Britney And The Photos

Britney & the Photos

By: Carnage Jackson (

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Yes I know little miss Britney doesn’t act like this, but we can all
fantasize can’t we?

After a
long and tiring show, Britney Spears was ready to collapse on the couch in her dressing room. Making her way to the back of the amphitheater, the screams of the crowd still echoing in the halls, Britney quickly snuck inside her dressing room and plopped down in a chair. Britney scanned the room. All of these dressing rooms had started looking the same – a bathroom/shower off to the side, a big couch in the center of the room, a table covered with all sorts of food and drinks. It was always the same and Britney was getting tired of it. She was a pop star. She was loved by millions of girls and by even more millions of men who all wanted her. No, Britney thought to herself; she wasn’t just a singer, she was a DIVA!

The thought brought a smile to her face as Britney relished in her own opulence. Closing her eyes and leaning back in the leather chair, she put her feet up on the nearby table. Sighing contentedly, Britney felt her body start to relax and the tiredness just fall away from her. Dressed in black sequined spandex pants, perfect for her dance moves, and a bright yellow sleeveless tank top that tied in the back as it crisscrossed her shoulders, Britney’s oiled and tanned tight little body barely filled up the chair she was sitting in. Britney haphazardly traced incoherent small patterns around her tummy, rubbing her finger around her navel ring and fondling the small diamond stone embedded inside. Britney had begun to drift off to sleep when there was a knock at the door.

“Um, Miss Spears? There is a man here to see you,” said a very young stage hand, poking her head into the dressing room.

“Who is he?” Britney sighed exasperatedly, not even to bother opening her eyes. How dare this little bitch interrupt her when she was trying to take a nap.

“He says he is a photographer from TeenQueen magazine and he wanted to talk to you about something,” the stage hand said, looking down at her clipboard. Britney heard a squawking in the girls headset, to which the girl responded “Copy that. So should I send this guy in or not Britney?” the girl said hurriedly. Britney’s lip curled up in a snarl and was going to yell at the girl for rushing her, but thought better of it. The magazine the man said he worked for sounded awfully familiar to her, so she figured she should check it out.

“Yes, that’s fine. Send him in,” Britney said, getting up from the chair and walking over to the dressing mirror. Britney took up a towel from the counter and primped herself up, wiping the sweat from her glistening body and from the top of her breasts underneath the tank top. The girl left the room, closing the door behind her. Not two minutes later, the door opened again.

Britney was busy looking in the dressing room mirror and fixing her hair when she glanced up and saw the man walk in through the reflection in the glass.

Carrying a large manila envelope, he was about 6’5 and as leanly built as any man she had seen. His hair was jet black and concealed mostly underneath a brownish-tan fedora cap. He was wearing a black leather jacket over a gray shirt and a pair of tattered and dirty looking blue jeans that stopped where his heavy work boots began. Over his shoulder was slung a camera and Britney wondered to herself why he had brought that along. Probably to shoot the concert she thought.

Turning around, Britney put on her “show” face and greeted the tall man with a warm smile.

“Hi, I’m Britney, as you probably already know. The girl said you were from TeenQueen magazine?” Britney said, extending her hand. Her solid gold bracelet slid down her arm and clinked a little as she extended it. The man received the gesture, shaking her hand lightly. His touch was cold and clammy almost, something Britney was surprised at since it was so hot down here under the stage.

“I’m Robert and yes, I’m a photographer for the magazine,” the man said in a gravely, deep voice. Britney got a closer look at him now – his face looked rather haggard and torn, with acne scars and a slight scar from a cut extending from his upper lip at a 45 degree angle towards his cheek. The man had to have been at least 40 but something in Britney told her that he was much older than that.

“Ok Robert, what can I do for you?” Britney said, gesturing him over to a chair by the snack table. He sat down gingerly, his tall frame still not equal to Britney’s short stature. Britney felt like she was in the midst of a giant.

Robert cracked a smile at Britney’s comment, a very hideous looking smile that caused his lips to crackle some as they peeled back from his yellow teeth.

“Oh, you can do a lot. Trust me,” Robert said, again in a very deep toned voice.

