Breaking Sofia

Breaking Sofia

By: Doctor Doom

Celeb: Sofia Vergara

Codes: MF, Mdom, viol, rape, humil, tort, bond, toys, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This is total fantasy. If you don’t know what that means, you probably shouldn’t be reading this. Do not attempt this at home unless you’re trying to A) go to jail, or B) get yourself killed- celebs do have bodyguards that are paid to prevent things like this from really happening.

Ever since I first saw Sofia Vergara years ago in the pages of some men’s magazine, I knew that I wanted her. The Columbian beauty was everything
I had ever dreamed of ever since that day I first saw her modeling some skimpy little bikini. I had become obsessed with the woman and would do anything to have her. I had endured countless bad movies and sitcoms in which she had made an appearance just for the chance to take in her lovely features; that smile, those curves, everything about this woman I wanted. And now, I was about to have it.
Still unconscious and on her knees with her arms bound behind her back in my own private locked chambers, Sofia was about to submit to my every desire. Stepping around behind her and securing the handcuffs around her wrists to a chain that hung from the ceiling, I made sure she was situated just how I wanted her. Walking back in front of her, I passed some smelling salts under her nose and watched with tremendous anticipation as she came to and realized her predicament.
“What the hell,” was the first thing to come from her mouth as she awoke, standing to her feet and trying to run away, which was completely useless seeing as her wrists were attached to the chain that hung from the ceiling. She ran all of about five feet before being jerked back suddenly by the chain and falling on her ass.
“Oh, Sofia, how long I’ve waited for this moment,” I said with an evil smile.
“What do you want,” she asked defiantly.
“Every last inch of you,” I said as I removed my shirt and unzipped my fly.
“Go to hell,” she screamed in rage.
“Sofia, you’re already in hell. You just don’t know it yet. Let me make this perfectly clear. You do what I tell you to, and you don’t get hurt. And what I’m telling you to do right now, is suck my cock.”
Standing to her feet, she looked up at me and spit directly in my face, and swore at me in rapid-fire Spanish, none of which I understood.
“Very well, have it your way bitch,” I said and shut her up with a hard backhanded slap across the mouth, putting her back down on her knees.
I walked over to one corner of the room to a series of levers and made the chain on the ceiling move up, dragging my prize to her feet. I then operated another lever, causing her arms to be forced up almost perpendicular to her shoulders, at the same time causing her to lean forward in a very uncomfortable position. I placed her in the position I wanted, her high heels barely touching the floor, her body bent over at the waist, and her arms bound behind her back and causing her to hang from the ceiling in what had to be a terribly painful position.
“Ooooowwwww,” she screamed.
“Good, you’re starting to get the idea I said as I walked over to her again.
She looked up at me with pure hatred. “I’ll kill you,” she said before once again rambling in her native Spanish.
“I see,” I said as I walked away from her once again and walked over to a table where I had arranged a series of toys we’d be using during our time together. I picked up a jaw spreader and walked back over to Sofia.
She tried to struggle, as she knew I was about to fasten it into her mouth. After a few minutes however, I had the device secured around her head and her mouth was shaped in an inviting o-shape.
“That’s better, I’m glad to see you’re ready to do what I asked you to do, Sofia,” I said as I let my rock hard cock spring out of my pants.
“Noooo,” she let out a strangely contorted scream from around the clamp.
I shut her up suddenly, thrusting my entire member into her mouth, tickling her tonsils with the tip of my cock.
She spasmed around my shaft, having absolutely nowhere to go, and gagging and coughing due to my deep penetration of her throat.
“Ooooh, that’s right,” I moaned and slowly started thrusting my hips forward into her mouth.
She mumbled and moaned as I raped her mouth, and looked up at me with tear filled eyes that bore a combination of humiliation and hatred, probably thinking about how she’d bite off my cock if it weren’t for the clamp.
“Mmmmppppp,” she protested around my shaft.
I pulled out of her mouth, and she let out a long slow moan of despair as I walked around behind her. I tore her skirt off of her hips and let it fall down around her ankles. She was wearing a thong, which I grabbed the back of and forcefully ripped it off of her body.
“Oooowwww,” she screamed as the fabric was forcibly ripped over her snatch.
I was now staring down at the most beautiful bulbous ass I had ever laid eyes on, and I just couldn’t help myself. I reared back and buried my shaft into the beautiful Latina’s ass.
“Oooooowwwww,” she screamed in shock as I grabbed her hips and furiously pounded away on the ass I had fantasized about for all those years.
Again she tried to scream around the clamp holding her mouth open, “Heeelllllppppp.”
