Bride To Be

Title: Bride To Be

Author: The Chemist

Celebs: Rose Leslie

Codes: MM+F, Anal, DP, MC, Oral

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this work of fiction.

Summary: Rose Leslie, star of Game of Thrones, volunteers to be hypnotized, but didn’t bargain to meet back up with the hypnotist, nor did she know he added a few extra commands.

“Alright people, everyone good with the plan,” the ringleader said to a gang of 4 others.

“It’s pretty simple. See girl, trap girl, abducted girl,” one of the others responded.

“Speaking of which…”

Right on cue, the gang of 5 in the van, one in the driver seat and 4 in the back, saw their prey. Rose Leslie, star of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and now on her way into breaking into movies, was exciting the yoga studio through the back door. With the grey cargo van now pulling up to block the only exit of the alley, the redhead was trapped though she didn’t know it.

The 5 in the van watched as the star headed towards her car, oblivious of their presence. They silently watched her, noting how the night black pants hung to her lower body, highlighting her meaty but womanly legs, not to mention her great ass. For a lady as slim as Rose was, for her to have a big bubble butt sticking out behind her was nearly unfathomable.

“Okay people, let’s get her,” one said.

And with that the side door of the non-descript cargo van was thrown open and four figures emerged from it with pace. Rose barely had time to look up before she was descended on by the pack of people. One had their hand around her mouth before she could let loose a scream to hopefully draw attention to the scenes. Helpless, the slender redhead was powerless as her lithe attackers picked her up and lead her towards their van.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Rose begged as the van sped away. “I’ll do anything!”

“Rose, relax,” one of the people revealed.

“What the fuck,” the redhead swore, seeing the face of her maid of honor for her upcoming wedding.

“Yeah, what the fuck,” one of the other girls screamed at the girl. “We said we were gonna keep this up for awhile.”

“Relax everyone,” the maid of honor replied. “She was clearly scared shitless. And Rose, this is us abducting you for your bachelorette party.

The woman in the van helped calm Rose after she went into a angry spell of yelling and cussing at them all. With everyone at a normal temperament, they explained the night’s festivities, which wasn’t grand but very much to Rose’s taste. They would start with dinner, end at a nightclub to get hammered but in the middle they were going to a magic show, including Rose’s personal favorite; a hypnotist.

The close friends eventually were able to laugh about the fake abduction and before long they were having a great time. They ate and drank and before they left the elite restaurant all the women had a buzz as they jumped in a taxi and were whisked away to the magic show. They found their seats, which were right in the front row, and topped up their bottles of pop with alcohol they had snuck into the venue.

“And do my eyes not betray me? For I believe I see a real life celebrity in the crowd,” the hypnotist declared. When the pretty redhead’s face flushed, it all but confirmed his theory. “We do, we do. Give a round of applause if you would like the lovely and talented Rose Leslie to come to the stage.”

The crowd absolutely erupted into a frenzied celebration of shouts and claps. Rose was hoping that London would be a large enough city to mask her celebrity while out and about but that didn’t work tonight. She was still a bit of an introvert and it took prodding from her bridal party before the redhead rose from her seat and made her way to the stage.

“Hello,” she said to the magician as she shook his hand before giving the audience a wave.

The feisty redhead looked truly fantastic as she stood in front of everyone. She wore her kissed-by-fire hair down after blow drying it smooth like silk. She was taking advantage of the seasonably warm weather by wearing a sleeveless shirt that blended several bright colors. She had decided on pants to cover her long smooth legs, selecting form fitting leather pants. The tight pants combined with a stylish pair of black high heels made her perky, well-formed ass popped that extra little bit more out from the rest of the back of her body.

“My word, stunning,” he said as he spun her in a circle for the crowd. “Isn’t she a beauty ladies and gentlemen!”

“Oh, thank you so much,” the actress blushed.

“And what brings the lovely Rose Leslie out to my humble performance if I may ask,” the hypnotist asked.

“Well…ummm…it’s for my bachelorette party actually,” the modest woman replied.

“Then I believe a congratulations are in order, aren’t they people,” Ryan stated, which was greeted by another cheer from the boisterous crowd. “And, with your permission, naturally, I would love to make this an extra special celebration by hypnotizing you fair lady.”

Rose agreed to the challenge after some pressure from her friends, not to mention the several thousand people in attendance. The lovely redhead had a passing belief in the art of hypnotism and it was with that, which allowed Ryan the magician to weave his craft. Using an old pocket watch that had some historical significance, the hypnotize put the actress under his spell.

“Hmm…let’s see Ms. Leslie. How about when I snap my finger twice and clap once, you will begin flapping your arms and jumping around the stage like a bird learning to take flight,” he instructed.

The crowd seemed to love this order from the magician, who basked in their applause.

“But let’s not get her off too easily. How about when I stomp my foot, make a clicking noise with my tongue and utter the phrase big girls don’t cry, you will drop to the ground and bark like a dog,” he ordered.

This time the crowd of supporters laughed uncontrollably at the mere thought of the successful actress behaving like an animal.

“Okay now folks, before I release the lovely actress from my control I’d like you to give her another big round of applause afterwards. This can be a scary ordeal to give up free will even for a short amount of time and regardless how she does I want you all to be kind to her,” the magician lectured.

However, the hypnotist didn’t utter the words to snap her back into reality. Instead he leaned in close to the ear of Rose, shut off his microphone and whispered several more commands into the girl. Much like the other phrases, she’d have no recollection of what was said, they were simply planted into her subconscious.

“Oh,” Rose groaned as the magician released her from the trance.

“Are you okay my dear,” the middle-aged man asked his helper.

“Yeah, fine. Just felt like I was waking up from a dream I suppose,” the Scot replied.

“Well I’m sorry to hear that but it’s an occupational hazard,” he jested.

In short order, the hypnotist showed off his craft in full glory. Snapping and clapping, Rose instantly began to prance around the stage in a trance once more. The crowd jeered as she acted like a bird, the whole time oblivious to what she was doing. Uttering a command she stopped at once, but with his second command she instantly dropped to her hands and knees and began to bark like a yappy dog.

Ryan allowed the scene to play out for several minutes, giving the leather pant-clad actress different duties to fill out while under the trance. He played fetch with her, made her chase her tail, but what got the best reaction was when he leashed her and took her for a walk about the stage.

After soaking in all the applause, Ryan released the poor girl from her trance for a second time. She awoke on the floor, still on all fours and felt instantly embarrassed. The grinning hypnotist helped her up from the stage then after demanding another cheer for the Game of Thrones star, allowed her back to her friends.

“Now, who wants to see someone wet themselves,” Ryan asked the crowd.

“He didn’t make me, you know,” Rose asked, her eyes flaring downward to look for any wetness in her crotch.

“Nope,” one of her bridesmaids answered. “But I’ll show you what you did later, we all have videos.”