Britney couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable by his smile, and it caught her off guard a little. A tart little teen princess, Britney wasn’t used to dealing with such ruffians as he was.

Scooting a tray of crackers aside, Robert set the manila folder on the table and opened it, pulling out face down a stack of large 8x10s that Britney knew were photos. Robert pulled the photos to his chest and held them a few inches from him, glancing down at them and chuckling to himself.

“I have some photos that I think you will be interested in seeing. They are set for publication next month and we just wanted you to see them before they went out,” Robert said, setting the photos on top of the envelope and sliding them towards Britney.

Still unable to shake the uneasy feeling, Britney cringed a little in anticipation as she pulled the photos to her. Lifting the first one off the stack Britney lifted it up and took a look. A gasp escaped her lips.

The photo was a full color, crystal clear image of her on stage a few weeks ago at another concert. Or rather, it was BEHIND the stage, when Britney was changing costumes. She was in fact topless with her hands on her hips, her large breasts exposed completely under the light of the stage. Her nipples were erect in the photo, more than likely Britney thought, because of the sweat that she had pouring down her body at the time reacting with the air conditioning of the building. Without a doubt, this photo was the holy grail for men everywhere – a true, 100% authentic Britney Spears nude picture.

Britney’s head was reeling. She was cursing herself repeatedly over why she had been so careless to let someone snap her picture topless. A million thoughts poured through her head about her career, her reputation, her fans…everything that she had worked so hard to build was now in jeopardy. The little princesses castle was falling apart.

Britney picked up the remaining photos. All seemed to be of the same concert at night, but at different angles. One was from the side, another from even closer. How did they get so close without her seeing?

Robert spoke again, a devilish grin on his hard, callused face.

“As you can see, these pictures will send our readership through the roof. Grown men will be fighting over copies of the issue, a special one-time run we will be offering. We will make millions,” Robert said with glee.

Britney was on the verge of tears. “I…I don’t get it. What do you want from me? Money? I can give you lots and lots of money! I’ll even give you credit on my new album,” Britney said as enthusiastically as she could muster, hoping to bargain with this gaunt man.

“No no no, I don’t want your money. I have all the money I could ever need,” Robert said softly, pulling a long and withered finger to his pursed lips as he thought.

“You have something far more delectable than any dollar bill could ever be,” he said finally, leaning forward and looking straight into Britney’s eyes. Britney returned the gaze, losing herself deep in his almost black, dark eyes. The sudden realization of what he wanted finally hit her.

“No…not that. I can’t do that. That’s blackmail! And besides, it’s against everything I believe in!” Britney cried, recoiling back into her chair in disgust.

“It may be blackmail. But sweet, naive little Britney…how do you think the world works huh? You may have been given your career on a silver platter but at some point you must pay your dues. Are your morals and ethics worth more than all that work you spent becoming a household name?” Robert said to Britney, a soft but crooked smile on his face.

“Yes. Yes they are!” Britney said triumphantly.

“Very well then, I’ll show myself out,” Robert said, snatching up the pictures and slipping them back into the envelope. “I’ll see you on the cover of the newsstand in a few weeks,”

Robert’s tall frame took strides to the door and he had just about reached it when Britney, pausing from a moment of hesitation to think, sprang from her chair and cut him off.

“No! Don’t go! We can work this out! I’ll…I’ll…give you a…you know…” Britney said shyly, her face turning a bright red.

“A what?” Robert said, enjoying watching Britney squirm over the word.

“A blowjob!” Britney blurted out loudly, hoping in hindsight that no one heard her.

Robert seemed to pause and contemplate her offer for a moment.

“That’s agreeable. We can take it from there and perhaps I will feel more inclined to bargain afterwards,” Robert said, walking back towards the couch. “Lock the door.”

Britney did as she was told and slowly, like a frightened animal, moved timidly towards where Robert was standing by the couch.

“On your knees you little white trash skank,” Robert commanded Britney, setting his pictures on the couch next to him. Britney did as she was told, falling to her knees softly. Glancing over at the couch, the photographs that had gotten her to the situation she was in now sat just mere inches from her, mocking her.

