Brian And Tommy Show Part 3: Sandra Bullock Is Violated

This is adult fiction. If you are under 18, or if you cannot judge what
you read by adult not read this story. The author does not
want to harm anybody. Rape is no fun

Title:Brian & Tommy Show part 3: Sandra Bullock is Violated

Wrote By Matt

Guess who is going to be on the show today Tommy who Sandra Bullock Brian just got horny hearing her name Brian Said she has nice tits yeah said Tommy they went into Sandra’s dressingroom and said miss Bullock could see you after the show Sandra said sure where at Tommy’s house it is about a mile down the road Sandra said ok well they went to do
the show and the manager said Sandra yeah I need to see you in my office right now ok be right there said Sandra Joe was the manager when they got in is office he pressed her down on the desk reach in between her legs and pulled her panties off he said i will be in a min she said get off me you pig i will when i am done he pulled out his 4 inch dick she tried to fight him off but he was already in her he said he yeah that is some good pussy baby she said you are a sick man you can go now then Brian & Tommy walked in what can i do for you boys you raped Sandra did’nt you yeah so what we was going to rape her well you still can we was going to take her home she is not going to want to come home with us now then Joe said wait a min you have been raping all of our guest yeah said Tommy Joe said well do you two want to help me fix the guest up so we can rape every girl who comes here yeah said Brian. Later after the show Sandra showed up at Tommy’s house she is hear Brian ok be right there she came in and said i have to tell you something Tommy said what is wrong you know your manager Joe yeah he raped me are you sure yes the black bastard jump on top of me you two white boys are going to have to kill him. Brain nope whynot becuase we a going to rape you what Tommy then grab her Brain said why do you think we ask you hear Tommy then ripped of her top and Brian ripped off her panties and laid her on the bed and Brian stuck his dick in her pussy he was working her he shot sprem in her brown pussy hair cum was coming at of her pussy he was still working her pussy and Tommy was sucking on her nice round tits when Brian pulled out she kick him hard in the balls and then ran Tommy went after her when he caught her Tommy then stuck his dick in her and he was working her he shot is sprem in her to Brain then took her and laid her back on the bed he ask Sandra if she had ever been fucked in the ass noooooooo please don’t Brain then shoved his dick in her ass she screamed Brain dick was hurting her ass was so tight the he could only stay in there for 3 strokes before he cumed in her ass Tommy then pulled out his dick and shoved it in her mouth he mouth fuck her he was moving it in and out she had nice soft lips he shot a load in her mouth he said ”Swallow” then Brian shoved his dick in her mouth and he moved it in and out she could not take anymore Tommy’s dick was just to much but Brian was fucking her mouth to hard when he shot a load in her mouth she started get sick Tommy said we are done you can go now but Sandra could not move he said if you don’t go now we are going rape you agian she tried to move but couldn’t so Tommy jumped on top of her agian and stuck his 12inch dick in her she tried to scream but could not they told her not to tell anyone and she could leave she still could not move but when she finaly got out of there she went home and she never told anyone about it.


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