Bridgit Mendler’s Night Out

Title: Bridgit Mendler’s Night Out

Author: The Chemist

Celebs: Bridgit Mendler

Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Outdoor

Summary:  Bridgit Mendler goes out for a night on the town and gets picked up at the club. Pretty much porn without plot

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Bridgit Mendler. Mature themes so must be older than 18

Bridgit Mendler, former Disney star, was finally starting to make it as an actress outside of the kiddie stuff. It started a year ago when she was hired on to work with a bunch of comedians on a show called Undateable and though it was only suppose to last a few episodes she ended up impressing them.

Now, the blonde was a series regular and getting main storylines, the third most amount of screen time and a bump in her salary as well. The show was doing strong with improving ratings and was on the verge of being picked up for another season, much to the whole casts relief and excitement.

With that good news in the bag, Bridgit felt like celebrating. Despite the success of the show she didn’t feel like partying lately since breaking up with her long-term boyfriend of the past 2 years only a month ago. Her sad thought was interrupted with a buzz of her phone.

Just left. See you soon bitch. S

Samantha, her best friend out here in L.A. would be at her place in the next 5 to 10 minutes and yet Bridgit was still not dressed. She couldn’t decide on what to wear. She figured that having all day to think over the decision would get it done, but that proved wrong. Even during her shower and blow drying her hair she flipped and flopped between the options she at least had it narrowed down to.

What to wear, what to wear,” she hummed in her head.

She hated that she had such classic girl tendencies of taking forever to get ready. It was such a cliche and she felt it set the feminist movement back decades but Bridgit always struggled to pick out an outfit other than when it came to clothing for serving. However, going to a trendy club in L.A. for the first time post-breakup wasn’t anything like dressing for giving out drinks at a local dive bar.

Apparently Bridgit needed the pressure from the time crunch as she threw away her towel and pulled out a dress. It was a little red dress that she decided to pair with a matching pair of heels. Her legs were freshly shaven and her golden locks flowed down her back to between her shoulder blades.


“Come on in Sam,” Bridgit called out.

“Ready to go,” Samantha asked as she stepped into her apartment.

“Think so. Like the dress,” Bridgit asked as she emerged from the bedroom.

As Samantha looked over her friend, the wine lover’s eyes nearly bulged from her head and her jaw slackened open. Standing in her bedroom doorframe was the young blonde in a red lace mini dress that was equal parts sexy and sultry. It hugged her petite yet curvy body like a glove while the shortness of the dress and her heels made her impressive legs look irresistible.

“Holy legs,” Samantha gawked before turning her friend sideways. “And damn…nice ass for a skinny chick.”

“Hey you look really damn hot yourself,” the feisty actress returned.

“If I was into chicks I would totally let you do whatever you wanted to me,” the other girl gushed.

“Alright, let’s go get our drink on,” Bridgit giggled as she poured them a shot of vodka.

*           *           *

“See! Didn’t I tell you this bar was amazing,” Samantha screamed as the two friends danced together. “And you totally needed this.”

“You were totally right,” the hot blonde replied.

“Mind if I cut in,” a male voice said from beside the girls.

Bridgit and Samantha both turned to give the intruding man a glance and they immediately liked what they say. In a classic blue jean and tight tee-shirt combination, the brown haired man was muscular without looking like a roided up gym freak and had a nice face that had a look of innocence, or at least had a twinkle in his eye that made him instantly trustworthy.

“I need to grab a drink anyway. Meet you at the booth later

Bridgit was thankful that her best friend picked up on the fact that she was physically attracted to the new man. The song was a fast one so the pair danced and chatted at times during quieter breaks in the music, but it wasn’t for some time before the blonde left him and found her friend once more.

“Well that is one hunk of a man you’ve been dancing with,” Samantha asked as Bridgit settled next to her on the booth 20 minutes after they parted on the dance floor.

“No idea..Nick he might have said,” the former Disney star answered.

“You should totally tap that by the way,” her friend told her pointedly.

“What? No! I just met him. I’m not even sure that’s his name,” Bridgit blushed.

“Who gives a shit. He’s hot and I bet you can tell already if he’s hung with the way you were grinding that great booty up against him,” Sam shot back.

“He did seem to be rather blessed in that department,” the actress gushed with a smile.

“So rock his word. Let him fill you and get you off,” her friend continued.

“Just use him for sex. Like a piece of meat,” Bridgit questioned. “That’s not really far plus I don’t even know if I like him or not.”

“That doesn’t matter. You and that dick are done and over and the best way to get over an ex is to get under the next guy. Use this Nick fellow for that. Plus it’s not like you’re leading him on. Tell him it’s a one-time deal and let him make you his facial slut or whatever kink he’s into it if it’ll make you feel like that’s proper compensation.”