“There’s no one coming. No one even knows you’re here,” I grunted as I continued to slam into her ass.
“Noooooo, nooooooo, uuuuuuuuunnnnhhhhhhhh.”
“That’s right, scream bitch,” I said as I drove deeper and deeper into her tight plump ass. I was completely absorbed in the feeling of her tight cheeks clamping down around my cock, while at the same time, her arms had to be killing her as I drove her back and forth from her suspended position.
“Unnnhhh, arrrgghhhh, noooooo, uuuuhhhhhnnnnnnnggggg,” she screamed as I gave one final deep thrust into her, burying my shaft to the base up into her asshole, and blew my load. I wrapped my arms around her waist and leaned forward, letting all of my seed flow into her ass before pulling out. “Ahhhhhh,” she let out a long slow sigh as I removed my cock from her ass.
I walked back around in front of her. This time she wasn’t quite so bold and hung her head crying, letting her tears fall to the floor. It probably would’ve been hard to imagine another instant in her life where she had felt so helpless. Of course, I wasn’t about to show her the slightest bit of mercy. She was mine whether she wanted to accept it or not, and I was going to enjoy my prize in any way I thought would satisfy my dark desires.
“Not so tough now, are you Sofia,” I said as I grabbed her by the hair and held her head back up to my cock. I was totally spent and knew it would take a little while to get hard once again, but that didn’t stop me from further humiliating the beautiful Columbian. I placed my limp cock back into her mouth, and dragged my still cum spent tip along her tongue and the roof of her mouth.
“Noooooooo,” she cried and begged.
“You see, Sofia,” I taunted her, “you’re mine. Whatever I want of you, you’re going to do it. Now we can do things in ways that we both might enjoy, which mean’s you’ll have to cooperate a bit more then you let on you would a few minutes ago.”
“Uuuuuuuggghhhhh,” she tried to scream around my dick and the clamp.
“Or,” I continued, “We can do things in a way that only I’m likely to enjoy. Kind of like what just happened. I mean if you hadn’t threatened to kill me, I might have been inclined to rub a little Vaseline over the crack of your ass before I had my way with you.”
“Kiiiiilllll yooouuuu,” she tried to mumble.
I grinned wickedly and continued my verbal torment as my cock began to once again grow hard as a rock. “No Sofia, you’re not going to kill me. I can see it’s going to be a while before I can release you from your bonds. That’s okay, I suppose I could get rather use to treating you like a little fucking Columbian rag doll. Just think Sofia, a few minutes ago, my cock was all the way up your ass, and now, it’s back in your mouth. Do you always let guys go from your ass to your mouth?”
“Noooooo, mmmmppppp,” she whined in disgust at what I was doing to her.
“I didn’t think so. Too bad you’re not in charge here,” I said as I began once again to rock my hips back and forth, sliding my throbbing member into the deepest parts of her throat.
“MMmmmmmpppppp,” she screamed yet again in vain before starting to violently cough and gag around my tool.
This time, I wasn’t about to afford her the courtesy of pulling out before I blew my load. I had her in a position where she would be forced to cope with my seed shooting down the back of her throat and that was what she was about to do. Grabbing her hair with both hands, I viciously rammed my cock into her mouth. After a few moments, I was ready to release once again, and shoved her head forward onto my shaft as I gave one last thrust forward.
Sofia let out what was a sick sounding gurgle more than an actual scream as I forced her to take in every last drop of my cum before slowly pulling out of her mouth and letting her head once again fall forward in a fit of coughing.
I reached around the back of her head and released the clamp from her mouth letting it fall to the floor, which only led to her coughing even harder.
As she hung in her painful position trying to catch her breath, I once again walked over to the table where I had arranged a wide range of devices. I picked up a rather large enema, which I had earlier filled with ice-cold water and walked back over behind her ass. She was still trying to catch her breath, and unable to realize the new intruder up her ass. Her first cries of protest didn’t come until I had already fully rammed the tube up into her and started releasing its cold liquid into her bowels.
“Arrrrggghhhhhhh” she screamed, “No masi, please. Plllllleeeaaaasssse, aaaaaarrrrgghhhh,” she continued to beg.
I finished squirting all of the liquid into her battered asshole, and watched as it all came rushing back out just as soon as I removed the tube.
“Oooooooohhhhhhh,” Sofia screamed as her body purged itself of its unwanted torments.
“Well, Sofia, you really are a nasty little bitch aren’t you,” I taunted her as I walked back over to the series of levers. “I bet you’d be willing to do all kinds of nasty things to get out of here,” I said as I pulled the lever that allowed slack to the ceiling chain, releasing her from the painful position she had been kept in for the past several minutes and consequently causing my prize to fall down on her face.
