Britney And Jamie Lynn’s Boyfriend Do It Again

Britney stayed over on Valentine’s Day night. She and Jamie Lynn talked all about boys and love and all that kind of sister talk. Britney found out that Jamie Lynn and Ryan had only made out a couple times with a little touching, but that was all. As long as he was getting it from Britney, Ryan probably wouldn’t care what Jamie Lynn was giving him. Britney liked the idea: Jamie Lynn would stay innocent and pure and Britney would get to have Ryan’s big fat cock all to herself. That night, both sisters went to their bedrooms and both masturbated to the thought of Ryan fucking their brains out.

In the morning, Jamie
Lynn woke up and headed to school. Britney woke up a few hours later and got herself ready for the day. She would be at her mom’s house all day today until she went back to her own house that night. Britney hopped in the shower, the hot water streaming down her body. She loved how the water felt. Taking a shower was one of her favorite times of the day. Britney loved to be naked, and she loved lathering her gorgeous young body with soap.

But most of all, Britney loved rubbing her hot pussy and clit while she showered. She stood there in the shower, fingering her pussy feverishly.

“Mmm,” she moaned to herself. “Fuck me, Ryan!”

She couldn’t help it. Britney couldn’t stop thinking about Ryan’s dick since yesterday. She did restrain herself, though, and finished up her shower. As she was getting out, there was a knock at the front door. Britney threw her robe on and ran downstairs, opening the door; it was Ryan.

“Uh. Hey, Ryan,” Britney said, realizing she was standing in front of him, only in her robe.

“Hey,” Ryan greeted her. “Are you busy?”

“No,” Britney replied. “Shouldn’t you be in school?”

“Technically, yes,” Ryan answered her. “But I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You’re the hottest girl in the world. I nee – I nee.” He couldn’t get the words out of his mouth.

“What?” Britney questioned.

“I NEED TO FUCK YOU!” blurted out of his mouth. Britney looked down and saw Ryan’s cock bulging in his pants.

“Shh!” She hushed him. “Quiet down and come in.”

Britney led Ryan upstairs. He followed her hot little ass as she walked up. “Where do you want to fuck me, Ryan?”

Ryan was shocked by Britney’s question. He didn’t know what to say.

“The shower?” she asked. “How about Jamie Lynn’s bed?” She giggled.

“Umm,” Ryan was in shock.

“Yeah! Fuck me on Jamie Lynn’s bed, baby.”

Ryan still didn’t know what to say. He followed Britney into Jamie Lynn’s room and she sat down on the bed.

“You don’t like that idea?”

“No, no,” Ryan finally spoke up. “I think it would be hot. But are you like teasing me or something?”

“Does this look like I’m teasing you?” she asked him as she opened up her robe, exposing her sexy young body. Her pussy was shaved. Ryan couldn’t let this opportunity pass. He started rushing to take his pants off, fidgeting with the button and zipper.

“Calm down, Ryan,” Britney said. “We’ve got time. Let me help you with that.”

Britney, now completely naked, got on her knees in front of him. She looked up at him, as she slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It felt harder than last night. She wanted it inside of her, but she wanted to get him really horny first. Britney gripped Ryan’s cock with her right hand and move closer to it, licking the tip while she jerked him off.

“You wanna cum all over my face again, stud?” she asked him. She then leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his big, thick 7 inch cock.

“I wanna fuck you so bad,” Ryan said as Britney sucked his cock like a little whore.

Britney stopped. “Are you saying you don’t like this?”

“Fuck no,” Ryan said. “Suck my cock, babe. It feels great.”

“Good. Cum for me first and then you can fuck my pussy all you want.”

Britney went back to sucking on Ryan’s cock. She wanted his cum so bad. She started deepthroating his cock like she had done yesterday. His cock was so thick that every it would enter her throat, she would choke a little, but she kept doing it for him. She loved the feeling of his cock pounding in and out of her mouth.

Britney started bobbing up and down on Ryan’s cock like a little slut. She wanted to make him cum down her throat. She wanted to show him what a good cum slut she could be. Ryan grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her throat like he had done yesterday.

“Swallow my cock, baby,” Ryan yelled.

Britney started to suck Ryan’s cock with more passion, getting it deep down her throat. At one point, she just sat there on her knees with her mouth gripped around his cock as he thrust it in and out, fucking her mouth. Britney didn’t know what it was, but she loved being this 13 year-old boy’s whore. She was sort of turned on by him being so young and also by the fact she was stealing him from her sister. But mostly, she just needed to have his young, thick cock pound her, whether it was her mouth or her pussy. Needless to say, she was his hot pop-star cum slut, and nothing would get in the way of her and his dick. Britney was thinking of all the reasons Ryan turned her on, and it made her even hornier.

“Ram your cock down my throat, Ry!” She moaned to him. Ryan started pumping his cock into her mouth even harder.

“Don’t be gentle!” Britney yelled to him. He grabbed the back of her head and started hammering his cock down her throat. Britney moaned as Ryan fucked his cock down her throat.

“Suck it all down, baby,” Ryan groaned to Britney. “Take my whole cock you sexy bitch.”

It turned Britney on to be called a bitch. She wanted to make Ryan happy so she grabbed the back of his ass and pulled him to her, getting his entire cock down her throat and his balls in her mouth.

“Holy fuck!” Ryan yelled as his cock slammed down her throat. The feeling of his balls in her mouth was incredible. He started humping his cock down her throat. Britney fought back choking, and within second Ryan was cumming deep down her throat.