“That seems fair,” the naive girl answered. “I mean I have been pretty horny. It’s been like 4 weeks without action.”

“Go get him killer.”

The actress finished her drink as she scoped the crowd for her mysterious dance partner. He was smart and didn’t go far from the spot he had been with Bridgit, sticking close to the area in case the super hot 22-year-old wanted to find him again. Giving her friend a kiss on the cheek, Bridgit left and re-united with the man a few years her senior from her best guess.

Bridgit knew the song they were dancing too well so she was going to use the knowledge to her benefit. As the song started to wind down she took his hand and brought it towards her face until taking his index finger into her mouth and sucking on it. After a few seconds of the simulated blowjob, she turned away from him and started navigating through the crowd towards the side of the club.

The being her go-to bar in the city, Bridgit knew that there was a concealed door that exited to the alleyway that few people knew about. They used it as a secondary exit for when a celebrity was present and wanted to leave without fuss, though they rather they didn’t so that the club got promotion in the rag magazines.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it,” Nick asked as he approached the girl from behind.

“For sure,” she said, turning to face him.

“The girl does make it even more beautiful though,” he said.

Bridgit wanted to wince at the corniness of the line but she could tell from the look in his eye that it came from a good place. She looked up and stared into his eyes, seeing her own large hazel set in his reflection. She gave a lick of her lips and tilted her head as he closed his eyes and leaned towards her.

Nick cupped his hands around her face, leant in and gave the former Disney star a kiss right on the lips. Bridgit found the moment his lips touched hers they were already parting. She followed suit and in no time they were engaging in a full-out makeout session in the back alley of the Los Angeles bar.

“Wow,” Bridgit finally said after breaking their long kiss.

Bridgit’s lips may have been freed but the horny man simply moved his mouth down to her neck, instantly getting a moan from her. The blonde had her back pressed against the brick wall while her body was rubbing against his strong chest as his hand held her adorable face.

The actress wanted to feel his lips on her mouth again so she pulled his head up and their lips came together again. This times there was greater urgency as they abandoned the soft version they had just shared. They were smacking their lips together with great passion, neither shying away from inserting their tongue into the other’s mouth.

Dropping from his grip on her chin, the older man brought both hands to Bridgit’s tits and gave them a hearty squeeze. She moaned into his mouth as the lace dress rubbed against her pokey nipples as he fondled her impressive chest. She may have only been slender but the blonde rocked an underrated rack and a very plump bubble butt.

“Great tits. So firm,” Nick groaned.

Bridgit was a little disappointed when his hands left her tits but they didn’t leave her tight body as he rubbed down the small of her back until he was cupping her ass cheeks. He thought to himself how plump her backside was despite her tiny frame, and instantly felt himself hardening in his pants. Nick wasn’t the only who noticed that he was sporting an erection as the thick cock was pressing through his jeans against the star’s inner thigh.

He kneaded her through the material but his goal was to go under the hem of the skirt and then started hoisting upwards. For a moment Bridgit thought he planned to strip her naked but he stopped after scooping the dress over her chest then did likewise to her matching bra to expose her boobs to the crisp L.A. air.

“Mhmm…yes,” she moaned as he instantly captured one of her nipples in his mouth.

His hands were now taking advantage of the bare flesh, massaging her supple flesh as her perfectly round tits hung before him. Nick pressed his pelvis against her waist and grinded against her so his cock could feel the friction. Despite only having kissed her for a handful of minutes and now was groping his tits, the boy was already rock hard.

Bridgit ran her hands through his short hair and pressed his face further into the cavern of cleavage between her pillowy tits. Nick needed no encouragement but was pleased to find the curvy girl appreciated his talents. However, after a few minutes he was kissing his way down her flat stomach so his fingers could hook into her panties,

“Get these off,” he said hurriedly.

Bridgit had no problem giving into this request as his hands pulled her thong from her crotch she lifted one foot then the other. He tucked them into his pocket rather then just discard them to the soiled ground before starting to trail his way down from her great tits, over her stomach then to her pink pussy.

Nick was pleased to find that she had a completely bare snatch and was happy that she offered no resistance to his advance. In fact, the peppy blonde helped by spreading her legs wider for him before hoisting it up onto his shoulder to give him all the access he wanted. He wasted no time at all in bringing his fingers to her pussy and rubbed through her folds, easily gliding through her pinkness given how wet the TV star was.

“Ahhhh,” she moaned as his fingers rubbed directly on her wet pussy.

With her back resting against the walls and a leg held on his shoulder, Bridgit relaxed back and tried not to draw too much attention with her screams of pleasure as his tongue licked from her hole to clit. His tongue was strong and skilled, licking deep within her snatch to taste her flowing juices then would slice through her folds and lips.

“Taste so good,” he grunted into her cunt.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Bridgit moaned.

