Britney And Denise Do Jennifer

This is pure fantasy. Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Denise
Richards are
all straight, and never engaged in any of the acts portrayed in this
Thanks for all the feedback. This story is by special request. I
hope everyone enjoys it.

Britney and Denise Do Jennifer
by Lorenzo

Britney Spears sat in the audience at the Grammies. Outwardly
looking very
prim and proper, inside she was seething with lust for all of the

hot babes
of both sexes that she saw in the audience. Britney was with her
male boyfriend, and she did enjoy sex with him. But she would have
preffered her
new friend, confidante and sex partner Denise Richards to accompany
her. Britney was in the mood for girl sex. She knew only a hot,
dripping pussy
and a pair of round tits would satisfy her this night. And then the
girl of
her dreams walked on the stage with X-Files star David Duchovny. It
was Jennifer Lopez.
Britney looked at the amazingly revealing dress that Jennifer was
Her whole midsection was exposed, as were her tits almost to the
Britney felt her hot pussy start to fill with sweet juice at the
sight of
Jennifer Lopez’s body.
She stared at Jennifer while the audience whistled and hooted and
Britney drank in the sight of Jennifer’s amazingly beautiful body.
She looked
at what she could see of her firm tits. She remembered Denise
Richards tits
being thrust in her hot cunt, and suddenly she wanted Jennifer’s
tits in her
pussy as well.
Britney quckly excused herself to her boyfriend, and promply made
her way
to the nearest ladies room. She sat on the toilet in a stall, and
her fingers
made their way up her short skirt. She rubbed her pussy lips through
the silk
material of her red panties; as she rubbed her clitoris, she thought
of Jennifer Lopez naked. She thought of Jennifer eating her pussy.
And she thought of Denise and Jennifer in a shower together, rubbing
their soapy firm
tits together.
"Ooooh", Britney moaned, as she pleasured herself to climax.
Pussy juice
was all over her fingers, and she brought them to her mouth and
licked them
off her hand. She knew just a fantasy wouldn’t satisfy her, though.
She needed to really have Jennifer Lopez’s body, and she needed it
soon. After her boyfriend dropped Britney off after some partying,
a coherent but
buzzed Britney played with her pussy some more. She looked at
lesbian porn
while doing this; she surfed the web for provocative pictures of
Lopez, and found some of Jennifer topless with George Clooney. She
looked at
Jennifer’s tits, and imagined her mouth over them, playing with her
on her tongue.
The next day, Britney phoned Denise Richards. "Hi baby’", Denise
said as
she heard Britney’s sweet voice on the phone. Britney could not
contain her
excitement. "Did you see Jenny Lopez last night" Britney asked.
"Mmmm..did I"
Denise said,"I finger fucked myself all night thinking about her
body". "So
did I", Britney said. Denise laughed, and then said, "you are such a
little slut, Britney. You love hot pussy, don’t you?’.
Britney was getting really horny. "C’mon over, bitch, and I’ll
show you how
much I love cunt". Denise said, "I’m on my way…and I may have a
sexy surprise for you. Don’t masturbate too much. Save your juice
for me". Britney hung up the phone in delicious anticipation. She
went to her closet, and pulled out the red and white cheerleader
outfit that showed off
her body to such good effect. She pulled off her nightshirt, wearing
just the
red, juice soaked panties she had on since the night before. She
looked at
her hot, teenage girl body in the mirror, and said, "I wish I could
be twins…then I could eat my own sweet pussy".
After Britney finished dressing, the doorbell rang. She opened the
and Denise stood there…with Jennifer Lopez! Britney’s knees
started shaking; she looked at Jennifer,still wearing the dress from
the night before.
Denise said, "Britney, I’d like you to meet my good friend
Jennifer". Jennifer looked at Britney in her cheerleader outfit and
