Britney And Her search For Normal life…?

Not my normal subject, but I was inspired by a very special girl. And
for those of you who don’t want to read the whole story, there’s a line
before the actual sex, it’s down there a ways. Enjoy.

Brittany and her search for Normal life…?

I’m an average guy, 6’3” blonde hair and blue eyes, built enough that
girls like it but not enough that I would make anyone think I work out
all the time. I go to the average state college, taking some psych
classes and working on my educator’s degree. And I work an average

job, a little coffee and sandwich place down the road from my
apartment. But I was in for an anything but average day.

I woke up feeling ready to take the world on, not so normal in itself
for me, and I went to class without breakfast just so I could make my
seven am class. Getting out of class I ran into friends I hardly ever
took the time to talk to, but for some reason they each seemed
determined to talk to me then and there. By the time I got back to my
apartment, it was an hour and a half later then I usually did and I was
starving. I made myself some food and sat back to watch some cartoons
and veg until I had to be at work a couple hours later. But what
should happen, a news bulletin breaks in and informs me that Brittany
Spears has disappeared, apparently during her West coast tour she had
slipped away after a concert leaving a note that only informed her
staff that she had to get out and live a normal college freshman aged
girls life if only for a few days. And worst of all, it had happened
in my state; only a few hours drive to where she’d had her concert.
Well that fucked TV for the day, no doubt news breaks would happen
every twenty minutes when some idiot thought he’d seen her in their
pool or at the mall just so they could get their face on TV. Well I
might as well go for a jog I thought and off I went.

After about forty minutes of straight jogging, I was coming around a
hill to a road near the least used freeway exit in the area. And what
should I see, a car about halfway up the off ramp pulled over with
smoke pouring out from under it hood and someone prancing around
looking rather distressed. Being the average guy I am I know enough
about cars that I figured I could maybe help out with whatever it was
and be nice to someone and earn myself some good karma. When I walked
up to the person she jumped with surprise at my, “You need some help
Miss?” She turned around and this time it was my turn to jump with
surprise. “You’re Brittany Spears!” I stammered as I tried to figure
out why these kind or things happened to me. “Yes, um… my car, well
you see, I don’t know much of anything about… well, you know, I don’t
know what to do about it, and I can’t really just go up to a garage and
ask for help.” She explained, as I stood there mesmerized by her
stunning beauty. (I’m not one for the super model figure you see, I’ve
always had a thing for shorter girls, but my god did Brittany give my
zipper a go for it’s money.) Anyway, we talked for a few minutes and I
told her I’d gladly help her out however I could if I could just get a
few autographs from her I could sell to make it more then worth my
while, she was more then happy to trade a couple copies of her
signature for a place to hide and help in getting her car working.
Well we made a quick walk of it back to my place taking some side roads
and keeping her as well disguised as we could. Once I’d gotten her
settled, I took her keys and my truck and went to tow rope her car back
to my place.

Now when I arrived and had are autos parked and had taken a look over
her car to figure out what was wrong I went up to tell her what it
would take to get it fixed and how much is was probably going to cost,
lucky for her it wasn’t anything to difficult, I could fix it myself in
a couple hours there in the parking lot, but the part was going to cost
a couple hundred bucks and I wasn’t about to shell out cash to help her
out, I mean, she was being very nice to me and I was to her, but
nothing I’d been offered yet was worth cash outta my pocket. Well I
went in and looked around for her, finally I stopped in front of the
bathroom door and heard the shower running. “Miss Spears, I’m back
with your car, and I can fix it up for you, but I don’t have the cash
to buy the part it’ll need, anything you can do about that?” I
explained through the door. A quick “What did you say, open the door
so I can hear you.” Was my reply. Now I read porn, I’ve even read some
Brittany Spears stories before, and I had an idea in my head that just
wouldn’t quit screaming at me, but like I said, I read porn, I know
that kinda shit just doesn’t happen to average guys like me. So, into
the bathroom where Brittany was showering, I went and I repeated to her
what I’d said. “Yeah, no problem” she told me, she had some cash in
her bag and she’d give me a wad to take care of it as soon as she was
done in the shower. But what she said next was the thing that shocked
me. “So do you think I could spend the night here tonight, I don’t
really feel like driving around anymore and I like you, I mean you’re
helping me and treating me like just any old nice girl you’d found. I
would like to be your friend, if you think we can be.” My jaw dropped.
I stammered out “It’d be great if she stayed, I had a million
questions I could ask and I’m sure she hadn’t had much time to just
hang out with normal people in like forever so we could just have a
great old time.” So, I asked if she wanted anything to drink or eat,
and she asked if I had any beer or whatever, as long as it was
alcoholic, she hadn’t had anything to drink since she’d gotten into the
state. ( I always figured all the underage pop stars were alcoholics.)
So, I went and got her a beer and grabbed some Doritos for me to munch
on while I waited for her to get outta the shower.

