Britain’s Got Horny Talent

Title: Britain’s Got Horny Talent

Author: Nobbem’ard

Celebs: Alesha Dixon

Codes: MMMMMf, cons, oral

Disclaimer: This didn’t happen, and wouldn’t happen – it’s an imagined story.

It’s the opening round of the TV shows, and the next act appearing is a five piece boy band, and they really are boys, the oldest of them, a blond boy who is 17 that day, with 16 year old black twins, an Asian boy of 16 and the youngest another blond boy of 15, and he’s the younger brother of the 17 year old..

Judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon are both loving the boys, although they’re not particularly good, but they are nice looking, and Alesha confides in Amanda, “I could let that boy open a nice birthday present, if he wanted it!” which has the blonde giggling, “You’d kill the kid if he got in your bed!”  to which Alesha responds, “I’d be gentle with him!”

But when it comes to voting, Amanda says “Yes” but Alesha has the casting vote, and says “I’m sorry boys – but good looking as you are, you need more practice, so I’m saying ‘No’ this time!”  The boys are unhappy, and trudge off stage, Amanda shocked, “I thought you fancied them!”  Amanda shakes her head, “I do! But they aren’t very good!”

Later that evening, the disappointed boys are waiting for the judges to leave, but only Amanda is left, and as she is leaving her room, they burst in, the black twins holding her arms whilst the oldest boy confronts her, “Where’s that bitch Alesha? She dissed us!”  Amanda doesn’t want to tell him, but the boys start to hurt her, so she blurts out Alesha’s hotel details, even the suite number, and reveals that she has a pass to it, partly because she disagrees with what Alesha did, and partly because she wants her ‘friend’ to be taught a lesson.

The boys are soon in Alesha’s hotel suite, and wait her arrival, hoping that she will be alone.

They hear the suite door open, and Alesha strides in, looking fantastic in a little black dress, then looking even better when she strips it off, and hangs it up, looking into the mirror for a while, checking herself out in her sexy black underwear, and now her phone rings, and she’s taking the call, “Yeah, I’m back now! Of course I enjoyed it! I hope you did too – I don’t normally suck a guy’s cock only a couple of hours after meeting him, but you deserved it! Yeah – that was fun, too! Next time I want you to strip me like that again – so good – and your cock’s so smooth! Mmmm – you fucked me real good, babe!  Specially the second time – yeah, I do like being tied up, but only when I’m getting a good fucking from a monster cock like yours.  Nah, that’s fine, I guess if you want to spank me it’s up to you, as long as you don’t leave any marks, but it did hurt, yeah! I hope you did enjoy the blowjob I gave you when I left – sure you can have me tomorrow! I’ll meet you after the recording, and you can fuck me so I can’t walk! See ya lover! Bye!”

Alesha picks at her panties, muttering, “Fuck it! He ripped ‘em! And there’s still spunk on my stockings – better get rid of them too!” but she suddenly looks up, and sees the five teenagers in her room, “Oh shit! What do you want?”  The oldest boy grins, “You, Alesha! You slut! You’ve been with another guy tonight, when you got a boyfriend at home!”  She frowns, “Go away, boys, and we’ll forget about this! Just fuck off outa my sight!”  But the boy shakes his head, “Nah! You weren’t nice to us tonight, so we’ve gotta teach you some manners!”  Suddenly the twins have grabbed Alesha’s arms and they hold them behind her back, as the blond guy comes forwards, running his hands over Alesha’s body, grinning, “Very nice!” and then he kisses her, “Tastes nice – thought I’d be licking spunk off your tongue!”  Alesha draws her head backwards, “I freshened up before I left!”

The blond boy starts to unfasten Alesha’s basque, and it soon slips off her, her stockings sliding down her legs, and he plays with her nipples, and fondles her breasts, the singer turned on by his actions, and readily accepting his kiss, as he tells his mates, “Don’t think you need to hold her boys – she’s ready!” and he slips her panties down, then lifts her and lays her out on the bed, on her back, and gently spreads her thighs, Alesha murmuring, “Don’t scratch me, ok?” He kisses her again, then tells her, “I want you to suck my cock before I fuck you!”  Alesha grins, “I wanna suck your cock, boy! Then you can stuff it right up me!”  She helps him undress, hardly noticing the other four teenagers stripping off, and she’s on her knees in front of him, so she kisses and licks his really quite big shaft, before going down on him, his cock slipping way inside her experienced mouth, and his mates now standing around, Alesha soon turning her attention to one of the twins, then the other, smiling, “Never been fucked by twins! This is a first!” before she starts sucking the Asian boy, loving the fact that his cock is really big, especially when the twins start pushing her head forwards so that she almost gags on it, and finally she starts on the 14 year old boy, savouring every moment, then sitting back, “Ever had a grown up, honey?” He shakes his head, and she grins, “It won’t get any better for you!” then his big brother strokes her breasts from behind, and tells her, “Time to get on with business!”

