Brief Encounters 3

Dunk awoke in the middle of the night to find Lee on top of him, his head resting on his chest.

He was breathing softly, his chest falling and rising as he slept soundly.

Duncan slid out from underneath him, careful not to wake him.

He headed for the bathroom, desperately needing the toilet

Once done, he made his way back to the bedroom where he found Lee sitting up in bed

‘Morning’ he smiled

‘Morning’ Dunk answered, climbing back on to the bed

He kissed him, sliding between the sheets, snuggling up to his warm body

‘Ready for more’ Dunk asked, a seductive tone in his voice

Lee said nothing,
instead giving him a kiss

Dunk climbed on top of him, his hardness pressing against his stomach.

He rocked gently on him, moving down so his hardness was above his crotch.

‘Oooh’ Lee groaned ‘fuck me’

It was a simple request, but it did the trick as Duncan ground his cock into Lee’s groin, occasionally hitting Lee’s own.

Duncan guided his cock in to Lee’s hole, sliding it past the entrance of his love canal

Lee opened his legs to allow him in further, groaning as it entered him

‘Oh yeah, that feels good’ he cried

Dunk ground his cock into Lee, fucking him slowly at first, and then picking up the pace.

‘Uh…..oh yeah’ Lee’s cries of ecstasy filled the room

Dunk moved even faster, his cock embedded deep inside Lee’s shit hole

‘Come on, take that’ Dunk yelled at Lee, pushing in further, grinding his hips

Dunk felt climax upon him and shot his load into Lee’s arse, filling him with delicious man juices

‘Uh……that’s good’ Lee encouraged him

Duncan’s orgasm subsided and he pulled out his limp member

It was coated with his juices and he motioned for Lee to suck it

Lee didn’t hesitate, immediately taking Duncan’s limp cock in his mouth, cleaning it efficiently

Dunk watched him, arousal still stirring within him.

Once done, Lee instructed Duncan to bend over.

Dunk did so, excited at the prospect of having Lee inside him once more.

Lee entered him swiftly, his cock embedded deep in Dunk’s arse

He drove into him, stretching the walls of his arse

He held on to him, impaling himself on to Duncan.

Duncan was loving every minute, meeting each of his thrusts with enthusiasm

Lee felt the twinges of orgasm approach and pulled out, wanting to prolong the pleasure.

His cock went limp and he stroked it to hardness again, pushing it back into Duncan’s arse, fucking him harder than the previous time

Again, the orgasm approached and once again, he pulled out, repeating the same moves as before

He did this several times, but her wouldn’t let himself climax, wanting to wait till the right moment, knowing when it finally happened it would be awesome

Instructing Duncan to lie down, he grabbed the belt from his discarded jeans and tied Duncan’s hands to the bedpost

Duncan pretended to struggle, heightening the pleasure of the fantasy

Lee watched him wriggling about on the bed, his hands tied above his head.

He was completely under his control, unable to move from the spot where he was lying

His hardness had started to return and he stroked it.

Sliding it back into Duncan’s arse, he fucked him once more.

He drove into him, completely lost in ecstasy

Orgasm beckoned quickly this time and he let it wash over him

The sensation was amazing, euphoria swept over him, taking complete control of his body

He cried as he reached the point of no return, his body convulsed as ecstasy took over him

He collapsed on top of Duncan, completely exhausted and out of breath.

His spent cock quickly went limp

He kissed Duncan’s body, trailing his tongue across his skin

Duncan moaned, wriggling under him

Lee watched Duncan’s face as he teased his body, his eyes lit up as he pleasured him

Lee smiled at Duncan’s obvious enjoyment

He had known him less than 24 hours, but felt like he had known the man for years

Maybe this was the start of something wonderful between them, more than just a brief encounter.

He hoped so…………


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