Brenda Buttner Halloween Sex

Story Title:  Brenda Buttner Halloween Sex

Author:  Jackson Azur

Content Code:  MF, con, anal, oral, costume

Celeb:  Brenda Buttner

Disclaimer:  “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.”


Brenda Buttner Halloween Sex

Years of watching Fox News has led me to the obvious conclusion that they have the best looking news women on TV. While my favorite has skipped from one to the other and I have had fantasies about many of them Brenda Buttner has only recently drawn me into her web of seduction. I was watching Bulls and Bears last Saturday and suddenly felt my cock flinch when I was listening to her. At one point she smiled and put on a sexy grin. That was all it took. Suddenly, I had a new Foxy Favorite. It seemed crazy because I didn’t just tune in with that in mind it just happened. Isn’t that the way it goes ?

You just never know when lust will strike. She’s about 5 years younger then me and I always like my women just a little younger then me so that is cool. But wow…. Her body is not that of a gal her age, she’s smokin’ hot and her legs.  Oh baby ! Now I can’t stop thinking about having sex with her.

I went online and found lots of screen captures of her and some video. To my delight there were also fan clubs and sex story sites with entries about fantasy sex with her!  Way to cool !

Brenda Buttner… That just sounds sexy. “Butt”ner.

How was this fantasy going to play out. I could do it in 3rd person. Maybe I could tell it like it was a day dream. Or…. I could act out a fantasy and talk about it as I pleasure myself… I could spend a day doing that 🙂 Yea… I like that idea ! So here goes.

Red hair is something I just can’t ignore and her’s is irresistible.  Man, it just glows sometimes. I like to believe her pussy is the same color. I mean, when she does her hair I’m sure she mixes a second batch so the snatch will match. I’m pretty darn sure her whole body is as well manicured and dolled up as her pretty face. I bet her pussy lips are as wet and soft or even more so then her mouth. God, I’m getting a bit aroused as I write this. Concentrate dude, concentrate!!! Stay on task….. OK, back to the action.

So here goes…..

It’s Halloween night and I’m in New York to make my rounds of all the great costume parties. Weeks back I accidentally overheard a conversation about a party while dining at a  restaurant and her name was mentioned. I considered this to be an actionable tip on where she was planning to go. So I made sure I was going to be allowed into that party.   I took some doing but I know people and I got an invite. Sweet !

The party was big and the costumes were great.  I had made a Killer Bee costume myself.  It had antennas, stripes, wings and even a stinger too.  I wore black tights instead of pants to accentuate my legs, ass and of course my package too.  Yes… I was out to find the Queen Bee and pollenate with her !!

It was really hard to tell who people were and sometimes it was impossible. After all there were a lot of TV makeup people there. I was on a mission to find her and I hoped I could recognize her hair, face or maybe just her voice. When I did see her it was just by a stroke of luck. I was in view of the door when she arrived. I recognized her smile !

Wow…. What and outfit she had on !!!!!!

She was dressed as a Rockettes Dancer only with a mask that covered her eyes.

There was lots of sequence and very little tight blue and shiny silver material in her outfit.

I mean, I bet there is more cotton in the top of an aspirin bottle then she had in her whole outfit.

I made sure to be close by but not so close as to be suspicious. Little by little I was able to be in the same circle of people she was in talking, laughing and drinking. Halloween is great. People just let they’re guard down. There is just something about thinking people can’t tell who you are that makes a person feel invincible. She was no different. She was being a true flirt and it was just turning me on something fierce. At one point she asked me my named and I told her it was Jackson. She said her name was Brenda. I could see right inside the top of her outfit when suddenly She placed her hand on my shoulder and then lifted her leg up so she could fix the back her her shoe. I acted happy to make her acquaintance but didn’t let on that I even knew who she was. The plan was working well so far. She was friendly, looking hot and oh, by the way…she was acting like she was available too. I figured it had to be just part of her charm but as time went by I became more convinced that I actually had a shot at getting with her. What I needed was a opportunity to get her alone and that was going to be the hard part.

It was everything I could do to control my cock and not be stiff as steel. I watched her as she walked towards the balcony and then out to the railing. Overlooking the city she was not aware ( or maybe she was) that I was totally undressing her with my eyes as I looked at her in that Rockette outfit.  Her tits were ever so wonderful and pointed out to the city skyline. Her high heels made her legs so toned and long and as I followed them up to her perfect ass I just could not control my dick anymore. It grew and was twitching. I thought it might even ejaculate without an physical touch. I really don’t know how I didn’t just Cum in my pants right then. In an effort to hide my bulge I took the chance and walked quickly  to the railing close to her and looked out at the city.  She turned and said,  “Hey Jackson I really like your costume!  Those skin tight pants are great. Where did you get a Killer Bee outfit” ? I told her that I made it myself.  Surprised, she said you can sew?? I said, ” sure”.  Then she said, “how lucky for me, can you help me? “. I said, “Sure what do you need”?

