Breaking Taylor In

Title: Breaking Taylor in

Celeb: Taylor Momsen

Author: Thee Disciple

Codes: Cons, Mf, Mast, Oral, First

Disclaimer: This story is not a representation of any of the celebs mentioned and was created by my twisted mind and should to be viewed or read by anyone under the age of 18.

Author’s note: For those of you who notice that there are parts in this story similar to a certain movie, that’s because I aimed to do that as a homage :p It might be considered as being subtle by some and more blatantly obvious by film fans. Let’s see if you guys can guess the movie
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“Ticket for one please and a large bucket of buttered popcorn.” I said at the ticket booth.

“Alone are you?” The woman at the counter asked.

“Couldn’t find anyone to come with me.” I replied shrugging her question off and handing a bill over.

“That’s good cause you just got the last ticket.” She chuckled.

“It’s already packed out?” I asked feeling somewhat disappointed. I hate crowded theatres as there’s too much people whispering, leaving and their fat head getting in the way of the screen and not to mention half of them have body odour and it being packed meant that I would have to sit next to someone.

“At least that means it’ll be a good movie.” I commented to the woman as she gave me my change and ticket.

“Maybe?” She said shrugging and smiling, which was a sign that it was going to be shit. If it was good they always say it is, if it’s bad they try and not say anything to bad mouth it.

“Screen 3.” The guy said tearing the stub off of the ticket pointing me to the direction.

I looked around and it looked like all the seats were taken bar two seats right next to each other, hopefully the last ticket holder will be a no show and I’ll just have to put up with one smelly person instead of two.

I made my way over, struggling to get past people who wouldn’t give way and sat down. As I sat there, sulking at the sheer number of people here and all the noise they were making, the seat beside me still remained vacant, even through the trailers.

It was about the one good thing that was happening and the film was starting. If the tickets for this screening was all sold out when I got a ticket, that must mean that whoever was taking this final seat wasn’t going to turn up. Why would they purchase the ticket early and not come?

“Excuse me.” I heard a females voice say about ten minutes into the film as she was coming down the aisle, but the ass holes did the same thing to her as they did for me and that was not make space for her to get through. I looked in her direction to see that she was holding a big bucket of pop corn that was making it more difficult for her to get through.

“Down in front!” Someone from the back yelled at her.

“I’m sorry!” The woman called out as she got close to the empty seat, and that’s when she sort of tripped on someone’s leg and went forward dropping the bucket of pop corn over my head. Nice(!) Exactly why I like packed theatres(!)

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” The woman said covering her mouth. She looked pretty young and very cute that I couldn’t stay mad at her.

“Don’t worry about it. It was an accident.” I said to her and she tried getting the popcorn off of my hair.

“What the fuck is taking so long? Get your fucking ass on the seat!” The same guy yelled again. She started to turn around and it wasn’t hard to guess that it was to get more pop corn. God knows that she’ll probably drop that on me too.

“Now what the fuck?” The guy yelled once again. Everyone right now was staring in both their directions.

I quickly pushed her seat down with one hand and grabbed her wrist with my other hand pulling her onto the seat. She looked at me shocked at what I had done.

“We can share.” I whispered to her. “Some ass hole in the back is getting way too pissed off.”

“I was in his way.” She defended the guy, sounding a little shaken up.

“Well if he didn’t want anyone to get in his way he should’ve sat at the front.” I said to her.

“Yeah!” She said sounding a little more upbeat.

“Here.” I said moving the pop corn bucket from in between my legs to closer to the arm of the seat that was in between us but still keeping it on my side.

“Thanks.” She whispered into my ear. As we both continued to carry on watching.

“So what’s happened so far?” She asked moving her head closer to my ear so that she could whisper quietly.

“You haven’t seen this film yet?” I asked and she shook her head.

“Well, basically, the guy on the wheel chair has come to this place to take his twin brothers place and go into that blue body via that machine. So far, he’s just getting introduced to everyone who seem to be pissed off cause he just got bought in with no training what so ever.”

