Britney In Bondage

Britney In Bondage

By: Robin Banks


It had been a long hard day in the studio for Britney Spears. Almost
nothing had gone right, her backing musicians had turned up late,
and the guitarist had done nothing but complain all day. The
guitarist was a well experienced, old fashioned rock musician. As
soon as he’d arrived in the studio, he’d drunk a six pack of beer
before starting work, and had complained endlessly about working
with a “pop artist” like Britney. Had the guitarist not played so
well, despite his semi-drunken state, and had not Britney been
a cover version of an old rock song, then she would have had the
guitarist fired.

Unfortunately that had not been the only problem in the studio that
day. The song that Britney was attempting to cover, was an old Deep
Purple song entitled “Highway Star”, she had found the song almost
impossible to sing, because it was pitched well outside her natural
range, and she found herself silently admiring the male vocalist
that had sung the original version of the song, for being able to
reach such incredibly high notes. Eventually the song had been
recorded, and it was just about passable, Britney could only hope
that her producer would be able to do some magic in the studio, and
when the album was finally finished, “Highway Star” would end up as
a valuable (and she hoped surprising) addition to her catalogue.

However, all this was now pushed out of her mind, as she sunbathed
in the back garden of her temporary Los Angeles home. Britney was
lying on a sun lounger, dressed only in the red bikini that she had
been publicly photographed in, whilst she had been doing some
stretching exercises. Britney had just finished doing similar
stretching exercises, was now lying back and relaxing in the warm
Californian sun. The house that was Britney’s temporary base whilst
working on her new album was known only to family and friends, so
she felt perfectly safe not to employ any security guards whilst she
had been living there, although she always made sure that when she
did leave the house, she did so under heavy disguise.

Britney now had a couple of days off from recording, and she
intended to spend them doing nothing more then lazing about the
house, and carrying out her regular exercise routine, as required
each and every day. Britney suddenly decided to have a relaxing
shower, before having an early night, and sleeping away the cares of
a stressful day in the studio. With this in mind, Britney rose from
the sun lounger, and put on a towelling robe before taking the short
walk into the house. Britney closed and locked the glass door behind
her, and walked into the house. As Britney entered the luxurious
bathroom, she suddenly found herself rudely grabbed from behind,
whilst some kind of foul smelling rag was shoved into her face.
Britney had never smelt ether before. But as she fell into
unconsciousness, Britney knew that the rag was covered in ether, and
that she was being drugged and kidnapped.

Britney awoke from unconsciousness into a night mare. She could she
herself in a full length mirror, and she wondered how on earth she
had arrived at her current predicament. Britney could see in the
mirror, that both of her wrists were high above her head, and were
shackled closely together. A chain went from these manacles to the
roof of the room that she was in, and it was obvious that this held
her in place. Also in the mirror, Britney could see that her ankles
were also manacled. However, unlike her wrists, her ankles were
spread widely apart by some kind of metal bar. Britney could both
see and feel the black rubber ball that had been shoved between her
teeth and into her mouth, in the full length mirror, Britney could
see the straps holding the ball in place going to the back of her
head, also Britney could feel the leather pad that the straps were
attached too tied tightly in place at the back of her head. By this
arrangement, Britney was very efficiently gagged.

At the very least, Britney thought to her self she still had the
compensation of still being clothed. Even if it was only in the
scandalously brief red bikini that she had been wearing before being
forcibly moved to her current predicament, Britney’s towelling robe
that she had also been wearing was of course nowhere to be seen.

It was only now as she examined herself in the mirror, that Britney
realised how little of her luscious body the two tiny red scraps of
material covered. And even what little of her body was clothed, was
even more intimately revealed by the way that Britney had been tied
up. With her arms lifted over her head, Britney’s breast were lifted
upwards, and jutted outwards provocatively, straining to be released
from the bikini bra that currently only just covered them from
public view. And because of the way that Britney’s ankles were
splayed widely apart, her pubic mound also stood out, meaning that
the most feminine part of her body was hardly covered at all by the
brief bikini pants.

Suddenly from somewhere behind her, Britney heard a door being
opened, and even though Britney was still just about clothed, she
instinctively tried to cover as much as her body as she possibly
could. But restrained as she was, Britney could only achieve this by
turning as far away from the opening door as possible. A man’s voice
barked out an order “Turn to face us slut!” the voice said. Even
though Britney found moving her feet very difficult because of the
spreader bar she had no choice but to obey the man. After all
Britney reasoned, perhaps if she pleased the man, then he must
release her form these uncomfortable restraints. As she turn to face
the man, Britney briefly thought how artificial his voice sounded,
it reminded her of the famous scientist Stephen Hawking, and how a
machine had to do all his talking for him. Britney decided that this
man was somehow having his voice electronically altered to conceal
his voice and his identity from her.