The show lasted another 45 minutes and the crowd, including the lovely actress was highly entertained throughout. When he was finished, the hypnotist thanked all his participants and brought them back onto stage for a last applause. Of course he performed their commands one by one to make them do their most embarrassing instruction, much to everyone’s delight.

“So where to next,” Rose asked her group when outside the hall.

“Only the best club in London,” one of the women answered.

“We do love watching your drunk dancing,” another added with a laugh.

Meanwhile, while the crowd was piling out of the auditorium and congregating outside in the foyer, Ryan the magician made his way backstage. Once in the privacy of his locker room, the hypnotist dug threw his bag until withdrawing his cell phone.

“Yeah Paul? Gather up the Roy and David. Party time tonight. You remember the phrases? Excellent,” the hypnotist said into his phone with an evil grin.

*              *              *

“Excuse me, did you want to dance?”

All 5 women at the private both turned their heads to look at the man who had just approached them. He was good looking in a non-traditional way, but still easy on the eyes none-the-less. He had also balls, after all he did just walk up to a pack of women in a fairly restricted part of the club and asked one of them, that one being Rose, to dance.

“Oh I don’t know,” she replied with a grin.

The group of women had been there at the swanky club for little over an hour and in that time they had managed to get pretty drunk, not sloppy drunk though. Though they hadn’t noticed, much to his credit at being good at this particular thing, the bridal party had been observed the entire time by the good looking man. If he felt another man was about to move in on his bounty earlier then he would have liked then Paul would have acted. As things were he allowed the women a normal amount of time to laugh and drink before he went about separating the insane hottie from her friends.

“Do it! Go dance,” her drunk friends encouraged.

“Ok alright,” Rose finally agreed.

“Great,” he beamed. “I’m Paul by the way.”

“Rose,” she replied, keeping her last name out of it in case he didn’t recognize her by her appearance alone. “So are you a good dancer?”

“No, not at all. Hate it actually,” the man replied as they moved towards the dance floor, but also to his booth.

“Then why ask me to dance,” Rose asked.

“All part of the plan. You see, I plan on fucking you silly tonight. Your face, your pussy and most definitely that surprisingly  thick ass of yours,” Paul told her.

“What the fuck!”

“I’m gonna pull your hair and fuck you in the ass,” he said before she stormed off.

Rather than slap him or throw a drink in his face, or simply stomp off like she was on the verge of doing, Rose did something unexpected. Well, unexpected for everyone but Paul. Because while Rose Leslie was under hypnosis at the show earlier, Ryan the magician had uttered a few more trances to her. With the saying of that particular phrase, Rose became a puddle of horniness.

“Damn right you’re gonna pull my hair and fuck me in the ass,” she repeated in her thick Scottish accent.

Paul clutched her hand and diverted her away from the dance floor and into his booth. They had barely sat down before she was pressing her lips against his and cramming her wet tongue into his mouth. Paul and Ryan had pulled this sexual con a few times in their day, but never on a girl as famous, or wildly attractive as Rose.

“She seems to be pretty cozy with that fella over there,” one of the bridesmaids said to the group.

“Yeah but it’s her last night of freedom. Besides, it pretty much custom to shag a random the night before your marriage,” the maid of honor replied.

“Good point. I’ll remind her to be safe and make sure she takes him back to her place, safer that way. I’ll make sure my brother and her future hubby doesn’t walk in during the deed,” Rose’s soon-to-be sister-in-law stated.

*              *              *

The plan thus far was going off without a hitch. Paul had successfully uttered the phrase, and more importantly the mental instructions had firmly latched themselves in her cerebral cortex. Now under some mind control, Paul was able to lead the sexy redhead from the club, into a cab and finally back to her house, where he stood on the doorstop of her fancy London townhouse.

“Shall you come in,” she asked him, taking a brief break from the public make out session.

“Of course,” the handsome man answered, tongue going back into her mouth.

After another long kiss, they separated long enough for Rose to insert her key into the lock and open the sturdy door inward. The moment they were threw the threshold and into her entryway, which blended seamlessly into the living room, the horny man was right behind the beautiful actress.

“Why don’t you go but on something more comfortable,” Paul instructed the horny redhead.

The spicy actress gave the man she had known for less than an hour one of her big beautiful smiles before she began to sexily  saunter towards her bedroom. To do so she had to walk by Paul, who jetted out his arm and stopped the girl in her tracks. He leaned in whispered something into her ear while the mind controlled actress grinned widely. When he pulled away and released his grip he slipped an object into Rose’s hand then have her perky ass a hard slap to get her back in motion.

“Whoa,” Rose whelped with more surprise and enjoyment than actual pain.

Her closet had a healthy selection of options for Rose to chose from and she began thumbing through her collection. It didn’t take her long before she decided on something more classic, so she pulled out a hanger holding silk lingerie rather than a costume. Peeling off her clothing so wore to the club, the redhead stripped right down before donning the new clothing she’d just picked out especially for Paul.

The morally bankrupt man waited patiently on the chair in the living room for the extremely sexy woman to return from her bedroom. Luckily she didn’t keep him long, just long enough for him to make a call to the hypnotist that got this ball in motion. Of course, Ryan the hypnotist remained him that they were a group and not to start too much without them, much to Paul’s chagrin.

Having chosen a simple black nightie, the outfit did wonders to show off her delicious body. The silk outfit had pushed her medium-sized tits up to give them more cleavage than she’d ever had before. From Paul’s reaction, she figured she should always do that since he had barely stopped staring at her chest since they first met earlier arrived. The black stocking she was wearing, held on by a garter belt, also helped give her the appearance of a horny woman that wanted nothing more than to fuck this man silly.

“Is that for me,” Rose said with a wicked smile.

While the pretty redhead was in the back getting changed, Paul had undone his pants and freed his massive erection from their tight denim prison. Of course it didn’t take long for him to shove his boxers down as well and let his raging boner free to the outside world. He was in the middle of lightly stroking himself when Rose had returned, but rather than stop he kept going.

“You bet,” but as she dropped to her knees he remembered the deal he had made “But first, I want you to do something for me.”

“Isn’t that what I’m doing now,” she replied, her skilled tongue licking his balls.

“Go on the couch and push that beautiful ass back towards me,” he instructed.

She continued to work over his balls, progressing from licking the sack to taking turns with each one in her mouth as she sucked on them. Finally she broke off and did as he asked, crawling over to the large, white sectional couch adjacent to his chair. Rose flashed him a knowing smile before she got onto her knees on the sofa with her nice plump ass facing back at him then lifted her skirt onto her back to expose her backside.

“Like what you see,” Rose asked knowingly.

The fiery redhead knew what tonight was to entail so she didn’t bother putting on underwear. Instead her bright pink pussy was on display to the horny man who was currently controlling her. Above her twat was a sight that anyone else would have been surprised to see except for Paul, since he was the man who instructed her to do so. Glancing north of her snatch, the handsome man observed her tight asshole, however there was a small pink string dangling two inches from her backdoor.

“I think you know what I want with that,” Paul said, leaning forward to tug on the string.