“Oh, doesn’t sound too complex at all.”

“What do you expect, it’s all about the special effects.” I added.

“Yeah.” She chuckled.

“How comes you came to see the 2D version instead of the 3D version?” I whispered.

“The 3D one was already sold out.” She replied. “So why are you watching the 2D version. It sounds like you’ve already seen the 3D one.”

“I’m a bit of a movie fanatic.” I replied. “I just want to see the difference.”

“Wow! I’m a film fanatic too!” She said getting a little loud and the guy at the side of her gave her a dirty look as if to say quiet.

She quickly slinked down her seat and went quiet, reaching over for pop corn.

“Do you have a drink?” She asked me.

“Sure.” I replied reaching over to the other side and passing it to her.

“I wouldn’t ask but I totally forgot to get one.” She giggled as she took a sip through the straw.

“Lucky for me or it wouldn’t just be the pop corn that went all over me.” She burst out laughing, choking on the drink leaning forward as she did so. I rubbed her back, don’t know what good it’d do, more to comfort her than anything else.

“We should stop talking before you make me laugh and choke on something else.” She smiled. She had the sweetest smile.

That’s when I realized that I didn’t know her name, but decided to wait until the end of the movie to try and get to know her a little better.

The rest of the film went by quietly, with her reaching over for pop corn every now and then and once the credits started to roll the lights went on, enabling me to see her in the light for the first time and she looked somewhat familiar.

“So what did you think?” She turned and asked me.

“I should be asking you that question, you’re the one watching it for the first time.” I responded.

“Ah, but you’re the one that can compare the 2D and 3D versions cause you have now seen them both.”

“Hey you!” Some guy called out pointing in our direction.

“Can I help you?” She asked him with a tone.

“Next time try coming in on time and not blocking other peoples view when they had the decency to make it on time.” Great(!) The jerk that was yelling at her from earlier on.

“I said I was sorry.” She said her voice lowering as she tried to avoid eye contact. I decided to intervene.

“You got to watch the movie pal, so quit your whining moaning and bitching and move on.” That’s when the guy flipped me off.

“If you didn’t want anyone getting in the way, then why didn’t you sit right at the front?” She said to him what I said to her earlier and then she looked at me and smiled.

The guy muttered something and walked off.

“What a fucking prick!” I said out loud, shaking my head, watching the guy as he walked off, knowing that he could hear me.

“You always get people like that, trying to intimidate you.”

“Yeah.” I agreed, “But then when you stand up to them, they just back off.”

“Either that or he’ll be waiting for us in the parking lot with a baseball bat.”

“Good luck to him, I walked here.” I laughed. “You didn’t drive here did you?” I asked her realizing that she could end up having an encounter with him in the parking lot.

“I don’t have a license, I got a lift here, that’s why I got in so late, my mom was taking forever to get out of the house.” She rolled her eyes.

There was something about her face and voice that sounded so familiar.

“This is not a pick up line or anything, but have we met? I feel like I recognise you.” And she started laughing at my question.

“I should recognise you right? Oh God, we’ve met before haven’t we?”

“No, we haven’t, that line doesn’t come across any other way then a pick up line.” She laughed.

“I guess it doesn’t.” I said realizing why she was laughing.

“You might have seen me on TV or the few films I’ve done.” She answered my ‘pick up line’.

“You’re an actress?” I asked.

“Yeah, Sort of was a child star of sorts and now I do ‘Gossip girl’.”

“You’re Blake Lively?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Only people I know who are on that show is Leighton Maester I recognise Leighton Maester but not Blake Lively so I took a guess.”

“Well there was a 50/50 chance of getting it right, except for my name wasn’t one of the two so more of a 0% chance of getting it right.” She laughed.

“Don’t keep me in suspense, or are you trying to keep your identity a secret?” I joked.

“My name is Taylor Momsen.” She introduced herself and I looked blankly at her.

“I take that as you don’t watch the show at all?” She asked.

“Seen the odd clip here and there, but no. That’s why I sort of recognised you but didn’t.” I answered.

