, but immediately clamped it back down onto her bed sheets as I resumed eating her out. Holding her clit open with two fingers, I dabbed my tongue around in circles, giving all areas equal attention. This I followed with a sharp thrust deep into Christina’s pussy, then moving my tongue around deeper inside.

“Ohhhhh,” Christina moaned softly, “Oh Goooooddddd yessssss.” I felt her thighs clamp around my head as arousal began to completely take over. “Right there…no, lower…yesss….right there…yesss…..oohhhhh…”

I moved in with my lips, sucking gently while I caressed her outer walls with my fingers. The musky odor of Christina’s crotch was intoxicating, and I breathed it in as I continued to pleasure her. Her body shifted around, humping against my face, manually guiding me to the most sensitive areas while the hands gripped the bed for support.

“Ooohhhh yessssss…soooo goooooddddd…keep gooinnnng…” Christina began to grind her crotch against me in a counter-clockwise direction. Her juices were beginning to ooze out of her pussy now, hot and wet and begging to be lapped up. The back of her head was pressed into the pillow, her eyes closed as she savored the experience. I could read the pent-up sexual gratification on her face, and I was determined to release it. I began to bob my head up and down, and allowed my fingers to sink in and out of her cunt. Her pussy pulled at them, begging for more, so I shoved them deeper inside.

“Ooooooo!” Christina gasped, “More…” I used four fingers this time, and was amazed at how easily they fit, with room to spare. The poor girl had certainly been used quite often and quite well to be this loose. I thrust my hand in and out some more, sucking the juices off my fingertips every so often. “Just tell me what you want,” I said, “And I’ll do it.”

“Tonngue…” Christina mumbled between short rasps, “Lick meee…” I obliged, and flattened out my tongue and gave Christina one smooth lick that covered her entire pussy. Then I went back to darting in and out, adjusting the curvature of my tongue.

“Oh god…I’m gonna come…gonna come…come soooo goooodddd, yes…come soooo haarrd…yes, keep going, baby…lick my pussy…you love it don’t you…love my taste…my smell…pleeaasseee….almost there….ooooo yesss…almost there…”

“Come on, Christina,” I encouraged, “Come for me. Moan. Scream your head off. Flood my face with your tasty juices. I want more, Christina! Give me more! Come on! More! More! More!”

In between my chants I was working overtime, slurping up Christina’s juices as loudly as I could so she could hear me enjoying her. Then she came. Whatever I had expected, I had been off. Way, way, off. Christina’s orgasm exploded like the breaking of a dam. I felt torrent after torrent of her come splash against my face, and I worked to swallow as much as I could. Christina’s body was bucking about like crazy, and her screams were hitting the same high notes she used when she sang.

“YES! YES! YES! YES! OOOOOOOOO YES!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” It was the music of love, and of my triumph in getting her off. She thrashed wildly, my head clamped between her legs, until, after what seemed like an eternity, her screams and moans finally died to a satisfied whimper, and her body collapsed onto the bed, releasing me. Christina rolled over, lifting one leg to let me roll out from under her. I crawled up to the front of the bed beside her, grabbing a handful of the sheets, to wipe my face clean. Seconds passed before Christina spoke: “That…was the best orgasm I’ve had in…” The realization surprised her as much as it did me. “…Years.”

“I’m glad.”

Christina rolled back around to face me. “I…I mean that…that felt so good…no one else ever bothered to make me come…”

“I didn’t think so,” I said, “So now will you talk to me? Or do you still think I’m just here to use you?”

“No,” Christina breathed, “I’m sorry I doubted you…thank you.” She pulled me close and kissed me, and I kissed her back.

“Thank you.”

* * *

After a few minutes of lying together, snuggling, Christina began to talk. “The first time it happened was awhile ago, during the time I was making the video for ‘Come on Over Baby’. We’d been practicing the choreography for hours and, well…” She trailed off, embarrassed. “All the grinding and dancing with the guys got me…aroused.” Christina sighed and curled up against me for support. “You know how it is.”

