Brenda Buttner’s Fantasy Story: Sex Against A Window

Window Fantasy Story I hope the sex fantasy fans like my fantasy story about sexy Brenda Buttner. By the way, this fantasy story is NOT a rape fantasy story. Please post this at your site. Use “Brenda’s_Fan” as the name of the author, instead of the one on my email address. That’s the name I using for this story. MF sex.

Sex Against a Window

I had invited the beautiful redhead Brenda Buttner to my apartment. Telling her that I that I wanted some advice on “investing.” 11pm sharp, I hear a knock at the door, it’s Brenda. I open the door “Hi Brenda” I said as she walked
in. wearing a sexy black multi-buttoned dress and a pair of red stiletto heeled pumps. “How are you!” she said with a smile as she walked directly over to one of the huge windows I have, overlooking the street and with a view of many other buildings.

“What a great view” Brenda said as she stared down at the people walking and the buildings in the city that never seems to lack energy. “SOooo, you invited me here at 11pm——to get my advice on INVESTING???.” I looked at her with an embarrassed smile and said “uhhh,yeah, that’s right” at that moment the beautiful redhead began to smile and said “CUM ON, IS THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANTED?.” I tried to explain to her that her opinion on investing meant a lot to me, but she just stood in front of the window shaking her head disapprovingly at my explanation.

Finally she turned back to look out the window again and began to speak in a very seductive voice and said “Tom, you are such a bad liar, you invite me over, I come, at 11pm wearing one of the sexiest dresses I own and some of my highest heeled shoes AND YOU CAN’T ADMIT THAT YOU WANT TO FUCK ME!.” I walked toward the sexy redhead, as I did, she turned toward me and asked “How strong is that large window?” With that last comment, I grabbed the leggy beauty and used my body to press hers against the window and said “Strong enough!”

I pulled my pants down and dropped my boxers and grabbed her around her waist as I held her body against the window, my hips pressed between her legs, as her skirt rose up to reveal her black silk thong panties, she looked at me and said sternly “Let’s see how fast you can get my panties off!” I reached down and started to pull them down, then stopped “AWE, fuck it” I said as I decided to just rip them off instead. I could tell Brenda was impressed by my determination to quickly get to her wet pussy! I began banging Brenda’s tight pussy as her body was completely pressed against the window.

As people walked by on the street level, some looked up in disgust, others seemed to just laugh and move on. As I fucked her HARDER AND HARDER, she moaned with the pleasure of my rigid dick inside of her! Tonight the girl next door is getting “slayed” liked she has NEVER dreamed, and I knew it felt good to her, to be so naughty and getting fucked –not just sex — she was getting a balls to the wall (or window), old fashioned pussy pounding! As she orgasmed she reminded me to “hold on as long as you can,” because she wanted to turn around and “see the view.”

At this point we were both hoping to see some of the people in the buildings across from us, and show them what Brenda’s beautiful tits and figure looked like, pressed against the glass! She turned around and I pushed her sexy body toward the glass. BANGING her up her firm ass with my huge dick and the full force of my body, pressing her hard against the glass.

The buttons to her black dress began to pop open, slowly her tits were forced out from this sexy dress, as her body rocked up and down, until finally I ripped the rest of the dress off; along with the t-shirt I was wearing. Fucking her as she forcefully said “YES—–YES—-YESSSS——TAKE IT TOM—–MY pussy—-MY FINE FIRM TIGHT ASS—-THEY—–ARE—–YOURS!!!” as she said this I also reached my hands around and forced them between the tiny space between the window and her breasts and grabbed both her tits and gripped them firmly as I was pounding her!

We could see many neighbors in the building across the street watching the fuck-session we were putting on. But we couldn’t stop the sexual heat between us, until finally I TURNED Brenda around for one final fuck in her pussy—as we finished the finished the final round of me “crushing” her pussy, we both came… as she orgasmed again, As I shot a long hot burst of creamy cum up her aching pussy!! We were so turned on by the fuck-session we put for NYC and my neighbors, that we fucked against the window for three straight nights, with Brenda wearing a sexier outfit each night… some watching from the building across the street even seemed to be eating popcorn as they watched, giving us a thumbs-up when we would finish with our performance! What places could we think of to fuck next, perhaps a long ride on an empty subway after midnight??? Maybe!

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