“You want to grab something to eat and talk about the movie?” I asked.

“Sure!” She replied standing up. I couldn’t believe it, I had watched a movie with a semi famous actress, (well semi to me seeing as though I have no clue who she is) and was now going to get dinner with her. I could easily pass this off as a date, well it will be when I tell my friends about it.

“What do you want to eat?” I asked standing up with a tonne of pop corn dropping off my lap. Taylor giggled.

“I’m so sorry about that!”

“I guess it was fate.” I added. “We are two people destined to meet.” I said feeling awkward about what I said as soon as I said, looking around and noticing that we were the only two here and the ushers had come in to clear up.

“I guess so!” She laughed much to my relief. “You still got some pop corn on…. let me get it, it’s the least I can do after causing the mess.” She chuckled and started to brush the pop corn of my pant legs, going up my thigh near my crotch and then repeating on the other leg.

I had to try my best to not get an erection, which was hard but I managed to keep myself un-aroused by staring at one of the male ushers.

“What do you want to eat?” I asked before she could notice my dick growing and more importantly, get her hand away from being so close to my crotch.

“I feel like having a burger and fries.” She replied.

“How do you maintain that figure if that’s what you eat?” I asked as we made our way out of the theatre.

“I don’t eat like that all the time.” She laughed. “Every now and then, but no red meat.”

“I’m cool with that! I can do with some protein.” I replied.

“Let’s go Burger King, the Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich is like the best chicken burger.” I stated.

“Sure, seeing as though you seem to be so keen on it.” She gave a teethy grin.

Luckily for us it was a few feet away so not far to walk what so ever. As we made our way, I checked her out. She was in a white sweater and a turquoise skirt that fell a few inches short of her knees and in shoes that just covered her toes, no socks underneath.

“Two Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich meals please.” Taylor said going up to the counter.

“Eating in or take away?”

“Take away please.” Taylor answered.

“We’re not eating in?” I asked.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m some big sort of diva or egomaniacal, but I don’t wanna risk getting recognized. You get what I mean?” She asked with an unsure look on her face.

“Totally. You don’t want to get mobbed when you get time off.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call it getting mobbed.” She laughed.

“You know what I mean.” There was silence as I realized that once we got our food we’d be going separate ways, but I was going to put a different spin on it when I told the story to my friends.

“So you getting picked up or—?”

“Maybe my mom will pick me up, I gotta call her first.”

“Oh.” I said feeling a little disappointed.

“You said you walked here right?”


“Maybe we could go back to your place and eat and hang out for a while?”

“Sure!” I said a little too enthusiastically. “If you want.” I added trying to sound cool.

I led her back to mine and we talked a little about the movie on the way. We went into my apartment, kicked our shoes off and sat down on the couch and began eating our food.

“So what do you do when you’re not filming?” I asked.

“I go to a public performing arts school.” She replied. “They’re totally cool about my acting and let me go there around filming.”

“I guess that’s good for their image, a student of theirs is on TV whilst studying there.”

“Yeah!” She laughed.

“So what high school did you graduate from?” I asked, figuring that she looked very young and trying to subtly find out her age without asking.

“I didn’t graduate.” She answered eating a french fry.

“A high school drop out?” I joked.

“I haven’t finished high school.” She replied.

“You haven’t finished high—-?” That’s when it hit me. “How old are you?” I asked her.

“Does it matter?” Taylor asked. “I feel like there might be a spark between us.” She added being honest.

“I know! I feel like there might be one too and that’s why your age matters. I don’t want to be a felon!”

“I’m 18.” She answered taking a bite of her burger. “I should be graduating at the end of this year.


“Would you kick me out if I was under 18?”

“I’d let you stay here till your mom picked you up.” I answered finishing my burger off.

I had to say, any plans of making a move on her died when I thought she might’ve been under age and a school kid, which she was the latter.

We finished eating and sat there in silence.

“Do you want to call your mom?”