“I’ll do anything, just let me go,” she cried.
Walking back over to her, I removed the chain connected to her handcuffs, which caused Sofia to instantly curl up into the fetal position, crying and begging for me to end her torment. Undoing the handcuffs momentarily and pulling her wrists to the front of her body, I placed them above her head and refastened the chain and the cuffs. “You’re damn right you’ll do anything,” I told her as I walked back over to the levers and pulled her back up to her feet and then raised her even higher to the point where her feet were dangling several inches off the floor.
Suspended from the ceiling and once again at my total mercy, Sofia continued to cry uncontrollably. Once more I walked over to her, this time removing her blouse with a few violent tugs causing her body to jerk back and forth in an uncomfortable manner and her high heels to fall off her feet.
“Noooooo,” she screamed, as now the only article of clothing keeping her from being completely naked was her bra.
“We won’t be needing this either,” I said as I tore her bra off of her body, revealing her large natural tits and grasping them in my hands, fondling them, and flicking her nipples to the point where they were hard as small stones. “That’s better,” I said as I leaned forward and placed one of her breasts in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the nipple, and causing Sofia to moan and gasp in unwanted pleasure, knowing that there was still much more I had in store for her.
After spending several minutes enjoying her breasts, I slowly started to make my way down her body, nibbling on her stomach and continuing to nibble until I knelt down in front of her dry unwilling snatch.
“No, please don’t,” she whimpered as I slowly started to eat out the pussy I had dreamt of for years.
Her pleas were heard but completely ignored as I grabbed her legs and placed them over my shoulders so she was now basically sitting on top of me with my face buried completely in her crotch.
“No, don’t, uuuugggghhhhh,” she gave out a long slow moan as I started to find her deepest most tender regions with the tip of my tongue. Her clit jutted out toward my face and I spent the next several minutes focusing on it. “Arrrrrgghhhhh,” Sofia arched her back away from me, but I held tight to her legs draped over my shoulders and pulled her crotch even closer to my face.
I knew she had to be close to completely losing it and giving into an unwanted bliss. I quickened the motions of my tongue, making sure to give a little bit of attention to every last inch of her moistening pussy. “Oh god,” she moaned, “Noooo, nooooo, nooooooooo, ugh, ugh, arrrrgggghhhhh, uuunnnnhhhhhhh,” Sofia came all over my face, bucking wildly on my shoulders, suspended from the ceiling, and spraying me with her warm delightful juices.
Letting go of her legs, I stood back up in front of her, “Well, it looks like someone is starting to enjoy herself,” I said with a grin.
She looked at me with pure hatred as she came down off of her orgasm and for the second time spit directly into my face. And for the second time I responded to her lack of respect with a sharp smack across her face. She hung her head yet again, but by this time she was out of tears. She just hung there, mumbling incoherently to herself and hoping that I might soon be done.
“I can see, someone still doesn’t appreciate the situation she’s in,” I said as I walked back over to the table with the various toys I still intended to torment Sofia with. I grabbed two vibrators and walked back over to where she was hanging.
“No, no more, plllleeeaassssse,” she begged as I rammed the first fake cock up her snatch and turned it on. She thrashed wildly for a few seconds, reacting to the stimulation the vibrator was causing to her already sensitive snatch. I grabbed her body to hold her still and rammed the second vibrator into her.
“Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh,” she screamed as her pussy was stretched to the most open it had ever been.
Letting her dangle and suffer the double penetration and artificial stimulation of the two fake cocks, I went back over to the table and picked up a pair of nipple clamps and a small set of weights to attach to them. Sofia was so absorbed by the stimulation of the vibrators that she didn’t notice the nipple clamps until I was just about to fasten them to her.
“No, ooooowwwwww,” she screamed and thrashed even more at the new pain and humiliation I was subjecting her to. “Ooooooowwww, you fucking bastard,” she wailed as I attached the weights to the clamps, causing her tits to sag down unnaturally.
“Maybe now, somebody won’t feel the need to be a disrespectful little bitch,” I said as I grabbed the two vibrators in her snatch and started alternating them in and out.
“Unnnnggghhhhh,” she moaned. I didn’t let up in assaulting her with the two fake cocks, and in moments, she was creaming once again, “Oooooohhhhhhh, ughgn ahhhh, arrrgghhhh, ooooohhhhh, uuuuuunnhhhnnnnnnnn,” she cried and screamed in unwanted bliss.