Alesha’s being lifted back onto the bed, and repeats her request, “You can all fuck me, but no marks, ok? No scratching, and no lovebites!” The teenager slips his finger inside Alesha’s already well lubricated cunt, and soon follows it with his prick, the woman gritting her teeth as he slides it in as hard as he can, and he starts pumping, his younger mates grinning as his bollocks slap against Alesha’s asscheeks, the woman moaning faintly as he gives her a hard shafting, grunting heavily when her shoots his jizz, his cock fully inside Alesha’s aching cunt, the woman’s hands on his ass, pulling him in closer, and he kisses her again as he dismounts, his younger brother taking his place.

Alesha grins as the kid gets on top of her, and she starts the kissing, running her tongue over his lips, and he returns her kisses, smiling as the singer whispers, “Fuck me! Nice and slow!” He pokes his cock inside Alesha’s cunt, and starts to fuck her, taking his time, Alesha arching her back as he slides to and fro, never in a hurry, giving her a really good time, as she squeaks, until he can’t hold off any more, and his spunk fills Alesha, the lovely singer hugging his young body as she pants, “That was nice!”

Sitting up, a sweaty Alesha  looks next at the Asian boy, her eyes wide with excitement as she watches his large penis expanding and hardening as she licks her lips, “Come on, give me that big dick!”  The boy strides forwards, looks at Alesha, and tells her, “Get on your knees and beg, you bitch!”  Alesha grins, “Oh yeah! Treat me rough!” He slaps her across the thighs, and tells her, “Do it!”  Alesha slides off the bed, and kneels before the boy, and starts to lick his cock, kissing the tip, and parting her lips to take it in her mouth, but he slaps her face, and again, and Alesha winces, as he says, “Kiss my feet, you bitch!”  Alesha blinks, lowers her head, and starts kissing his feet, until he pulls her head up by her hair, and tells her, “Now you can suck my cock!” and slaps her again.

“Hey! Come on!” yelps Alesha, which earns her another slap, and the teenager pulls her onto the floor, spreads her legs open, and rams his big cock into her pussy, then her gives her a hard and energetic shagging, stuffing his prick into her as hard as he can, Alesha gasping and panting, laying back and taking a real good pounding, as the teenager thrusts and thrusts, making her come to climax twice before he shoots his load, after which Alesha cackles, “That’s the best rough fuck I’ve had for a long time!” which earns her a kiss, then another slap across the face.

Alesha now crawls over to the black twins, and starts playing with their cocks, asking, “Fancy spitroasting me?”  The boys nod, and Alesha is quickly sucking cock, with the boy’s twin getting around behind her, and he starts fucking her doggy fashion, really laying it into her, and coming before his brother, who simply pulls his cock out of Alesha’s soft mouth, flips her onto her back, and gives her a hard fucking, the singer’s cunt now so sore and bruised she doesn’t care how much she takes, and finally boy number three has unloaded his jizz, and Alesha has successfully taken all five boys, the oldest telling her, “Go clean yourself up!”

The boys laugh at Alesha’s attempts to stand up, her legs having turned to jelly after being gangbanged so roughly, and she crawls to the bathroom, and lays on the floor of the shower cubicle, the 17 year old boy joining her to soap her up, and he’s cleaning himself up to, with Alesha massaging his hardening cock, and soon she’s sucking him again, then he eases her onto her back on the shower cubicle floor, and fucks her nicely, Alesha clearly enjoying his attentions as she comes to orgasm again, wrapping her arms and legs around him, telling him, “I really fancied you already – but now you’ve screwed me, I like you even better!”

Still dripping water, the pair saunter into the bedroom, and Alesha tells the four boys, “Hey! It’s your mate’s birthday, and I want to spend the rest of it alone with him in the sack! You’ve had your fun, and we can do it again sometime – but not tonight, eh?”  Reluctantly the four boys leave, and the 17 year old pretty boy pushes Alesha back onto her bed, as she asks him, “Will you tie my wrists when you ready to give me another seeing-to?”  He kisses her, and they fondle each other, until he’s hard again, then he gently takes Alesha’s right wrist and binds it to the bedhead, then does the same with her left, and her body is now his to enjoy, and he does, fucking her for an age before shooting his final blob of jizz, after which he unties the singer, and they finally fall asleep.

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