Britney Discovers C-S-S-A

“Britney Discovers C-S-S-A”

by Jizz Monkey

(starring Britney Spears)

(M+F, nc/cons, mast, viol, oral, anal, ws, humil, int)

The following is a work of fiction for only legal adults to read:

Britney Spears was going through some stressful times. In addition to just
finishing a world tour and working on her next album, her boyfriend, Justin
Timberlake, had just dumped her. After so many years together, and losing her
virginity to him, she could not believe that she was being dumped so Justin
could be with some stupid groupie. Britney had held out for 18 years, but
Justin convinced
her to cave in and indulge her sexual appetite, which was now
quite insatiable.

After a horrendous day of recording, Britney stormed off and demanded to have
the night off. She had her driver take her to her home in the Hollywood Hills,
where she finally escaped the stress of the recording sessions. As soon as she
got home, she slipped on some baggy, pink pajamas and flopped out on her living
room couch to watch some TV. Just as she was starting to get comfortable, the
phone rang. Britney checked the caller I.D. to see if it was someone worth
talking to. She noticed that it was her friend, Allison, from back home. Her
face lit up and she quickly picked up the call from her friend who she had not
heard from in awhile.

“Hey Babe!” Britney exclaimed. “Whassup girl?” Allison replied. The two of
them quickly got caught up on each other’s lives, as they chatted away for about
half an hour. As soon as the first conversational pause came, Allison turned to
a darker subject. “Brit, how do you feel about all those internet sites with
naked pictures of you and stuff?” asked Allison. Britney paused and replied,
“I try not to think about it. The thought of some losers wacking off to
pornographic pictures with my head pasted on disgusts me.” Allison replied,
“Yeah, I hear ya girl. I even heard about a website that posts stories and
fantasies about guys having sex with you. Some of them are pretty sick. Shit,
anyone who gets off on that stuff has something seriously wrong with them.”
Britney was somewhat startled. She had heard about the pictures, but never
about the stories. “What do you mean stories?” inquired Britney. “Well, just
like fans sharing their fantasies. Some of them romantic
, some of them far form it. I’ve never read them. I’ve just heard through the
grapevine,” said Allison. Britney had a look of disgust on her face and she
changed the subject. The girls talked for another half hour, until Allison had
to go to sleep.

After getting off the phone, Britney’s curiosity grew. She booted up her
computer as she wandered what kind of stuff was being said about her. After a
fair amount of searching, including many misdirections and blind links, she
finally found a website called “Celebrity Sex Story Archive”. She noticed that
it was free and had no adult verification system, and wandered how many of her
fans actually visited the site. She also noticed that she wasn’t the only
celebrity with stories, which was kind of a relief. Britney clicked on “B” and
discovered that she was the only celebrity with a separate page. She hesitantly
clicked on her name, and was shocked by the huge list of stories about her.
Britney skimmed through the softcore stories about her in consensual sex with
another guy. She thought some of them were romantic, and some of them actually
started to turn her on. She could feel her neglected pussy getting soft and
warm with each story that she read.

Britney started to wonder what kind of stuff was in the hardcore stories, and
had no idea what the codes like nc, viol, and M+F stood for. With some
nervousness and apprehension, Britney clicked on story titled “Slave For Us” by
Mr. Extra. After reading the first few paragraphs she was utterly appalled.
Yet, for some reason she couldn’t stop reading. She read on about a group of
three men who captured her in a hotel room and brutally raped her. As she read
her, disgust gradually faded, and something else kicked in. She felt dirty.
For some unexplainable reason, her pussy was getting wetter than it had ever
been in her life! She thought, “What the hell is wrong with me!?” She couldn’t
understand why she was getting horny while reading about having every single one
of her holes violated. She continued reading as her pussy juices oozed out.
When she read the parts involving a super-soaker water gun filled with sperm
being shoved into her cunt and about a gallon of cum
being forced into her mouth, she couldn’t help put insert two of her soft,
delicate fingers into her now warm, soaked pussy. She moved her fingers in and
out of her shaved pussy as she rubbed the upper part of her outer clit with her
thumb. She continued pleasing herself as she read on. Towards the end of the
story she read about being beaten up horrible and urinated on, and with an extra
finger inserted, her pussy exploded. She climaxed as a wave of juices came
gushing out and soaking her pink pajamas.

The orgasm was a relief from all the stress and tension she had undergone
lately, but it was not enough. Britney stopped again to contemplate over why
reading about such horrible things was turning her on. She couldn’t figure it
out. The only thing she knew is that she needed to be treated rough. She
wanted to experience real dicks. She wanted to experience real abuse. She was
tired of being treated like a princess, and maybe that’s why the thought of
being treated like a cheap whore made her so incredible horny.