She showed me the edge of her outfit where the seem was completely coming apart on her left thigh and asked. ” If I find a needle and thread can you fix this otherwise I’ll have to leave the party and I’m not ready to go just yet “?

What could I say ….. “No problem”, I said,  “Let’s go find a needle and thread”.

She asked the host of the party and he disappeared for a minute and returned with a small sewing box. The music was pretty loud and I really could not hear what they were saying but he motioned her towards a long hallway and she nodded her head. She came back over to me and said to come back to the master bedroom in a few minutes and we could fix her outfit.  I said ok and watched as she walked down that hallway. Jesus !!! What a body… look at her walk, Man I can’t believe this is even happening.

In a few minutes I walked on back and knocked on the door and then went inside.

There she was, we were alone in a fabulous room. “Lock that door behind you OK we don’t want some random person just barging in”. I did. I had to keep telling myself that I was just there to do some sewing but this was all just too surreal.  She asked, “Can you fix this while I leave it on or will I have to take it off”?  I told her that it was up to her.

She said, ” I’m going to leave it on because this was Really Hard to get into”.

when she said Really Hard my dick started to twitch again.

“No problem Brenda. How about if you stand on this chair and that will put that ripped seem at a good level to sew”.

I helped her onto the chair. She had a time doing it to because after a few drinks standing on a chair was sort of difficult for her.   “This is Hard”, she said.  there was that word Hard again. Jesus !  she had no idea what hard was.

I picked out some royal blue thread to match her outfit, threaded a needle and started to carefully sew the seem on her left thigh.  I smiled as I told her, “This IS a tight out fit but it fits you perfect”. “You look fantastic in it, I really like it.”   “Thank you so much ” She said with a sweet grin.  Wow she smelled so nice. I mean, I was close enough to really smell her and not just her perfume either, I really could smell her body… Her essence.  You know how some people just smell good no matter what? Well, she is one of those people.

She sorta lost her balance for just a second and to keep from poking her with the sewing needle I had to grab her by the leg to steady her.  “Carefully”, I said.   God my hand was just right there on her inner thigh touching the crotch of outfit. Unbelievable !   “Sorry” I said.  She replied “That’s OK you didn’t want me to fall”. She giggled and really started to fall off the chair and I had to catch her as she fell into my arms and we ended up on the floor with her on top of me just laughing like a crazy woman. She said,”I think I’ve had a little TOO much to drink but I want another Vodka how about you”???  then she just kept laughing hysterically. I liked it. She was here, right on top of me.  I could feel her body and she seemed to be having a really good time.  I could not help myself and my cock started to grow and I could tell she could feel it.  Her facial expression began to change to a more serious look then to a concern. As she looked into my eyes her pupils swelled, her checks blushed and she slowly licked her lips then kissed me.  It was a aggressive kiss too not just one of those timid first date kisses but a real kiss. I could not hold myself back anymore and my dick just got as hard as a stripper pole. She didn’t seem to mind in the least either. She began to grind against my dick.  The tights I was wearing were really thin and on her body only a the thin strip of blue velvet material less then two inches wide and seamless panty hose separated me from her pussy.  Her tits pressed against me and as she undulated it pulled down her outfit and her nipples emerged to show themselves and then the entirety of her breast fell out.  To my excitement she wasn’t slowing down a bit but rather, she began to pull and tug at my costume in an effort to remove it. This was true bliss. We were going to Fuck.

For some reason I remember seeing a clock behind her…. 11:30 pm was the time.

Without being asked I reached round her back and unhooked and unzipped her outfit and began to slide it across her supple creamy body. As I got it down to her waist I rolled her over on to her back. her tits are fantastic ! I pull on her costume and it is ever so tight against her thighs and the off it slides, past her knees and over her heels. I toss it to one side. Here she was wearing just her sheer hose and black high heels and her costume mask. So Damned Sexy.  I hooked my fingers onto the waist line of her panty hose and pulled them down. Erotic fire red perfectly trimmed little pussy hairs reflected in my eyes as stuck my tongue into her snatch. The light smell of soft sweet Lavender and the taste warm moist salt entranced me.  I took time to removing her shoes as I really love women’s heels. I licked her feet and then pulled off her panty hose. All she had on now was a mask.  As I looked upon her I started to calculate her breast- waist- thigh  measurements but I got lost in her figure.

