Britney Fucked In The Penthouse

Britney Fucked In The Penthouse

by Arsen


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

A few weeks ago my little sister Kate, won first prize in a radio station’s phone in competition. She was delighted as the prize was two tickets to meet her idol Britney Spears and she had to interview the pop princess
for the radio station. My Mum wasn’t going to let Kate go as neither Mum or Dad could get time off work to take Kate to the gig, and they would not let their 12 year old daughter to go on her own with out some one to take care of her.

I said that I would take her and Mum agreed to that as I was 19 and she always said I was very responsible. It only hit me later that day that I was going to meet the teen beauty the I’d fantasised about since she released the Hit me baby on more time song. The thought made me very excited.

The following day I collected Kate in my car and drove to the concert venue, arriving an hour before the doors were due to open to avoid the crowd. The doors opened and I nearly lost Kate in the push to get in but I just managed to hold on to her. Another 30 minutes passed before the lights went out and 10 dancers emerged from either side of the stage, then a big puff of smoke arose from the middle of the stage and Britney Spears appeared from underneath the stage in a cage. The cage doors blew apart and the Teen Goddess burst into a rendition of I’m not that innocent. She was wearing a tight green Tank top and a pair of red PVC Hot pants. For the next 105 minutes the sexy Pop princess kept the crowd (Who were mostly girls under the age of 15) going by singing and dancing one smash hit after another.

As the show ended Kate and myself made our way to the backstage area to get the interview with Britney. Just as we got in to the backstage area Britney was coming off the stage, she grabbed a small towel and wiped the sweat from her face, she grabbed a bottle of water from an ice bucket and took a sup before squirting on her face. The water ran down her body and made her nipples harden. They were now sticking out like the tip on a pencil from under her tank top. One of the reps’s introduced us to Britney saying

Rep: Miss Spears this is Kate she is going to interview you for PLQW radio.

Britney: Hi Kate what did you think off the show?

Kate: Oh it was brilliant I’m a big fan and it’s the first time I’ve seen you live.

Britney: Good to hear it I love to meet with my fans, Who is this handsome guy you have with you here Kate?

My face went bright red I man Britney Spears had just called me handsome.

Kate: That’s my big brother John he took me to the concert cause Mum or Dad couldn’t go.

Britney: Oh that was very kind of you John, your so lucky Kate to have a big brother to look after you and such a handsome one at that. When I was your age I always wanted a big brother to look after me. What did you think of the performance John?

I could only mummer it was excellent as I was still glowing bright red too which Britney gave me a sexy little smile.

Britney: I’m sorry about this but I’ve got to ring Mum it the first time I’ve toured without her as her mother is sick and she stayed at home. Would you mind if we did the interview back at the hotel I will get someone to drive you there and I’ll meet you there in an hour or so. Ok?

Me: Yeah that’s no problem see you there then.

One of the reps led us to a car and we were at the hotel in about 15 minutes. We sat in the lobby for around half an hour before Britney arrived wearing a large coat and dark shades.

Britney: Hi again, there is too many reporters and people around her. You wouldn’t mind if we did the interview up in my room would you?

We followed her to the elevator and rode up to the penthouse flanked by two large bodyguards. The elevator doors opened into a small hall with pictures of various stars the must of stayed in the hotel. There was a big wooden door at the end of the hall Britney pushed open the doors and asked us in. The two bodyguards stood outside and closed the door after us. Britney threw the coat in a corner and put the shades on a small table. I was glad to see that she was still wearing the same outfit, which she had performed, in her nipples still slightly erect and pointy.

Britney: Would either of you like a Pepsi? I get gallons of the stuff free as they sponsor me.

I declined but Kate took a bottle.

Britney: Right lets do this interview we’ll do it over her in the lounge area.

Britney sat down on the leather sofa and Kate and myself sat opposite her on another identical sofa. I handed Kate the small tape recorder, which the Radio station had given us to record the interview, Kate placed it on the table pressed record and began the interview. She was asking questions off the list the Radio station had given her just the usual stuff, but Britney was getting bored.

Britney: Did the station give you those questions?

Kate: Yes why?

Britney: It’s just that these are the questions I’ve been asked ever since my first interview and I’m sick of them.

She grabbed the sheet crunched it up and threw it away, she then rewound the tape.

Britney: Ok now ask me the questions you want to ask me, you’re a fan and the executives make so boring questions.

Kate was very pleased, and started to ask all the things which she always wanted to know about the pop princess, and Britney gave some information which she had always wanted to get out in the open The interview lasted about 45 minutes and Kate couldn’t stop smiling all the way though it.

When the interview finished Britney asked us if we would stay for a while and keep her company, as she was lonely without her mother. I told her it was no problem but I would have to ring my Mum and Dad to tell them that Kate would stay the night in my flat, as it would be too ate to take her home after. Britney handed me her mobile and told me I could ring them from it.

I went out into the hall to ring my parents, when I came back Britney was teaching Kate some of her dance moves.

Britney: Why don’t you join in John its a bit off fun.

Kate: Yeah come on John lets dance.

Me: I’m not a very good dancer but what the hell.

