Britney… Part II

Britney… Part II (MUST-Read)!
by bad_cool <>

Yes, here it is…

Written 100% by Bad-Cool
Now, this is rated NC-17 for…

N | Nudity
P | Pornography
AC | Adult Content
AL | Adult Language
V | Violence (violent dick action)


here it is… (gonna make some ASCII art)

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( / \ )( / \ )( / \ )
|/ \||/ \||/ \|
____ _ _

| _ \ (_) | / ____|
| |_) |_ __ _| |_ _ __ ___ _ _ | (___ _ __ ___ __ _ _
__ ___
| _ <| ‘__| | __| ‘_ \ / _ \ | | | \___ \| ‘_ \ / _ \/ _`
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| | \__ \
|____/|_| |_|\__|_| |_|\___|\__, | |

\___|\__,_|_| |___/
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.—. .-. .–. .—. .-.
: .; : .’ `. : ,. :`–. :: :
: _.’.–. .–.`. .’ : :: : ,’,’: :
: : ‘ .; ; : ..’: : : :; :.’.’_ :_;
:_; `.__,_;:_; :_; `.__.’:____;:_;

Hope that showed up =)

here it is…

I was walking in the store where I had met Britney a long time
ago, and she was already done touring with N’Sync because of
her knee injury when suddenly… THERE SHE WAS AGAIN! I was
like, ‘it can’t be her’. But it was… I went up to her and
she recognize me instantly. Right then she said, "Wanna
fuck?" So, then we started kissing on her and started dancing

I moved my hands from her hips down to her ass. It was
sensuous and firm. I knew I was going to have wet dreams for
years to come (if you will pardon the innuendo) from this
dance alone. I moved behind her and started to rub my hard
cock against her through our clothes. She leant back, her
aubern hair tickling my nose, and brought her hands behind her
back, feeling at my crotch.

I felt her take each of my balls between her fingers and give
them a playful squeeze, softly teasing my cock as if she was
trying to get an idea of my size. I moved in front of her
again, as we kissed passionately. Our tongues alive in each
others mouth as our hips danced their own dance together. She
was sensual, powerful, and it was almost as if we were fucking
on the hotel floor already.

I ran my hands up her thighs, and felt hers push me away "Not
yet" she purred, teasing me with that wicked glint in her eye.
She told me it was now time to leave the club. We walked out
arm in arm, and I asked her where she wanted to go next.
"Take me to a hotel" she said, breathing the words at me
through her sexy
mouth. We giggled as we checked in, the receptionist obviously
uncomfortable with
our open intimacy.

Britney led me to the room, she walked up the stairs first, I
drooled as I saw her ass swaying and giving just the slightest
hint of a tiny g-string buried under her figure hugging dress.
I wondered how wet that g-string was now, and whether I was
going to find out, or if this was the final tease. One thing I
learned about Britney is that she should never be taken for
granted. She threw me against the wall outside the door of
the room, and gave me
the longest, sexiest kiss I have ever had, her fingers running
over my ass, seeing how firm it was. I hoped my extra hours in
the gym had paid off. My fingers were on either side of her
face, kissing her back for all I was worth. I’m sure Tom
Cruise hadn’t kissed Kelly McGillis this passionately in "Top

Next she virtually threw me against the door as I fumbled with
the lock. The door opened as we both collapsed onto the floor.
I was rolling around with her, hands and tongues all over each
other. We finally rested with her on top of me, as I helped
her undo the zipper on the back of her dress. Slowly I watched
in anticipation and lust as more and more of Britney’s firm
soft skin came into view. I think she has the sexiest
shoulders and arms, don’t you agree?

The dress continued its path downwards as her voluptuous
breasts came into view, framed in all their glory by a flimsy
black lace bra. She stood up over me and wiggled as she slid
the remainder of the dress from her hips. As I gazed upon her
beauty I almost forgot to breathe.

From my point on the floor, looking up at this goddess
towering above me as my deepest fantasy became flesh. She was
standing there in her four inch heels, her stockings slipped
over her never ending legs, running all the way to the skimpy
black g-string she was almost wearing. Her blonde mane
cascading over her shoulders, her lips wet with passion, her
breasts heaving with excitement and her eyes sparking into the
electrically charged atmosphere of sex and passion that the
room added to.

She asked if I liked what I saw, I could only stutter out my
response. I am sorry, but I don’t remember what I said, only
that she grinned at me as she began a slow, sexy dance in the
room. Pulling me to my feet, she moved over and sat on the
bed, crossing her shapely legs and rocking the four inch heel
from her sexy foot as she commanded me to undress for her.