Pulling one of the fake dicks out of her snatch, I held it up to her face, tracing it along her cheeks and dragging it over her chin, painting her face with her own pussy juices. I dragged it up over her lips and slid it into her mouth, making her suck it as I slid it back and forth in and out of her mouth. Her face now a mess from the covering of my cum and her own pussy juices, she looked at me while sucking the fake cock with a stare that said she absolutely hated me, but was ready to submit to my sick whims. She was defeated and now willing to do anything that might possibly make her situation a little bit better and bring her torment to a more immediate end. The timing couldn’t have been better as my cock was once more becoming hard and begging to feel her insides yet again.
Removing the vibrator from her mouth, I looked at her and asked, “So, are you ready to cooperate, Sofia?”
“I’ll do anything. Just let me go,” she replied dejectedly.
“Well, you’ll do anything, will you?”
“Yes,” she sobbed.
“Why don’t you ask me to fuck you then.”
“Fuck me.”
“No, no, with feeling. Ask me to fuck you good.”
“Fuck me please,” she said, still hanging her head.
Continuing to torment her a bit more, I started to make a game of humiliating her. “You know, for someone who just had her pussy stretched with two fake dicks, her ass pounded with no lube, and a giant load shot down her throat, you don’t sound too convincing. Maybe you want me to fuck your ass again. Or I could just shove this vibrator back up inside you and let you hang there for hours.”
“Nooooooo,” she screamed
“Then ask me to fuck you like a little whore who wants to ride my cock like the little bitch that you are.”
Tears starting to flow down her face, she looked me in the eyes and said, “Please fuck me. I want your dick all the way up inside me and I want to feel your hot cum flow all over my pussy.”
“I thought so,” I said as I pulled the other vibrator out of her snatch and dropped the two fake dicks to the floor.
“Uuuunnnnggghhhhh,” she let out a moan of relief just before I grabbed her legs, wrapped them around my waist and buried my shaft deep inside of her. “Arrrggghhhhhh,” she cried and placed her head on my shoulder as I leaned forward to suck on her tits before I started thrusting upward into her warm snatch.
“That’s right, Sofia. You like this. You love this. You’ve always dreamed of being fucked just like this.”
“Uhhhhnnnnnnn, yessssss,” she moaned. I wasn’t sure if she was acting or starting to completely lose her sanity due to what I had already put her through. Neither reason would’ve surprised me.
Keeping her legs wrapped around my body, I continued to thrust deeper and deeper into her. I quit focusing on her tits and just enjoyed the look on her defeated little face, which made me force my way into her body harder and faster.
“Ohhhhh, mmmmyyyy, godddddddd,” she screamed as I drove her body to another climax, “Aaaaaahhhhhh, uuuuuunnnnhhhhhhhh, uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh,” she wailed as her body gave in to another humiliating orgasm. She arched her back away from me as she hung from the ceiling, allowing me to drive even further into her.
“That’s right my little Columbian whore,” I said as I prepared to release another huge load, “Get ready, here it all comes again.”
“Uuuuunnnhhhh, I, uh, ha, hate, ah, you, I hate you, I hate you, ungh, ughmn, ahhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed and closed her eyes, hoping it might soon all come to an end.
“Your mind might hate me, but your body is loving this, aaaaahhhhhhh” I said as I gave one final hard deep thrust into her and let my seed flow up into my dangling slave.
“No, no, aagggrrrhhhhhhhh, uuuuuunnnnnnnhhhhh,” Sofia whined as she let her head fall forward waiting for me to pull out of her. When I finally did pull out of her snatch and walked back over to the series of levers controlling the ceiling chain, she rambled somewhat incoherently. “No masi, no masi, please no more.” She continued to ramble in her native Spanish as I lowered her down from her suspended position. She crumpled to the floor as I allowed complete slack to the chain.
“Do you want to leave now Sofia,” I asked as I turned to look at the pitiful little woman lying on the floor who was nearing complete hysteria.
“Yes, yes, yes,” she repeated over and over.
Picking up a small bundle from the table with all the sex toys on it, I walked back over to Sofia. Standing over her, I dropped a maid’s outfit down in front of her and removed her handcuffs.
“Get dressed,” I told her and walked away to lean up against one wall of the room.
I had seen a photo of Sofia some time back in a maid costume. I have no idea what she was supposed to have been advertising, but I didn’t care. I had one last fantasy to live out before letting her go, and she was going to fulfill it for me.
She put the outfit on slowly; no doubt she was feeling the effects of all I had previously put her through. Finally, she was dressed. The skirt was just a little too short, showing off her nice round ass in a way I’m sure she wouldn’t have felt comfortable with out in public let alone in front of me in my chambers. The top was just a little too tight, causing her breasts to pop out oh so invitingly. The feather duster completed the ensemble, making her look like a cute little whore in dire need of being bent over and having her master fuck her till the sun went up.
