Britney And Jamie lynn

Britney and Jamie Lynn by The November Man

(MF, Mg, celeb, oral, cons )

I see my friend Britney about once a month. She’s been my best friend for a

lot of years, we have always just been good friends we never had any kind of

sexual relationship what so ever. We never even talked about our

relationships with other people. I mean we would talk, but the conversation

would never get

graphic. I met her when she was young, she wanted to be a singer she was

cute and energetic

and small breasted. Now that she’s grown up she grew a great set of tits and

she gained a little weight,
but it looked great on her. Especially her now

larger breasts. Now that she’s not a virgin any more she has a pretty decent

sex life.

I on the other hand am single and am in a long dry spell. She knew this

as well, I guess

that’s what brought her to bless me with one of the most glorious days we

ever had. It

started out normally enough with her meeting me at my house to go to lunch.

I was running

late, and she was running early. So when she knocked at my door I had just

stepped out of the

shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist and answered the door. She came in

and followed

me into the bathroom while I dried my hair and brushed my teeth. While doing

this we talked

and it came out that I still had not found a girl. She knew that this meant

that I hadn’t had any

sex in quite some time. I was just about to excuse myself to get dressed for

lunch when Britney

said ” hey wait a second I have a surprise for you”. Close your eyes so I

can get it for you. I

was surprised but I closed my eyes and figured she would get something out

of the purse she

had on the floor.

Thats when I felt the towel at my waist part and a wonderful warm

wetness envelop my cock! She had taken my entire limp cock, and balls into

her mouth in one swift move. I was shocked! My eyes flew open and I looked

down to see the top of her head. I thought I would faint at the sight.

She wasn’t moving her head, but I could feel her tongue moving over my

balls and the under

side of my cock. She wasn’t able to do it for long because my shaft was

quickly stiffening

inside her beautiful mouth. She started moving her mouth up and down my

shaft in a slow wet

motion that made me dizzy. I could feel her tongue moving on the underside

of my cock, back

and forth as her head went up and down. Every so often she would take her

mouth off my

cock and I could look down and see her tongue circling around the head of my

dick, she

would pull away just the slightest bit and I could see a thin strand of my

pre cum stretching

between my dick and her bottom lip. Then she would dive on my shaft and take

it to the root.

With my pubes tickling the tip of her nose, she would rotate her head side

to side. Then she

would start sucking up and down my shaft again. Well I couldn’t take more

that a few minutes

of something that I had frequently fantasized about. Im going to cum I

whispered to her so she

didn’t have to swallow it if she didn’t want to, but she just doubled up on

her efforts. I lasted a

few more seconds then I grabbed two handfuls of her beautiful blond hair and

started shooting

load after load between her lips and down her throat. My hips were shaking

spasmodically and

my knees were about to buckle. I leaned against the sink to keep from

falling down.

I figured it was all over, but she never took her mouth off my cock. She

kept her mouth still, with just a little pressure. As you could probably

guess I didn’t even get close to going limp. She moved

her mouth under my shaft to take my balls gently one at a time into her warm

wet lips. All the

while sliding her hand up and down my shaft.

She suddenly stood up and bent over the sink beside me. She looked up at

me and said “please put your cock in me, NOW! She hiked her skirt up over

the most wonderfully curved ass I’ve seen in some time. Her ass was, and is

one of her most striking features.

She didn’t even take off her panties, she just pulled them to the side

and guided my cock to

her very wet puss. I thought her mouth was incredible, well it was second

rate compared to

her womanhood. It felt like a hot, wet, slippery hand grabbing my cock and

pulling it into her

deeper than I ever could have imagined. I thought that I could sink into

heaven and stay there.

I started pumping into her with long slow strokes. Everybody always says

that if they died

fucking they could go happy, well that’s exactly how I felt just at that

moment. She was wet,

and tighter than I would have expected for a non virgin, but I could

actually feel her

squeezing my shaft as I pumped into her. And I know it was only in my head

but she actually

felt hot, not warm but hot, on the inside.

She started pushing her ass back at me and I could hear a moan coming

from deep in her throat.