Out of the shower she came, and wearing my robe… Again my jaw dropped.
Those tan legs, her chest heaving and showing her cleavage off the way
she’d tied the rode… and I don’t know, but her hair looks even more
beautiful wet and pulled back. Her skin was flushed and I handed her
the beer as she sat down on the couch next to me. “I’m surprised by
you.” She said, “I figured any guy who would come into the room while
I’m showering would try to get into it with me, at least that’s what
everyone writes they’d do with me.” I gave her the funniest look I’ve
ever given anyone before and I doubt I’ll ever give anyone again. “You
read the stuff people write about doing with you?” I asked. “Well
yeah, I mean… I don’t get much of a chance to actually date or do any
of the things people write that I do… but I do get to use a computer
quite regularly, lots of plane travel time, and for the most part no
one knows what I do on there. So yeah, after awhile I started looking
up porn and such and I found it to be well, ya know, a big turn on to
read stories about me. Though honestly, some of the things those
people have me doing, well… I’d never!” she explained. “I mean, I’ve
only had sex five times in my life, and all of them have been in the
last three years.” She shock her now empty beer and asked if I had
more, I waved a hand at the fridge and told her there were a couple
half racks in there she could choose from and have as much as she
pleased. She returned to the couch with three beers in hand. We
talked for a couple more hours and I called my work to tell them I
couldn’t come in, I had to go out of town to see a friend who’d been in
a car accident etc. etc. blah blah blah. Brittany giggling in the
background through the whole thing and I knew my boss could hear her,
but he’s a cool guy and he let me know that I could just call in and
talk to him tomorrow afternoon when he’d be on again to tell him when I
would be able to make it in again. Brittany and I talked and laughed
and watched a movie and drank a bit more, well I drank a bit, she drank
a lot. And by the time I was ready to hit the sack she was completely
trashed, AND… almost falling out of my rode, her tit had become
exposed a couple of times while making trips to the fridge for more
beer and at one point she’d made it quite obvious that she wasn’t
wearing anything at all under my robe with the way she’d sit while we
talked, but I did my best to treat her like any girl who’d gotten to
drunk for me to even think about trying anything with. Well I unfolded
the couch bed for her and brought out some pillows and blankets etc.
for her and we’d said good night. I laid in bed thinking about how I
was the dumbest guy in the world and how plain and simple if I ever
tried to tell this story to anyone they’d call me a liar or ask me if I
was gay. I was drifting of to sleep having dreams of Brittany’s round
firm breasts and her tanned thighs, and that oh so beautiful bubble ass
of hers and her lips both sets being pouty and pinkish. And that’s
when I woke to the feeling of a tongue on my dick.

(Here’s where the sex begins for those who only want to read it.)

