British Orgy

British Orgy
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, Ff, anal, oral, mas, fist, reluc, cons
Celebs: Maisie Williams, Alex Kingston, Alice Eve, Bonnie Wright, Carey Mulligan, Catherine Tate, Emily Blunt, Emma Watson, Evanna Lynch, Gemma Arterton, Gwendoline Christie, Hannah Murray, Hayley Atwell, Helen Mirren, Helena Bonham Carter, Imogen Poots, Jenna Louise Coleman, Karen Gillan, Kate Winslet, Kelly Macdonald, Lena Headey, Natalia Tena, Natalie Dormer, Rachel Weisz, Rebecca Hall, Rosamund Pike, Saoirse Ronan, Sophia Myles, Tilda Swinton
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Maisie Williams strolled down the hall of London’s Ritz hotel.  The room on the invitation, which had been signed by Lena and Natalie, was on the top floor, presumably a suite.  Maisie knocked on the door, and, after a couple moments, it opened, greeting her with a site she never would’ve expected in a million years.

Lena was standing there, completely naked, and Natalie was behind her, groping her tits, and apparently making out with her shoulder blade.

“Maisie, you came; excellent!” She motioned toward the suite. “Uh, they haven’t all arrived yet, but we’ve already started.” On ‘arrived’, Maisie was hit in the face by a smell she instantly recognized; she’d smelled it on her fingers after masturbating.  She didn’t need to ask what was going on, she worked it out pretty quickly.

“You…invited me to a bloody orgy?”

“Yeah.  I know, it’s a little daunting, but trust me, it’s a lot of fun.”

“A little daunting?” Maisie couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Hey, come in!” Lena said, grabbing her arm, “Meet everyone!” Lena and Natalie dragged her into the room.

“Trust us,” Natalie said, “you’re gonna have more fun than you ever thought possible!”

Even knowing what this was, Maisie wasn’t prepared for what she saw; lots of naked female flesh, of several actresses she knew or recognized, engaged in acts of sapphism she’d only seen in the odd porno she’d watched on her computer.  To call the scene surreal would be an understatement.

“Miss Mirren?” Maisie blurted out.  She couldn’t believe it; Dame Helen Mirren, sitting on the couch, being eaten out by…was that…“Hannah?” Hannah Murray looked up from the Dame’s lap, looked in her direction, and grinned.

“Oh, hi, Maisie!”

“Hey, Jenna!” Maisie looked in the direction Lena was gesturing, and saw Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who, toying her twat with a vibrating dildo.  Jenna looked up. “Wanna help Maisie get started?”

“Okay,” Jenna said, getting up.

“Oh, and take your coat off, Maisie, stay awhile.”

Lena, Natalie, and Jenna all laughed at this.

“Here, let me help you.” Jenna started stripping Maisie down.  Maisie was very unsure about this, but didn’t say anything.

Now that Maisie was naked like everyone else, Jenna lead her around the large suite.  In one corner, they found Alex Kingston, riding a sybian.  Based on her expression, the sounds she was making, and the way she was clawing at her tits, she was definitely enjoying herself.

“That might be a little advanced for you,” Jenna said, “Maybe later in the weekend.” She lead Maisie, who couldn’t help staring, away.

They entered the main bedroom.  On the bed, Rosamund Pike was hanging over the edge, as Evanna Lynch was eating her out.

“Hey, guys, can we join you?”

Evanna looked up from Rosamund’s pussy, as the latter lifted herself back onto the bed. “Oh, yeah, we were hoping more would join in.”

“Nice!” Jenna climbed on the bed, and Evanna immediately started finger-banging her.  Rosamund looked up at Maisie.

“First time?”

“Um, yeah.”

“I know, it’s a little scary your first time.”


“Why don’t you come sit here next to me?”

“Um, alright.” Maisie sat next to her.  Rosamund spun her around on her back, and lifted Maisie’s leg over her head.

“Trust me,” Rosamund said, “Once you get started, it gets a lot easier.” She then started to eat Maisie’s pussy out.

“Huh!  Uh!” Rosamund was right; she already felt herself starting to ease up, as she felt Rosie’s tongue probing deeply into her twat.  Maisie turned her head, and saw Jenna and Evanna in a sixty-nine. “Mmmmmm!” Maisie let out a high-pitched whine as she came.

A few hours later, Maisie found herself caught between two gingers; Karen Gillan was sitting on her face, while Bonnie Wright ate her out.

“Uhh!  Uhhh-ahh!” Karen came, clawing her tits. “Aw, gawd!” she muttered, getting up, “I’m taking a fucking break!” She went into the bathroom, got a bottle of water out of the ice-filled bathtub, and downed it in one gulp, then wiped the sweat from her forehead.  She then came back, and sat down on a chair, and just watched as Bonnie finished bringing Maisie off, and played with her twat.

Later, Maisie went in the bathroom to get a bottle of water.  Inside, she found Gwendoline Christie, another actress she knew from GoT, leaned against the wall, and Imogen Poots, kneeling before her, with her tongue in her twat.

“Hey, Gwen.”

“Uhm, hi, May.” Gwen moaned, and tilted her head back.

