Brie Larson’s Session

Title: Brie Larson’s Session

Author: HYPnoman

Celebs: Brie Larson, Cara Delevingne

Codes: FF, MC

Disclaimer: Do not read this if you are under the age of 18. Hypnosis doesn’t work this way.

Brie climbed out of bed that rainy and dull Tuesday knowing she had to go through a hypnosis session that her director had made mandatory for her to keep her job. She got dressed in a white shirt, grey and black hoodie and jeans. She finally got a taxi to the building at 14:30. She walked in kind of nervous she had seen hypnosis before and was scared he might do things to her while she was unconscious. She continuously walked up the floors until she reached the hypnotists room where to her surprise a woman with a black Adidas tank-top was standing there.

“Cara’s my name” She reached out to shake Brie’s hand.

“Eh Brie, nice to meet you”.

They shook hands and then Cara led Brie to a brown leather couch and sat her down. Brie looked around the room and spotted a metronome and pocket-watch on the table next to them. Cara told Brie she’ll be back in a minute and walked out of the room. When Cara returned they both were sitting opposite each-other. Then Cara told Brie they would now start the session. Cara took up the pocket-watch and started the metronome. To be in tune with what she was saying. Brie noticed this technique but not after long she started to feel funny like dizzy and dazed. All she could see was the metronome and the watch and all she could hear was Cara’s soft British voice guiding her. To Brie 13 minutes had passed but in reality it had been 45 minutes. Cara had known she had ensnared the actress so she finally stopped swinging the watch followed by Brie’s eyes slowly moving to the metronome before Cara leaned in and stopped it with her fingers. Cara swiftly told the woman to sleep and Brie collapsed on the couch.

‘’Now can you still her me Brie?’’
‘’Brie can still here you’’.
‘’Good now let’s see here’’.

Cara leaned in to Brie and kissed her as she slept. She lifted Brie off the couch and ordered her to stay in place standing up and then stripped off her clothes. Cara ordered Brie to let go and fall which made Brie fall onto the couch naked. “Now slave repeat after me”
“I obey Cara, Cara is my master”.
‘’I obey Cara, Cara is my master ‘’. Brie repeated in a whispery and sleepy tone.

“Very good now let’s see, ORGASM SLAVE”.
Brie’s eyes burst open as she started to feel great pleasure and she started slipping off the letter couch. When she was on the verge of squirting. “ Sleep” and Brie shut her eyes.

“ Now slave when you go home look up Emma Watson pictures and masturbate until your on the verge and then you’ll stop.” “You’ll forget I gave you these commands but each day for the next month you’ll come back each day you’ll grow more bitchy and resistant than but you’ll be easier to put under”.

Cara guided Brie out and then gave her a 30 minute sleep order she looked like she needed it.

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