Robert placed his hands on his hips and began giving Britney orders.

“Unzip my pants, drop them to the floor and take out my cock,” he said.

Her hand shaking, Britney reluctantly unzipped Robert’s jeans and shook them loose from his legs. Wearing a pair of black boxer briefs, Britney could see his hardening cock in side his underwear. Moving with more timidity than before, Britney put her hand up by the elastic waistband of the boxers and pulled downward, freeing Robert’s cock from it’s enclosement as the shorts moved over his manhood.

Britney was aghast at what she saw. Never having seen a cock before except in pictures, Britney was awestruck by the site of Robert’s very large 10 inch penis, very narrow in width. It stuck straight out from his body, the member starting to harden in the warm air of the room. Robert’s balls hung loosely beneath his cock, covered in jet black hair all around.

“Now, suck on it,” Robert commanded again.

Britney moved her hand slowly towards the jutting out shaft, barely able to wrap her small hand around it. Jerking up and down like she knew men supposedly liked, Britney scooted her ass closer to Robert’s body and eased her face towards his member. The jerking action had now made him almost totally hard and he measured close to 12 inches now, a disproportionate amount for any man if Britney had only known.

Her lipstick covered lips from the earlier show just an inch or so from his bulbous head, Britney crossed over to the dark side as she slowly began sliding the prick into her mouth. Her lips and cheeks stretched around the cock head as it entered into her sweet mouth. The taste was not as revolting as Britney imagined it would be, more of just a salty taste from the sweat on his shaft. Britney slowly slid the cock further into her mouth, devouring inch by inch of it with every increasing moment. Soon she had 7 inches inside of her mouth but she realized that was not enough to satisfy Robert.

Looking up at him with her brown, doe like eyes, Britney waited for guidance on what to do to this horrible man next. Instead he took her by the hair roughly and began to force feed her more of her cock. Acting out of impulse, Britney slowly relaxed her gag reflex and let another 3 inches slip down her throat. Robert seemed satisfied and began to pull his dick out to allow Britney to suck him off much easier.

Britney began to take the lead in pleasuring him, wanting to get this over as quick as she could. As reluctant as she had been to give him a blowjob, Britney began to feel a tingling in between her legs and couldn’t quell the part of her mind that was enjoying this. Enjoying being dirty, being treated like a slut.

Her mouth now moving freely up and down his shaft, Britney was coating it with her saliva and lipstick, faint red smears being left on his skinny but long cock. Lathering the head with her tongue, she licked around the base of the deep purple head and squeezed it gently between her lips, causing Robert to gasp sharply. Britney’s mouth was quickly back on the cock shaft though, as she sucked on it so hard her cheeks quivered.

Fully aroused now, Britney hoped that Robert didn’t notice as she slipped a small hand down into her panties and began to rub her finger tips over her sizzling hot pussy lips. Britney felt herself open up as a finger explored her inner cavern, causing her to gasp and moan around the cock in her mouth. Britney rarely masturbated, thinking it dirty, but now she couldn’t seem to get enough of getting her own self off with her hand.

The more Britney fingered herself, the more increased attention she paid to the cock that was occupying her mouth. Sliding her tongue up and down in a frantic pace, Britney struggled to get Robert off with her mouth while she brought her own self to orgasm with her finger. Robert was beginning to grunt and she sensed his orgasm as being very close.

Stepping back, he yanked his cock from her mouth and began to jerk himself at a blistering rate, feeling his cum rise up inside of his balls. Britney, acting like the loveable slut she now felt that she was, scooted up close to his balls and waited for the load to come.

And come it did. With a final tug, Robert’s cock erupted in a flood of cum.

Britney wasn’t prepared for the massive load unleashed onto her. The first jet landed right beneath her left eye, dribbling down her cheek and into the corners of her mouth. Having never taken a load in the face, Britney pulled her head back instinctively, closing her eyes but opening her mouth in a gasp. Robert’s second shot landed right in the middle of her nose, running down it and onto her outstretched tongue. More accustomed now to the shots, Britney pulled herself forward and like a good little slut, opened her mouth to catch the cum. With his subsequent bursts of hot cum, Robert successfully coated Britney’s face almost completely, what he didn’t cover running into her mouth and down her neck on to her top.