“I do.”

“Sex is an.…awkward thing when you’re famous,” Christina said, “People look at you weird if you date one of your dancers, your agent, producer, whatever. And the tabloids pick up on it either way. But we’re still human, you know? Just because we’re famous doesn’t mean we don’t want a quick screw every once in awhile.” She smiled at me lopsidedly.

“Yeah. Must be tough.”

“You have no idea.” Christina pressed up against me, and I put my arms around her. Obviously, this was very difficult for her to get out. “I used to count the days. Before that rehearsal, it’d been almost eight months since I’d had sex. And I…couldn’t take it anymore. So I did something about it.”

Christina got up and walked over to her dresser. In the darkness of the room, I could see her stick her hand into the bottom of one of the drawers, and my eyes widened when she pulled out a huge, neon green dildo. “Whoa.”

“Yea, whoa,” Christina grinned, returning to her spot beside me. She rubbed the dildo, and held it to her chest. “This kept me sane for all those months. I’d bring it with me everywhere, but I’d only use it at night, alone in my room. This time though, I couldn’t wait. The moment I was alone in my changing room, I just started rubbing and thrusting away.

“I thought the door was locked. Even now, I still remember locking it. But the reporter got in somehow… He was older than you, heavier, nowhere near as cute (here Christina put her arm around me). I didn’t notice him until I heard his camera clicking, and I realized he’d caught a bunch of shots of me… moaning with a dildo sticking out of my pussy.”

I ran my hand through Christina’s fine, silky hair supportively, but said nothing.

“I tried… bribing him with cash. More money than he’d ever make by selling those photos. He…wouldn’t take it though. He wanted a blow in return for the negatives. One blowjob. That was it.” Tears were now silently running down Christina’s face. I gently wiped them again, then kissed her and hugged her tight. “It’s okay. Take your time.”

“One blowjob. Fine, I thought. When I started I never thought I’d eventually get mixed up in all this, but there I was, buying my image with sex. So I gave it to him.

“But…as I… sucked him…even though he tasted horribly sweaty…salty…I got even more turned on. I wanted something hard and warm inside me. Hadn’t had a good cock in so long…so after he was finished, after my face was dripping with his cum…” Christina choked out the next words. “I begged him to fuck me.

“I moaned just as loud as I did when you tongued me. It felt sooooo good….so unbelievably satisfying, even though he was practically raping me. Afterwards, he took the film out of his camera, crushed it beneath his heel, thanked me, and left. He’d gotten something, and I’d gotten something. Fair enough, so I let it go. I thought it would be a one time incident.”

“And he spread the word among his buddies?” I asked.

“Actually, no. It’s some kind of unwritten rule among the industry. Business is business, and if both parties are satisfied, it remains private business. It’s weird, kinda like honor among thieves.” Privately, I was glad to hear Christina say that. It meant she hadn’t fallen in deep enough to think of sex as a normal business transaction. “I gave myself away. I didn’t realize it then, but a lot of people heard me moaning and screaming. And after awhile, when I thought the whole thing was behind me, there they were.”


“No, no, not really blackmail. Just…incentives. Everyone I work with treats me well and I like them all, but after that incident, they started behaving like children, wanting rewards for extra effort. Like one time one of my dancers didn’t want to practice another hour, but I gave him a good blow and he agreed. Or worse, my future. My manager’s a good guy at heart, and most of his plans for my singing career go along with what I have in mind. But every so often I have to…sway him. When you mix sex with business, they tell you it’s the norm, and it begins to happen more frequently.”

“That’s horrible,” I murmured, realizing that all those rumors of movie stars sleeping with directors to get roles might not be as exaggerated as I once thought they were. And were did I, as a journalist and agent of the media, fit into all this?

