Brief Encounters 2

This is the sequel to Brief Encounters and contains consensual homosexual acts between the two celebrities. This does not depict the sexuality of those featured

Lee lay on the bed watching Duncan’s every move. He was excited at the prospect of what was to come next.

Duncan squeezed a little oil on his fingers and rubbed it into his hands.

He walked over to the bed where Lee lay and immediately placed his hands on Lee’s hairless chest.

He ran his hands in circles rubbing the oil into his smooth skin

Lee shuddered as Dunk’s fingers worked their magic on him, his body tingling
with excitement.

Duncan worked his way down Lee’s body, massaging him with his thick digits., stopping just above his groin.

Smiling, he massaged more oil onto Lee’s semi hard erection.

He moved down to his balls, kneading them gently between his thick fingers.

Lee squirmed underneath him, thrusting his balls into Dunk’s hands.

Dunk squeezed them, making Lee jump in surprise.

Lee watched silently as Duncan’s hands worked on his privates.

His body was on fire, every part of him yearned for this man.

Dunk’s hands went back up to Lee’s chest. He dug his nails in, making Lee groan in pleasure.

He moved up further to his shoulders giving them a gentle massage.

Lee moaned with every touch, completely lost in blissful heaven.

Duncan leaned over planting a kiss on Lee’s soft lips.

Lee opened his mouth allowing Duncan to enter him.

They embraced passionately, their tongues circling one another’s.

Lee’s hands searched Duncan’s body. He dressed him with urgency and within seconds he was completely naked.

He took a moment to admire his body. He noticed how toned he was. His muscly chest was hairless and smooth.

He ran his hands over the soft skin, savouring the touch of this beautiful man.

He was hungry for this man, the passion inside him was overwhelming.

Duncan slid Lee’s hard cock inside his tight arse. He gasped at the intrusion, but soon relaxed, allowing him to enter further.

Within seconds he had devoured the man meat, filling his canal

Duncan rocked steadily on top of him, thrusting his hips, pushing Lee’s cock in deeper. He groaned softly as Lee’s cock impaled him.

His hands roamed Lee’s body once more.

One hand went to his raging hard cock stroking it gently. Drops of pre-cum oozed out of the tip landing on Lee’s stomach.

Lee’s placed a hand over Duncan’s and he let go, letting Lee take over.

Lee grabbed his cock rubbing the hand over the veiny surface, the swollen head secreting more delicious honey.

A few moments later, Lee climaxed filling Duncan’s anus with his nectar.

His hand worked furiously on Duncan’s cock and within seconds he also succumbed to orgasm.

Dunk collapsed on top of him and the two man lay there breathless, exhausted, and well spent.

‘Stay with me tonight’ Dunk pleaded with him

Lee nodded silently, gently brushing away a strand of stray hair from his forehead.

After a few moments rest, Duncan pulled himself of Lee, taking a place next to him on the bed.

He sighed softly and brushed his cheek, feeling a sudden connection between them.

His hand moved down to his own cock and he stroked it to full hardness.

Once fully erect, he slipped it inside Lee’s arse feeling Lee wriggle beneath him.

His body relaxed and the cock slid it with more ease, the walls of his canal sucking him in.

Lee met his thrusts with fiery passion, matching every swift move.

They rocked to the same steady rhythm, both lost in a world of ecstasy.

Lee stroked his own cock to full hardness, masturbating himself in time with Dunk’s moves, the thick purple head oozing sticky wet pre-cum, some of it landing on Duncan’s pubes.

Dunk’s thrusts became faster and his cock was completely embedded in Lee’s rectum.

Each thrust was met by a moan from Lee.

‘Oh shit that’s good’ Lee couldn’t help himself from crying out as Dunk’s large meat pounded ferociously into him.

Duncan joined in:

‘Oh shit, yeah’ he yelled, increasing his speed

‘I wanna taste your delicious spunk’ Lee told him as Duncan neared climax.

Duncan pulled out of Lee’s arse moving up to his head.

Wanking himself with incredible speed, he came all over Lee’s face, shooting the hot sticky wet spunk all over his face and chin.

Lee opened his mouth trying to catch most of the sweet nectar as it landed on him.

‘Mmmmmm………..that tastes good’ Lee cried out, indicating for Duncan to continue ‘Gimme some more’

Duncan happily obliged, shooting more of the liquid into Lee’s awaiting mouth, emptying his sac.

Lee lapped up the cream as best he could, savouring every last drop of his new lover.

Once spent, he let go of his limp cock, placing it in Lee’s mouth.

Lee devoured Duncan’s cock, lapping up the remaining drops of his luscious juices.

Duncan stroked his hair, watching him as he sucked him clean.

He felt a strong bond with this man, he had since he first laid eyes on him, and knew he would be disappointed when this day would finally end.

But that wasn’t about to happen yet.

He had asked him to stay the night and he was going to make the most of every second.

After all, the night was young……………


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