Ryan ordered her: “Swallow my cum, baby.” As if she had any other choice. Britney sucked his cum down, but couldn’t take it any longer and took her mouth off his cock. Ryan’s thick cock let out a stream of cum that splashed in Britney’s hair and on her forehead.

“Oooh, Cum on me baby!” Britney moaned to him. He shot another strand of cum on her face, but he then he was done. Britney licked his cock clean and ate the cum off her face.

“Holy shit!” Ryan said. “That was the best feeling ever.” Ryan sat down on Jamie Lynn’s bed.

Britney got between Ryan’s legs and started to play with his cock again, which was no longer erect.

“You ready to experience an even better feeling?” she asked.

“I don’t think it gets any better than that,” Ryan told her.

“Trust me,” she said to him. “It definitely does.” With saying this, Britney pushed Ryan back onto the bed and jerked him back to full erectness. She then straddled him on the bed. He looked up at her, the most amazing woman on Earth and he was about to fuck her. The sexy young pop-star was about to take his virginity. Even if he didn’t want to, nothing was going to stop Britney.

“You ready for this pussy, Ryan?” Britney asked. Not that it mattered. She had already lined up his cock and was sinking slowly onto it.

“Oh my god, fuck me!” Ryan said. He was in heaven. Even though Britney was quite older, her pussy was tight. She had never had a cock as big as Ryan’s.

“How does it feel?” She asked.

“Fuckin’ great!” he replied. Ryan just looked up at her, his hands on her ass, helping her move up and down on his cock. She was moving on top of him slowly. Her pussy wasn’t used to a cock this size.

“It feels better for me,” she told him, although there was no way he could believe her. They were both in paradise. Gradually, she started to increase the pace. Her tight pussy was getting used to his thick cock.

Britney pushed down on his chest to help her push her pussy down onto his cock. By now, she was really bouncing on his cock. Her tits were flopping all over the place. Ryan reached up and squeezed them together.

“Fuck yeah!” moaned Britney. “Squeeze my tits. Fuck my pussy. Slap my ass. Do me, baby.” Britney was in a state of complete lust.

Ryan followed Britney’s instructions, even though they were really just the moans of a true slut. He squeezed her tits hard, almost making her have an orgasm. Then he slapped her ass a couple times.

“Slap it harder. I know you can,” she told him. “Don’t be shy.”

Ryan started slapping her ass hard as she bounced up and down on his cock. The harder the slap, the faster Britney started to ride him.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my god,” Britney moaned when Ryan switched to squeezing her tits again. “I’m fucking cumming, baby.” Britney kept riding Ryan hard and he kept squeezing her big tits.

“Ride my cock hard!” Ryan moaned. Britney held onto his chest and started pushing her pussy harder and faster against his cock.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming again! You’re fucking amaaaaaaaazing!” Britney’s second orgasm was more powerful than the first.

As Britney calmed down from her orgasm, still bouncing on Ryan’s cock, she looked at him. “I want you to start pumping that cock into me,” she said. “Let’s switch positions.”

“I wanna fuck you in every position possible,” Ryan told her as they switched to the missionary position.

“You will, you fucking stud,” she said. “I wanna fuck you till you pass out. I’m going to need your cock every day baby.” All of this was coming out in the heat of passion.

Britney was really turning on Ryan with what she was saying. She was acting like such a dirty slut. He loved it. She lied down on Jamie Lynn’s bed and spread her legs.

“Put that cock where it belongs,” she moaned to him, pulling him closer to her.

Ryan pushed his cock against her entrance and drove it into her pussy with a grunt.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he said to her.

She put her legs up on his shoulders and squeezed her tits together. “Fuck me like the stud you are! Don’t hold back. Fuck me like an animal!”

Ryan grabbed onto her legs and started slamming his cock into her beyond what she imagined.

“OH MY GOD!” she moaned. “Keep doing it. Keep doing it.”

Ryan started fucking her even harder. Her pussy was being stretched by the pounding he was giving her.

“Oh my god, baby!” she moaned again. “Fuck my god damn brains out.”

Ryan started thrusting his cock into her harder and faster. His balls were slapping against her and he started to slap her ass again.

“Slap it hard, you fucking stud!” she moaned. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She kept repeating it over and over as he pumped his young thick 7 inches into her.

“Oh my. Oh my! Oh my! OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Britney moaned as another orgasm hit her. “I love your fucking cock! Give it to me, baby.”

“I’m gonna fucking cum!” Ryan groaned as his pace picked up.

“FUCK!” Britney yelled. “Pull out!”

Ryan pulled out just in time, his cum spraying all over Britney’s flat, sexy stomach.

“Oh my god, that was close,” Britney said. “Whenever we do this, you’re gonna have to remember to pull out. I can’t get pregnant.”

“Fine by me. As long as I get to fuck that sweet pussy of yours,” he told her.

“I don’t want you fucking Jamie Lynn, either. Your cock is all mine. I’m not sharing it.”

“As long as you keep doing things like you did today, I won’t need Jamie Lynn.”

Britney smiled. “Good. You know you have to keep dating her no matter what though. That’s the only way we can see each other.”

“Well, I didn’t plan on breaking up with her anyway,” Ryan told her.

When it came to Britney’s plan, everything worked out, then. Britney and Ryan took a shower together. Although they teased each other in there, they didn’t have sex. Afterward, Ryan went home and came back an hour later to hang out with Jamie Lynn. Britney had gone back to her house by then, but she knew she’d be making more trips to her mother’s house in the future.

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