“What would you do if I kissed you?” She plain out asked what was on her mind.

“I would—-” I didn’t know what to say. I looked down and all I could see were her feet on the floor, her toes curled.

“Would you stop me?” She asked and I was once again left dumbfounded and she started to lean in, tilting her head to one side and I started leaning in forward, my body answering the question for me as we kissed, with Taylor being the first to pull back.

“Look at me? Eating junk food and making out with some random guy I just met in his apartment and I don’t even know his name. Shit! I never even asked you what your name was.”

“It’s Ray.” I replied, wishing she hadn’t pulled away and quickly placing my hands on her cheeks and pulling her to me as we kissed again. My hand went up her skirt instantly, touching her soft thighs as I went for her panties.

“Wait!” She said pushing my hand away, “I thought we could just sit and make out for a while.” She said with a nervous look on her face. I took a deep breath as I realized she had the high school mentality to go with being in high school.

“Have you ever been with a guy before?” I asked. The scared look on her face said it all.

“I think it’d be best if you weren’t here cause I think I might end up doing something that I end up in trouble for.” I said not looking at her.

“Oh you want—-“ Taylor said realizing that I was talking about sex.

“I really like you and think we would get along really well.” She said.

“I do too, but maybe not in private like this, not yet anyway. I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist you.” My answer caused a big smile to form on her face and she placed her hand on my cheek as she kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

“You are talking about sex right? Just to clarify.” She asked being blunt, her hand going down my cheek and onto my chest.

“Well… yeah.” I replied. “That’s the problem with you high school kids, you guys still see ‘making out’ as a big deal. When you come to my age, it’s not such a big deal.”

“Well, nowadays, making out is not that big a deal, but…” Her voice trailed off as her hand went down my stomach and onto my crotch.

“What-What are you… doing?” I asked, feeling a little weary.

“You’ll see!” She smiled as she pulled my zip down.

I took in a deep breath as I watched her move her hand into my pants, her fingers going under my boxers and touching my cock.

“Ohhhhh!” I moaned as I felt her hand wrap around my shaft and then pull it out.

“Oh wow!” Taylor chuckled. “It’s so big!” She added looking quite impressed.

“Not that you have anyone else to compare it to.” I said trying to be as self deprecating as I could.

“I’ve jerked a few cocks in the past.” She said coyly.

I was just blown away by what she just said. I wasn’t surprised though, sexual encounters seem to be happening at a younger age these days, but I at least knew what she was going to do and although my conscience was telling me to stop her, but now with her hand caressing my shaft, something else took over and started doing my thinking for me.

“But I’ve never jerked one this big before.” She added feeding my ego.

“Fuck!“ I moaned squirming a little as she began moving he hand up and down my shaft, getting faster with every stroke.

“Jeez, you’ve already lasted longer than any other guy I’ve jerked off before.” She commented looking at me with her pretty eyes.

“Keep going! I might not last much longer.”

Taylor just gave an excited giggle as she continued tugging my meat. I could already feel my cock start to throb hard and quiver in her hand.

“Where am I going to cum?” I asked realizing that I could essentially be shooting my load all over my sweater.

“Don’t worry, I’ll catch it on my hand.” She said with a huge grin on her face, looking like she was enjoying it just as much as I was.

“Ohhh! You’re starting to dribble, looks like you’re close to cumming.” She said as first signs of pre-cum showed.

“Lick it!” I moaned.

“I don’t do that.” Taylor replied sternly as she switched hands and continued stroking my shaft, first signs of her hand getting a cramp of sorts showing.

“I’ll cum quicker.” Taylor just gazed at me as she lowered her head, licking the top side of my cock head, avoiding my pre-cum, just aiming to tease me a little but my cock head throbbed at the touch of her tongue temporarily expanding and my pre-cum going on her tongue.

Taylor made a face at the taste of my jizz, but didn’t move her head away. I wanted more than just her tongue so I placed my hand on the back of her head, gently pushing it forward.