His load spent, Robert sighed contentedly. But much to Britney’s dismay, he wasn’t zipping himself back up.

“Lick yourself clean Britney,” he commanded. Britney hesitated for a moment and then began to work her tongue around the edge of her small lips and tasted his cum. She found the taste to be salty but sweet and not nearly as disgusting as she thought it would have been. Her tongue becoming braver and moving out more rapidly, she licked all around her mouth, scooping up big globs of cum into her mouth and swallowing them greedily. Her hand moved to her neck and she wiped it off of her sweaty, tan skin and licked her fingers clean of it. Robert couldn’t help but smile as he watched America’s teen queen savoring the taste of his cum.

Satisfied that she had gotten it all (including a few blobs in her hair), Britney moved to stand up and clean herself off in front of the mirror.

“Not so fast Britney, we aren’t done here yet,” Robert said, waving his finger back and forth in front of her. Britney’s face changed to one of confusion and slight anger.

“What? I thought I just had to give you a blow job and we were good!” Britney said, shocked.

“Yes, that part of the deal is complete. I’m a man of my word. But I have a feeling that you will give up quite a bit more to get your hands on these,” Robert said with that same wicked smile.

Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled out a small white envelope. Sticking his hand inside, he pulled out a small strip – the photo negatives.

Like a spoiled child, Britney made a valiant grab for the negatives, lunging at Robert’s midsection to get them.

“No fair! Give me those,” Britney whined. Robert was quick on the draw though and withheld them.

“Aa aa ah! Naughty Britney, trying to take what wasn’t hers. Now you certainly will pay,” Robert said, holding them high above Britney’s waving hand.

“No. I will not! I will not let you fuck me!” Britney said, crossing her arms across her ample chest and falling to the floor in a pout. “I’m a virgin and I will stay a virgin until I marry, nude photos or not,”

“Very well. But then how about we try a DIFFERENT kind of sex,” Robert suggested, his cold eyes staring intently at Britney.

“What could there…oh! No! I will not let you stick that, that,” Britney said, waving her finger at Robert’s increasingly flaccid cock “that THING up my ass!”

“Ok, not a problem. But I make no promises that these photos won’t see the light of day. Besides, even though you’d still be a virgin, I doubt very much that anal sex would ruin your reputation as much as these photos would,” Robert said, cackling quietly.

Britney again was torn between what to do – should she let herself be blackmailed and keep her name? How did she know those were the ONLY negatives? Was he right, was anal sex still keeping your virginity? She had gone this far, what was the harm in just a little further…

“Fine,” Britney said with a saddening sigh. “But please be gentle. I’ve never done it…that way…or any way at all,” she said, defeated morally as she strove to protect her good name.

“I knew you couldn’t resist,” Robert said. “Now please, lower your pants and get on your hands and knees,”

Britney turned around and away from him, slowly reaching her hands to the waistband of her pants and pulling them down slowly over her trim, tight ass. Her panties became hooked on the way down and within a few seconds Britney’s ass was exposed to this complete stranger.

The cool air of the room had chilled her moist pussy, sending a shiver throughout her body as she heard Robert positioning himself behind her. She tried to think of anything other than what was about to happen, but she couldn’t avoid it. Her pussy began to tingle and she felt a trickle of juices seep from within it. She struggled in her mind to not recognize the fact, but she knew in her heart that she was loving every minute of this, reveling in becoming a slut fuck toy.

Robert reached over to the nearby table and poured some water on his hand, to lube up his cock as he aimed it at Britney’s pert little asshole. Britney braced herself on the floor, her arms supporting her body as she tensed her body up and prepared for the entry. Robert rubbed his hard cock against the cheeks of her ass, enjoying the feeling the warm teenage flesh. Britney’s tight ass swayed hypnotically in front of him and Robert was almost lost in it’s movements, before quickly refocusing himself and moving the head of his dick up to enter her.