When she finally turned, Britney found that she was facing not just
one man but half a dozen. Each was dressed in dark blue denim jeans,
trainers and a “muscle” T-shirt. Britney also noticed that each man
was wearing a dark woollen balaclava; the only holes in these were
for the eyes and nose. In place of holes for the mouth, something
dark and plastic stuck out instead. It was obvious that this was the
device that was altering her captor’s voice. There was something in
the eyes of the six men that made Britney want to lower her head
submissively before them, indeed she briefly found herself wondering
if this gesture would go further to possibly placating these men,
and her hopeful release from bondage. Somehow Britney managed to
hold her head high. Even as one of the men approached, and stood so
close to her, that she could feel his hot breath on her face.

Without warning the man suddenly slapped Britney’s face hard, so
hard in fact, that Britney’s head went right back, and the whole
left side of her face exploded with pain. “Lower her head before
your Master’s!” the electronically ordered voice commanded. And even
though the voice came with a machine like rasp, Britney knew that it
was a voice used to being obeyed. Besides which, she had no desire
to feel one of those awful slaps once more, so Britney did as
commanded, and submissively lowered her head. “You might as well
know that there are hidden cameras throughout this room Miss
Spears”, the electronic voice began, “although we are going to do
nothing so crude as blackmail your obedience against the release of
the video of what is about to take place”, there was of course no
emotion in the electronically altered voice so Britney had no idea
of the emotion of the man that he had lowered her head before. The
voice continued once more “The tape of your torture will be released
to certain clientele that have already paid us 50% of a very hefty
fee for the pleasure of having a permanent erotic video starring the
world famous, and very beautiful Miss Britney Spears.” Britney
shuddered at the news that she was about to be tortured, and what
did the man mean by certain clientele? But Britney was given no
further pause for thought as the man took a pair of scissors from
his pocket, and showed them to Britney’s lowered eyes.

Britney was puzzled by the scissors, what on earth did the man
intend to do with them she wondered. Then she heard what could only
be cutting sounds, and a few brief seconds later, she felt the cold
air of the room that she was now so well confined in, blow air her
now completely naked breasts. My bikini top has been cut from my
body, thought Britney in horror. Then there were more cutting
sounds, and Britney could feel the man’s hands at her hips. Finally
Britney’s bikini briefs were also cut from her, and the magnificent
sight of Britney Spears completely naked, ,and utterly restrained
and helpless, stood before her captors, trembling fearfully,
wondering what was about to happen, and how exactly was she was to
be tortured.

One of the men walked in front of Britney, and although she could
not see it because of her lowered head, in his right hand he held a
riding crop. Another of the six men stood directly behind Britney,
he also held a riding crop in his right hand. Britney was about to
have her inner question regarding her torture answered in the most
emphatic way possible. Both men drew their well muscled arms back,
and with sudden and terrible force, one of the men struck Britney’s
exposed buttocks with the riding crop, whilst the other struck
Britney’s naked breasts with equally terrible force.

If it had been possible to do so, Britney would have screamed loudly
in pain, but gagged as she was, it was of course only possible to
give our muffled whimpers of pain. She had never been physically
chastised before, not even by her parents as a young girl growing up
in Louisiana. So the whipping that she was experiencing was a
completely new experience for her, and for it to take place so
publicly, not just on front of these half dozen men, but the
“special clientele” that were later going to watch the video/DVD of
this torture session, merely added to the humiliation that Britney
was currently feeling, along of course with the physical pain.

As the beating continued, Britney sense of self grew less and less.
Nothing mattered to her except the pain of the beating that she was
currently enduring. Britney’s head hung low on her chest, and her
senses dulled, eventually she could take no more, and fell into
unconsciousness. The man that had slapped Britney’s face so hard
went to a panel on the wall, and opened it to reveal a coiled hose,
with a tap that controlled the flow of water to the hose. He
uncoiled a short length of the hose, and the man that had been
whipping Britney’s exquisite, firm breasts turned the tap on to full
power. In this way, the unfortunate Britney was awoken by a powerful
jet of freezing cold water.

As the tap was turned off, and the hose was returned to it’s
position. Britney shivered naked in her bounds. None of the men
towelled her dry, so Britney was left dripping wet, which of course
made her shiver more. Then there was sound like the rattling of
chains, and Britney found herself unable to stand and her feet were
slipping away from her. As her arms were being lowered, Britney
could only conclude that the beating was over and that she was about
to be released from her bounds. Slowly but surely, Britney found
herself lowered to the floor, until finally she found herself lying
on her back, her legs spread wide apart, so that the full aspect of
her glorious female nudity was fully exposed to the doubtless hungry
eyes of the half dozen men that she shared the room with, and of
course the eventual watching viewers, who would some day also view
Britney’s tortures in their fullest.