Rose tossed her flaming red hair over her shoulder to look back at him with her lovely blue eyes, flashing him her devilish smile in the process before turning back around to face the sofa. Reaching back behind herself, the Game of Thrones actress took hold of the plastic thread hanging out of her tight bum before the muscles in her arm tensed.

Paul watched on from the chair, still stroking his cock, as the talented and sexy woman in front of him began to pull out the anal beads. He stared on as her butthole began pushing back towards him before the sphincter began to yield until he could see the large pink ball. Rose kept pulling then finally the sphere emerged from her anus with an audible pop.

“Oh God that feels good,” Rose said.

The talented actress didn’t stop there however as more work had to be done. Without loosening her grip, the redhead continuing pulling until a second ball became visible from within her crinkled starfish. Paul found himself drawn off the chair and kneeling directly behind the Scot, using his strong hands to pull her ass cheeks apart to give himself a better view. It also loosened her tight backdoor enough for the second of the 2-and-a-half inch balls to pull free from her rectum.

“Now taste,” he ordered.

Paul took the end of the string that Rose had been pulling on and she instantly relented her grip over the toy. Bringing it high above her, Rose had to go into a tall kneel before bending her head back and opening her mouth wide, a smile still visible on her lips. The horny man lowered the first bead into her mouth, at which point the actress closed her lips and sucked her own ass juices from the ball, which seconds before was buried in her bowels.

“Uhmm…yumm,” she could be heard moaning.

Paul wasn’t finished there however, as there were two balls on the string and only one currently occupying her mouth. Rose understood what he wanted shortly, as he kept bobbing the other sphere against her closed lips. Try as he might, it seemed the objects were unable to both fit within her mouth at the same time, that was until Rose took control and was eventually successful in having each of the shit-flavored balls in each of her cheeks.

Paul watched and savored the sight of on of the UK’s hottest women, not to mention one of his favorite characters sucking on two anal beads, drenched in her own ass taste. At that point he diverted his eyes from her face for the first time in minutes to look down at were the toy had just left. Using his hands to once again separate her thick cheeks, the horny man gazed at her still present gaping asshole, which measured roughly an inch.

“You slut! You’ve taken it in the ass before,” he observed as he crouched down lower.

“Well of course I have silly,” Rose smiled, removing the toys from her mouth. “How do you think I got all my acting gigs.”

Paul smirked, learning more about his future sexual conquest before getting back to the matter at hand. Though he was under strict instructions not to use her up much if at all until the mastermind of the operation arrived, he didn’t think what he was doing was too bad. And if they thought so then fuck them because he was gonna do it anyway.

Leaning further down, Paul extended his tongue and took a long, deep swipe starting at Rose’s clit and ending halfway up her crack. Several things hit him all at once. Firstly was how sweet and delicious her pussy tasted without any hint of acidity or smelliness that some of the skanky broads he hooked up with tasted like. Secondly was how awesome it felt to have his tongue wedged in the backside of the country’s hottest actresses.

Building off his success, Paul leant in again and this time buried his tongue deep within her bright pink pussy. Rose screamed in pleasure as his wet muscle burrowed its way inside her, hitting all the right spots. After another minute of this, Paul withdrew and aimed higher, using his hands to separate her once again so he could dive into the smaller opening of her asshole once more.

“Oh yes! Eat my ass,” she encouraged.

Paul did just that, his tongue working first by licking the rim before he worked the tip inside. Never satisfied with just a small amount in, the horny man pushed deeper until his tongue was a good few inches into her rectum and he was lapping at her inner walls.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass up little one,” he told her.

Paul wanted desperately at that moment to just stand up right behind her and plunge his cock into her asshole in one swoop. Her backside was loosened up now however he knew that if caught by the ringleader then he’d be in trouble. They had a good thing going and he knew it wasn’t his turn to take first dibs on the target’s ass, or pussy for that matter.

However it didn’t stop him from taste-testing both holes, which he continued to do, alternating his target with each passing minute. While he licked her pussy or asshole, his hands were constantly roaming her body, starting with her tits. Though still wearing the black nightie, Paul was able to feel her hard nipples poking there, capping each of her good-sized tits that were perfect for her small frame.

Sliding downward with his tongue now buried in her asshole again, the horny man ran his hands down her quite thick ass then onto her thighs. Rose was a pale girl to begin with, but her habit of wearing pants meant her legs were even paler than the rest of her body, however he appreciated it. What he also appreciated was her meaty legs and calves, no doubt from years of playing football in her native Scotland.

“Your turn,” Rose said, quickly flipping around to face him.

This time Paul’s resolve was too weak and he did as the mind controlled girl asked. Taking his tongue from her backside, the tall man retreated backwards onto the tall chair he occupied earlier. Rose was in the process of slinking off the couch onto her knees then crawling the short distance to him, her stocking-clad knees gliding effortlessly over the hardwood floor.

The redhead rose up high onto her knees and pulled the handsome man in for another of their passionate kisses as her taste buds were rubbed by his tongue, which seconds before had been firmly entrenched in her booty. Subconsciously enjoying the taste, she broke the kiss not long after, as she had a much better use for her mouth.

Paul couldn’t help but have his cock harden as the Brit worked on removing his jeans. It didn’t take her too long to have his pants loosened before he propped himself off the chair to allow them to be dragged down his legs. Though he had a pact with Ryan not to start early, especially using her up, the seducing male couldn’t help himself any longer, damn the consequences.

“I like what I found,” Rose whispered as she grabbed his stiff 8-inch member. “What do you want me to do with it?”

“Suck it babe,” he told her instructed the gorgeous dirty redhead.

With a wicked grin on her face, Rose glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Paul couldn’t help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The horny boy was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

“Mmmmm,” Rose moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

“Oh yeah suck that cock,” Paul groaned.

“You like how I suck,” the ginger, asked with cockiness in her voice.

“Keep going,” he pleaded while applying downward pressure on the top of her head to help convey his message.

“Alright stud,” Rose replied as she started to lick at his nutsack before slowly coursing her way up his shaft until finding the tip and getting her plump lips wrapped back around it.

“Oh shit! Look at what we have here,” Ryan the hypnotist said.

Leslie pulled her mouth away from the cock she was sucking on and looked over her shoulder at the familiar voice. Her smile went from welcoming to very excited as she say the two other men behind the tall magician, all three of which were in various levels of undress. Within seconds they had all stripped of their clothes with their boners facing the attractive woman.

“Such a bad girl,” they told the cocksucker.

“Crawl that tight ass over here and blow the rest of us too,” a man with a thick Londerer accent demanded as the men formed a semicircle.

Rose laughed and collected the last of the spit strings that connected her lips with Paul’s dick before turning around to face the three other men. Noting their cocks, she realized that the smallest of the men was an impressive 8 inches, with the largest being an incredible 11 inches, nearly a foot in length.