For the next while we danced around and I couldn’t believe that I was really enjoying it, Britney brushed her lovely ass against my cock several times making it harden slightly, but I though it must have been accidentally done. After about 30 minutes we were all worn out and sat down again. We begun chatting but after a while Kate fell asleep.

Me: Oh shit I didn’t realise it was so late I best be off.

Britney: No don’t wake her, lift her up gently and she can sleep in my room.

I lifted up Kate and followed Britney to the bedroom she pulled of the covers I placed her gently on the bed and Britney tucked her in. We then turned off the lights and went back out to the lounge. Britney went to her handbag and pulled out a clear plastic bag with about 10-12 joints in it.

Britney: Do you smoke weed?

Me: Yes, but I never thought that you would. I mean you give out such a clean image of yourself.

Britney: Don’t believe all you read in the papers and magazines I’m not that innocent.

I laughed at the reference to her famous song, she handed me a joint and grabbed a lighter from her purse and lit me up.

Britney: Care for a drink, I mean a real drink.

Me: Yeah, sure I’ll make you one ever had a white Russian?

Britney: Oh that’s what my aunt drinks but I’ve never had one, what is it?

Me Its vodka Kuala and milk, it’s very nice.

Britney: Ok then

I made the drinks from the mini bar and sat opposite Britney handing her the drink.

Britney: Sit over her next to me.

I got up and sat down next to her we chatted for ages and drank several white Russians and smoked a few more joints. Britney kept touching my thigh and I was getting aroused.

Britney: Fuck I just thought I never washed since the gig and that was 4 hours ago. I’m gonna take a shower and change why don’t you watch TV for a while.

She got up and went into the bathroom shutting the door behind her. I’m resisted the urge to get up a spy on the Teen goddess, though the keyhole and switched o the TV. I flicked about the channels before settling for some WWF wrestling. After about 5 minutes I heard a scream from the bathroom I ran over and opened the door, Britney was standing I the corner of the room shivering,

Britney: Quick get it get it.

I looked into the shower and saw a big spider on the wall, I took of my shoe squashed it and rinsed away the remains.

Britney: Thanks John I’ve always been afraid of spiders ever since I was bitten by one when I was 4 years old.

It was only then that I realised that she was naked, her large breasts and perfect ass made my dick harden. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her young body. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me again.

Britney: Now you don’t mind but I think I’ll have my shower now

Me: Ok I’ll be out watching TV

I went back out closed the door behind me and sat back down in front of the TV. But all I could think off was the fact I had just seen Britney Spears in her Birthday suit. After 15 minutes or so the bathroom door opened again and Britney came out with only a pink towel wrapped around her curvaceous body and a smaller towel on her still wet hair. She looked towards the TV:

Britney: Oh WWF I’m a big fan of it, are you too?

Me: Yeah I’ve always been a fan of WWF.

She sat down beside me and lay her feet across my legs. I couldn’t believe that this young women that millions of men worldwide wanked off to the though of, was now sitting next to me with her legs lying on top of mine and her dressed only in a towel. We watched the wrestling and she grabbed two more joints from her purse as I bent over to light the joint for her I noticed that her towel had parted slightly and I could now get a clear view of Briney’s shaven pussy. I tried not to make it two obvious but kept one eye on the screen and the other on her hairless pussy.

After another 10 minutes Britney swung herself around and snuggled up to me, I don’t know if she noticed but her towel was coming lose and had begun to slip down her body. Suddenly I could feel the nipples of the sexy teen pop princess pressed against my arm; my cock began to grow. Britney looked me and smiled.

Britney: I think its time for a bit of real fun.

Me: What do you mean?

Britney: Oh I think you know

She stood up and let the towel fall to the ground she then removed her head towel and flicked back her hair. My cock was now standing to attention at its full 8.5 inch length. Britney knelt down in front of me and pulled down my pants and boxers, before she stuck her lips around my helmet and began to suck my knob. “This has to be a dream,” I thought to myself, and I even hit myself to make sure. I lay back on the sofa and let Britney go to work on my cock. She sucked so well and I couldn’t believe her claim to be a virgin. She continued sucking for 20 minutes before I shot a load in to her mouth and she swoled it all in one big gulp.

She immediately began to pull me off again in order to get me hard, once she had achieved this goal she bent over grabbed my dick and inserted it into the crack of her ass.

Britney: Now fuck me quick and hard.

I duly obliged with her request, and began fucking her as hard as I could, I grabbed her breasts and squeazed them hard as I fucked her. Britney began moaning softly. I ass fucked her for 10 minutes before I shot my load for a second time. I then collapsed on the sofa.

Britney: What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I’m not finished with you yet.

She began to play with herself and it wasn’t long before I was hard yet again. Britney slid herself down my shaft until the full 8.5 inches were up inside her; she then began sliding up and down my shaft her tempo increasing by the minute. I got a firm grasp of her large and completely natural breast and played with them as she slid herself up and down my dick. After 20 minutes I told her I was ready to cum, she stopped sliding up and down and clenched her pussy lips tight.

Britney: Empty yourself into me its ok I have the pill.

I shot my entire load up inside the teen beauty and we both collapsed on the sofa and drifted off to sleep.

The End

(For now)

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