Coming out, she heard a voice say, “Excuse me, would you mind eating my arse?”

“I beg your pardon.” She looked down, and saw Hayley Atwell lying on the floor, with her ass in the air.

Hayley laughed. “I was wondering if you would lick my arsehole.”

“You want me to…”

“Don’t worry, I just had a shower.”

Maisie hesitated, then got down on the floor.  She held open Hayley’s cheeks, and stared at her butthole for a few seconds, then leaned in, and stuck out her tongue.

“Oh, God, I love that!” Hayley played with her pussy and squeezed one of her tits as Maisie ate her ass out. “Yeah, tongue fuck that arse!” After a couple minutes, Hayley came.  She then gave Maisie a peck on the cheek. “Thanks.”

Late that night, Maisie was eating out Rebecca Hall’s pussy on the toilet, while Natalia Tena fucked her from behind with a strap-on dildo. “AAAH!” Maisie screamed when she came, and then continued licking Rebecca’s twat, undaunted.

“God, this girl’s amazing!” Rebecca said.

Maisie woke up the next morning, sprawled out on a bed in a smaller room on that floor.  The room had been rented so the guests could sleep, eat, shower, and…do other business.

She returned to the main suite, to find Alice Eve and Gemma Arterton, ass to ass, with a double-ended dildo between them, both cumming their brains out.

“Oh, Maisie, glad I caught you.”

Maisie turned to find Kate Winslet there. “Oh, hi.”

“You just shower?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Oh, good.”

Kate pushed Maisie against the wall, then kneeled behind her, and started to eat her ass out. “So, this is what the fuss is about,” Maisie thought.  While she licked Maisie’s asshole, she also finger-banged her.  Like Hayley the day before, it didn’t take Maisie long to cum, and cum hard, screaming again.

Later on, Maisie went into the main bedroom, to find Kelly Macdonald eating out Carey Mulligan on the bed.  Unannounced, Maisie got on the bed behind Kelly, and started finger-banging and eating out her ass.

“I think we just picked up a third,” Carey snarked.  As Maisie ate out Kelly’s ass and finger-banged her pussy, Carey got behind Maisie, and gave her what’s referred to in some circles as ‘The Spocker’.  This resulted in another quick orgasm, and Maisie screaming into Kelly’s asshole.

A bit later, Maisie was sitting down with a bottle of water, taking a break, watching Sophia Myles and Emma Watson sixty-nine on the floor in front of her, when she heard someone call to her.

“Hey, Maisie!” She turned her head to see Rachel Weisz wearing a strap-on, and Saoirse Ronan holding another one. “Could you help us out?”

Rachel sat on the couch, and Saoirse lowered herself onto the greased-up dildo, sliding it into her ass.  Next, Maisie, wearing the other strap-on, began to fuck Saoirse’s pussy, as she rode Rachel’s strap-on with her ass.


“Yeah, you take it, you little bitch!” Rachel said, while squeezing Saoirse’s titties from behind.  Maisie couldn’t help laughing at this.

She had another encounter with a strap-on that night, but this time, she was on the receiving end.  She was eating out Catherine Tate in the chair, when she felt something enter her ass.

“Tilda!” Catherine laughed, “Sneaky bitch!” Maisie, by this point, had become very good at not missing a beat, and continued to lick Catherine’s pussy as Tilda Swinton sodomized her with a strap-on.

Later, she again went in to the bedroom, to find Helena Bonham Carter lying on the bed.

“Oh, hey, uh, Maisie, is it?”


“Can I see your hands?” Maisie showed Helena her hands. “Could you make a fist?” Maisie made a fist. “Excellent!” She tossed Maisie a jar of Vaseline. “You’re gonna need this.”

The next thing Maisie knew, she had one fist in Helena’s cunt, and the other in her asshole. “Oh! My God!” Helena exclaimed throatily, like she was being, well, you know. “Oh, fuck!  Yeah, pull on my arse!”  Helena’s whole body seized up when she came.

“Well,” Maisie thought, “now I’ve had my fist in someone’s arse.”

The next morning, as things were winding down, Maisie decided she was finally gonna do it; she was gonna try the sybian.

Emily Blunt was lying on the floor with a bottle of water, looking how Maisie felt; exhausted, but smiling.

“Oh, hey, ya gonna try the syb?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Oh, lemme help you!” As Maisie lowered herself onto the machine, Emily crawled over and grabbed the controls. “Trust me, you’re gonna want someone else in control of this thing.”

She turned it on low, and immediately Maisie yelped.  As the thing went, Maisie started to ride it, moaning loudly.  Emily sat behind her, and started feeling up her tits, and kissing her neck.  Several other guests gathered to watch.  Periodically, Emily turned the machine up, until it was on full blast, at which point, she started playing with Maisie’s clit.  When Maisie finally came, she let out a scream that rattled the window behind them.

Switching it off, Emily again kissed Maisie’s neck. “Oh, that was lovely.”

Just about wheezing, drenched in sweat, and rag-dolled in Emily’s arms, Maisie said, “Okay, I think I’m ready to go home now.” The other women laughed, as did Maisie, albeit weakly.

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