Britney… Part III: Wet Bush!

Britney… Part III: Wet Bush! <rated x>
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back to the roots…

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B A D – C O O L ‘ S C O L L E C T I O N

[ x x x b r i t n e y p a r t i i i x x x ]

Adam Cooley as Bad-Cool
Sabu as Tim (heh)
Britney as Herself
Ish as Himself
Nada as Nada (?)

Another Encounter with Britney
It was just after one of her concerts. This had been the first
time I had ever had backstage passes before (I won them from
local NY radio station Z100). My friend Tim and I badly wanted
to meet Britney after she had finished singing her encore, but
she went straight into her dressing room. She looked great
onstage that night. It was an outdoor concert, and a light
rain had been falling all night. She was wearing an outfit
very similar to what she wore on the Kids Choice Awards,
except it was a thinner material and with the moistness in the
air, her nipples were showing through much more then at the
KCA. On her way back to her dressing room she was loudly
complaining about the rain and that she ‘couldn’t wait to get
out of these wet clothes. Security was very tight, but we were
special guests of the station, so we weren’t watched too
closely. Where we were we could see down the hallway and right
into her dressing room.

She couldn’t see us and we were shocked and thrilled when she
didn’t close her door all the way. She wasn’t directly in our
sites, but we could clearly see her reflection in the mirror
that was right in front of the door. It was amazing. She
slowly peeled off her shirt and tossed it in the garbage. She
then sat down and took her pants off. She was wearing white
cotton panties, which had also gotten wet. We could easily see
her ‘hair’ showing through her panties. So there she was,
wearing only her bra and panties, when she seemed to look
right at us!! We immediately pretended like we weren’t paying
attention, but then she whistled at us. We turned around,
dumbfounded, and walked toward her dressing room.

"Did you like what you saw tonight?" She asked us.

"uh….well….yeah…it was great." I managed to get the
words out, even though my eyes couldn’t stop focusing on her
beautiful breasts.

"Well, could you guys help me get out of this wet bra? Just
get the clasp, will you?" She said nonchalantly.

Tim and I were in complete awe at what was going on here. Here
we were, in Britney’s dressing room, and she was practically
naked. I leaned over and unhooked her bra, and immediately she
says to me….

"I see you guys got a little wet too. Here, let me help you
with that." And with that she took my shirt off over my head,
as her bra fell from her body exposing her gorgeous voluptuous
breasts. Her nipples were hard, either because she was cold or
turned on.

"I hate getting my bra wet." she says.

"How did the rain soak through to your panties like that?" I
asked stupidly, not really knowing how to handle the

She whispered in my ear "my panties being wet has nothing to
do with the rain. I’ve noticed you guys watching from the
beginning and it turns me on."

So then Britney leaned over again and whispered to me…

"Do you think we can be alone?" Implying that she wanted me to
boot my friend out of the room. I thought about it for a good
second or so, Tim being my best friend and all, and promptly
asked him to leave. He was very understanding, and left
immediately, but not before stealing one more glance at
Britney’s heaving breasts and nice tight bottom.

The second he left the room she was all over me. Besides being
the best kisser I have ever been with, she certainly knew how
to use her hands. She was extremely energetic, and
unexpectedly aggressive, as if she had been in prison for a
few years without conjugal visits. Within 10 seconds she had
her hand down my pants, at the same time constantly whispering
in my ear what she’d like to do to me. She was surprisingly
raw in how she spoke, almost to the point of being vulgar, and
it was really turning me on, as she was quickly finding out. I
had a few questions for her though, before we went any

"Are you a virgin?" I asked.

"No, why, did you think I was?" She laughed as she said this,
leading me to believe that she was either lying to me, or that
she has been with more than a couple guys.

"I don’t know, you’re pretty young, that’s all." I managed to
get through that last sentence as she slowly lowered herself
to her knees and began to tug at the button of my pants. I
could barely breathe.

As she undid the button, she glanced up at me with giant
excited eyes and said, "Have you ever had a girl do this for

"Do what?" I stammered, knowing exactly what she meant, but
really wanting to hear her say it.

"Give you a blowjob." She smiled as she said this, and
matter-of-factly began to pull my pants down past my hips. I
was a little embarrassed for some reason, I really don’t know
why. I have been with other girls before, but this was
different. This was Britney.

"N-n-n-n-o." I was really having trouble getting any words out
as her chin ever so softly began to rub up against my erect
private part.

"Well," she said, grabbing it firmly with her right hand and
pulling me closer with her left, "You know what they say,
there’s a first time for everything."


I looked over at the bed and we walked over their. I gently
but firmly pushed Britney face down onto the bed covers. She
could smell the sweet smell of sex in the sheets, her senses
where temporarily overwhelmed with an unreasonable feel-
ing of lust.

Suddenly, my friend came in the room.

I was about to tell him to get out but Britney said, "No,
fine, stay…" For just a moment she wanted to fuck both of us
in the room, a lustful feeling like she’d never had before
raging through her body.

I wispered to my friend something and he got naked. I’d never
seen Tim naked before, but oh well, who cares, Britney was
here NAKED. He took the back side and stuck his dick in her
ass as she screamed aloud. I think stuck my dick in her slit.
Britney was jolted by the contact of my rigid cock sliding
into her. She was shocked, and knew that things had gone
too far, but she loved it. Britney was helpless, as I enjoyed
her pleasures with her exposed sex. Confused thoughts sped
through Britney’s brain as Tim used her, or was she being
raped, she just didn’t know how to react, her emotions were
totally out of control.

Tim — who’s only had sex a few times — got up and decided to
take the top. He licked Britney’s erect nipples as I fucked
her as hard as I could. She moaned to no end as this
fuckfeast was great… Suddenly, white liquid was all over the
bed as we rolled onto the floor. My dick jammed into her
harder and Tim then sucked on each nipple like a baby who’s
being breast fed.

Suddenly, the door opened up!


Ish pulled out his little dick and then gave Tim a DDT. He
stomped him and then pushed me away and slid his dick into
Britney. She was enjoying every minute of this fuckfest.
Since Ish’s dick is so little though, and so is Tim’s, they
both fucked Britney in the front, since both of their dicks
could slide in.

I then yelled, "Fuck you, Ish."

He got up all offended and I kicked his exposed dick as hard
as I could. Tim then got up and I said, "C’mon, let’s go hack
Ish’s computer."

[canned laughter from the audience]

Then I siad, "Just kidding, let’s continue fucking Britney."
He agreed wholeheatedly.

We beat off our cummy dicks for a while and then let Britney
suck our cummy dicks. After about 7 hours of a nonstop
fuckathon, who should walk in but RSPWF’s own…

! ! !

I suddenly stopped and put my clothes on. Nada awas sweet,
but she’d never seen my naked… In fact, I’d never seen her
like this. She was wearing a loose-fitting black teddy that
was very cool.

Tim also put is clothes on.

I said, "Nada, is that you?"

She then felt her nipples and said, "No…………………

"WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Suddenly, I woke up in class. I looked arounde everywhere,
and they were learning some boring social studies bullshit. I
then looked over at my girlfriend and smiled and waved and she
gave me this disgruntled look — maybe I was talking in my

Nevertheless, it was the best dream I’d ever had…

I went home and found something on my desk — a ticket for a
Britney Spears concert. I examined it and found a slight
trace of cum…

the end?

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