The chains that were attached to Britney’s handcuffs were released,
but much to her consternation, the handcuffs were chained to a set
which was screwed into the floor. Britney now had no more freedom to
move then she had when she had hung from the ceiling, her wrists
chained high above her head. Only this time she lay naked at the
feet of six powerful men, as she lay trembling on the floor, Britney
had already guessed what was about to happen to her next.

As if to answer her suspicions, one of the men climbed on top of
Britney, his right hand gently caressed the flanks of her well
proportioned body, before taking a short trip though the well
trimmed “vee” of pubic hair, before one of the fingers of that hand
gently parted the moistening lips of Britney’s labia, before gently
exploring the glories contained therein. The finger gently probed
and searched Britney’s most intimate organ, and after a brief while
of searching an electronically altered voice spoke. “I see despite
your protestations to the contrary, that you are no longer a virgin
Miss Spears.” With the beginnings of tears in her eyes, provoked by
this new humiliation of her body and soul, and it’s greatest
secrets, Britney found herself shaking her head as an answer to the
man’s question. Although she had no way of knowing this, beneath his
balaclava, the man smiled. Then he spoke once more. “I suppose the
fortunate Mr. Timberlake was the first lucky man to have you writhe
nude beneath him.” Britney found herself nodding, the man had
guessed correctly, indeed Britney had thrown herself at Justin
Timberlake the first night that they had shared a flat together, and
she had begged him to turn her into a complete woman. Justin
Timberlake, knowing his good fortune, had carried Britney to a bed
covered by smooth silk sheets, and had given Britney the most
wonderful and erotic experience of her life so far throughout that
wonderful first night together.

Britney heard the sound of a zip being pulled down, and then the man
forced his way inside her soft femininity, and Britney gave a
muffled cry of pain. Although it was impossible to tell for certain,
Britney guessed that this man’s penis was about the same length and
girth of Justin’s 9 and half inch manhood, that had almost made her
eyes pop out of her head in surprise when she had first seen the
full extent of it. Normally of course it would have been impossible
for a woman to experience pain from the intimate & gentle touch of a
man’s penis entering the warm velvety softness of a woman. However,
this man was of course not being gentle, instead his maleness, was
rudely & repeatedly thrusted forcibly into Britney’s femininity,
making her give out more muffled cries of pain.

Suddenly & much to her shame, Britney found herself responding to
the man’s forceful attentions. Bound as she was, it was impossible
for Britney to put her arms around the man, or to wrap her legs
around him and pull him towards her. Thus drawing even more of the
man into herself. Even so, Britney began to wriggle & writhe beneath
the man as much as she possibly could. A surge of eroticism charged
through Britney’s body, filling her with sexual hunger such as she
had never known in her young life before. Britney could feel the
beginnings of orgasm rush through, she continued to wriggle, writhe
& sweat desperate for the orgasm to explode into every fibre of her
being. And then just after Britney felt a huge torrent of sperm
being released inside her with such force that it hit her uterus and
fallopian tubes still travelling at top speed. Her own release came,
not in a physical way, but in a way that flowed through every inch
of her lovely body, and filled her with a deep sense of satisfaction
from head to toe.

No sooner had the first man finished and climbed off Britney, then
the second man jumped on her, and forcibly thrust his way into
Britney’s soft & warm femininity. Britney gaze a surprised and
muffled cry of pain at this new abuse of her sexuality, but
restrained as she was, all she could do was endure. Britney wriggled
against the man, she was desperate the escape his clutches she felt
that some real physical harm, and that she would be permanently. But
suddenly and unexpectedly, Britney’s responses became passionate as
her sexual desire rose once wore, and she continued to wriggle. Not
in an attempt to escape, but in an attempt to drive the man to
thrust into her with even more force, and to send her into helpless
orgasm once more, even as the first man’s seminal fluid dried in
sticky patches on her sweating thighs.

Britney orgasmed with as much ferocity under the mighty thrusts of
the second man as she had with the first. Then each of the remaining
men in turn had their share of the lovely Britney Spears naked and
restrained body. Each time she was taken, Britney found herself
reaching the same plateau of sexual pleasure. Until the last man had
finished, and with drew his maleness from inside Britney’s soft &
vulnerable femininity. And as the men withdrew, and Britney was left
alone once more, she realised that she wanted to be taken with such
uncompromising brutality and domination, for the rest of her life.

The End?

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