Brian And Tommy Show Part 4: The Rape Of Meg Ryan

This is adult fiction. No harm to is intended. Rape is certainly no fun.

Title:Brian & Tommy Show part 4:The Rape of Meg Ryan

Wrote By Matt

Tommy was walking down the hall when he seen Brian whats up man not much guess who is on the show today Brian who your favorite star Meg Ryan. Brain said she has nice round tits lets go do the show after the show we will go to her dressing room ok Brian & Tommy went to do the show she had on a short dress Brian look up her dress and seen she had on white panties it got him on hard the show was over and Meg was on her way to her dressing room when she Enters
her dressing room she unzippes her dress and is about to take it off when Brian & Tommy grab her they lay her on the table they then pull her dress off when they get her dress off she is left in her Bra & Panties they start touching her pussy with her panties on get off me you bastards Tommy said let me fuck her frist this has been a fantasie of to fuck a girl with up panties on she then tries to run but Tommy grab her thru her on the table and pulled out his dick and shoved it in her with her panties on just has soon has his dick enters her pussy she screames in pain Tommy is stroking it but the soft cotton panites make him cum before he wants to when he pulls his dick out Brian pulls her panties down she had golden brown pussy hair he then stuck his dick in her pussy she screamed to the top of her lungs he was strokeing it he pounded her pussy tears runing down her face she started bleeding he keep pounding it she keep screaming and crying then he stoped and said have you ever been fucked in the ass she wimped no please don’t do me their Brian said shut up. he then bent her over the table and stuck it in her ass she screamed noooooooo it real tight he tried to work it it felt so good that he almost cum but he held on her keep stroking her and stroking her til he finaly cumed in her she had just been raped by two of the bigest dumbass in the world she laid on the floor in her dressing room crying and that is when Brian started sucking her tits & Tommy was eating her out then Brian ate her out then that is when the manager came it’s my turn boys we will leave you to alone then her jumped on top of her and stuck his dick in her pussy she punch him and slap him and told him to get off her but he just keep pounding that pussy she was already bleeding after 12 strokes he cumed in her he then turned her over and laid her on the table her stuck his dick in her ass she started lol saying is that all you got big boy the others gave me more than you he started pounding it harder and harder Meg that’s it oh yeah more more come on give me more she was injoying it when he got done she said do you want to me to suck your cock he said hell yeah she put it in her mouth and yanking on and licking it then Brian & Tommy came in she pulled his dick out of her mouth and I will be right with yeah they cool she lick the tip of his dick and he shot a load in her mouth she swallowed it and she said Brian it’s your turn she pulled his dick out and started yanking it and sucking he said harder deeper she was good he shot a load in her mouth and she swallowed it ok Tommy bring big boy to me she pulled out Tommy’s dick and lick the tip and then stuck the hole thing in her mouth he shot a load in her mouth she swallowed it she be came the shows slut fucking everybody she seen she started working for Brian & Tommy Inc she fucks everything. after the show one day she came to my house i told her i had to run to the store but i wold be back soon. Meg said ok while was gone Meg meet my dog my came in and she seen his cock on hard she pick him up and put him on the chair with her and started sucking his cock he shot a load in her mouth and she like it she then put him on top of her and made him fuck her when i came home they was fucking on my bed she was screaming oh yeah i never knew a dog could fuck like this she then made the dog fuck her in the ass she really like that but when he licked the peanut butter off her pussy she shot cum every when he did that she really like that she loved my dog so much she bought him from right then they and took him to be her sex toy but she still fucks me and Tommy and the rest of the crew she is our little slut but she says no one fucks like her dog his name is pepper she fucks him everyday.

THE END Brian & Tommy only have 3 more til season1 is done

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