I threw back the covers and there she laid, her lips wrapped around the
head of my dick, lustful pleasure in her eyes. Naked having left my
robe somewhere and running her hands up my stomach to my chest. And as
I opened my mouth to protest that she was to drunk and I couldn’t…
she took my shaft into her mouth, my entire shaft, (I’m just over seven
inches and proud of it. No bragging intended, I’m just proud to not be
small and not be a hung stallion, either way I’d have something to
worry about, I’m just happy being about average.) Now let me tell you,
no porn I’ve ever read gave justice to the talent this girl had at
sucking dick, she used her tongue just right around the head and along
the shaft, she even brought a hand down and played with my balls as she
sucked me off. I was in pure ecstasy, and a few minutes later I was
getting near to blowing, I asked her if she wanted it in the mouth, on
her face or tits or what and she slide her tongue off the tip of my
dick and told me she’d gladly take whatever I wanted her too. And
quickly went back to sucking the head of my dick while stroking the
shaft. With that, I quickly built to climax and shot my load down her
throat. She sat up a little bit of my cum trickled out the corner of
her mouth and down her chin, but she snatched it up with her finger and
licked it off. Now I rolled her over and she spread her legs readily
for me, I delved with my tongue and eventually worked a couple fingers
in a little trick of mine added where I vibrated my hand, then my face,
and then both and Brittany was moaning and squealing as she came and
came hard all over my face and hand. I sat up, wiped my face clean
with my hand, and then licked my hand clean. Brittany smiled at me and
asked how I wanted to do it next and I gave in and told her how I’d
love to fuck her beautiful tits if she was willing and she just smiled
and pressed her tits together while licking her lips. So, I startled
her chest and she took my dick in her hand and gave it a good licking
all over before placing it between her luscious mounds. “You do know
what your doing, I’ll give you that Brit.” I said, and she replied, “I
read a lot of porn stories… in-flight movies always suck.” And with
that she pressed her tits around my dick, I gave a little smirk at her
joke and went to work, I thrust my dick back and forth slowly at first
letting Brittany lick and kiss the head as it popped out at her, but
before long I built up speed and was grunting and panting as I gave her
tits a good fucking. And to make it all that more amazing Brittany
started talking dirty to me as I did so, phrases like, “Oh god, you
stud, fuck me, fuck me I’m your dirty little slut” and such the like I
never thought she’d ever even think of using came out of her mouth and
that combined with the amazing feeling of my dick sliding between her
amazingly round soft tits made me cum and cum hard, I shot the first
load right onto her lips but pulled back and shot the rest across her
tits. Brittany licked her lips and rubbed my cum into her breasts as I
rolled off her to lay next to her, but before I knew it she had mounted
me and taken my dick in her hand. And that touch alone was enough to
bring my member back to full alertness. Brittany guided my dick to her
wet little snatch and settled down onto it with only a little effort,
she was extremely wet and even being as tight as she was she pushed me
in and enjoyed the slight pain in it, easily seen from the look on her
face and the slight gasp she let out once I was entirely in her. She
gave me a naughtily little look and began riding me, we soon had a
smooth rhythm working and were both moaning and groaning as we rocked
back and forth a little swivel to her hips had her sighing and grunting
loudly the quicker we moved, and before I knew what was happening she
started her orgasm and I felt her muscles clenching up on my piece,
which was all I needed to go off myself letting loose inside her.
Brittany laid down on my chest and sighed, I kissed her forehead and
asked if she’d enjoyed it, she looked up smiled and told me it was
amazing, but there was still one thing she just had to try while we
were at it before she’d be done.

I bent Brittany Spears over a stack of pillows on my bed; she spread her
leg a little and arched her back. I worked my hand over her wet pussy
and then rubbed those juices into her tight little asshole with one
hand while I held her firm tanned asscheeks apart with the other, she
giggled a little to start with and whimpered a bit when I worked a
finger into her little pucker to get her juices all over and get the
muscles ready for me. Next I slide my cock into her pussy a couple of
times to get it nice and wet again and then I pressed the head to her
asshole, it was a little hard to get the head in, but once she relaxed
and it was in I thrust the rest of my length in with one smooth
powerful thrust. Brittany Moaned and Gasped at the same time, though I
can’t quite say which is was more like. I took up a steady rhythm not
wanting to rush this at all, this was in fact a dream come true and I
wanted to enjoy this for every second I could. But after about twenty
minutes I new I was getting built up and was going to need to really
pound her to let my load loose again. Brittany had been gasping and
moaning through the whole thing as I’d changed my angle ever so
slightly every other thrust, And so as I sped up Brittany began to
breath deeply and scream at me to fuck her ass harder and fuck her
faster and to spank her and begged me to call her my little slut… and
so I did and so it went, grinding away faster and faster, harder and
harder. And then, I came, I came deep in her ass and Brittany screamed
and came herself. I pulled out of her and we cuddled together as we
drifted off to sleep.

And that’s when it hit me, I love good karma, and it pays to live an
average life, cause sometimes great things do happen to average people.
It’s what makes life a thrill, finding those moments of joy in an
otherwise not so average day.

I hope you enjoyed the story.

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