Britney And Christina Get whipped

Note: This is purely fiction. None of these events
are true. But, hope I wish they would. Must be 18 or

Britney and Christina gets whipped.

I knew a friend of mine that could get me backstage at
any show that I wanted. I just happend to be a
Britney fan. So, how could I not want to meet this
fine ass young lady? I decided to go meet her before
the show just like everybody else at a meet and greet.

After the show, being the lucky guy I am I got full
Access Backstage Passes. I knocked on the door to her
dressing room.

“Who is it?,” She asked.

“This is your pal Jim,”
I replied.

“Oh come on in, and join the party.”

She was still in those really tight pants. She
diffenently wasn’t wearing panties. As sat down on
the couch right next to her. Her dressing room was
really nice. It had a huge TV, couches, and all sorts
of pies and extra whipped cream to go with it. She
sure does love her whipped cream. We talked about 5
minutes. And I noticed that she kept on rubbing her
lower back and shoulders.

“Would you like a back massage? I do this for a


So she turned her back on me. I started on her
shoulders. She had the most perfect shoulders and
arms you can imagine. As I was rubbing her shoulders.
Her top came off her body so I got a good look down
her still dripping with sweat body. Tiny streaks of
sweat dripping down those perfect tits down her hot
body. I’m getting hard just looking at that. She let
out a big sigh to make those perfect tits rise up. On
purposely, as my hands move down to her her back. Her
strap rolled off her body. She let off another sigh.
“Oooh, that feels so nice.” My cock was getting
harder every minute. Still looking down her top. I
notice that her tits are becoming more pert. All of a
sudden, I just couldn’t take it any more. So I
started to softly kiss her neck very slowly as my
right hand and moves from her back to her ripped abs.
She had better abs than I did. She didn’t mind me
kissing her neck. Then, my right hand moved down to
her already tight pussy. As my left grapped a hold of
her left titty. My neck kissing got stronger and
stronger. Then, both my hand rubbed every inch of her
body. Then, she broke it off and stood up and knelt
down right and front of me. She unzipped my pants.
She notice my precum already on my underwear. But,
she didn’t care. Then she removed my precummed
underwear. My 9″ cock nearly took her eye out. She
started to jerk me off before she started to suck on
my cock. She must of done it before or something.
She was a real pro at cock sucking. She started to
bob her head back and forth. And every once in a
while she would pull me out jerk me off again and back
to it. After a good 5 minutes. My felt my cum coming
towards my cock. So, I grabbed the back of her head
and started to face fuck her. “I’m cumming.” I
stopped her bobing as my whole entire cock was in her
mouth to shoot my cum deep in side her throat. I
filled her mouth full with my cum that some started to
ooze out the side of her mouth. Then, she took her
finger and then shoved it back in her mouth.

It’s her turn now. I was so eager to taste her pussy
juices. I barely gave her enough time to recover from
my orgazime. I just said screw it the foreplay and
just ripped her clothes right off her. I gave her a
long passionate kiss on the lips. Tasting a little
bit of my cum still left in her mouth. As my hands
slowly caressed those perfect tits. They weren’t as
big as I thought they were. They were just the right
size. I start kneading them together. I moved down
towards those tits. As I start to suck and kiss them.
I could taste her sweat on her body as she started to
sweat again. My hands slip down to her tight pussy
fitting 2. Already wet. I moved my kissing down to
her belly as I continue on fingering her pussy. I got
down to her legs. I had to devouer her nice firm,
creamy legs. She let out another side. I move up and
down those thighs. Finally, I got her pussy. I just
shoved my toungue deep in side her and made nice long
slow circles. And she tighted her pussy as I went
around. Few minutes later, she shoved my face in her
pussy as she exploaded on my face and in my mouth. I
was right she tasted so good.

After, she recovered. I layed back on the couch. My
cock still erect. Britney got up top of me. Put her
tight pussy over my cock. “So, you want to ride?”
She started to bounce on my cock as I reached back and
started to knead her ass cheeks. She would arch her
back sometimes so I could see her ripped body move.
Then, she bent over so I could suck on those tits.
Mmm. Mmm. She let out a few moans and sighs. Then,
she quicked her pace. Few seconds later she exploded
on my cock so fearcly that I felt her juices flow
though her body. Ten minutes later… She still was
riding me. She was about ready to cum again. This
time. It was exactly like the last one, but I came at
the same time. She would squirt then I would. And
back and forth. Then she would colapse.

After she recovered. She got up and started to get
dressed again. I quickly stopped her. Pulled her to
her knees again. This time my cock was right where
those perfect tits where. “Sqwish them together.”
She did. That whole entire time I dreamed of titty
fucking the most fuckable teen in the music. Few
minutes later. I felt my cum flow through me again.
I pulled it out from her tits and started to jerk off.
Then, I shot my load all over her face and body. Her
whole entire body was dripping my cum.

She wipped it off. Got dressed and wished me on my
way. I didn’t noticed that she slipped a little note
in my pocket until I got home that evening. It said,
“Thanks for everything. You were the greatest man I
ever fucked. If your ever in town again, give me a

So, what did you think?

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