Britney And The Dancers

Britney and the dancers by britneylover2001 email at is my first time writing a short story like this so I might need work.

This story is set on the making of britneys first video Oops I did it again. Brintey is very excited on her first video shoot. She’s 18 years old and feels like she is missing out on a lot of experiences her friends are doing. All britneys school friends and dancers have told her about their first times having sex and britney feels like she can’t hold out anymore. Two particular female dancers told britney about 2 male dancer that they fuck on one of the earlier
video shoots, their names were Todd and Liam, one of the dancers said she had the best sex ever with Todd, rumor had it her was spotted coming out of the shower and he looked nothing short of 12 inches. The other female dancers said she never experienced anal sex so good before with Liam, story has it that he’s not to short in the lower region either.

Anyway its late on the first day and britney has just finished shooting in her red leather outfit and feels very hot, sweaty and tired so heads back to her trailer, but on the way notices Todd outside her trailer holding a bottle of water for her to quince her thirst, she thanks him by inviting him into her trailer for a coffee and without a second thought he comes in. Britney says to Todd that she feels so hot and sweaty she need to get out of her Leather outfit before she passes out, Todd says maybe if you pass out I can have my way with you, but britney replied saying your can have your way with me anytime. So Todd grabbed a scissors from the shelf and mad a slit at her ass in the leather suit and cut the whole way up to her neck and ripped the red leather suit off down as far as her knees, reviling her hot sweating body. Todd quickly pulls the rest of the suit off her knees and began to feel her wet sweating legs. He rolled him tongue up her thighs licking her sweat and up her tummy area cleaning her body and sucked on her hard nipples.

Britney laid on the floor and spread her legs apart and told slowly began to feel her smooth silky legs, and ran his hands down around her ass and squeezed her butt cheeks tightly as he lowered his head in between he legs and started to lick around her pussy and sucked up her sweat drops while britney moaned silently having never experienced such a feeling. Todd’s cock was hard but not hard enough for him to penetrate into her tight pussy so he moved up towards her tits and placed his cock out in front of her and she grabbed it with her left hand and felt it for a few seconds, having never felt a cock before she took pleasure in it, she then opened her mouth and wet her lips as she slowly began to lick the head of his cock and suck on it as he pushed into her mouth she sucked and sucked, tasting his cock for the first time, she nodded her head back and forth, sucking until he was totally hard, but as his cock got harder is got to big to fit in her mouth. He took his cock out of her mouth and kissed her lips and says, “are you sure about this” and britney replied saying, ” pop my cheery now”. He put his hands on her legs and spread them apart and took his cock in his hand and slowly pushed the head into her wet tight juicy pussy and she moaned loudly, but he took it easy and pushed in only 4 inches and pulled back 2, and slowly pushed in again another 4 inches, and repeated it until he got his whole cock in her wet tight pussy. She was screaming loud with a mixture so pleasure and pain, but this was the first time so she didn’t know what to experience. Todd was pumping his hard cock into her pussy now in and out and his cock became wet with pussy juice it was sliding in and out with ease.

He took her tits in his hands and rubbed them softy while her sucked on her nipples and kissed over and over sliding his tongue into her mouth and licking her salvia .She tasted so good he didn’t ever want this to stop, he whole body down to the sweat drops on her skin tastes so sweet. Britney was now moaning faster and faster , fuck me hard make me cum , while told could feel his cum load slowly building up inside and ready to explode in her , he kept squeezing her hard nipples to make her orgasm greater and as he began to pump in and out faster she felt herself ready to explode, and then she let a rip roar out loud enough for the while set to hear, as she had her first real orgasm, while Todd still pumped her tight pussy as his cock when in and out , just before he was ready to cum he pulled out his cock and took it in his hand and jacked it off into her face he mouth wide open ready to taste his cum, and he exploded in her face sum of it in her hair, down her eyes and around her lips so she licked it off her lips with her tongue and licked the head of his cock and sucked and cum out of him into her mouth and swallowed every drop.

The was a knock on the door , and britney quickly grabbed a towel and cleaned the cum off her face and wrapped it around her breasts cover herself up, Todd hid in the back. “Come in she said”, it was Liam who had heard her roar and came to see if she was ok. Britney who was excited from her first orgasm grabbed him and pulled his cock out from his zipped and said, “lets not stop there I might as well have my first threesome too”. When she pulled out his cock she began to play with it and jerk it off, and she told Todd to come out for some more. She grabbed Todd’s cock in the other hand and jerked that too. She sucked on Liam’s cock to harden it up more and then sucked on Todd’s too because he was softening up after just cumming. Liam grabbed Britney and bent her over into doggy style position and started to lick her ass cheeks and taste the sweat drop that were running down her from just fucking Todd. Todd got down on his knees infront of Britney’s face and let her suck him off until he was ready again to get into her pussy, while Liam continued to lick around her ass and up her ass hole. It felt ticklish to britney as he mouth was full on Todd’s cock. Liam took some baby oil from britneys shelf and rubbed it up along the shaft of his cock and around the head. He put his hands on her two soft juicy ass cheeks and spread them to relieve her ass hole and he slowly put the head of his cock into her ass and waited a moment for her ass to expand while her slowly pushed his cock in inch by inch waiting for her ass to expand more after every inch. After he got 8 inches into her he withdrew back about 5 inched and then rammed it back in pushing the 12 inches into her ass, while Todd quickly pulled his cock out of britneys mouth before Liam rammed her in case britney bit his cock off. Liam was now getting a good pumping action into her ass, while britney moans louder and louder every time her pumps in and out. Liam pulls his cock out of her ass and lies down flat on the floor with his cock rock hard standing up waiting for britney to sit her ass down on top of it. Britney lies down on top of Liam with her ass face his cock, grabs his cock and directs it into her ass which was all spread from before and her re-inserted his hard cock in her ass and begins to pump he. Todd get down on top of britney and begins to start ramming his cock into her pussy while Liam is ramming her ass. Britney is in a sandwich as the moment with cock in the ass and cock in her pussy while Liam has his hands wrapped around her breasts squeezing them tight making her nipples all red, and Todd continues to penetrate her tight pussy with his hard cock while licking her tongue and lips. Britney is moaning so loud now with the double penetration she puts a sock in her mouth to bite down on so no one out side hears her. She bites down so hard to hold in her orgasm while Liam and Todd are but near ready to cum in her. Todd gest out of her pussy and begins to jack off in front of her face waiting for the cum to explode on her. Liam gets up and bends Britney back into doggy style position, he feels the cum ready to blow so her pushes his cock in her ass and pumps really fast and hard and then just before it burst out he pull his cock to the outside of her ass hole and lets the cum drip onto her ass hole and then her pushed his cock in on top of the cock through her ass and pumps her ass with all his cum while britney feels cum squirting out of Liam and Liam’s cock s shaft is covered in creamy cum from her ass. Todd is still jacking off and before he cum Liam is finished so he goes to britney ass and jacks off until he shots his load on to her ass hole and pushes the cum into her ass and fucks his cock in her to get all his cum out in her ass. Her ass is real smooth and creamy from Liam’s cum so he fucks her ass with ease and releases all his cum in her. When he pulls out britney turns around and begins to lick there cocks cleans making sure the not cum left. She licks all around Todd’s cock sucking off the bits of cum left from her ass. The two guys put back on their clothes and leave the trailer, leaving britney who tells them to cum back any time .The end

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