As Britney felt the head of his knob touch her flesh, she had to resist the urge to just shove her ass back against him and take it all in one sudden burst. She was totally gone in her act of lust now, her hesitation before at anal sex just a charade to protect her image. She wanted his cock and she wanted it BAD. She felt the tip push into her sphincter, the muscle tight with anticipation.

“Relax it Britney or this will hurt a lot worse than you could imagine,” Robert said. Britney did as she was told and was rewarded by feeling her ass muscles expand widely as the shaft moved inside of her. Very slowly was the entry into her, only an inch at a time. Robert worked more of himself into her, causing Britney to grunt in part pain, part pleasure. Britney reached up to remove her top, letting her breasts sway beneath her. He had already seen her topless in the photos and since he was fucking her in the ass now, it didn’t seem to matter much anyways.

Robert had pushed almost all of his rod into her now, and slowly began to pull it from inside of her. Britney felt her sphincter muscles contract as the cock left her ass, but then loosened again as Robert pushed back in. The feeling was incredible, the tension and force of his fucking and his balls slapping against her pussy lips driving her mad. Britney began to rock her hips back against Robert when he would thrust in, striving to get his cock into her as quick and as deep as she could.

Robert was enjoying himself immensely and couldn’t resist grabbing Britney by her now sweaty and matter long blond hair and pulling her head back slightly as he fucked her. Enjoying the roughness he was taking, Robert pulled harder on her, causing her body to move back against him even further, burying his cock inside of her to the hilt. Britney lowered a hand to her wet pussy lips and began to play with them feverishly, rubbing her hand up and down her slit, covering her hand in her own juices.

She moaned loudly as a finger slipped inside, Robert’s other hand now roughly running over her cunt. His finger was large and callused, but felt oh so good inside of her snatch. He thrust it in and out of her in rhythm with his ass fucking and after just a few moments, Britney felt an orgasm coming.

With a tremendous release that made her see stars, Britney came all over Robert’s hand in a violent orgasm. It was the strongest she had ever had, amplified by the fact that she felt so good about being so naughty. Britney’s body shuddered as she came down from such a massive cum, her breathing now ragged and panting.

She felt Robert’s body pick up it’s pace and in one final thrust, he fell on top of her, shoving his cock all the way in as it exploded in a torrent of cum. Britney felt so dirty and slutty as she felt his cum splatter the inside of her anus. Robert thrust within her a few more times and then pulled his cum covered prick from Britney’s ass.

Britney stood up and picked up a towel, wiping herself clean as she felt Robert’s cum trickling from her asshole. Robert put his prick in his pants and zipped up, heading for the door.

“We had a deal right? There are no more pictures and you won’t publish anything like this right?” Britney said as Robert stood by the doorway. He tossed her the negatives from his jacket.

“You have my word. Pleasure doing business with you Ms. Spears,” Robert said with a jagged grin. He opened the door and left, pulling it to behind him.

Britney walked over to the mirror and began to clean herself off further, noticing a long trail of cum that had worked it’s way down her leg to her left foot. Still naked underneath, Britney wrapped a towel around herself and made her way towards the shower when there was a knock at the door and the door opened slowly.

“Look, what do you want now? If this is about money…” Britney said, not even looking back.

“What? Umm…no, Ms. Spears I’m Jonathan from TeenQueen magazine. I was here to see if I could interview you for an upcoming issue? I would have come in earlier but a man told me to wait outside. That was an hour ago. Is everything alright?” the man said. Britney spun around with a look of horror on her face. The reporter was a handsome college guy, preppy looking and not much older than Britney. DEFINETELY not the man she had just let fuck her.

“! This can’t be!” Britney screamed as she ran over to the envelope on the table, tearing it open and staring at the pictures. She looked closer now, closer than she had before. The girl in the pictures wasn’t her! It was a groupie at a rock concert who just LOOKED like her!

Britney fell to her knees and burst into tears, yelled loudly in anguish. What had she done!

Walking out into the parking lot, a tall, lanky older man climbed into his red Mustang and drove away. Anyone nearby would have certainly noticed the broad, shit-eating grin on his face as his engine revved up, drowning out the sound of a cry from somewhere in the stadium behind him.


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