Her pussy was squeezing me tighter and tighter spastically. I knew she was

about to cum. I started pumping into her faster and faster to give as good

as I got.

Then I sucked my thumb into my mouth to lube it up and started working

it into her ass. Well

that was too much for her and just as my thumb sank into her ass up to the

first knuckle I

could feel her give one last squeeze and a wetness flooded my cock. Her

whole body was

shaking and she grabbed my ass to make me stop pumping into her. I stood

still and rocked my body back and forth a little to let her ease off her

orgasm. I reached around her and caressed her breasts for a few minutes.

Are we done I asked her? After she stopped shaking, and her breathing

returned to normal.

No way she said, not until you get off again. And hopefully me too! So I

turned her around,

took off her panties and started fucking her again as she sat on the edge of

the sink. Her top

was pulled down and her tits were out so I started sucking on them as I

pumped into her. She

just smiled and squeezed me with that warm wet puss. I started pumping into

her a little faster

and she was obviously loving it when she started to cum all over again. Well

I started pumping

into her a little less rhythmically and my breathing was getting ragged so

she knew I was

about to cum.

Don’t cum inside me she said as she pushed me back against the wall. She

kneeled down in front of me and sucked me into her mouth. She looked up into

my eyes as

she did and I could see by the smile in her eyes she liked the way I tasted

mixed with her own

juices. I spurted once in her mouth, but as soon as she felt me jet onto her

tongue she pulled

my cock out of her mouth and started jerking me off onto her face. Jet after

jet arced onto her

face. It seemed as if I came forever, but I know it was a matter of seconds.

When I stopped

coming and opened my eyes her face was covered in cum. It was dripping off

her chin and

running down her neck to her tits.

Wait don’t move I told her. She leaned back against the sink with her

elbows propped up on

ether side of her, which displayed her tits beautifully and stayed still as

I went into my

bedroom. When I came back with my digital camera, she had a sexy serene

smile on her face.

I snapped a photo of her face and tits, with my cum on her eye lids, cheeks,

mouth, and hair

that hangs in my bathroom to this day.

I dont know what brought that on I told her but, that was the best suprise

I ever had! Well

that was only the first part of your suprise she told me. Come on in Jamie

Lynn she called out to her

sister who unknown to me had come in the house. I was a bit embarased being

naked in

front of her beautiful blond ten year old sister. Its ok Britney told me,

she was watching the

whole thing from behind the door. Little Jamie has been asking a lot of

questions about sex

lately. So I planed this get together just so she could watch. Its so much

better that trying to

explain sex to her. Well Jamie Lynn what did you think about what you saw?

Well she said, It

looked really cool the way you took his whole thing in your mouth.

Its called sucking a cock, she told her sister. Well as neat as it

looked I think I would learn a

lot more if I could try it instead of just watching, do you think I could

try it? Well what do you

think she asked as all focus turned to me and my only simihard dick. Britney

I said, dont you

think Jamie is a little young? Well she is young, but kids now days are

loosing their virginity

at her age and younger. We both decided that you might be a better choice

than some

teenager that might force himself on her and hurt her in the process. Well I

guess thats

resonable I responded, but I just got off two times with you so Im not sure

I can even get it up

again. Well we will just have to find out she said.

Come here Jamie Lynn, she said and held her hand out to her sister. OK

Jamie Lynn go ahead

and touch your first cock. Jamie Lynn reached out and touched me in a very

nervous shy kind of way.

Her touch was very light and tentative, she really just traced up and down

my cock with her

fingertips. Go ahead and wrap your hand all the way around it and stroke it

up and down Britney told her. She ever so gently stroked me up and down and

it was the most increadable feeling to have her

stroking me yet I wasnt getting hard. The two orgasams I had just had took

too much out of me.

Can I put it in my mouth Britney? Well of course you can sweetheart. She

bent over at the

waist and put just the head of my cock into her mouth. Holding it up with

her hand she tried

to get all of my simihard cock in her mouth, she got about half in and then

started to gag.