The talented actress knew her role in this evening’s events and did as she was suggested, so didn’t keep the excited men waiting for long. She spun around to face them directly now before beginning to crawl, finishing up in the middle of the space the men had created for her. Rose rocked back on her knees to go back into her kneeling position so that her face was eye level with the already erect cocks.

The redhead centered herself so that she was head-on with the man in the middle, who happened to be the hypnotist Ryan from earlier in the night. Not wasting any time, Rose opened her mouth wide, leaned forward and engulfed the tip of his cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times, working just about half his good-sized tool into her oral cavity then pulled off him altogether.

“Fuck that’s good,” Ryan groaned.

“Just the tip of the iceberg pal,” the ginger-haired beauty told him.

Rose pivoted slightly so that she was now facing the man who was the longest and leanest of the trio and repeated the same trick on him. After sucking on his lengthy tool for a minute she pulled away from him and turned nearly 180 degrees to face the third member of the standing group. Again she opened her mouth and pushed her lips around her fourth cock in as many minutes, getting half his length wet with her spit.

“You’ve certainly got talent,” the thickest of the men commended.

“Please,” the 28-year old woman said. “You haven’t seen anything yet boys.”

With the men paying attention to her every sexy move, the ginger in the skimpy lingerie did a long lick over her thumb and forefinger on each hand. With their cocks now lubricated as well as her hands, Rose gripped the two dicks on the outside and began stroking them at a solid pace. This left her face to focus on the meat right in front of her, belong to the hypnotist Ryan, which she gladly gobbled up with her mouth.

This was not that this pack of guys had tricked a girl into having a gangbang with them so they were well rehearsed in this manner. Every minute or two when the redhead woman would pull her plump lips from one dick, she would pivot to her left only to swallow the next one. The men were now shifting along with her so that she was continuously stimulating the trio, one always with her mouth and the other two with her hands, all while Paul watched from his seat, having had her sole focus earlier in the evening.

“Alright I believe she needs a dick in her right about now,” one of the men announced.

“That’s why we call you the smart one Roy,” the hypnotist stated.

Without waiting for any instructions, David, the handsomest man of the four in the house sprang into action. Moving from her right side, the blonde man stepped closer to her in order to get his hands under her arms. Using his strength, he hoisted her up into the air and placed her on her feet, however she wasn’t there long. With his arm now around her flat stomach, David lifted her again, only this time she found herself upside down.

“Whoa,” the ginger screamed in excitement.

David kept the girl parallel to the ground as he walked towards the sofa in the corner of the room. His friends parted ways for him to go through them before he settled the slim girl softly onto the large, L-shaped couch on her back with her head dangling over the edge.

“Since we’re here,” David said before slapping the gorgeous girl in the face with his massive 12-inch cock.

Rose got the point he was making and instantly opened her mouth wide to allow him back into her experienced mouth. The sexy ginger gave him a few strokes of lengthy tool and noted how smooth he was. She took a moment to orientate herself after having been flipped around and flung onto the furniture. She parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth and started sucking him off while she felt a hand slip in between her thighs.

The hand didn’t belong to the man she was blowing, but rather to the man who suggested they begin to fuck her, that being the muscular Roy. Her legs remained spread wide which allowed his meaty hand to slip between her milky white thighs. Without wearing any panties after changing into the sexy nightie, Roy’s fingers had no obstruction and he instantly buried one thick digit into her wet cunt. Given how soaking she was, the brown-haired man didn’t wait long before adding a second of his chubby fingers.

Rose began building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. With every one of Roy’s fingers either found her clit or hooked deep inside her to stimulate her equally sensitive G-spot, Rose would moan around David’s cock to add extra pleasure to the horny man.

“Move your hands out of the way,” David told the ginger beauty.

Rose did as the handsome man asked and pulled her hands away that she was using to stroke his shaft and roll his nuts around with her fingers. Without those obstructing his way now, David was able to really saw into her mouth with the speed and depth that he dictated, not the actress anymore.

This time she was forced to take him inside her oral cavity once again and had him butt up against the back of her mouth, not that she minded at all. With the fingers plowing into her dripping wet pussy, not to mention the mind control making her a perfect slut, Rose was literally down for anything.

This time when David pushed back into her mouth with her face having over the edge of the couch, she relaxed her throat in an action which at one point was second nature to her. It took an extra moment but her muscles relented and she pushed forward so that now her chin was buried in his thick bush of pubic hair and her nose pressed against his full ball sack.

“Oh shit baby…you have skills,” David complimented, his cock still completely contained within her mouth and throat.

The leggy girl had no room to move her head back and was utterly at David’s mercy. He held his cock in her mouth until he could see her face flush red then begin to turn a bluish color. At that point he withdrew all the way and watched as Rose coughed and spat large amounts of spit onto both his cock and onto the ground of her living room.

However, rather than being upset at him for choking her with his mighty cock, she opened her mouth to take him once more into her mouth as opposed to curse at the asshole. Of course David didn’t delay for a millisecond as he pushed his hips forward until his cock slammed back down her throat. He watched as her eyes nearly bulged out of her face as her gag reflex was narrowly avoided being tripped, small tears forming and rolling over her model-esque cheekbones out of reflex.

“Gllugghh…uugghhh…awwkkk,” Rose muttered and gagged as David repeated pushed in and out of her throat.

“Share the wealth bro,” Ryan demanded, stepping nearer to him.

David was enjoying facefucking the gorgeous actress but this whole night wouldn’t have been possible without the hypnotist. Though Ryan could have kept all the mind controlled beauties to himself, he included his childhood friends in on the action with him. It was due to loyalty as the men had been friends for close to 20 years. It was Roy’s idea in the first place to have Ryan use his gift of hypnotism for their evil purpose, while David had been the one who first financed his dream of performing. Paul, the man that seduced the women after the shows was important as he had the most game so was apt at separating the target from her friends, much like he had done with Rose tonight.

With the foot-long cock of David’s now out of Rose’s mouth, Ryan took up the space vacated right in front of her. However, instead of taking over occupancy of her throat, after all he had already been blown by the Game of Thrones actress that night. Instead he reached over her and clutched her meaty thighs and pulled them towards him.

“Whoa,” Rose cheered again, which was quickly becoming her motto for the evening.

The redhead’s head and upper body remained in the same position, however now her head was joined by her spread calves and feet hanging over the sofa while her creamy white thighs were pressed against her lingerie-clad tits. It also allowed for Rose’s pussy to be presented perfectly to the hypnotist.

Stepping up, Ryan grabbed his 8-inch member and thick as a wrist to stroke it a few times, still slick in Rose’s spit. Without bothering with a condom, he placed his bulbous tip against the opening to her snatch and pushed forward. Given how wet she was, his dick slid into her until half his shaft was drenched in her juices, a smile spreading over his face as he fucked his first celebrity.

“Mhmm…feels so good,” Rose cooed as she was fucked.

“Well isn’t this bitch the complete package,” Paul stated as he rejoined the party. “Skinny chick with a fat ass and perfect tits.”