I did so, slowly, watching her eyes devour me as my clothes
joined her dress on the floor one by one. First I slipped off
the jacket. The crumpling noise told me that the designer
label has met the bland carpet of the hotel room. Then I
slowly undid my shirt, taking my time, wanting to give her as
much pleasure from my strip as she had given me. Slowly the
buttons became
undone by my now trembling fingers. The fabric left my body,
replaced by the feeling of the cool night air, I never took my
eyes from hers, interested in what she found erotic. Trying to
sense when her pussy was getting wetter than it already was,
and wondering if that was possible. I could smell her sweet
pussy from here, and boy did it smell good, the unmistakable
scent of a beautiful woman aroused. Gently I kicked off my
shoes, and removed my socks. Very slowly I undid my belt and
unbuttoned the first button of my trousers. I swayed my hips
gently as I turned around, sliding the fabric from my
body as my purple silk encased ass came into her view. All the
time I was watching her eyes as best I could in the mirror in
front of the bed. Oh, how thoughtful for the hotel to provide
that. I felt her hands on my ass from behind, running her
smooth finger tips over the silk as she asked me to turn
around for her. I did, and she smiled as she saw the straining
bulge in my boxer shorts, wrapping her
fingers around it as she looked into my eyes with that sexy
yet naughty smile she has.

I don’t know if you have ever seen that smile from her in
pictures. Perhaps you have,
perhaps she gives you the same smile as she caresses your cock
when you are alone. Perhaps it was a new smile for her, new
and naughty knowing that she is alone with a new man, and the
fact that the cock in her hand did not belong to her husband,
made all the more real by the fact that she was here with your
blessing. I suppose we shall never know for sure.

"I want to see you" she purred, "I want to see your cock"

Slowly she slid my boxers shorts down and I stepped out of
them. She looked at my cock for a while, her fingers rolling
back my foreskin, gently tickling my balls with her nails,
making my cock jump with lust.

"Do you like what you see?" I said.

I waited for her answer, nervous as a new born lamb.

"You have a beautiful little cock" she chuckled. "It is so

I must admit that "cute" was not a term I usually thought of
when referring to my big cock, but I knew that my six and a
half uncircumcised inches were not what Britney’s clit had
been used to. She playfully twisted her wedding ring on her
finger, as if to emphasise that she was used to a bigger cock.
As she smiled, I was sure she was enjoying my humiliation, and
reaffirming her love for some N’Sync member.

I sensed her pussy getting wetter as she kissed the tip of my
"cute" cock and knew she was enjoying her power over me as she
continued my humiliation by cupping my balls in her hand as if
to weigh them.

"Ummmm" she cooed "Such sweet little balls, are they full of
cum for me?"

Deep down, I knew she was comparing my inferior size to
somebody elses, but this
just heightened my arousal. She is such a goddess, and to be
treated this way by her made me harder than I have ever been.
I now realised that I was just a plaything to her, used to
spice up her happy life with you, but I felt honoured to be
her toy for the night. I felt lucky.

My balls were indeed full of cum for her. It was as if it
wasn’t my own cum, rather it belonged to her. She owned me as
she now owned my cock and balls for the night. Slowly she ran
her fingers up and down the length of her shaft. Then she did
something that really surprised me. Gently she slipped her
wedding ring off her finger.

"But, what? I didn’t even know you were married…" I
stammered. She put a slim finger to her dripping red lips and
told me to be quiet.

She took the ring in her hands, and used it to tickle my pee
slit with, I felt the cold metal against my cock and almost
came. As it was, just a small trickle of pre cum wetted the
outside of the ring. She smiled, and then brought the ring up
to my lips, and told me to kiss and clean "Justin’s
ring". Justin, from N’Sync? Or 98 Degrees? I knew she was
teasing me again, forcing me to accept my destiny as her
little toy to tease and play with, but this just made me feel
all the more horny.

I don’t know what it is about Britney, she just gets inside
your mind and makes you willing to do anything to please her.
I am sure you know what I am talking about. With a smile, she
slipped the ring back onto her finger, kissed it and said
"Thank you, Justin, my love"

She then told me to kneel on the floor in front of her. I did
so, and she softly slipped off her tiny g-sting panties that
were by now sodden with her wetness. She took them in her
hands and told me not to touch her, then slowly lowered them
to my nose, allowing me to inhale her gorgeous sexy aroma. She
was teasing me, and enjoying it, her little giggles told me

Then she asked me, "Do you want to lick my pussy?"

"Oh yes, Britney, please" I stuttered.

"Please what?" She smiled.

"Please, Britney please let me lick your pussy" I was
desperate to taste her
by now.

I saw a wicked glint in her eye, and knew what was next. I
watched in anticipation as the words I knew were coming formed
on her lips.

"Tell me you have a small cock" I knew she was loving every
minute of this, revelling in her power as only a goddess can.
As only Britney can.

"Please, Brit, I have a small cock, please let me lick your
pussy, please" By now I was desperate, I had to taste her
juices for myself.