Dont try to get so much so fast, her sister told her. Just take it nice and


So now feeling a little more agressive she pulled me into the bedroom by

my organ so she could sit on the edge of the bed. She pulled me right up to

the bed which put my cock just inches in front of her

mouth. Again she very gently put her lips on the head of my cock and gave it

a kiss, then she

pulled her mouth off and licked just the sinsitive under side of the head

and the little slit on the

end. Wow Britney I think I’m tasting your juice, and his, on his thing. That

said she stuck her

mouth over the head of my dick and slowly started sliding more and more of

my still simihard cock into her little mouth, just like her sister had befor

her. If I had had a hard on she wouldn’t be able to get

much more than the head into her mouth but as it was she got all of me into

her mouth.

Why dont you take your clothes off and get up on the bed honey, her

sister told her. Ok

Britney. With that she stood up on the bed and started undressing. As she

pulled her shirt up

over her head I could see that her little breasts were just begining to bud,

and formed little

cones with puffy little nipples. Next she shimmied out of her skirt with a

little wiggle of her

hips and my mind started thinking of her as a woman child instead of just a

little girl. She just

stood there with little white cotton panties on and covered her little puffy

nipples with her

hands. Jamie Lynn you dont have to hide your self or be embarased I told

her. But my little boobies are so small, and I dont have any hair on my

pussy. But Jamie Lynn you are a very beautifull girl and your body is going

to develop as you get older, and besides look at my dick its getting a

little bigger just looking at you. So if you still want to get all of me in

your mouth again you had better hurry. She literally tore her panties off

revealing a beautifully bald smooth little slit of a cunt.

At that she giggled flopped down on her stomach and again put all of my

cock into her mouth. I stood and looked at her too cute little little ass as

she increased her suction on my cock. She had tiny little ass cheeks that

were tiny duplicate versions of her big sisters.

Now my cock was starting to show some interest as her warm little mouth

started to work up

and down my member. Its starting to ger bigger in my mouth she said in and

excited voice,

and then she dove back on. As her mouth started to work on me I could see it

start to stretch her

jaws, as I started to get too big for her little ten year old mouth. Could

you come and lie down so I can suck you better she asked me. So I climbed up

on the bed and lay down on my back with her streched accros my stomach. I

closed my eyes and reveled in the sensation of a ten year old girl sucking

on my


My whole body jerked at the new sensation of my balls being sucked. Her

sister had

crawled up between my legs and taken my balls into her mouth as Jamie Lynn

sucked on my

cock. The sensation of two mouthes on me with the thought of two sisters


between my legs was more than I could take, with no warning because I didnt

even realise it

was going to happen I spurt a hot jet into Jamie Lynn’s mouth. I heard a

startled EMMMMPH and

felt most of my jism spurt out the sides of her mouth but for the second

shot she pulled back a

little and started sucking and swallowing like crazy. Her sister moved up

and started laping

up what had spilled out of Jamie Lynn’s mouth as I finished coming.

Wow that was so cool Jamie Lynn said as she licked my cock from top to

bottom and totally

cleaned me up, with the help of her sister. Wait till you feel what comes

next Jamie Lynn her

sister told her. But first lets go and get some lunch. OK Jamie Lynn said,

but we get to come back

and do some more stuff don’t we? Yes of course we can, I have a feeling I

won’t be able to

refuse you anything I told her.

We went to a local resturant to have lunch and the whole time Jamie Lynn

was like a girl posesed. First she sat in my lap, just to grind her sassy

little ass into my crotch. She started my hardon then and just kept me hard

all through lunch. She would reach under the table cloth and squeeze my cock

thru my pants and massage it when ever she thought no body was looking. It

was crazy, people kept coming to the table to get Britney’s autograph or

take her picture, and all the while her little sister would be stroking my

cock under the table. She even took my hand and rubbed her white cotton clad


with my fingers. Then she climbed under the table and sliped my cock into

her mouth for a few minutes.

After lunch we were driving home with Jamie Lynn sitting between the

two of us when she decided to take my cock out of my pants and play with it

all the way

home. She didnt care if we were at a red light or who might see into the

car. I looked to Britney

for help, but she just smiled. You see what Iv been having to deal with.