To accentuate his point, the good looking man brought his hand to about shoulder height then let it come whipping down until his hand smacked her bare milk-colored cheek. The slap resonated loudly around the room, even drawing a murmur of surprise from the unexpected girl, whose mouth was currently formed in a perfect O as she moaned.

For the sake of evenness, Paul did the same thing with his left hand to her other cheek, giving her a match set of red handprints on her fantastically plump ass. Satisfied with his handiwork, no pun intended, the attractive man with little red hair clutched his cock around the base with one hand while his other one gave her thick cheeks a few, less hard slaps while avoiding touching the hypnotist as he fucked her pussy hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Rose encouraged, her face flushed from her upside down position.

“You heard her boss, give that bitch what she wants,” Roy told the hypnotist.

Ryan gave the horny girl what she wanted and really started to stroke into her tight twat. Even with how wet she was, the thickness of his cock and the tightness of her pussy meant that he was not able to plow into her as fast as he would like, not yet anyway. It did however mean that her velvety walls hugged him so constricting that he didn’t care that he couldn’t pound her to oblivion as it felt better then almost any other woman he’d been with.

“Need a break. Fuck this babe is fit,” Ryan said, pulling out.

Before another cock could take up her opening, Roy the tactician of the whole operation acted. Rather then using his 10-inch cock, he pushed two fingers tight together and slid them into her cunt. Much slimmer than Ryan’s member, his fingers were able to penetrate deeply and at great speed, but he simply drove them as deep as he could and repeated flexed his fingers curled in her snatch to constantly stimulate her G-spot.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum,” Rose screamed.

It was exactly what Roy, the most muscular of her lovers wanted her to do, but he also had a more sinister agenda about himself as well. Though he didn’t know for sure, but the stout man was hoping that the lovely ginger was a squirter. He always got off on seeing a woman do so and he had perfected the technique, which he displayed again. Within minutes of fingering her snatch at outrageous speeds, the gorgeous girl came heard, and much to Roy’s delight she did as he wanted.

“Holy shit,” the other three man exclaimed.

They watched on as Rose pressed her thighs tightly around the hand stimulating her pussy, two fingers drilling her hard. As she came, her pussy erupted as a stream of fluid, a large amount at that came jetting downward. Given her rolled up position, the sweet, clear fluid poured down directly onto her pretty face and bright red hair, drenching her in her own juices.

Rose was silent for a moment before finally speaking. “Damn I’m tasty.”

The men laughed and stroked themselves, getting somehow harder watching the girl soak her own face in her squirting. Roy was clapped on his back for his good work, at which point he walked towards her face and flicked his fingers at her. The middle and index digit had been the ones that got her off in the first place so they were drenched in her juices, which flicked onto her pretty face.

Rose wasn’t going to let him get away with just dropping extra globs of her fluid onto her. Reaching up, legs still dangling by her head, the redhead clutches his great wrist with her skinny fingers. Staring him straight in the eyes, she isolated the two fingers, opened her mouth and proceeded to stick them into her mouth and suck off the rest of her cum from them.

“Like it,” he asked her, harder then ever before in his life.

“So yummy,” the ginger smiled.

While Rose and Roy were busy at her head, David acted on her other end. Jumping up onto the sofa, he got directly behind her and squatted deeply so that his cock was low. Clutching her muscular calves, which he found so unbelievably sexy especially with her black heels still on her feet, he pulled her legs from over her body and let them settle around his trim waist.

“You weren’t kidding,” David remarked. “So damn tight.”

David, the man with the longest of the cocks in the room, acted without delay. He was already settling more onto his knees to allow his lengthy tool to penetrate Rose’s snatch with greater ease and more length being buried in her warmth. He wasn’t the thickest of men, and though she was tight his meat slid into her with a fair amount of ease. After getting halfway inside, the best looking of the men pulled out most of the way then repeated. After a few pumps, his entire 12 inch cock was gliding in and out of her slick folds.

“Mhmm…yes. Fuck me big boy,” she encouraged.

Of course she wasn’t able to speak for much longer as her mouth was soon put to greater use. Roy, fresh from making the pretty girl squirt all over her own face, had stepped up right in front of her with his thick cock dangling right in front of her upturned face. Not needing a personal invitation, Rose smiled up at the man then opened her mouth and inhaled the slab of meat, getting most of it in her gullet in one mouthful.

David didn’t need to be told to do exactly that. With his hands clutching tightly onto her womanly hips, the handsome man continuously reared his hips back before shoving them forward. The resultant forced Rose to take the dick in her mouth even deeper inside, the tip smashing against the back of her throat.

With four guys in the room and only one girl, Aaron knew that his time in Rose’s snatch would be limited. They needed to share, especially since it was on that foundation that kept this operation in business and without fights. Knowing he had to get the most bang for his buck then he’d have a period of rest, David held nothing back. Over and over he pumped the slutty girl with his tool, looking down and watching as her cheeks quaked under the contact with his pelvis.

Of course, a few minutes after he came to the realization that it was better to go all out when one of his friends asked to switch with him. This time it was with Paul, the red-haired man that first isolated the woman from her friends at the night club. The handsome man gave a few last deep thrusts into Rose’s pinkness then pulled his juice-covered cock from her.

Paul had stepped into the space vacated by Roy, who pulled out of her mouth at the same time that his David had at the other end. Liking how the hypnotist had fucked her earlier, Paul grabbed her athletic calf muscles and pulled her back over, folding her in half once again, at which point he slammed his spit-covered dick deep into her pussy. The night was only 30 minutes old since she first put on her lingerie and already she had taken all four stranger into both her mouth and pussy.

Rose, whose face was already red from being face-fucked while upside down was now able to level out her head into the same plane as her body, allowing her skin to return to it’s natural color. The same could not be said about her ass, as the slap-happy Paul crashed his open palm several more times down onto her thick cheeks, causing them to redden deeply again. Of course the mind controlled woman didn’t mind at all, in fact in between moans of pleasure she begged the man ruthlessly plowing her twat to spank her harder.

“Though I was a little pissed with you earlier for starting without us,” Ryan told his friend. “I do suppose we were late in arriving. So for an apology, why don’t you christen her.”

“Not sure what he means, but I can’t wait,” Rose said in her Scottish accent.

“What it means sexy, is that though I may have been the last one in your pussy,” Paul told her. “I’ll be the first in your ass.”

“Sorry baby but I beat you there,” Rose told him, darting her eyes to the anal beads on the ground then returned her gaze to his and gave him a wink.

The men laughed at the slutty girl’s comments, but Paul was already moving on by removing his cock from deep within her pussy, albeit after giving her another few powerful thrusts. Pulling out he glanced down at his cock and saw that it was glimmering with juices in the lighting of the living room. He decided it was slick enough to not need lube, plus he had told her to use the lubricant earlier in the night when she first inserted the beads up her anus.

Paul hoped that she was wet enough back there, as though they were taking advantage of her in a sense, they weren’t big enough assholes to rough her up. The trance they had her in made her a horny sex fiend, but the added benefit was that she couldn’t feel pain. However, she could still suffer harm and Paul wasn’t into hurting women, neither were any of the others.