Britney, excitedly jumped in the shower as she thought out her master plan.
After showering and doing her hair and make-up, she ran over to her walk-in
closet and pulled out the Catholic school girl uniform that jump-started her
career in the video for “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” She quickly put on the
plaid skirt, stockings, and twisted her white top above her firm, tan stomach.
She glanced at her clock, which read 2:30 am. It was the perfect time to
execute her plan. She hopped into her BMW Z3 roadster and sped off down the

Britney was speeding as anticipation of what was in store for her heightened.
After about 25 minutes of quick driving in virtually no traffic, she reached her
destination: Compton, South Central Los Angeles. She drove into an area that
had some groups of guys walking around and pulled over to park her car. She
stopped her engine, and thought to herself, “This is it. Once I get out,
there’s no turning back.” Britney’s hesitance was quickly overcome by the
eagerness of her sexual appetite. She got out of her car, set the alarm, and
hid her keys behind a tire.

Britney Spears, the singer, actress, dancer, hottest girl alive, was now in the
middle of Compton in the middle of the night, with absolutely no possessions,
and only with a school-girl uniform on. It was an unbelievable site. Britney
regained her composure, and reiterated a crucial strategy in her mind: She had
to resist no matter what. She could not show any sign of consent or pleasure,
if she was to get as much out of this experience as possible.

Britney began walking down the dimly lit street, strutting her sexy outfit,
which was revealing almost all of her flesh. She walked for two minutes, and
still hadn’t encountered anyone. She then truned the corner into a dark alley.
She heard some sort of activity, but wasn’t sure what it was. As she walked
deeper into the even darker part of the alley, she encountered her lucky
winners, a group of 4 smelly, huge black men huddled around a pipe and cloud of
smoke from weed. They still hadn’t noticed her.

Britney shouted, “Ummm, I think I’m lost. Can you guys tell me how to get to
Beverly Hills?” The group turned their heads and were astonished by the sexy
figure that stood before them. One of the men, Tyrone, exclaimed “Bitch, don’t
be comin’ round here expecting shit from us. What can you do fo’ us!?” The
four of them surrounded Britney, and finally realized who was she was. Damon
yelled, “Yo, that’s that Britney Spears ho!” Britney started to look nervous as
she shied away, saying, “Ummm, maybe this was mistake. I should go now…. Thanks

As Britney backed away, the other two men, Brady and Scottie, tried to grab
her. Britney turned and started running. “Get her!” yelled Tyrone, as Brady
and Scottie chased after her. After only about 40 feet, the tow of them
captured their prize. Britney kicked and struggled, as the two huge men carried
her back behind the dumpster where it was nice and dark.

“Help!!!!!” screamed out Britney. Brady covered her mouth with his hands,
while Scottie took off his bandana, and then stuffed it into Britney’s mouth.
The tow of them then removed Britney’s shoes and stockings, revealing the nicest
pair of stems in existence. Britney gagged on the sweaty cloth as Tryrone and
Damon dropped their pants. She continued kicking her tan legs in the air as
Tryone and Damon watched from above as their cocks grew harder. Tyrone then
pulled out his knife and used it to slice off Britney’s plaid Catholic
school-girl skirt and white top, revealing the perkiest breasts and sweetest
cunt he had ever seen in his life (she had no bras or panties on). A wide-eyed
Britney looked fearfully at her captors as they prepared for the fuck of a
lifetime. Meanwhile, Britney pussy was hotter than ever, and she was really
scared that her running juices might giver away.

“Lift her up!” commanded Damon. Brady and Scottie did so. Damon crawled
underneath Britney, laying flat on his back Britney had the smoothest, most
beautifully tanned back ever. While in the air, Tyrone started munching on
Britney’s box, which drove her wild. She hid the pleasure by acting scared and
even managed to release a few tears from her eyes. Britney was laid back down
on her back on top of Damon. It was then that Damon suddenly shoved his
enourmous cock into Britney’s asshole. Britney felt a sharp pain, when the
huge, unlubricated cock forced it’s way into the deepest regions of her rectum.
Damon pumped her, and tears of pain came out of Britney’s eyes, but she still
has horny over what was yet to come. It was then that Tyrone got on top of
Britney and slammed his cock into her dripping-wet vagina. This was what she
had been waiting for. This was pure ecstasy for Britney Spears.

Tyrone and Damone continued ravaging Britney’s holes, when Brady and Scottie
decided to join the party. Brady grabbed Tyrone’s knife and pointed it an inch
away from Britney’s cheek. “Bitch, scream and you’re dead! Got it, Fuck
Bunny?” exclaimed Brady. Britney nervously nodded. Brady removed the bandanda,
and grabbed Britney’s blonde hair. He then yanked her head and forced his cock
deep into her throat, as Miss Spears gagged. “Jerk off my friend, slut!” yelled
Brady. Britney reached back and felt around Scottie’s body, until she found his
enormous member. She struggled as she aimed to stroke it, even though she
couldn’t see it while her mouth was being ravaged by Brady’s dick.