When we got back to my place Jamie Lynn was the first one thru the door,

she didn’t waste a

second, she just started stripping off her clothes as she walked to the

bedroom. By the time I

got there she was laying on her back with one hand holding the lips of her

pus open and the

middle finger of her other hand buried in her imposibly small opening.

Britney stood behind

me and started unbuttoning my shirt. Befor it dropped to the floor she was

unbuttoning my

501s and pulling down my briefs. All this from behind as I watched her

little sister play with her

little pussy.

She started stroking my cock from behind, now your going to take my


virginity she whispered in my ear. If I hadnt been hard as a rock already

that statement

whispered in my ear would have done it. I felt as if my heart was going to

pound out of the

head of my cock.

We walked up to the bed together with Britney stroking me the whole


We need to do this very slowly. Jamie Lynn has never known anything bigger

than her own finger.

Why dont you get her ready. I lay down between her silky thin little legs

and planted my

mouth right on her cunt. She shivered at the contact of my tonge parting her

lips. I slid my

tonge up her slit looking for her little clit, and back down into her hole.

I wanted it plenty wet

so I could start working my finger in so she would be ready for my cock. I

started to get her

nice and wet, when she started to wiggle her hips under my mouth. Her pussy

started dripping

on its own as she grabbed my head and ground it into her virgin snatch. I

alternated between

stabbing my tonge into her pus and flicking it up to her little clit. She

kept grinding her snatch

into my face when all of a sudden she pulled up on my head and fairly well

growled, Do


I slid up her little body untill my cock was lined up with her cunt. At

this point Britney

reached between our legs and steered my cock to her sisters tiny pussy. She

rubbed the head up

and down her slit a couple of times and then positioned it at the entrance

for me. I pushed

gently with my hips and the head started to squeeze in. So I rocked my hips

back and forth to try

to ease in a bit further, but I wasnt making any headway. Wait a minute

Britney told me from

between our legs. She pulled my cock from her sisters snatch, slid up

between us on her

back and took me into her mouth.

In my wildest fantasy I never could have imagined this happening. Her

warm wet mouth

stroked up and down my cock getting it wet and ready for her sister laying

beneth me.

She quickly removed me from her mouth and realinged me with the pussy

waiting for me.

As soon as I felt the head of my cock reenter the entrance I desired I

slowly and gently thrust

my cock into her ten year old cunt, I could actually feel her tight little

virginity ripping.

Her whole body stiffened and her tiny arms gripped around my neck, as the

pain coursed thru her.

I lay still on top of her untill she got used to my cock buried to the

hilt in her. Untill she started gently rocking her hips back and forth. I

have to say she was so

hot, and tight that I thought I was going to cum just being inside her. As

she moved her hips it

was all I could do to control my orgasm from going off too soon. As I got

myself under

control I started to ease my cock back and forth in her and she slowly went

from a look of

pain to pleaure. She started responding to my thrusting by pushing back as

my tempo was

increasing. I didnt know how long I was going to last but I didnt need to

last much longer.

Jamie Lynn started bouncing her hips off the bed and screamed as her

whole body shook from head

to toe. I was thrusting hard and deep into her when Britney told me to go

ahead and cum inside her sister. I knew what she wanted so a half a dozen

strokes later, Britney had moved up next

to Jamie Lynn so they were side by side. I was seconds away from cumming as

I slammed my cock into the tightest pussy I’v ever had. I pumped the first

two shots of my juice into her tight little quim and then positioned my self

just above their waiting faces. I started cumming sending

jet after jet into their eger waiting faces. Britney had her mouth open so

she could taste me raining down on her. My spunk was flying all over, it was

no wonder the way they had been teasing me all through lunch. When I

finished cumming both of their faces were dripping cum. I let my slowly

deflating cock drop down into their faces and they both took turns sucking

me dry. I dont need to say it but, it was one hell of a day. I sat down next

to Jamie Lynn, she rolled over and started licking my cock and balls like

she couldnt get enuf. Sis I want more she said! Well honey I think he needs

a bit of a rest but if you ask really nice I bet he will let us come back

tommorow! You can guess my response?

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