With her ex-boyfriend being so reluctant to eat her out Bridgit rarely got to experience being pleasured orally. However her new boytoy had none of those apprehension and was rather talented with his tongue. Currently he was using it to bury in her bald pussy as he used it to drag her screaming in the abandoned alley towards a massive orgasm.

Bridgit had her arms resting above her head on the window sill as her eyes threatened to spin to the back of her head. While being horny and looking for pleasure, she really hit the jackpot so far with her choice in bed buddies. He had an appetite for pussy as he expertly worked her clit with his thumb before changing tactics and replacing his tongue deep in her cunt with two thick fingers.

“Oh God that’s amazing,” she shuddered.

Just when she was getting used to the combination of his two hands working in harmony with each other, Bridgit experienced a new sensation. Getting his mouth to work again, Nick used his tongue to dart back and forth at her exposed clit to strum it to new levels of pleasure while continuing to explore the depths of her cunt with his digits.

“Keep like that…and I’ll cum,” she warned.

Nick had half a mind to give in and allow her the sweet release of orgasm but it was the perfect segway to get inside her. Spying a relatively clean looking stack of crates off to his right side, Nick peeled off his shirt and laid it across the wooden structure.

Bridgit watched the boy get to his feet and pull his fingers from her gushing cunt, much to her dissatisfaction. However that was banished from her mind as she was hoisted into her air, carried several paces then settled down on a stack of wood with her bare ass resting on a shirt. She kissed him and hungrily crammed her tongue into his mouth as he fiddled with his pants.

Nick slowly dipped his two fingers back into her pink hole, he felt his pants become looser and start to slip down his legs. Bridgit helped the process by using her slender fingers hooked into his waistband to drag his pants and boxers down around his ankles. After successfully removing the clothes from the lower portion of his body, the blonde actress clutched his hardened dick and lightly started to tug on it.

“Ughh,” he groaned as she continued to stroke him off.

As she stroked his cock and got familiar with the first manhood since her boyfriend, Nick cupped her face once more and kissed her passionately. Taking a step so he was even closer to Bridgit, he rubbed his head through her folds, spreading his precum on her before pushing inside of her pussy.

“AHHHH,” they grunted at the same time.

He figured that the diminutive blonde would be tight, but the feeling of her wet pussy clamped around his cock was greater than he could have ever imagined. Bridgit was also surprised and especially delighted by the sheer girth of the man she had met inside the club less than an hour ago.

Bridgit couldn’t help but compare him to her ex, which they was fairly similar in length but her new man felt much larger inside of her. The combination of her tight, young pussy with his thick member meant that the younger blonde could feel every bit of him as he slowly and smoothly thrusted the first half of his length that he could manage to fit into her.

Luckily for both of them, Bridgit’s hole started to relax slightly with his constant pushing. Now able to fit the majority of his member into her wet pussy, Nick increased the speed while trying to probe ever deeper inside. That was still proving a challenge for him given her tiny yet curvy stature, but he was determined. He also realized that the ex-Disney star shared his dedication for getting deep when he felt her legs wrap around his torso.

“Ugghhh,” Bridgit moaned loudly. “You’re so big!”

The blonde felt the tingle of his wiry pubes against the bare patch above her pussy meaning he had buried his entire length in her. With her legs wrapped around him she dug her heels into his cheeks to drive him harder into her. Taking it as a sign to start going faster, the lucky man clutched her hips and drive into her with more force.

With both her verbal and physical encouragement, Nick decided to let it all fly with the talented actress. Summoning all the energy in his body, Bridgit felt him drive his hips forward and sunk his entire length into the petite blonde. She responded by biting down on his lip while they continued to kiss throughout their passionate lovemaking in the alley. When he gave the girl a second forceful thrust, Bridgit snapped her head back and let out a powerful moan that was sure to attract attention.

“Oh yes,” she screamed out. “Just like that!”

“Shh…we’re in public. Could get…ughh…caught at…ahhh…any second,” Nick said in between his own grunts.

“Then it’s a good thing I’m almost ready to cum because I don’t think I can be quiet,” she replied.

“Yeah? Would it help if I did this,” he asked knowingly, his finger starting to rub her clit.

“Mhmm…ohh….yesssss…please,” Bridgit begged, scooting her hips towards his every time Nick pulled away.

“Cum for me,” he demanded then frictioned even harder on her nub while driving deeper.

“SHIT! I’M CUMMING,” she wailed despite his best efforts to cover her mouth with his.

Nick rode out her intense orgasm by slowing down his thrusts as her pussy gripped him to the point of cutting off circulation. It still felt amazing to be hugged even tighter by her walls as the horny blonde rigidly held him. He looked around at the entrance to the alley and back at the door they used to exit the building, but the thumping music was enough to drown away her passionate screams and leave them alone in the public place.