Again, I remember seeing the clock… 11:35pm.

She pulled down on the front of my costume till it was around to my ass and my rock hard cock at long last popped out like a diving board and rested against her body. As I tongue lashed the nipples Her back arched and she pressing her wet little pussy against me and smoothly glided it’s lips along the front of my cock. My balls almost sucked up into my neck they tightened so much. “God your body is incredible Brenda”.  Her mouth opened as she leaned back her head and I kissed her throat. I licked my fingers and took a good hold of her ass cheeks then slid one of my middle finger inside of her asshole. There was a deep and quiet moan accompanied by massive body shakes as she squeezed around my finger.

She moved her head forward and bit softly onto my right breast and teased me with her teeth.

Then, shaking back her hair she laid back and lifted up her knees to push that pussy onto me . I looked into her eyes and reach up and removed her mask. It was if I had suddenly exposed a virgin girl hiding inside of her . She was ever so tender and as we drew closer and kissed I began to press my cock through the slick lips and up inside of her delicious vagina. Her moans became long deep and very delighted groans and she bucked me like a sweet wild pony. Her breathing was deep and fast as though she was running in a race for her life.  As for me, I can’t repress the intense desires I have had for her now. I am driving my dick into her and pulling her hips against me like I am rowing a Sculling boat. Each thrust I make is more fantastic then the last. Each gasp of her breath more intense then the one before. The heat is beginning to build into a fire  between us. We are breathing so fast we can’t catch up and we are sweating so much it is like we are in a tropical rain forest. I somehow see the clock again. Only 3 minutes have passed since I pulled off her panty hose !  “Oh Brenda…. I love you baby”. God I don’t know how I have been able to go this long….Baby I’m going to Cum.

She is breathing as though she is about to explode and begins to scream my name. “OH Jackson… Oh Baby. Oh yes .MMMmmmmmm.  I’m feeling the contraction of my body now…. 10 seconds max is all I can hold out now”.  “God Baby”,  Ohhhhhhhh Jackson”!!!!

She spits my name as she contorts her body as if she is being possessed by a demon.

Right then I gritted my teeth, thrust up into her and shoot my wad deep within her pussy while she freezes still and contracts hard only to explode in a female cum gush the likes of which I have never experienced. Again I thrust and ejaculate…. And again, I pull out and shoot hot jiz onto her tits twice.  She begins to lean up to my dick and starts to suck and lick me but I have other ideas for “Little Ms. Branda Buttner” I want some of her sweet ass.  Want her Butt !!! I roll he over and position myself between her legs and lift her ass to met up with my cock and press into her ass as she scream in a mix of pleasure and pain. I retract my dick and with my fingers rub some of the cum on her pussy onto her little asshole. That does the trick because now I begin to slide into her smooth. She is still fucking tight as a Nuns Cunt but smooth and slick and as she moans and makes like a pretty Cowgirl riding a mechanical bull I fuck her little sweet ass. I reach around and cup her succulent breast while I fuck her too and god they are so fine they give me an idea. ( I want to fuck those glorious tittys too !!! )

I begin to roll her over to take advantage of those tits when she pushes me on to my back and the climbs on top of me. Now she is laughing again and being ever so sexy

She kisses me and the mounts my cock as she stares at me an smiles. She throws back her head and shakes out her hair. Her beautiful tits are like Bumper bullets from a 1950’s  Cadillac. Now she is in full control and is riding me like a $10,000 a night call girl. Again she becomes still, then has a full body contraction and Cums in a wet Gush. It was like somebody spilled a glass of warm milk on my dick it felt so good.

Now she wasn’t done yet. Not by a long shot. She still wanted to suck my dick and so without further ado that is just what she did and boy did she suck it well !!!

Then , She spits between her tits and rubbed them together, spit on them again and then pressed them around my dick saying, “Yea Baby I you want these don’t you “??

… I remember saying……~” Oh Shit this feels Good “~ MMMm I’m gonna Cum again baby … Yea I’m … gonna ….. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …..

Squirt – Squirt- Squirt…. where was it coming from I had never cum so much in my life not even as a teenager.   This time one of my cum shot fired up across her face.  As it dripped and oozed she leaned down and kissed me and then lay silent on top of me. I could still feel her heavy breath and hear the sounds of our hearts as they thumped blood into our quivering but sexually thrilled bodies.

“So”, she said, “Should we get back to fixing the torn seem of my outfit or would you like to do it again”?   She winked at me and began to fondle my cock and dart her tongue across the tip of it.

I looked at the clock again…. 11:50pm …..

I said, “Sure Why Not”.

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