“Wait! No!” Taylor started to protest, but her protests meant she had to open her mouth and that was just what I needed as I pushed her mouth over my cock head, the warmth of her mouth already making more pre-cum spurt out.

“Just for a little bit.” I said to her and felt her lips wrap around my cock head.

“Oooooooohh!” I let out a long moan and could see Taylor’s eyes look up at me. She already had my dick in her mouth and decided to work her lips up and down my cock head all the while still stroking my shaft.

“Fuck!” I moaned, lifting my hips up and Taylor just assumed she was causing me great pleasure, which she was but before she could realize anything, I felt my cum shoot up my shaft.

“Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh!” I let out a long moan as load after load of cum shot out into her mouth and a look of displease came on her face. I quickly placed my hand on the back of her neck to stop her from pulling away.

“That was so good.” I complimented her as my orgasm finished and I let go off her head.

She took her mouth off my shaft and had a look of displease on her face.

“Swallow it!” I said to her and she gave me a look like there was no way she was going to do that and then let out a defeated sigh before she did.

“I can’t believe you did that you jerk!” She slapped my thigh, then folding her arms with a pouty look on her face.

“I could help myself.” I chuckled. “You’re face looked so cute on my cock I couldn’t hold back long enough for you to take your mouth off my cock.” I said leaning forward and placing a kiss on her lips and she kissed me back.

“You’re lucky you’re cute and charming.” Taylor said to me.

“Women always use those words to describe me, but usually have the word ‘not’ in front of them.” My comment made Taylor lose the sour look on her face and giggle.

“Lie down on the couch.” I said to her.

“Why?” She asked lying down. I shuffled onto my side to face her, placing my hands on the side of her thighs and running them up to her panties grabbing the waist band.

“Woah!” She said pushing my hand back down.

“Whenever a girl gives me oral, it’s in my nature to return the favor.”

“I’ve never had anyone give me head before.”

“That’s probably cause you’ve been jerking off inexperienced horny boys.” I winked at her. She gave me a sly smile as she moved her hands off mine and let me run them up her thighs and grab her panties.

“That’s what I get for fooling around with other sixteen year old boys.” She emphasized the word boys.

I chuckled as I pulled her panties down her thighs and she pushed her legs together, lifting them up and allowing me to pull them down her legs. The thick scent of her woman hood wafted through the air as girls going through puberty seem to have.

“This’ll be the first orgasm that someone else has given me.” She stated and it turned me on knowing that I was going to be the first to give her an orgasm as well as having been the first person to blow a load in her mouth.

“Wait!” I said remembering back to what she said about sixteen year old boys.

“Sixteen year old boys? Are you—-? Wait! You’re sixteen?” I asked as it finally sunk in.

“Fuck!” She muttered with a guilty look on her face. “What difference does it make?” She asked.

“What difference does it make?” I repeated her question rhetorically.

“I’ve already jerked you off, what difference would it make if you eat me out?” Taylor asked moving her hand down on to her pussy and spreading her pussy lips with her thumb and middle finger, pushing her index finger in.

“Look how wet you’ve made me.” She stated pulling her finger out of her cunt and holding it up into the air, her finger glistening with her juices.

“You want to taste it?” She asked and I had to admit, I really did and became weak, moving my head forward and taking her finger into my mouth.

“You want to taste more?” She asked me and I gave into temptation. moving on to the couch on my knees going in between her knees and lowering my head down to her pussy and licked up her slit.

“Mmmmm!” Taylor’s body shuddered and her crotch jerked at the touch of a tongue for the first time. I used my fingers to spread her pussy lips looking at her pink flesh before licking at her opening, tasting more her juices as I moved my other hand up and gently touched her clitoris.

“Ohhhhh!” Taylor moaned and I began to gently rub it causing her to squirm a little. I moved my head forward, this time pushing my tongue into her moist hole.

“Ahhhhhh!” She moaned, her hips raising a little, trying to get more of my tongue into her. I started to push my tongue in and out of her pussy now, rubbing her clit gently, starting off at a slow pace and as her body squirmed around, yearning for more, I began adding more pace.

