Britney And Christina Get Naked Together

Britney and Christina get Naked Together
by Lorenzo

It was a big night for both Britney Spears And Christina Aguerlia.
They were touring together, and this was their first joint concert. For
Britney, it was not only great to be able to perform with another artist. She
had the hots for Christina in a big way.
She remembered the first time she saw a picture of Christina; it
was on the internet. She had been surfing for hot shots of cute girls, and the
one she
found of Christina made Britney’s pussy moist . It was Christina
holding her arms across her bare, full breasts, her blond hair covering her
arms. Britney
couldn’t see all of Christina’s covered breasts, but from what she
could see,
she knew they were hot. She lodged a dildo in her dripping cunt,
that it was Christina’s round breast thrusting in and out of her.
Her orgasm
was furious, and she knew that seeing Christina in the flesh would
be a great
Britney wanted to look especially sexy on stage. She picked out a
top that was cut off at the tummy, and a pair of tight denim shorts.
people thought that Britney was trying to drive men wild(and she
suceeded at
this), but she really dressed sexy for other girls. She was hoping
that the
teenage girls watching her perform were full of hot lesbian desire;
she hoped
that they all looked at Britney’s hot body and wanted to touch it,
to taste
it. She hoped that after they kissed their boyfriends good night,
they rushed
to the computer, surfed the web, and searched for provocative
pictures of
her. Britney’s pussy moistened at the thought of millions of hot
teenage girls sitting naked on their computer chairs, masturbating
while looking at
her firm, teenage body.
Britney took one final look at herself in her dressing room
mirror; she
loved what she saw. How she wished she could find an exact duplicate
of herself to fuck. A knock came on the door; "Brit, Christina’s on
her way to
the stage. You better get going!" "No problem" she answered,
squeezing her
tits one last time before leaving the room.
The m/c on stage announced to the racous crowd that the two stars
about to appear. Britney came out of a door on the right, and
Christina entered from the left. The two came out on stage at the
exact same time; the
crowd went wild.
"Hi, Brit", Christina said shyly. "Hi, Christina" Britney
answered, looking
at Christina’s amazing body in her tight black leather skirt and
white top.
The two started to sing a duet of a Billy Joel tune(being together
meant singing songs other than their own).
For a solid hour, Christina and Britney sang, sparred with the
and even flirted with each other on stage. At one point, Britney had
the urge
to kiss Christina, right on the stage. She stopped herself, knowing
it would
reveal her secret. But Christina sensed the same thing; though she
was never
with a girl, she really liked Britney’s looks, and had fantasized
many times
about having sex with Britney.
After the show, Britney went to her dressing room. She sipped a
wine cooler
and thought about how incredibly sexy Christina was. At that moment,
was a knock at the door. "Who is it" Britney asked. "It’s
came the reply.
Britney’s heart started pounding in her beautiful chest; she
answered the
"Hi" Christina said. "Hello" answered Britney, "C’mon in". "Want a
wine cooler" Britney asked Christina. "Ok" came the sweet reply.
"Britney" Christina shyly asked"I can’t stay long, but I need to
know something". What"Asked Brit.
"when we were on stage…I thought that you…" "Go on" Brit said.
Christina said"….I thought you wanted to kiss me". Britney’s
already wet
pussy started to churn sweet juice. "Well" Britney said, walking
right over
to Christina. She placed her mouth on Christina’s red lips, and the
two teenage girls started darting their tongues in and out of each
others mouths.
Britney’s hands started feeling Christina’s firm body, and fondled
her tits.
Christina moaned, and said, "I’ve never been with a girl before".
smiled, and said, "You are in for a treat. Girls are much more fun
to sleep
with than boys". Britney kissed Christina on the neck, and then
pulled her
top over her head. "For one thing" Britney said, "boys don’t have
tits". Britney’s mouth went down Christina’s neckline, and landed on
cleavage. Her wet tongue licked the crack between Christina’s tits,
and then
found it’s way onto her nipple.
"Mmmmph…that feels fucking awesome" Christina said in delirious
pleasure. Britney’s tongue rolled Christina’s nipple in her
mouth,and then
Britney said, "You haven’t felt anything yet". Her mouth went down
Christina’s stomach, and stopped at her navel for a minute. Britney
and licked Christina’s belly button. Christina cried in delight.
Britney’s mouth reached Christina’s blonde pubic hair;she twirled it
in her
mouth. Finally, Britney’s mouth reached Christina’s wet, pink slit.
She put
her nose in the hole, and sniffed. "Mmmm…smells real sweet"
Britney said.
Then, her tongue entered Christina’s sweet, tight cunt hole. Britney
had never tasted so delectable a snatch. She ate Christina’s pussy
out, furiously
sucking the lips.
All this time, Britney still had her purple top and shorts on. She
kept the
top on, but pulled her shorts off. Her ass and cunt looked hot with
the purple top still on. Her ass bobbed back and forth, swinging
vigourously in
excitement while she licked Christina’s hot hole.
"Ooooohhhh…Jeezus…I’m going to cum" Christina yelled in total
Hot pussy juice flowed from her cunt, right into Britney’s eager
mouth. Christina cummed in a gusher; she had never experienced so
intense an orgasm.
Britney looked at Christina’s giant melons, and knew what she
wanted done
to her. "Chris, fulfill my fantasy…stick your tit in my pussy".
was unaware that a woman could be pleasured this way, but she was
about to
find out.
She felt Britney’s tits through the purple top, and took her bare
and rubbed them against Britney’s tits in the top. Then, she moved
her huge
tits down to Britney’s hot, wet, throbbing cunt, and lined the
nipple up to
Britney’s pussy.
"I love you, Britney" Christina said, as she started to insert her
tit into Britney’s cunt. Britney was so excited she thought she was
going to
faint. Chris started thrusting her enormous tit in and out of
Britney’s cunt,
raping it with her tit. Britney sobbed and moaned in pleasure."Oh,
Chris, I
love your tit in my pussy! Fuck me with your tits!" Christina was
getting to
like this girl sex stuff, and thrust her tit in and out of Britney’s
"Oh, Christ, I’m cumming!" Britney screamed in total pleasure. Her
juice covered Christina’s wet tit. Christina took the tit from
Brit’s swollen, red cunt, and was able to reach her own mouth with
it. She licked
Britney’s juice off of her tit as Britney shuddered while watching.
Britney looked at Christina and said, "Do you like pussy?"
Christina answered, "Fuck yeah…I LOVE PUSSY!" They embraced and
rubbed each others
bodies, awaiting new pleasures to come.

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