Britney And You

Britney and You—By

To my knowledge this is a new type of story. Have you ever wished that
you were the guy in the story fucking the brains out of your dream
girl? Well now you can. The guy in this story is you. This is the
first story I am writing like this so it might have a few kinks in it,
but it should be a good prototype. So read on and enjoy your own
personal story.

     You had just finished jerking off to the new Britney Spears
video. You were getting your clothing on when a commercial appears on
the screen. Britney’s
hot sixteen year old body was dancing around on
a stage. "Win a chance to meet Britney Spears in person." The
announcer said enthusiastically, "Just call 1-800-988-7654 within the
next fifteen minutes and you might be selected to win a date with this
fabulous dream girl. Without even thinking you run to the phone and
dial the number. A computer voice at the other end tells you to leave
your name, age, and telephone number and if you are chosen you will be
notified in the next 48 hours. You went on with your day, not giving a
second thought to the contest. The next morning the loud ringing of
the phone breaks through your dreams like a hammer through glass. You
pick up the phone to a cheerful voice at the other end. "Hi", the
voice says, "I’m Britney Spears and you have been chosen to come to my
next concert and meet me in person." You begin to get hard just by
hearing her sweet voice. "Wow, that’s great." You reply. "See you
there." A month later the day has arrived. Your not really a big fan
of Britney’s music but you are willing to sit through it so that you
get a chance to meet her and finally see those tits in person. You sit
in the first row and all throughout the concert it seems that she is
staring straight at you. After what seems like an eternity it is time
to go backstage. A representitive from MTV meets you when you get
there. "Hi, Britney saw you in the front row and requested that
instead of meeting her out here with everyone else that you go back to
her trailer." He says. This is your biggest fantasy. Maybe you’ll get
further than you previously thought. You get led into a big room
towards the back of the arena. This area is pretty vacant. No one
allowed back here except for the performers and their families. The
MTV rep tells you that Britney will be coming in soon and to make
yourself comfortabe before he leaves. This room is huge. One one side
there is a dresser with an oval mirror on it. There is assorted combs
and makeup laying on it. On the other side there is a big bed. It’s a
canope bed and there’s a mirror on the ceiling over it. A few minutes
later Ms. Spears enters the room. She is wearing the outfit she had
performed in. It’s a kind of schoolgirl outfit with plaid pants and a
white dress shirt that is rolled up to show off her stomach. "Hi" She
says. "Hel…." You start. "No, don’t talk. I was watching you for
the entire show. I think you are the hottest guy I have ever seen."
She interupts, "I am a 16 year old girl and 16 year old girls have
certain needs. I want you to fuck me. I want your hard cock pressing
into my tender pussy. I can see by looking at that bulge in your pants
your preety big. I love my men nice and big." She continues. She walks
up to you and plants a quick passionate kiss on your mouth. She then
rips off her shirt, exposing her sweet teenage tits. You grab them and
begin to suck on them. "MMMMmmmmmmmm" A loud moan escapes her mouth
before she kneels down and unzips your pants. Your dick, already with
a little precum on the head hits her in the face. "Wow your bigger
than I expected." She is about to suck your dick better than anyone
ever has before. You feel the head of your cock slide past her full
lips and almost all the way down her throat. Her mouth is very warm
and your cock slides easily up and down her throat. She sucks in a
complete motion, getting your out to the head before sliding it all
the way back in. She does this very rapidly and with extreme
skill. She definatly doesn’t suck dick like your average 16 year
old. You are on the edge of cumming. She senses this and stops
sucking. "Shoot your creamy load all over my face." She jerks you off
into an incredible orgasm which you shoot all over her teenage
face. She licks your semen from her face and smiles. You take one
look at her smile and her beautiful breasts and you are hard
again. "Hey I love a guy that’s ready to go so fast." She says. You
toss her onto the bed. You pull the tight pants off her body revealing
that she has no panties on under them. You position your large cock at
the entrance to her cunt and enter her all the way in one
thrust. "mmmmmmm" She moans. You take a second to look at her sweet
sixteen year old body enjoying your dick inside her. This thought
almost makes you cum but you control it. You start to thrust in and
out of her tight cunt. You massage her tits as you give her the
fucking of a lifetime. Britney’s hands grab your back and hold you
close to her while you fuck her harder and harder. She moans and
screams as an orgasm hits her. Her back arches and pushes you a little
deeper inside her. "Ohhh god, I’ve never had a guy this deep in me."
She says in between screams of pleasure. "I want you in my ass." You
pull your cock out of her. She rolls onto her stomach and gets on her
hands and knees with her tight ass facing you. You press your dick
against her asshole and use all your force to fill up her tight anus
with your cock. She screams and moans even louder than before. Her
muscles are tight and squeeze against you. As you start to fuck her
ass even harder than you had fucked her pussy, she does an amazing
thing with her ass muscles. They throb and convulse around your dick
and sort of massage it. This drives you over the edge. You fuck her
ass faster and harder than anyone you have ever fucked before and
shoot your second, even bigger load of the night deep within her
body. "Oh fuck that’s good" She screams really loud as you finish.
Slowly your dick shrinks down to it’s original size and you pull it
out ouf her tight body. You say good bye to Britney Spears and go back
to your normal life…. But you’ll never look at her video the same
way again.

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