“It’s worse if you don’t cooperate,” Christina said, “I was lucky to get a pretty good crew together, so if I didn’t constantly use sex as a bargaining piece, my career wouldn’t be too bad right now; it’d just take me slightly longer to reach where I am now. Britney wasn’t so lucky. God, I love that girl for her morals; you know it’s not a publicity bit when she says she’s a virgin. She really believes in that.”

I nodded; I wasn’t nearly as big a fan of Britney Spears as I was of Christina, but I thought better of her than most people did. “But it’s killing her. She won’t give in to the sex, any sex, and she’s lost a lot of the control she once had over her career. That’s why her image clashes sometimes; hard to mix country-girl innocence when your producers dress you like a skank. And the media knows too, which is why they’re constantly dumping on her. I feel so bad for her.”

I sensed Christina was going to start crying again, so I pulled the blankets up, and we slipped in under the covers of the bed, where it was warmer, safer. “Thank you,” Christina said, “And thanks for listening so far. There haven’t been many people I’ve been able to tell this to. I feel like I can trust you somehow…even though I just met you.”

I kissed her on the cheek. “Like I said, I won’t tell anyone. I just wish there was something I could do to help.”

“I’ve let this go on for too long. Sex doesn’t have any place in my career. I just don’t know how to get out, though.”

“Well, I thought, “It might depend. How close are you to your agents and producers? Are they the kind who’d go to the media the moment you tell them no?”

“I don’t know. I mean, they’re making good money right now, I don’t think they’d just throw that away…and a scandal would blacklist them forever and ruin their reputations. It’d be a no-win deal for both sides.”

“So is that a no?” I pressed.

“Maybe,” Christina said, her voice slightly more hopeful, “And I can always appeal to the fans for support if I feel my career is being shortchanged…what about the media, though?”

“The media’s tougher,” I agreed, “And I don’t have that many connections within the network yet that I can use to help you. But just remember that putting out isn’t an option, and don’t act so eager like you did with me.”

Christina chuckled ruefully. “That’s true… it was just such a shock though, seeing my dresses ruined, and the stress was just bottling up, begging to be released.”

“Genie bottled up,” I said, and Christina laughed. “By the way, Ray’s feeling pretty bad about what happened. Maybe you should talk with him. And offer him a token of your forgiveness without resorting to a blowjob.”

“You meanie!” Christina laughed, lunging at me, and pounding on me lightly with her fists, “I’m not some blowjob-obsessed freak! It’s just easier than spreading my legs every time.”

“You coulda fooled me!” I said, “You give blowjobs like a pro!”

“And you tongued me like a pro!” Christina shot back, “So there!”

We both burst out laughing. “You -will- call me once I’m gone, right?” Christina asked, “Email me or something. I’d be nice to talk to someone sensible like you on a constant basis. It’d give me the courage to do the right thing.”

“Only if you promise you’ll -always- do the right thing, even if it may put your career at stake, I said, “For yourself.”

Christina hesitated only slightly, but I’d asked a pretty big question. “Yes,” she said firmly, “I’ll figure out a way. We’ll figure out a way. And you better promise to always keep your morals. I like that about you. But for now…” A mischievous grin spread across her face. “Since I’m going to be a good girl, you’re going to have to give me the fucking of a lifetime to make up for any good sex I might miss! Either that or no interview!”

“Didn’t we just promise not to mix sex and business” I asked dryly, pulling my tie off and over my head.

Christina began to unbutton my shirt, punctuating every few words with a kiss. “Who said… anything about… business?”

I nodded and ran my hands down her back, to caress her and to find some way to remove her costume. Meanwhile Christina had reached the last button, and I let go of her momentarily so she could peel my shirt off. Since we were both under the covers, we simply let our clothes get lost between us.