She smiled, and pulled me over to her pussy. What a pussy, it
is so perfect, neatly trimmed with just the slightest amount
of hair left, high lighting her sweet clitoris, jutting out
like the key to her pleasure.

Slowly I sank my face between her stocking clad thighs, and
savoured her scent, burning deep within me, releasing passion
I had not known existed.

Softly I pressed my tongue against her pussy, and tasted her
for the first time. Oh what heaven! I licked up and down each
of her pussy lips in turn, taking my time, not wanting this
feeling to end. Softly above I heard her moans of pleasure,
content in the knowledge that she had me, and I would do
anything to please her.

"From behind" she cried, and stood up, leaning on the bed with
her hands, her gorgeous ass in the cool night air.

I began to lick her pussy from behind, and loved the way her
finger would play with her clit as I was licking. I could tell
she was enjoying herself as her moans filled the room. The
walls were only paper thin, but that was the last thought on
my mind as I continued to service your wife.

"Finger me" She cried, "Oh yes, please finger me"

I took my finger and slid it in my mouth, making sure it was
nice and wet, then slowly ran it around her pussy lips as she
continued to beg. I eased it in and felt her hips buck, slowly
it went in, and then out again.

"No, no, keep it in, play with me" cried Britney, sweat
trickling down her toned back.

I licked two fingers, and slowly slid them inside her sweet
pussy, all the way in, then began to curl them over slowly and
gently, searching out her g-spot. She continued playing with
her clitoris, getting louder and louder as I massaged her
g-spot from within. Her orgasm shook the room when it arrived,
seconds later and I rushed my mouth to her pussy to catch the
fresh wetness, and to gently lick her down from her first cum
of the evening. Her first cum with me.

She turned around, pulled me to my feet and hugged me, kissing
my neck and nibbling on my ears. She took my hand and sucked
her own juices off her fingers, taking time to run her tongue
around every part of my finger. She smiled a satisfied smile
at me, but I knew a woman like Britney would never

be satisfied.

She sat down on the bed again in just her heels, stockings and
bra. Slowly she slid her bra off, allowing her breasts to
swing into full view. What magnificent breasts she has. I
moved over to her and began sucking her nipples like a small
child. First I sucked one nipple, gently rolling it around
with my tongue, then kissed my way over to her other nipple,
replacing my fingers with my lips. Sucking one and caressing
the other with the gentlest of touches. She moaned and smiled
at me, taking my cock in her hand and slowly wanking me.

I moaned "Please, Britney."

"You know what you have to say" She smiled, and I knew she was
really getting a kick out of her night of naughtiness.

"Please suck my little cock, Britney, oh please?" I begged

"How small is it?" She teased

"Smaller than Justin’s" I panted, lost in lust and enjoying
her humiliation

of my manhood.

She smiled and kissed the tip, pushing her tongue into my pee
slit and licking up the pre cum. She then looked at me dead in
the eyes and licked her lips in the most provocative way.
Gently she ran her tongue over my cock head, taking more and
more of my little cock into her mouth. She slid up and down on
my length, tossing her long blonde hair out of the way from
time to time so I could see exactly what she was doing. Then
she looked up at me and winked. What a sight to see your sexy
wife there with her mouth full of my cock as she gave me the
slurpiest, naughtiest head I have ever had. She then took each
one of my balls into her mouth in turn, sucking and kicking,
rolling them around inside her. I was in sheer, horny bliss. I
wondered what I had done to deserve so much pleasure from one
as beautiful and sensual as Britney.

"I’m gonna cum," I spluttered

At that she immediately stopped, and said in a loud, firm
voice "NO, not yet, don’t you DARE" her fingers put pressure
at the root of my cock to prevent my own orgasm.

I knew she wanted to make me last as long as I could, and was
saving my cum for something she had in mind. Something for
later. She just held me there for a while, close. She stroked
my muscular back with her fingers and we just cuddled until my
passion has simmered a little. Britney lay back on the bed and
began playing with her clit again as I sucked and savoured on
her fantastic breasts. Every now and again she would pull my
head deep into her pussy and have me lick her there, before
pushing me away so I could direct more attention to her

She was getting wetter, and each time I licked her sweet
tasting juices from her pussy I knew she was becoming more and
more excited. I loved watching her fingers at work on her sex,
her wedding ring glistening with the juices of a woman
abandoned to lustful pleasure, it was so horny I really wish
you could have seen it.

Eventually she craved something more, she craved cock. She
wanted to be fucked. You can always tell when Britney wants to
be fucked. I don’t know how, the look in her eyes? The feeling
as you run your fingers over her pussy? The tension in the
atmosphere? A combination of all the above, or just an
inescapable feeling of animal lust? I’m sure you know what I
am talking about.

