Brian And Tommy Show Part 2: Beverley Mitchell Gets Raped

Brian & Tommy Show Part 2: Beverley Mitchell Gets Raped

by Matt

This is not real so do not try it and if you are offended do not read or if you are under 18.

Remember what we did to Emily Hart yeah guess who is going to be on the show today who man Beverley Mitchell so Tommy do you won’t to do her just like we did Emily yeah she has nice tits yes she does Brian & Tommy walk in Beverley’s dressing room and she is in her Bra what the show is about to start ok bye get out ok see ya on stage Beverley ok Brain said she is real hot when she came on stage she had on a T-Shirt with a
mini skirt when she was on stage Brian keep looking up her skirt she had pink panties and it was a thong when the show was over Brian & Tommy ran to Beverley’s dressing room Tommy then grab Beverley and laid her on the table while Brian pulled her cloths off. but when he pulled her panties off he saw brown pussy hair he started licking it when Tommy let go of her mouth she said stop it please stop you bastard she tried to run but Tommy grab her by the hair and pulled her back on the table you are going to get fuck whether you like it or not she screamed no one can hear they are gone now shut up and take it Brain pulled out his dick and put in her pussy she screamed she was a virgin she muttered you raped me Tommy yeah so then Tommy jumped on top of her and put his dick in her she screamed and then Brain said let me ass fuck her Tommy said ok she noooooooooo pleaseeeee don’tttt has i started to put my dick in her ass she keep fighting and slaping but when i got my dick in her ass she IIIIIIIIYYEEEEEEEEEE get off me you son of a bitch then he threw her on the floor Tommy then sucked her tits then Brian said time to suck Beverley. Before she could say no he shoved it in her mouth he said suck it or die she sucked it real good for a first timer they we are done but if you tell anybody we will put this on the internet bye bye now fuck you two son of bitches ok hope to see ya soon

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