She stood in the center of the room, looking a bit confused, and not entirely sure what to do next. “Well, you make a pretty little maid, Sofia,” I taunted her.
“What now,” she asked hoping I was almost done abusing her poor body.
“You want to leave or not,” I asked.
“Yes, I want to leave, please,” she whined.
“Well I have one more thing I want you to do,” I said pointing at my cock. “I think something needs to be dusted and polished,” I said with a grin.
She hung her head, realizing she’d have to play along with my twisted desires if she had any hope of leaving. She walked over to me, and stared down at my cock, which was still spent from the pounding I had given her while she was hanging from the ceiling. She knelt down in front of me, and grabbed my cock. “It’s not ready,” she said looking up at me.
“Well, you’re just going to have to be creative aren’t you, Sofia,” I said looking down at her. “And oh, don’t get any ideas about biting or anything. No one knows you’re hear, and if you try anything stupid, I’ll leave you locked in this room for the rest of fucking eternity.”
She looked like she was about to cry once again, but she controlled herself, took a deep breath, nodded, and once again went back to focusing on my cock. She took the feather duster and slowly dragged it beneath my balls. She got the effect she wanted I presume, as my cock slowly started to harden again and stand up toward her face. She used the duster to stimulate the tip of my dick, and it wasn’t long after that before she leaned in and gently placed my cock in her mouth.
I took the feather duster from her and she gently grabbed hold of my shaft with one hand and massaged by balls with the other. Her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock and then slid along its entire length.
“Oh yes, that’s it Sofia,” I said as I pulled her head back away from my crotch and pulled her up to her feet. I grabbed a hold of the top of maid outfit, and tore it down off of her breasts making them spring out toward me. Grabbing a hold of her waist, I spun her around forcing her up against the wall I had been leaning against. Pressing my body up against her back, I groped her tits before sliding my hand down around over her body, hiking the skirt up and rubbing her round ass. Her body trembled slightly beneath my touch, having no idea what was still in store for her, just wanting it all to soon be over once and for all.
Sofia with her eyes slightly closed and nearing the point of passing out had no idea what was coming next. As I rubbed her ass with one hand, I slowly turned the feather duster upside down, and then without warning rammed the handle up her ass.
“Owwwwwwwww, aaaaawwwwwww,” she screamed as she was woken from her near slumber by a pain and humiliation she could’ve never possibly imagined. “Please take it out, pllllleeeasssse,” she screamed as she sank to the floor.
I knelt down behind her, positioning her so she was on her hands and knees. Grabbing a hold of her tits, I rammed my cock back into her pussy.
“Unnnnggghhhhh, oooowwwww, uhn,” she moaned in pleasure mixed with pain.
As I thrust deeper into her, I could start to feel the handle of the feather duster with my cock between the membranes separating her snatch and ass.
“Oooohhhhhh, god plllleeassssse, ughgn uhn make it stop, uhn, make it stop, make it stop, oooooooowwwwww,” she screamed and cried as I savagely pounded her pussy.
I grabbed the feather duster and pulled it out of her ass, holding it under her breasts so it brushed over her nipples as I forced her back and forth on my cock.
“Unnnnnggghhhh, aaaaahhhhhhhh, ooooogghhhhhhhh,” Sofia moaned in response to the stimulation I was subjecting her body to. I could tell she was starting to give in completely to exhaust. She fell down to her elbows, but I held her body up and continued to pound away. It wouldn’t be long before I was ready to shoot one last load into her. “Aaaaahhhhh, oh, uhn, uuuuunnnngghhhh, ahghghghghaaaaaa,” she screamed as her body shuddered beneath me as I drove her to one last brutal orgasm and released my seed into her. She shook and spasmed for a few seconds before falling limp in front of me completely passed out from all I had put her through.
I pulled out of her abused snatch and stood over her triumphantly. As much as I hated to admit it, I couldn’t keep her locked away in my private chamber forever. The world outside would wonder of her, and so I had to return her to her home, which is exactly what I did.

Sofia Vergara lay on her couch in her living room sleeping peacefully. She woke with a start, her body sore and dressed in a maid uniform she had never owned. She realized everything that had happened was not just a bad dream. She really had been raped and abused by a madman. At least it was over now, she must have thought. At least she was back in her own home and safe. That must have been what she had been thinking. That is until she took a look around and noticed me sitting in a chair watching her.
“Noooooo,” she screamed.

(The End? You decide. If you liked this story and want me to keep going let me know. Send me an email or post a message on one of the boards.)

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