"Fuck me" she cried "Take your little cock and fuck me" she
yelled. I’m pretty sure someone heard, but I wasn’t bothered.
It was just such an honour to be granted this night, a night I
could not have dreamed about had I not experienced it myself.

"How would you like to be fucked?" I asked, revelling in the
chance to please her.

"Take me like a slut" she cried, "Like a slut on all fours,
take me from behind, fuck my cunt from behind" she breathed
over her sighs of passion.

She kneeled on the bed, her ass in the air, an open invitation
for my cock to enter her gorgeous pussy. I got behind her, put
my hands on her hips, and bent down to kiss her back, licking
the sweat off her firm flesh and savouring the salty taste. My
cock entered her effortlessly, she was just so wet. It felt so
good being inside her, her snug little pussy gripping my cock
as she rode me. The muscles inside tensing on my cock and
milking me for all I was worth as she toyed with her clit
using her finger. Rubbing herself as I pushed in as deep as I
could inside her. I know my cock never touched the depths
inside Britney Justin had, but this just turned me on all the
I adored being her little fuck toy. Just there to service her
body and her cunt however she wished.

She moaned as her orgasm built up inside her. I knew I was
close too. I am still amazed I managed to last as long as I
did, I suppose I didn’t want to disappoint her, I wanted to
give her all I could and just hoped that it was enough.

When she came, she wailed like a banshee, crying out my name.
This was too much for me, and I shot my seed deep inside her
womb. She panted and muttered under her breath "Thank you,
Adam! Hit me, one more time!" as I slowly slipped out of her.

I really wanted to lick her pussy again, licking my cum out of
her cunt, but she told me that I couldn’t, that that was for
you to do when she returned. I was a little disappointed, but
understood and kissed her softly on the lips.

I knew now that she was aching for Justin, and I didn’t want
her to feel she had to spend the rest of the evening with me
if she didn’t want to.

She sat on the bed in her stockings and heels, and we kissed
as we had one drink from the mini bar. Boy, I was still horny,
but I knew that any further passion from Britney tonight was
going to be reserved for Justin most liekly.

She bet over to pick up her dress, I am sure she knew she was
showing me her freshly fucked pussy as she did so. Every part
of Britney is sexy, she doesn’t have to try, she just is.

I so wanted to cum again, and begged her to let me.

"Let you what?" She smiled

"Let me cum, Britney, please?" I begged

"I may let you jack yourself off over my feet if you ask
nicely" She teased

"Please, Britney, please may I jack my small cock over your
feet?" I could tell she was enjoying her power again

"Hurry then, I do have to be going" She replied

Frantically I knelt before Britney and jacked my cock, looking
up at her, trying to photograph her body in my mind for future
jacking off sessions. She slipped her stocking clad feet out
of her heels, and softly caressed my balls with them, smiling
as she did so.

"I’m cumming, Britney, oh Britney, I’m gonna cum" I yelled

"That’s right, make that little cock cum for Britney!" She
said through the

most sensual yet wicked smile I have ever seen.

I yelled her name as my cum went all over her feet and toes,
then bent down, kissing and licking it from her feet, moaning
"Thank you Britney Spears, thank
you, Britney Spears" as I did so. Brit just smiled.

Eventually she stepped back, and slipped her heels back on,
followed by her bra and finally her dress as I too gathered my
clothes from the floor and dressed again.

"These are for you," She said with a cheeky, smug little grin
on her face as
she handed me the tiny black silk g-string still wet with her
love juices. "Think of me often when you jack off," she
purred, pushing her silken present into my eager hands.

I smiled at her, and kissed her as a thank you, telling her
she would be fuelling my late night and early morning jacking
off sessions for a long while yet. I held the panties to my
nose, inhaling her aroma one last time before putting them
into my jacket pocket. We got a taxi back, and she cuddled me
all the way to her house where I was going to drop her off.
She thanked me for the evening as I thanked her. She then
whispered something to me, but said it was our secret. Still,
I’m sure when you or someone you know has your eight inches
inside her, and she is begging you to cum, one day she’ll tell
you what she said… That was the best… Oh nevermind. Since
then, I have put Britney’s panties in a zip lock bag to
preserve her wonderfully sexy scent. I take them out as my
little treat from time to time, savouring the feel, the smell,
and remembering the night I saw them on your beautiful and
sensuous wife. It was a night I shall never forget.

Yes, I often jack off as I rub Britney’s panties against my
cock and over my balls, I only wish I had a photograph of her
in her stockings and heels, showing her gorgeous breasts and
wonderfully trimmed pussy. A photograph of her giving me that
same, wonderfully humiliating look she gave me when she first
saw my cock, A photograph showing off her wedding ring, and
reminding me of my place, to serve her…

Maybe some other time.

T H E – E N D

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