“Oh FUCK!” She moaned gripping the back of my head with both hands which just encouraged me to work my tongue in and out of her tight little teen love box faster.

“Faster!” She groaned. “Tongue my pussy faster!”

I obliged to her request, fucking her as fast as I could with my tongue, already feeling her pussy getting wetter with every lick and rub of her clit.

“Oh fuck! You’re going to make me cum!” She let out loud, her hips now gyrating, grinding against my face.

“Ohhhhh YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!” She yelled, her pussy twitching feeling like she was close to cumming. Her reaction and being so close to climaxing was just making me really horny again and I could feel myself supporting a full hard-on and a thought came across my mind. It would no doubt make her hate me and I already had engaged in sexual activity with a minor, what was one more added to the list? I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“You going to cum?” I asked her taking my mouth off her pussy and just rubbing her clit as fast as I could.

“YES! I’m so close! DON’T STOP!” She begged and I grabbed my dick, quickly going on top of her and using my hand to push my cock head into her pussy

“NO!” Taylor moaned, knowing full well what I was going doing. “You can’t! Please STOP!” She pleaded but I slammed my full length into her virgin hole, tearing past her hymen.

“OH GOD!” She screamed throwing her head back as I began thrusting my dick in and out of her and to my surprise I felt her hands on my lower back, pushing my hips down.

“Fuck me faster!” She yelled, wincing at the same time and I slammed my cock in and out of her faster and she didn’t even last a minute before I felt her juices flow out of her cunt her body quivering beneath me as she came to a very quiet orgasm, I think it was more from the shock that I took her virginity.

I slowed down to a stop to let her body recover from her orgasm.

“I can’t believe you forced yourself on me.” Taylor said looking into my eyes.

“I’m sorry! I couldn’t help myself. This is why I said it’d be best for us not to be alone.” I said feeling an awkward silence, seeing the look of hurt in her eyes.

“I’m glad we were alone together.” Taylor said, the look of hurt fading and being replaced with a look of lust, which surprised me and then she kissed me. I kissed her back straight away now beginning to slow grind my hips as I worked my dick in and out of her.

“You’re ready to go again?” She asked breaking the kiss, looking pleased.

“I didn’t cum when you did.” I replied and she let out a pleased squeal as she placed her hands behind my neck, locking her fingers together pulling me closer to her as we began kissing quite passionately whilst I thrust into her nice and slow.

As she began getting more into it again, she stopped kissing me and I began kissing along the side of her face, onto her neck. I was giving her long, hard, slow thrusts, pushing my dick in deep into her until I could feel her ass against my balls then pulling back out.

“Mmm…. Ohhhh…. That feels so good!” Taylor moaned hugging me. “Can I go on top?” She asked.

“Sure!” I replied pushing myself up onto my knees, pulling out of her.

“There’s blood on your……” She pointed at my cock.

“That’s from you.” I replied and she instantly touched her pussy.

“Is it cause your dick is too big?” She asked sounding a little scared.

“No!” I laughed kissing the top of her head. “Your hymen tears the first time you have sex, it’s natural.” I replied getting up and going over to my bedroom, coming out with a box of tissues for us to wipe off the blood.

“Are we okay to still continue having sex?” She asked once we got cleaned up. I realized I was still dressed, so I quickly stripped off and sat down on the couch beside her.

“Hop on.” I said patting my thighs and she gave an eager smile as she quickly pulled her sweater off and straddled me. I reached around to her back and unhooked her bra as she guided her pussy onto my cock.

“Nnnggghhhh!” She let out a strained moan as she worked her pussy down my shaft.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm!” She replied as she began working her pussy up and down my shaft, puling her bra off of herself and throwing it over her shoulder, now just in her skirt, that she looked so hot in.

She began going at a fast pace straight away, clearly wanting another orgasm quick or just wanted me to blow my load quickly, whichever was her reason, I know that at this pace, it won’t be long until I did the latter.