said, "Britney, that’s my favorite. Whenever I masturbate thinking
about you, it’s in that
"You…masturbate…thinking of me",Britney managed to say, losing
her voice in excitement and anticipation of the flesh she knew she
was about to
enjoy. "All the time" Jennifer said, and then added, "when Denise
told me
about the things you do, I told her I had to get involved". Jennifer
took her
hand and put it up Britney’s tiny skirt.
Britney’s face flushed as Jennifer found her pussy lips, and began
massaging them under her panties. "I wore this dress for you,
Britney" Jennifer throatily said,"Denise told me how much you would
like seeing my
body in it". While Jennifer felt up Britney’s pussy, Denise reached
for Jennifer’s tits in her provocative dress. She pulled her tit out
of the dress, and showed it to Britney.
"Do you like Jenny’s tits" Denise asked Britney. "Mmmm….I love her
Britney said as she felt electirc sparks between her legs. Denise
took Jenny’s tits and squeezed them together. Britney’s lips fell on
the cleavage
of Jenny’s tits. Denise was wearing a white tank top with no bra,
and a pair
of jean shorts. She said, "Lets all get naked".
The three hot young women undressed each other, their lips
meeting, tongues
entwined. The three fell on Britney’s bed, sweaty bodies engulfed in
pleasure. "Go get a strapon", Denise said to Britney. Britney went
to her
erotica drawer, and pulled out a 9" strap on dildo. While she did
this, Jennifer made her way to Denise’s pussy, and thrust her tongue
in the hole,
enjoying the tangy taste.
Britney handed Denise the dildo. Then Denise said, "Who wants this
up their asshole?" Jennifer purred in delight, "I love anal
sex..pump it in my
ass". Britney said to Jennifer, "Would you do something for me…"
She could
barely finish her sentence because she was so excited. She managed
to squeak
out, "…would you fuck my cunt with your tits?"
Denise laughed; she said, "Jenny, Britney loves tit fucking."
Jennifer said, "I’ll do whatever you want, my little angel".
Jennifer positioned her
round bottom in front of Denise, whose body looked extremely hot
with her
strapon dildo.
Denise had some body lotion; she first rubbed it all over her
luscious breasts, and then on her dildo. She rubbed the lotion all
asscrack, and then put the dildo on Jennifer’s firm butt. She
entered gently
at first.
Jennifer moaned with pleasure. She could feel the piece of hot
slowly inching up her rectum; she enjoyed the mixture of pain and
As Denise started pumping Jenny’s taut bottom, Jennifer’s right
tit made
it’s way to Britney’s flowing, excited, throbbing pussy. The nipple
met the
lips of Jenny’s cunt, and then slowly started to thrust.
Britney screamed in pleasure as Jenny’s tit started thrusting in
and out
Britney’s swollen, red pussy. Meanwhile, Denise continued to fuck
ass with the dildo, thrusting faster and faster.
"Ooooooh…yea…..fuck my
hot cunt with your tit", Britney screamed. She began to climax, her
covering Jenny’s tit.
Jenny was fingering herself, and felt the electric charge of
orgasm as well. "Yeah, Denise, keep pumping my ass with your cock!",
she screamed in
orgasmic delight. Pussy juice ran from her cunt onto her thighs,
against her tanned, toned skin.
Britney made her way to Jennifer’s tit, covered in her own
orgasmic fluids.
She licked it off Jenny’s breast, enjoying the taste. "Now it’s
Denise’s turn" Britney said.
Britney took her teenage tit and put it on Denise Richards
beautiful pussy.
She thrust the nipple in and out, enjoying the sensation of cunt
lips against
her tit. "Do you like my tit in your tight cunt" Britney purred.
Denise licked her lips, and moaned in pleasure. Orgasm overwhelmed
her as well, as
she realized that America’s sweetheart Britney Spears was using her
hot tits
to birng her to the brink of ecstacy.
The three girls collapsed in the bed, laughing and tickling each
They showered together, soaping up each other’s bodies, and soon
they started
their sex games all over again.

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