Britney And Christina

Britney & Christina (ff teen celeb)

Dear diary,
Jan 20, 2000

When I last wrote you, I was remembering my amazing afternoon with
Melissa Joan Hart. And what an afternoon that was! Anyways I’ve
got some more to say. The media has been talking a lot about
Christina Aguilera lately, and its easy to wonder if she’s gonna’
take my place and sometimes that scares me a little ’cause you know,
nobody wants to be a 2 hit wonder. But you know what? I can

understand why she’s so popular though, I mean she’s so pretty and
everything, and how about her "Genie" song! I want to rub her EVERY
way. Before MJH kinda’ awakened the girl lover in me, I never would
have felt anything for another girl, but now that’s all I can think
about. Especially for Christina. And let’s face it; I’m hot, and
hot girls can get whatever they want. So, I had my people call her
people and see if we couldn’t get
together. I flew out to New York where she’s was doing some
magazine shoots. We had a blast! We went shopping for hours. We
went to Bloomingdales, and Saks, but things really got interesting
at Victoria’s Secret. She didn’t know that I was up to something,
so she was totally comfortable when I started suggesting that she
try things on. I told her how good she’d look in this little black
thong and oush up bra.. We went into the changing room together and
I got quite the show. She faced away from me and bent over to pull
her panties down and showed me the most exquisitely trimmed blonde
twat. She’s perfect. Not a flaw. So smooth and tan. Unh!
Rationally I knew that I shouldn’t do anything in the changing room
at victoria’s secret, but I couldn’t help myself. I reached forward
and ran my finger up the inside of her thigh.
"Christina," I whispered in a hush "I’m sorry, but you’re so pretty,
and I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately." She was surprised,
and kind of stammered, "I, uh don’t know what to say…I mean you’re
pretty too, but…" "It’s okay," I said, "I shouldn’t have done that.
I scared you." With that she pulled her skirt back down and in her
haste to get out of the room neglected to put her panties back on.
She had to go back to her shoot, but I wasn’t about to let her
go that easily. I told her that’ we’d go out that night and hit
some clubs, drink some, and pick up some guys. She seemed excited
and trust me, so was I. We got out around midnight and did some
serious clubbing. It’s normally best to go kinda’ disguised so
nobody recognizes you, but I wanted us to be hassled. I wanted lots
of attention; I mean, maybe then she’d want to go somewhere quieter.
My wishes came true at the Knight Club. A couple of guys got a
little too pushy with us; me especially. This jerk started groping
me and Christina came to my rescue. I really like it when she gets
pushy. I suggested that we head back to my suite and chill out
some; maybe watch some tv or talk about music.
When we got back to the hotel, we were both pretty drunk. I
mean, not falling down drunk, but happy drunk. And I mean happy.
While she was making us some more drinks I spread myself out on the
couch and spread my legs a little so she had to see my shaved mound.
She came over and kinda’ stared for a second and then started
talking, "Britney, I really had a good time tonight, and I think I
know what you were up to in the changing room today. I think I want
you to touch me. I want to taste you." She was almost rocking back
and forth as she spoke. I got so wet. I didn’t let her change her
mind. I put my hands on her back and pulled her towards me and
licked her glossy perfect lips. She didn’t want to be teased. She
enveloped my tongue with her mouth and sucked on it. "Fuck my
cunt," she demanded. That got me going quickly. I shoved her back
pretty roughly; enough that she bounced. I think it turned her on
more. I pulled up her leather mini, and wasn’t at all surprised to
see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I licked my own middle
finger and stuck it pretty roughly up Christina’s asshole. She
grunted, "Uhn! Fuck!" I was having fun being so brutal. I started
fucking her ass before I touched her pussy. I started licking her
wet slit up and down, but not touching her clit. I wanted her to
get desperate. "Lick the clit, you fucking bitch!" she screamed. I
stopped, got up and slapped her across the face. She was shocked.
She squirmed free and lunged forward to slap me back. Her hand hit
my left cheek, and knocked me back onto the couch. She jumped on me
and crammed her tongue into my mouth. I could smell her excitement
mixed with perfume. She looked into my eyes as she roughly fingered
my hole. She has this amazing technique where she fills you with
her finger and rubs you with her thumb. Mmmm. Hot. I was getting
close to cumming and she stopped. She grabbed me by the hair and
yanked, "Now, you’re gonna’ tongue-fuck me and make me come." I
didn’t argue this time. I got sloppy down there ’cause she was
dripping wet. Her smooth thighs would clench against my face and
then release. She started to buck
uncontrollably and reached underneath her ass and plunged one of
those perfectly manicured nails up her own asshole. That sent her
over the edge. She came with a final skull crushing clench of my
head. When she released me, she leaned forward and smiled while
greedily licking her own cum juice off my soaking face. I was done
however, after all she was gonna’ make me cum before I was done with
her. "Now Christina," I said as I reached from behind the couch and
pulled out a strap-on, "You’re gonna’ put this on and fuck me nice
and hard." She had obviously never seen a strap-on. Her eyes got
wide, but I knew she wanted to fuck me. We got that dildo nice and
tight, but of course I had to lube it. I licked it up and down and
got it nice and wet. I got on my knees and waited for that amazing
feeling of penetration. She slid in slowly, smoothly. I pushed
back to meet the nine inch black cock. She quickly found her rhythm
and started to pump my cunt hard. I was moaning loudly which
encouraged Christina. She kept calling me degrading names like
"whore", and "bitch", and "cunt." That really turned me on to hear
her snarl at me me that I was dirty fucking whore. She kept
thrusting, and then stopped abrubtly. "Now," she said, "I’m gonna’
fuck your ass with this thing." I started to object, but she spread
my assho;e with her fingers and plunged that cock right in. It hurt
like a bitch but I liked it anyway. The thing was so big around
that it pulled at my opening something wicked. I reached down
between my legs and rubbed my own clit viciously. I was starting to
spasm. She was pounding my ass like she hated me, and I loved it.
I came
screaming; with my face down in the cushion. She pulled out and
wow, did my ass feel weird from the assault. I had never felt so
exhausted, not even after a concert. We kissed and cuddled for
awhile, and eventually fell asleep. I hope to see her again, but
with our
schedules, who knows. I’ll write more later!

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