“Fucking big dick!” Taylor muttered as she continued riding me her tits jiggling in front of me. They weren’t the biggest but they looked nice and perky and that’s all that mattered to me.

“Keep going faster!” I urged her and she instantly did as I asked. I couldn’t help but start to thrust my hips up and down to meet her thrusts causing her to let the cutest sounds out every time I rammed my rod up into her.

“Oh yeah! That tight little pussy feels so good!” I moaned, leaning forward now kissing her chest and Taylor began hugging my head as she rode me as fast as she could, smothering my face in between her petite breasts.

“Ohhhhh………… Mmmm…………” Taylor kept moaning as she kept riding me until I could feel the first signs of my orgasm approach.

“Oh shit! I think I’m gonna cum again!” Taylor moaned slamming her pussy down hard, her ass slapping against my balls hard every time she did so.

“Are you close?” I asked, not wanting to stop to try and cool my erection if she was that close to finishing.

“I’m so close! I’m so close!” She repeated her words. I had to try and ride it out but felt relief when her pussy started contracted around my member.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as she slammed her hips down, impaling herself on my prick as she climaxed again.

“Fuck! “I moaned quickly rolling her onto her back onto the couch, my feet on the ground as I pulled out of her, the cool air helping to calm my boner.

“Fuck!” I panted as I watched her revel in pleasure as her orgasm wore off.

“You didn’t cum did you?” Taylor asked breathing hard catching her breath.

“No. I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to cum in you.” I replied.

“I do. I want you to blow that hot load deep in my pussy.” She replied with a wicked look in her eyes.

“Okay then!” I said grabbing her hips and pulling her down the couch, turning her onto her front with her knees on the floor in the doggy style position, going behind her in between her legs and using my hand to direct my cock back into her woman hood.

“Oh SHIT!” She moaned out loud as I penetrated her pussy again, thrusting my cock deep into her, the feeling of her tight cunt wrapped around my cock was already driving me back to the edge again, but this time, I didn’t need to try and hold back, I just rammed my cock into her as fast and as hard as I could.

“OH FUCK!” I yelled.

“CUM IN ME!” Taylor spurred me on thrusting her ass back against me.

“Shhiiiittttt! I’M GONNA CUM!” With those words, I thrust deep into her woman hood and sprayed torrents of cum inside her.

“Shit!” I let out a deep breath as my orgasm subsided.

“That was so awesome!” Taylor chuckled. I leaned over her, resting on my front on her back, she turned her head and kissed me.

“I’m not happy at how you made it happen.” Taylor said disapprovingly. “But it felt so good so that makes up for it.” She laughed.

“Let’s go fuck on the bed!” She suggested happily.

“I’m not a machine you know.” I replied. “I need some time to reload.”

“What? Like a minute or two?” She asked causing me to laugh.

“More like a half hour to an hour.” I said pulling my softening cock out of her and lying on the floor.

“So what are we going to do until then?” She whined.

“What kind of plans did you have for us to do when we were planning on not having sex?” I asked.

“I was hoping to seduce you so that we could spend all our free time having sex.” She gave a sly smile.

“So today is what you were aiming for, but not for it to actually happen today?” Realizing that she was looking to get laid from the moment she invited herself to my apartment.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be so easy!” She rolled her eyes. She was talking like she had done this before, but she couldn’t have! She was clearly a virgin.

“Today was your first time right?” I asked making sure.

“Yep!” She said standing up and looking down at me. “I already told you the only thing I had done before.” She said going down onto her knees and lying on top of me. I put my arms around her and held her.

“Won’t you mom be wondering where you are?” I asked remembering she said her mother was suppose to pick her up.

I got no answer from her so I looked down at her face to see that she had fallen asleep. I was amazed at how quickly she drifted off, but glad. It gave me a chance to recharge before she’d wake up and want to go at it again.

Author’s note: Hope you guys enjoyed my first ever solo project, if you did and like Taylor Momsen, keep an eye out for my forthcoming series that I’m working on titled ‘Fucking The Girls Of Gossip’

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