Looking down, the handsome redhead spit down, a glob of saliva landing perfectly on his shaft which he quickly massaged into the gland, joining her spit and pussy juices on his skin. Satisfied, he grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her further towards him, making her fold even more. With her booty presented better to him now, he lined his cock up with her asshole and noted how the starfish reflexively spasmed, but only for a moment.

“Beg for it,” one of the men told her.

“Please! Please fuck me in the ass,” Rose Leslie pleaded.

“Yeah buddy,” Ryan cheered seconds before a hand wrapped around his juice-coated tool. “Tear that booty up!”

“Give her what she wants bro,” David added as her other hand stroked his member.

With that said, nothing else had to be, so Paul looked down once again to stare at her exquisite bubble butt. He noted that since he had maintained the contact between her asshole and his rounded tip, the redhead was starting to relax as the hole didn’t appear as tight as initially. Knowing now was the time, the red-haired man pressed firmer against her backdoor with steady yet gentle pressure until his head popped into the gorgeous woman.

“Ugh,” she groaned, the feeling similar to a bee sting. “Give me a minute.”

Paul had a big tool, not the biggest that she’d been with or even the biggest in the room, but it was girthy enough to sting during sodomy. He could sense her pain from the initial penetration, but it was nowhere near as severe as the reaction he got from the last girl they had pulled this gig one, as they had to skip anal altogether with that one.

Rose succeed in relaxing herself then gave the horny man a slight head nod to allow him to continue. Slowly he enveloped another few inches of his manhood into her rectum before stopping and reversing course. Paul was patient and slowly fucked her with his tool in her ass a few times before the horny man took the hint that it was fine for him to start really fucking her.

Paul was lost in the feeling of the tightest hole he’d ever felt rubbing his cock from all sides, but eventually snapped out of it. Realizing that Rose was waiting for him to take control now after only probing her with his spear several times, he took the lead now. Gripping tightly onto her hips, the man who first seduced her slowly moved the length of dick in and out of her asshole, being certain to not be too jerky or stab too wildly.

“You can take the training wheel off now Paulie and really fuck me,” Rose told him, her focus still split on each cock in her hand.

The sodomizing man smiled brighter than he think he ever had in his past 38 years. Now as he drove his cock forward, he pulled her bubble butt backwards as well, the force causing her to yelp in surprise. Seeing that she took the sudden hard thrust in stride, Paul stopped holding anything back. He stroked his tool in and out of her bowels, completely remove himself from her to see the gap in her hole every time before diving back in. He gradually increased his speed until he was really sawing into her ass, making her drop one hand onto her clit and rub furiously.

“Jesus,” Roy swore, watching the intense ass fucking. “She can take a hard pounding.”

The thickest of the men, in terms of body size and penis girth spoke the truth. Rose was trying to distract herself by stroking hard on whichever cock was in her free hand. It did some good, but when she started to flick her clit with her fingers it really started to make a bigger difference. Though she was experienced at taking a hard cock up the ass, she was never fucked this hard in her past sessions.

“You bet I can,” the Scottish lass said.

Paul wished he could have extended these minutes to feel her constricted ring of muscle around his cock forever, but he knew he had a few minutes max left in him before ropes of cum shot from him. Deciding it was better to concede by pulling out and have another go at the beautiful ginger girl later, he shoved hard into Rose one last time before pulling out completely.

“Hughhh,” the man huffed in exhaustion. “Who’s next?”

“Problem with this position is only one guy can have a go at you,” Roy told the ravished girl.

Taking a page out of his friend’s playbook, Roy had hopped up onto the couch directly behind the girl who was just sodomized for the first time that night. Anal sex was not something new to the Scot, in fact her and her future husband had a tradition of whenever visiting a new location they would be sure to ass fuck her.

“Then you better fix that,” Rose replied.

With the cock no longer occupying her asshole, Rose’s legs were able to fall back to the sofa behind her, and land on either side of Roy’s thick waist. It was the same position one of the other men had fucked the mind controlled slave in earlier, however this time her legs had to wrap around a much broader man.

“I didn’t really have a chance to fuck you earlier, just finger blasted you,” Roy said, slipping his cock into her snatch.

“Then make up for lost time,” the ginger replied.

“Let’s check out this multi-tasking business you mentioned,” Paul said.

As Roy was working up a good pace while he fucked her snatch for his first time, but with the fourth different cock for her that night, Paul remained standing right in front of her. After he had pulled out, the other men who happened to be Ryan and David had stayed on either side of the redhead, who was stroking them off in perfect rhythm.

“Is that for me,” Rose asked with excitement, her perky tits heaving with each thrust from the man between her legs.

Paul smiled down at her before nodding his head to answer the pretty girl. Bending his knees more, Rose opened her mouth wide and allowed his meat pole to fall directly into her before she closed her mouth and wrapped her lips around his organ.

“Shit man, didn’t that just come from her asshole,” David observed while continuing to knead her chest from the side.

Rose heard the boys cheering and making comments about how big of a slut she was, and truthfully they were right. She couldn’t recall ever taking a cock straight from her backdoor into her mouth, but sadly this experience wasn’t going to sour her from doing it in the future. Though her asshole tasted less pleasant than her pussy, she was surprised it still had a nice, albeit more metallic flavor to it.

“That’s right, suck your ass from my cock,” Paul encouraged the slut.

“Watch out bud, this babe’s going for a ride,” Roy warned.

The men had been pulling this stunt on women for years now so Paul knew what his stout partner was planning. Reluctantly he pulled his ass soaked cock from the woman who was absolutely devouring his skin flute and stood clear. Before Rose could protest with her suddenly freed mouth, she was flipped upwards, finding herself now straddling the thickest of the men who was now laying flat on the sofa.

“About time I can do some work,” Rose grinned.

After taking the first moments to get use to her new orientation, Rose glided up his cock as she propped herself up on her knees. With only the tip remaining inside her warm snatch, the redhead knocked her own knees out from under her and flew to the bottom of his pole, much to his satisfaction.

“Oh fuck that’s better,” Roy said, laying back and letting the sexy female do all the work.

Rose was pleased that she was able to let out some of her sexual passion, albeit under mind control, with a physical active. No longer being the passive sex puppet, the Scottish girl continued to rise and fall on his thick cock, much to both their pleasures. She loved the feel of his girthy member piercing her tight twat, not to mention his hands on her ass, constantly kneading or lightly slapping her soft flesh.

“Feels so good,” she moaned.

However, her moans would now being muffled, as the three on-looking males wanted back in on the action after allowing their friend to have some solo time with the beauty. Ryan had been the first to stand up on her expensive sofa and bring his cock to face height, at which point Rose knew exactly what to do with that.

