Britney… Part I

by Bad-Cool <>

Since Britney is a very popular girl and whenever someone
mentions her on RSPWF, it gets 50 replies, here’s something to
gander at…

I remember the day me and Britney Spears met. It was the
summer of 1998, I’d just
turned seventeen and was in the mood for some pussy so I took
a walk into town where I noticed her in
the grocery store. She
was buying some corn if I remember correctly, she was wearing
a tight pink t-shirt and even tighter white jeans. You could
see her nipples through the shirt and the jeans kept going
into her ass crack. Her hair was about shoulder-length. As
hard as I tried, I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. I even
thought about going into the bathroom and jerking off for a
few minutes. I was hoping to god that
shw didn’t notice where my eyes were glued, then as I walked
slowly by with my
trousers stiff she spoke "See something you like?" she said to
me. I thought for sure my pants were gonna explode with sperm
but I had amazing control.
She began removing your bra. I moved over to her and placed my
hands on her breasts and gently squeezed while we stood facing
each other. I slowly moved up to her neck which smelled so
good I had to have a taste. I began to kiss
her neck and even stuck my tongue in her ear, all while I was
fondling her nice round breasts. Britney wasn’t the type of
girl who let you do all the work. She had to get involved. I
was having a ball with her neck and tits, so she unzipped my
fly and pulled out my cock, which was as hard as an iron bar.
It took a shit load of willpower for me not to blow a nut
right then and there. "I want to put my mouth on your big
cock" she said, I was stunned. That didn’t stop me from
letting her pull down my pants and underwear, get on her
knees, and start to lick around the swollen head of my young
seventeen_year_old penis. She slowly slurped on the shaft
until it was soaked in spit. From there she moved down to my
balls and lapped at them.
I’ve had my cock sucked before, but this was the first time
that my balls had been licked.

It was amazing, but the best part was yet to come. Britney
moved her head up and finally fit her entire mouth over my
cock. She sucked it as if it was the best thing she ever
tasted. I couldn’t help myself any longer, I released a load
of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it like milk and then
licked the rest of the gooey mess off my dick. When she was
done taking care of me with her mouth, Britney stood up and
peeled off her tight jeans. She had the best looking ass that
I’ve ever seen. It was round and firm, but it wasn’t that
small – which I like. I hate girls who have tiny asses.
Britney’s was perfect. I put my hands on it and kneaded it
like dough. The more I moved my hands across her butt, the
louder she moaned. "That’s right", she sighed. "Keep touching
my ass. I love the way that feels. Too many guys neglect the
ass during sex". I started licking her buns and made my way
down to her legs. I started to lick her thighs, until she bent
over and stuck her pussy in my face. She grabbed
onto the vegetable rack as I ate her out from behind. I was
touching every part
of her cunt with my tongue and I could tell that this bitch
was loving every minute of it. Britney’s knees shook. This
babe was one excitable lover.
My cock was hard again so I stood up and slid it into
Britney’s twat. As I fucked her, I could see her face
reflected in the refrigerator door. She made the best fuck
faces I’ve ever seen. Since I wasn’t wearing a condom and I
wasn’t sure if she was on the pill, I pulled out just before I
was about to cum. Looking at her ass kept my cock hard, so I
moved up to her anal opening and slipped it in. The tightness
and her facial expression told me that she had never taken it
in the ass. I went slowly at first but after
a few minutes she started to get into it. "Faster, faster",
she moaned. As I picked up the pace she screamed loudly and I
could tell that she’d already
cum. By this time we were both like fucking horny dogs, we
didn’t care if someone caught us, the thought of it just kept
us both wet. I laid down on a long display table and she got
on top of me. After rubbing against my hard
body for a few minutes, Britney sat on my cock and rode me
like a ride at an amusement park. This was clearly her
favourite part of the evening. She was
screaming loud enough to shake the walls and that was getting
me even hotter. Her body bucked and shook and I reached up and
felt her tits. She came for the second time that night.

We sat and talked for a few minutes – still naked – mainly
about her new album and how she was so lucky to get the break
that she did. I started to touch her tits again and began to
rub her ass. This did the trick. She stopped talking and
started to play with my cock. Her soft hands got it hard again
with no problem. For the second time that night, she put her
lips to
my pud and lapped at the head. Again her mouth went over the
entire shaft and she sucked it like an ice cream pop (what a
cocksucker!). When I started to cum she pulled back a little
and let it ooze onto her lips. I almost
came again watching her lick it off. I was still hard and I
really wanted to get
another fuck in before it was time to go home. She laid down
on the floor and I got on top of her. I fucked her harder and
faster than I had that entire night. The sensations were
fucking explosive, my cock had never had such a treat. "Ohh!
That’s great", she yelled. "Keep going. Don’t fucking stop.
Fuck me harder!" I kept thrusting and thrusting, I’d taken her
to heaven and back with my 9 incher. I pulled out and let yet
another load go all over her stomach. I stuck my fingers in
the ball cream and put them to her lips. She licked the cum
right off of them. She then got on all fours and waved her
butt in my face. "Fuck me in the ass again", she said. "That
was the best feeling I’ve ever had". I stuck my big rod into
her anal opening again and pumped slowly. This time, she
warmed to it right off the bat. I started going faster, and
she loved it. By this time my cock was glowing red, I thought
at one point I’d have to fetch some ice for it. We sat there
for about an hour afterwards and held each other, then we both
got dressed and went home.

She said she wanted to see me again but it would have to be
when she had finshed touring so it looks like I’ll have to
wait. But you can bet that it’ll be worth it


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