Brief Encounters

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of a homosexual nature. Do not read if offended.

It is entirely fictional and does not depict the sexuality of those involved

Lee’s eyes scanned the room.

He spotted a handsome man sitting across from him.

His dark hair fell to his shoulders; strands of stray hair covered his face.

He was wearing a dark blue shirt that fell open to the waist. A silver chain hung loosely around his neck, ending with a cross in the centre of his chest

He had a rugged look about him that Lee found appealing

Lee watched as the man made
his way to the Gents toilets

He followed him in, spotting him at the urinals

Taking a place next to him, he studied the man

He was very tall, towering over Lee’s own 5’7 frame

He was muscular and his skin was brown and Len could tell the man had travelled

The man returned his glance and Lee looked away in embarrassment, suddenly aware that he had been caught staring

The guy didn’t say a word; instead he turned away, heading for the sink

Lee watched in silence as the guy left the restroom

Washing his own hands, he made a swift exit

Heading back to the bar, he found the man sitting at the same spot he had occupied a few minutes ago

He made his own way back to the bar, avoiding eye contact with the stranger

Taking his place, Lee ordered another beer.

‘Here, I’ll pay for that’ a voice seemed to come out of nowhere

It was the stranger

‘Thanks’ Lee muttered

The stranger moved up beside him

‘Hi, I’m Duncan James’ he introduced himself, extending a hand

Lee took it, surprised at how soft it was

He imagined it around his shaft, stroking the length of his cock

He quickly brushed the thought aside, turning his attention back to the stranger

His cock was semi hard and he resisted the urge to touch it

‘Lee Ryan’ he said curtly

‘I noticed you in the Toilets’

The stranger was well spoken and had a deep raspy voice that Lee found very endearing

They continued talking for several moments and Lee discovered that the guy had moved to London from the South West in hopes of having a music career

His rugged good looks were sure to set any soul on fire and would certainly moisten the pants of any self-respecting woman

‘I don’t normally do this, but I’m gonna grab something to eat, would you like to join me?’ Duncan asked


Lee followed the man out of the bar.

‘My flat is just a few blocks from here’ he told him

They walked the few blocks to Duncan’s flat, chatting as if they were old friends

Lee discovered that the guy had previously worked as a Redcoat at Haven Holidays in the Isle of Wight, leaving his Mum in the South West tending to her own business at a Bed and Breakfast

His father had walked out, leaving his Mum to raise him on his own

Lee felt sorry for him

‘It’s ok’ Dunk assured him ‘we coped. Besides, my Grandparents helped raise me’

They entered the flat and Lee was surprised to find how tidy it was, unlike his own

Dunk led him to the kitchen and poured them both a drink

They talked some more while Duncan fixed them both a meal

They made their way to the Dining Room and took a place at the table

They ate the meal, chatting some more, both confiding in each other

The drink flowed easily, as did the conversation

‘That was absolutely delicious, you’re a really good cook!’ Lee told Duncan as he took his last bite minutes later

‘Thank my Mum; she taught me how to cook’

Lee watched as Duncan finished off his food

He was beautiful, probably the most beautiful man he had ever seen

He felt an urge to caress his muscular body, the very thought caused a stirring in his groin

Lee’s moved his foot slowly up Duncan’s leg

Duncan stared at him, but made no attempt to remove it

He slid it up further, stopping just above his knee

He felt a hand on his foot and continued to move it further up

A small smile formed on Duncan’s lips

Now it was mere inches from the man’s groin, his toes brushed against Duncan’s hardness

Duncan shifted, opening his legs wider, giving Lee easier access

His whole foot was now on his tool, stroking the length slowly

He moved down to his balls, massaging the soft sac with his toes

Duncan groaned as Lee worked on his scrotum

Duncan unzipped his flies pulling out his cock

Lee shuddered as his skin came into contact with Duncan’s

Duncan’s eyes never left Lee as he caressed his manhood

He closed them, his head rolled back and he emitted a low growl that told Lee he was on the verge of climax

Lee felt a wet patch on his foot and realised that Duncan had climaxed

The sticky wet juices coated his foot, some of it running between the crevices of his toes

He opened his eyes, staring intently at Lee, the smile on his lips never fading

He stood up and walked over to Lee, his limp cock hanging loosely from the opening of his trousers

Lee was amazed at the size and wondered whether he would struggle with it later on

Duncan grabbed his soft member and thrust it in Lee’s elf like face

He automatically opened his mouth, swallowing half of it immediately

He heard Duncan groan as he closed in on the mighty tool

He tasted Dunk’s precum, the salty taste filling his mouth, making him hungry for more

He devoured Duncan’s cock, his erection quickly returned

He slid his tongue over the smooth surface, licking his way down to the soft balls at the base; the soft wispy hairs tickled his nose as he teased his scrotum

Duncan groaned as Lee’s mouth worked on his privates

Lee moved up to the tip, lapping up the drops of precum that formed there

Dunk’s body suddenly jerked and Lee knew what was coming next

Rivers of come shortly followed, filling his mouth and he struggled to swallow the delicious cream

A few moments later the orgasm subsided and Lee felt Dunk’s cock soften in his mouth

He pulled the out the spent tool, giving it a quick kiss

He looked up at Duncan; his beautiful blue eyes were glazed over, his body trembling as he recovered from the whims of orgasm

Lee smiled, pleased with himself

Duncan grabbed Lee’s arms and pulled him up

His hands went to Lee’s cheeks and he pulled him into him

Slipping a tongue between his lips, he kissed him passionately

Lee responded immediately, his tongue lightly dancing around Duncan’s

The kiss lasted for several minutes, finally breaking off with a loud smack

Lee stared into those beautiful eyes, searching his very soul

He felt spark occur between them during their embrace and was sure that Duncan had felt it too

Duncan kissed his way down Lee’s body, his lips caressing the smooth skin

He teased his nipples with his tongue, sending shock waves throughout Lee’s body

He stopped just above his groin, unzipping his trousers

Lee’s raging hardness sprang out to greet him and it instantly disappeared into his mouth

Lee groaned as Duncan devoured his cock, the hard meat engulfed in Dunk’s awaiting mouth

Lee placed a hand on his head, guiding him over the length

He sighed softly and Duncan sped up a little, covering every centimetre of the thick rod with his mouth

He licked the sensitive underside, sending Lee into heaven

‘Oh fuck’ Lee cried out as Dunk sucked him off.

He heard Dunk groan in between mouthfuls of his cock

His movements became faster and Lee was sure he wouldn’t last much longer

Seconds later, he filled Dunk’s mouth with his jism, some of it escaped down his chin

He cried out as the orgasm took over. His body trembled and he felt weak

The flows of come seemed never ending as he climaxed over and over

Duncan expertly swallowed him, lapping up every last bit of his cream

Finally the orgasm subsided and Lee’s cock softened

Dunk released him; his face covered in Lee’s spunk. Lee had never seen such a beautiful sight

He kissed him, tasting himself on his new lover

Breaking it off Duncan said to him:

‘I think we should continue this upstairs’

Lee nodded, taking Dunk’s hand in his as he followed him to the bedroom………….


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