Opening her mouth wide, the redhead swallowed the first half of his cock and continued to bob on his tool, even with her attention split by Paul. The handsome man who had seduced her at the nightclub in the first place had jumped up on her other side, so with her lips around Ryan’s hog, she used her left hand to stroke his member.

With her focus on the three men, one in her snatch, one in her hand and the other in her mouth, she was still forgetting about one other. David, the handsome man with a somewhat slender but ripped physique, hadn’t forgotten about it though, and knew just the way of getting in on the action.

“Feel like sharing bro,” David asked, already setting up between her thighs.

Roy had just pulled out of Rose’s snatch when the standing man jabbed his tool forward, aiming his pole higher than his friend to make it disappear deep inside her slightly gaping asshole. The ginger-haired girl let out a yelp of surprise from the sudden intrusion, but was moaning in seconds as he drilled her tight arse.

Rose could note the differences in the two men right away. She could have been blindfolded and could still identify David’s savage pummeling into her asshole with a long cock versus Roy’s more considerate fucking with his forearm-sized slab of meat. She didn’t prefer either style, though she knew she’d have trouble walking for the next few days due to both of the men, not to mention their counterparts.

Roy sat underneath the sexy girl and waited patiently as the beautiful Rose rested on his chest while being ruthlessly boned by his life-long friend. After a few minutes of just laying there, the stout man told his friend to take a break and let him back in the warm confines of the Game of Thrones star. The pretty boy wasn’t happy but he relented and let his friend take back control of the moaning girl once again.

“My turn again,” David suggested after only a few more minutes.

“Dude no fucking chance! I just got her back,” Roy argued.

“Boys, boys, don’t fight,” Ryan ordered. “I have faith that she can accommodate both of you at once. Can’t you baby?”

“Most definitely,” Rose agreed with a wicked smile.

Roy and David, not to mention their two friends hadn’t done this to a girl in awhile, then again they normally didn’t land a woman anywhere near as hot as Rose Leslie. Roy pushed the sexy woman up his lap until his cock popped free of her asshole then lowered her onto his cock, this time into her soaking wet pussy.

With her gaping asshole free of a cock, David knew exactly where to stick his foot-long tool. Though his friend had literally just finished occupying the same hole, and that there junk would be mere inches apart, none of that was going to stop the handsome man from double penetrating the extremely sexy actress.

Though she knew it was coming, the move still caught her out by complete surprise. Rose had been having sexy regularly since she was a freshman in high school as she had developed both physically and sexual early in the life. However when David gently yet firmly shoved his dick into her waiting backdoor without warning, she was shocked for the first time in the bedroom since a long time.

“Jesus Christ! Fuck fuck fuck,” Rose exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

Everyone in the neighborhood must have heard Rose’s scream as she had two dicks inserted into her pussy and asshole simultaneously. She didn’t know it was even possible for this to happen, but the two men took turns sawing into her holes, one pushing forward as the other retreated. Within moments they had settled into a matched rhythm and all the Game of Thrones star could do was lay back and enjoy the show.

Rose relaxed and let them pummel her body with their hard tools, only managing to squirm into a position that gave them better access to what they were doing. She lost track of time as she basked in the glory of two men taking turns going balls deep in her anus and twat. After getting use to the nearly two feet of hard cocks inside her, Rose was able to apply some focus to the other men, taking turns sucking them off while the two others were bringing her rapidly towards a strong orgasm.

“OH SHIT,” she swore as one of her most powerful orgasms of her life rocked her curvy body.

As Rose came as hard as ever before, Ryan took the chance to use her screams of pleasure to his advantage. With a silent cue he instructed the sodomizing David to hold Rose’s arms, which he bundled behind her back and held with ease. Taking her head into his hands, the hypnotist held her face steady as he rammed his hips forward, only stopping when his bushy pelvis contacted her face.

“Gllkkk,” Rose coughed, interrupting her stream of moans.

“Yes! Take it bitch,” Ryan screamed as Rose now contained three cocks in her holes, all buried balls deep.

With the boss face-fucking Rose, the two men who were plowing her had to slow their thrusting down, only using half their length and less then half the speed as before. Of course they were complaining, as even that much was better than most of their other sexual conquests. This went on for the next few minutes until Ryan finally pulled his saliva-drenched cock from her mouth and stepped off the couch.

“Okay let’s switch up,” he ordered, wanting inside the girl now.

The men shuffled positions, with David and Roy pulling their cocks from the beautiful woman and the holes being taken up by Ryan and Paul. After the energetic blowjob, Ryan had found himself sitting relaxed on the plush sofa with Rose’s slender yet womanly form on top of him. Her smooth back felt so right on his heaving, sweaty chest as he thrusted upwards into her ass while his long time friend pummeled her pussy while standing between her pale thighs.

Though it had been well over an hour since they began to fuck her, the men were still going strong. Apparently Rose loved being double stuffed with meat, as over the next 30 minutes she came twice more as the men constantly traded her off. The constant taking turns was ideal for the men as it kept them fresh and starved off their long overdue orgasms, while it also meant they were fresh and energetic, which kept making Rose cum on their dicks.

“Open wide baby,” Paul told her as he inched his soaking wet cock closer to her mouth.

The ginger bombshell did as she was told and parted her lips. She wasn’t surprised that she felt the pussy juice-covered pole land on her tongue but she was happy it was his member since she loved the taste of her own pink folds, especially after she came. Rose felt the man grabbed both sides of her face and pull her head forward so that his cock was buried in her tight throat and her nose was buried in his thick, greasy pubes.

“Gotta love a girl that can inhale a whole prick,” he gloated to his friends. “She even leaves thick strands of spit on it so that way once I slap her face with my cock, just like this, her pretty face is now a mess.”

“Sexy,” Ryan said as he watched his friend continue to face fuck the surprisingly cooperative girl while she kept being fucked with a cock in both her pussy and ass.

“Hey guys, I think I have an idea,” Paul said, already pulling his cock from her mouth.

“Oh yeah,” Roy asked, currently fucking her snatch while the hypnotist took the honors of face-fucking the ginger now. “What’s that?”

“Better to show you,” he replied, jumping off the sofa. “Ryan, take that lubed up dick and get it in her ass.”

Ryan couldn’t turn down that offer so he sat on the expensive couch and was passed the skinny girl by his friend David. Rose was tiring at this point, as would even the most athletic of people after a nearly 90 minute fuck session with 4 horny men. When she felt his bulbous head poke against her widened rectum, the redhead sank down and was impaled for the umpteenth time that night.

“What an ass,” Ryan replied as she rested her back on his chest.

Even though all her weight was resting on the mind controlling hypnotist, Ryan barely felt her as he was still so focused on pumping his lengthy pole into the sexy woman’s bubble butt. The other three men looked on as they blessed their lucky stars that they had the opportunity tonight to have sex, dirty hardcore sex at that, with a woman who looked as sexy as Rose Leslie.

Paul still only looked on and observed as he allowed the redhead to bounce/be viciously thrusted up into by his best friend. For his idea to work, he needed to allow Rose to be loosened up as much as possible, so for the next minute he simply waited and stroked his cock.