Not yet finished and curious how open-minded the one-time fling would be, Nick pulled out of her snatch when he felt her limbs slacken. Finding it easy to break her leg lock around his waist, the man with short brown hair stepped away from her and helped her to her feet. Bridgit found she didn’t have to use her wobbly legs to support herself for long as her date soon had her bent over at the waist so her pillowy chest was pressed on the wooden crates.

“Do you mind,” he asked, his cock held steady resting against her puckered backdoor.

Bridgit thought of her best friend’s words back inside the club. Bridgit had expressed concern about simply using the boy as a rebound to help get over her ex when Samantha had told her to give into whatever flavor of sex the guy wanted. Apparently Nick’s thing was plugging girls up the ass so the blonde had a decision to make and quickly.

“Uhh…yeah sure. Go for it,” she decided.

Normally he liked using lube, and so did she, however in the back alley of an L.A. club there wasn’t a whole lot available. Luckily Bridgit had cum like a freight train and coated his manhood in a generous slather of her juices. This combined with the spit he just worked around his cock would hopefully do the trick.

“Ugh,” Bridgit moaned as he eased his tip only into her.

Nick had clearly done this before and allowed her sphincter to clamp tight without moving and forcing more inside. When he felt her loosen, confirmed when she pushed back towards him subtly, the man leaned forward and watched as the next several inches disappeared in her ass. It was such a sexy sight to see his shaft entering her plump bubble butt and he had to control himself to not cum right then and there.

“You good,” the boy asked while starting to pump half his length into her bowels.

“Yeah…good,” she moaned, surprising herself with the truth of her words. “Keep going.”

Nick did just that but wanted to make sure he didn’t give the horny blonde too much then she could handle, in case she had a false sense of her limits. Inch by inch he made progress further into her asshole, going deeper but only ever thrusting half his length at a slow and steady pace until her perfectly round cheeks were touching his pelvis.

“God. That’s it. Take it all,” he grunted.

Bridgit was pleased with herself for getting more comfortable with anal sex. She remember when her boyfriend first tried it two years ago and she nearly cried. She wailed and groaned for the entire time, which felt like an eternity until he finally came in her ass. After years of practice she was now able to be bent over without lube and have a guy even bigger go balls deep in her backdoor with little discomfort.

“Yes. Come on baby! Fuck my ass,” Bridgit encouraged with pride at her performance.

Despite all her practice of late she still was super tight so Nick wasn’t able to go very fast, but it didn’t stop him from repeatedly stroking his entire length into her backdoor. Bridgit was actually starting to moan in pleasure, aided by her hand rubbing her clit as a distraction, but the fact she licked getting sodomized added more heat onto his fire.

“Fuck. So tight,” Nick muttered.

Holding her hips tightly, the good looking man pulled her slender body back towards him as his hips went thudding against her. Her ass rippled under the force of the collision and she groaned after the first of his more aggressive thrusts, but quickly got use to them. Her asshole was relenting more and allowing the man she met less than an hour ago to go even faster now as well.

“Need…to cum,” he grunted.

“Cum inside me,” Bridgit said absent-mindedly.

“It’ll leak all night in the club,” the man warned as his thrusting became harder and more erratic to push him over the edge.

The tight blonde knew what her answer should be she just wanted to feel his cock spasm in her ass as he blasted her colon with his essence. Rolling with the punches after seeing the truth in his words, she allowed Nick to shove roughly into her ass a few more times until it was apparent he needed to cum…urgently.

Reacting quickly, Bridgit pushed forward as Nick reared backwards and both felt and heard his cock leave her booty with an audible wet pop. Turning around and dropping to her knees in the soiled alleyway she opened her mouth as her hand closed around his cock and started to beat him off.

“Here it comes. Shhhhiiittt,” Nick groaned as he reached his peak.

With his tip held steady at the entrance to her mouth, Bridgit spread her lips far and waited for him to blow. After hearing his grunt it didn’t take long until the first blast smacked against the roof of her mouth, dripping down onto her tongue. The next few strands rocketed to the back of her throat and she swallowed that down immediately until smaller amounts dribbled onto her taste buds.

“So much cum,” Bridgit smiled up after an audible gap. She giggled as she made the larger man shudder as she stuck out her tongue and licked the remaining drop slowly pooling out from his slit. “Oops, still sensitive I guess.”

“A little, yeah,” he laughed.

The pair shared a moment of pure bliss that they delivered to each other before they collected their wits…and their clothing. Bridgit couldn’t find her panties, unknowing that Nick had them in his pocket as a souvenir after nailing a celebrity, but shrugged it off as no big loss. They looked each other and smoothed over any wrinkles before emerging back in the club without anyone being the wiser.

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