The scene continued, and Britney was doing everything she could do hold back
her climax. She wanted to build up the most intense orgasm ever, and wanted it
to last. Damon was the first to explode. Britney’s virgin, sweet asshole was
so damn tight that Damon couldn’t take it anymore. He released more fluid than
a fire hydrant as his semen filled Britney’s ass. Damon almost passed out from
the climax. He slid out from underneath Britney, took pride in the puddle of
blood and semen that leaked out from Britney’s asshole, and lit up a joint as he
watched his boys finish.

Tyrone was next. It was at this moment that Britney remembered that she wasn’t
on any kind of birth control. She stopped swallowing Brady’s cock for a slight
second as she blurted out, “Please don’t come inside of me!” Brady slapped
Britney across the face for pausing the dick-swallowing, and she quickly
returned to work. Tyrone ignored her feeble request as he unleashed enough
sperm to populate 50 planets. Britney’s fear of pregnancy was quickly
overwhelmed by the warm, soothing gush of Tyrone’s sticky cream. It was at this
moment that Britney joined Tyrone as her dam exploded, releasing her reservoir
of gushing fluid.

Britney’s orgasm made her limp, and relaxed. Brady was able to fit his huge
set of balls into her mouth, as he nudged his cock as far down her throat as
possible. He then climaxed as his milk filled her upper and lower intestines,
as it gushed down towards her bladder.

Brady and Tyrone joined Damon in smoking some weed, as they watched Scottie
finish. Scottie had been the quietest one, but he turned out to be the most
violent. Scottie was upset. Scottie threw off Britney’s weak hand-job, stood
up, and started kicking Britney in the stomach. Britney curled in pain, as the
kicks continued. “Fuckin’ Cunt! You give those guys each a hole, but deprive
my ass! You outta ya fuckin’ mind!” screamed Scottie. Britney was truly in
pain now. She could barely breath, and she felt like she had broken some ribs.
She started crying, and thinking to herself, “What did I get myself into? Oh
God help me!”

Britney was curled up, protecting her stomach, with nothing on her except
dribbles of sperm and steaks of blood. Scottie began urinating on Britney.
Britney got on all four and tried to crawl away, but Scottie booted her again on
the side, knocking her flat on her back, where he proceeded to piss on her face.
Britney closed he mouth and eyes, as Tyrone relieved his bladder on her face,
“What’s the matta pop princess, didn’t your home boyfriend ever give you a
golden showa?”

The rest of the guys were high as hell and laughing there asses off as
they watched Scottie kick the shit out of Britney Spears. Scottie was done
pissing, and delivered another kick to the stomach. Britney curled up to
protect her gut, as Scottie kicked her square in the face as if kicking a field
goal. Britney’s head got whiplash, and blood seeped out of the corners of her
mouth. Britney was now crying and feared for her life. She no longer felt
pleasure. She no longer felt horny. She only felt fear, pain, and disgust.

“Are you gonna make me come now, princess?” asked Scottie. Britney was
silent. Scottie grabbed the star by her hair and dragged her along the
concrete. Britney said, “Okay. Do whatever you want, just don’t kick me
anymore.” Britney realized that the only way out of this was to make the guy
cum. “Please fuck me in any hole. Please shower me with your manseed. Please
mister, please!” said Britney. “That’s more like it!” declared Scottie.
Scottie ordered Miss Spears on her knees, grabbed her head, and proceeded with
the most brutal face-fucking ever. He pumped her face hard and fast, bobbing
her head like a basketball. The sight of Britney’s sexy body being brutalized
mad Damon, Tyrone, and Brady harny again. They were getting ready for another
round, when they heard cop sirens.

“Oh shit!” yelled Tyrone. The three of them started running, just in
case the police presence was due to Brintey’s prior screams. Scottie continued
pumping Britney’s face though. Scottie’s buddies were out of sight when he was
about to finish. Scottie ordered Britney, “I’m about to cum. When I pull out,
you better catch each drop on your tongue.”

Scottie pulled out and shot wads into the air. Britney opened her
mouth, stuck out her tongue, and maneuvered her head and neck like a Cobra, as
she caught the first 11 wads in mid air. The last, and largest wad splatted
into her eye. This upset Scottie, who punched her in the face, knocking Britney
unconscious. Scottie, then pulled up his shorts and took off running.

Ten minutes later, two patrolmen walked down the alley. They had
bright flashlights, and came across Britney Spears. Her naked, beautiful body
was stretched out across the pavement. As one of the officers bent over to feel
her steady pulse, he saw her tathered clothes in a bundle near the dumpster, and
saw pools of urine, blood, and semen everywhere around and on the pop star. It
didn’t take them long to figure out what just happened.

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