Finally the red-haired man felt like he had waited long enough for Rose to be widened out as much as she ever would. His cock was still dripping wet in the sexy woman’s saliva from when he face-fucked her not long before, which would be of paramount importance to what was to come.

“Is he about to do what I think he’s going to do,” the onlooking David asked his friend,

“Shit. I think he is,” Roy observed.

Paul stepped up between her milk-colored legs then he and Ryan exchanged a glance and they knew instantly that they were now on the same page. The hypnotist did a toothy grin then slowed his thrusting down so that Rose was laying flat on top of him, her meaty legs wide open for the standing Paul. The man with the plan looked as though he was going to slip back into her cunt, but instead he aimed lower, pushing forward until his cock’s tip neared the entrance to Rose’s asshole, which of course was already occupied.

“Fuck boys. I don’t know if you’ll both fit,” Rose said in an even tone.

Ryan was a good hypnotist, in fact he was one of the best and even though Rose was highly susceptible to his suggestions, they were being severely tested right now. With the real threat of literally being ripped in half  by letting two guys fuck her tight asshole at the same time, the shackles on her mind were rattling and threatening to come loose, allowing her to have her free will return.

“You don’t give yourself enough credit baby. This booty will totally stretch for us,” Paul commented to calm her fears.

The mind control held, at least for a little longer, as rather than squirm to escape the situation, Rose decided to help her capturers. The actress did her best to relax and get into a more favorable position for the eager men to accomplish their goal as they focused on causing her as little pain as possible. Her helping was found to be working right away as Rose could feel her anus slowly expanding to let a second dickhead have access.

“Bloody damn,” Rose swore.

Though the beautiful girl was clearly in discomfort, Paul had no intention of stopping his progress. The horny man continued to push into her filled backdoor, determined not to stop until both he and his friend were both balls deep in her asshole. His friends watched on in amazement, stroking their lengths as the two men took turns pushing into her expanding asshole, both of them half way into her booty.

“Rub my clit. So close to cumming,” Rose panted, much to all four men’s surprise.

After the initial pain of having two cocks fill the same hole, especially that hole being her tight ass with two lengthy poles, Rose found herself enjoying the sensation. If she wasn’t under the mind control she never would have had the courage to try such a demeaning sexual act out of fear and shame, yet being so horny so found that double anal penetration was surprisingly liberating.

Ryan heeded the beautiful star’s advice and wrapped an arm around Rose’s slender waist and found her sensitive nub with his long fingers. With both men still hammering more and more of their length into her, the hypnotist darted his digits through her folds and constantly flicked her bean, driving her closer to her 5th orgasm of the night.

“OH GOD…YEESSS,” Rose screamed loudly as another orgasm rocked her lithe body.

Rose cumming started a chain reaction for the two men who had their cocks grinding together as they both pummeled into her rectum. Paul and Ryan had been fucking the tired girl for the past quarter-hour, and it was finally catching up with them. As she came, her asshole reflexively clamped down even harder around their dicks, trying desperately to milk them of their jizz. Both men gave in and groaned in delight as two loads of hot jizz rocketed from the tips of their penis deep into her bowels.

The two men slumped their heads in pure exhaustion as their nearly two-hour long fuck session was finally over. Paul was the first to pull out of the equally tired woman before walking back and slumping down into the chair he started the night out on. Ryan then lifted up the thin girl from his tool, using the last of his energy reserves and spilling the cum-filled girl onto the sofa beside him.

“Shotgun,” David, the more athletic of the two men men called out. “Though it looks like I won’t be using that hole anymore.”

The athletic male didn’t hesitate at all and slammed his entire lengthy cock into Rose’s snatch in one shot. Somehow, despite being relentlessly fucked for two straight hours by four men, her pussy still clung to his pole as he pounded into her velvety folds. David couldn’t help but look down on the side lying redhead, her nightgown still rolled around her hourglass waist allowing him to view her massively gaped asshole, in which semen was leaking out of.

The man, as physically fit and sexually experienced as he was, still needed to cum urgently after pumping her for only a few more minutes. The clean cut man withdrew from Rose’s well-used pussy and got to his feet. Before he started to cum he placed the head of his juice-covered cock between the ginger woman’s plump lips. Torrents of cum erupted from his, plastering the back of her throat and surface of her tongue. Even in her tired state, the red-haired beauty swallowed down his offering of salty seed, even giving him some post-coital head on top of it.

“Fuck that was amazing,” David finally broke the silence.

“And then there was one,” Roy said, cock still erect as he looked at her near naked form.

The one she was referring to was currently the only man still left standing upright; the burly Roy. However, much like his friends, the stout man wouldn’t last much longer. The night long fuck session of pounding each and every one of Rose Leslie’s tight holes had ebbed too greatly at his endurance.

Looking down at the ginger beauty, cum leaking out of her well-used asshole and another load of jizz glossing her lips, Roy decided on his plan of action. He wouldn’t last long but he wanted to fuck her snatch, mainly due to no other semen covering her walls there. Stepping closer to the side lying woman, Roy took one of her meaty legs and lengthened it so that her calf was resting on his shoulder.

“Fuck me big boy,” Rose murmured though clearly exhausted.

Roy needed no encouragement as he planted his equally thick cock into her well plowed snatch, instantly going balls deep in her pink folds. The actress lay flat on her back with her leg constantly coming closer to her body then further away as he pumped his entire frame into each thrust.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” Roy warned through gritted teeth after only a few minutes.

“Cum for me baby,” Rose told him, her fingers reaching down to caress his full balls. “Fill me up.”

Her slut words, not too mention her hand playing with his nuts, still tight pussy and 2 hours of fucking her finally added up. With one last good thrust deep inside Rose, Roy finally let go and allowed himself to finally cum.

“Ugghhhhhhh,” Roy grunted as he emptied his load into her hot wet cunt.

“Holy shit man, I can’t believe we fucked her,” David commented, using his hand to gesture to the absolutely beautiful and tired woman.

“I know right,” Paul agreed from the chair in the corner.

“Definitely our best haul yet,” Ryan agreed.

“Any chance those hypnotic words will work again,” Roy asked hopeful.

Grinning, Ryan answered. “I’ve had luck with them up to 10 years later.”

This brought a wicked grin to all the predators faces.

*              *              *

“Knock knock Rose,” the redhead’s maid of honor said as she used her key to open her friend’s front door.

“Holy crap,” one of the other girls commented, looking at the state of Rose.

Exhausted from being fucked senseless by the 4 studs, Rose hadn’t managed to go back to her bed to sleep, instead she stayed right where she finished up last night. Now as her entire group of closest girl friends came pouring into her house, they observed the still naked actress with cream oozing out of every orifice.

“Hey girls,” the sleepy ginger replied. “Oh shit, I’m stark naked.”

“Just a little,” one girl remarked. “Last night must have been some party here. Just make sure it’s out of your system. The big day is tomorrow.”

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