As Christina worked on my belt, I was still having trouble getting her top off. Christina seemed to realize this, and guided me to ribbons on the side that tightened the costume to accent her body. I tugged on them, and immediately the top loosened, and I pulled it off with ease. Christina wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, and her perky, cream-colored breasts jiggled slightly with the movement. Taking her left breast in my right hand, I began to kiss her slowly, starting from her mouth, working down the nape of her neck, until my face was snug in her bosom. Meanwhile Christina had gotten my belt off, and was already sliding my pants down past my knees. Kicking my shoes off, I managed to tug off my socks before returning to Christina’s body. My hands went down to her buttocks, and I massaged them in my hands.

“Wait.” Christina winked, then disappeared under the covers. I heard her giggling, and moments later I felt her hair brush against my chest, and the wetness of her lips as her kisses made their way down to my crotch. I felt Christina’s hot breath, and the tug on my boxers that followed told me that Christina was taking them off with her teeth. I wiggled around to help her until they were past my thigh, at which point I kicked them off. Then Christina’s mouth was once again sucking on my rod. Her technique seemed even better than before, probably because now she enjoyed what she was doing. I was sure I was going to coat her face all over again, but Christina wanted me in her love hole, and knew how to lube me up without setting me off. As I began to feel the pressure building in my nuts, Christina stopped and popped her head back out.

“Put it in now, I’m ready.” Reaching down to make sure, my fingers came upon dampness between Christina’s legs, and I nodded. Christina spread her legs, and I entered her slowly, then pulled out before repeating and stabbing into her a little deeper. Which each thrust we both gasped, until finally I had bottomed out in her. “Wow,” I said, “Oh, wow.” She was no longer tight, but the warmth within her and the way her silky pussy walls were gently rubbing against my dick compensated for that. Christina pressed her face into my neck, her hands reached around me, and her legs became a tangle with mine. We rolled around in the bed, holding each closely. The more we rolled, the more the sheets tightened around us, until at last we were trapped in a massive tangle that left very little room to do anything except thrust back and forth.

I started. The sheets were tighter than I realized, so I wouldn’t be able to pull out as far each time, but that just meant we’d go slower and last longer. I rocked, my crotch grinding against Christina’s, and she let out a contented sigh. “Yes, that feels so good…so full…don’t stop…”

We went on that way for another fifteen minutes until I came, and then Christina soon after me. There was no loud screaming this time, more of an extended moaning and groaning of content as I filled her up with steady stream after stream. Through it all Christina’s mouth was in an open ‘o’ as she savored each splash of my spunk against her. With my gentle yet prolonged thrusting, I’d taken her to a higher plateau of pleasure than even the “fucking of a lifetime” that she’d wanted, and provided the loving affection that her other partners hadn’t given her. After both of us were completely spent, we lay there for awhile before finally making an attempt to free ourselves from the sheets. The sex was over, but there was still one more thing to do…

* * *

“And…that’s the last question.” With a sigh of finality, I shut off the tape recorder and put it back in my pocket. “We’re done.”

“Yeah,” Christina said, a hint of disappointment in her voice, “Are you sure you can’t stay? Just a little while longer?”

I shook my head. “I’d like to, but I gotta get this interview typed up and submitted. Should be a pretty lengthy article, since you gave me some pretty detailed answers. If I get home now, I’ll make the deadline with time to spare.” I paused. “Maybe I could see you tomorrow?”

Christina bit her lower lip. “We’re already getting ready to move on. I’ll be in Calgary by nine.”

“Damn.” I sagged in my seat. “In that case, can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure, what?”

“Could I get an autographed photo? I know it sound silly after all we’ve been through, but I’d like one…as your fan. And it’d give me something to show the guys. Can’t tell them about our adventures last night, after all.”

Christina smiled. “You really want a signed autograph?”


“Okay then.” She crossed her arms. “How’s this: the moment you hand in your article, come back here. If you can stay awake and keep me satisfied till it’s time to leave, the photo’s yours.”

“Still mixing business and pleasure,” I chided playfully, “Didn’t we go over this already?”

“Your business, my pleasure.” Christina gave me a small grin. “Do we have a deal?”

I smiled and leaned over to kiss her. “Deal.”


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