Britney Slips Up!

Britney Slips Up!

The flight was long and turbulent, in more ways than one. Even if
there hadn’t been so much turbulence in the air, Britney still
wouldn’t have been able to get any rest.

Her manager and choreographer drilled new plans and new steps into
her for all but one hour of the flight from Seattle to North
Carolina, leaving her no time for anything more than a catnap. After
her show last night, she didn’t have to perform again until the
following evening in Raleigh-Durham, and she wanted nothing more at
the moment than to sink into a hot tub in her hotel room, and then
pass out
for the night. So until she got to her room, Britney would
pretty much be running on autopilot.

After the plane finished taxiing, Britney’s “entourage” began to
deboard and file into waiting limos on the tarmac, between her plane
and the throngs of screaming fans who knew the pop star was coming.
Unknown to the crowd at large and Britney’s people, dozens of
flashbulbs and largely harmless clusters of fireworks and other
diversionary noisemakers were bundled around the far edge of the
airstrip, right next to the plane. At the touch of a button in one
of the unmarked limos, they were all set off simultaneously,
shocking and frightening the crowds and Britney’s entourage into

Britney’s security detail were professionals, and it only took them
a second to get themselves together and act, but inside that second,
someone acted faster. In the limo that had set off the maelstrom,
the driver sped up to the side of the confused teen star and another
man in the back threw open the nearest door. Before realizing his
mistake, the bodyguard shielding Britney quickly handed her over to
the man in the back seat, and she filed in immediately. As he got a
good look at the man in the limo and realized that he wasn’t one of
Britney’s guards, the bodyguard panicked and lunged for the door,
but it was already closed, and he merely slammed into the hard door
before falling to the ground. The driver hit another switch on the
dashboard, setting off another round of mild explosives, this time
in the hubcaps of the other vehicles, effectively crippling them and
keeping them from pursuing.

All anyone on the scene could do was watch in stunned silence and
panic as the innocuous limo sped off with Britney Spears inside.


After Britney was yanked inside the back of the limo, the man who
held her quickly covered her mouth with a thick cloth soaked in
chloroform, stealing her consciousness in seconds.

The next thing she knew, she was waking up in a medium-sized bare
room with metal walls, one light in the center of the ceiling, and
the chair to which she was tied by her ankles and wrists. She took
small comfort in the fact that she was still dressed in her red
baby-doll tee shirt, black stretch shorts and sneakers. On closer
inspection, after she shook her head to try to wring the grogginess
from her brain, she noticed a camera mounted in one of the corners
of the ceiling. She was too scared and tired to get up to approach
it, even if she could, but assumed that it meant that someone was
monitoring her. The advice of her security detail rang in her ears,
“…always look before getting in…”

“Who are you?” she asked directly to the camera, getting no
response. I know someone’s watching me. What do you want?”

After long seconds, Britney finally got an answer of sorts.

“You’re gonna love me, Britney”

‘Wh-what do you mean?” she asked, now more afraid than ever.

“Exactly what I said: I’m gonna make you love me. You’re going to be
mine. Your body is gonna be my plaything and you’re gonna do
everything and anything I want and you’re gonna love every minute of

“My name is Clarence, Britney, and I’ll see you soon.”

Britney began to shake uncontrollably and tears formed at the edge
of her striking blue eyes. She sobbed in fear of her safety and
possibly her virginity. The price of fame and fanaticism was about
to come home to roost. As a 19 year old it had seemed good publicity
to market herself as the innocent virgin with the voice of her teen
fans. The ironic thing was that she was indeed still a virgin; sure
Justin and her had kissed and done some heavy petting but never
more. Britney really was innocent of the horrors she was now at
serious risk of reaping.


Britney had been in this room for hours now. She had been fed once
by a mechanical arm that extended a plate of food from a slat in the
wall and mechanically, clumsily shoveled food into her mouth. As she
felt at her lowest. a door that she also had not been able to make
out before opened behind her, and she jumped a bit against her

“Please, whoever you are, let me go,” she said, fatigued. “I’ll pay,
whatever you want…”

“I can’t wait anymore, Britney. I can’t wait to have you,” a man’s
voice answered. “Don’t worry Britney, I won’t hurt you. You never
answered my letters, but I could never hurt you. Soon you won’t ever
want to leave my side.”

“You’re…you’re sick. I’m getting out of here now,” Britney
claimed. “My people will be looking for me right now. It’ll be on
the news, the cops’ll be here, you’ll…”

The man, standing behind the chair, suddenly bound a blindfold tight
over Britney’s eyes. She felt her bonds being untied from her hands
and feet and was pulled upright until she was standing unsteadily in
the darkness. Tears dampened the black cloth of the bandage. She
couldn’t see anything as was on the verge of hysteria.

Standing close to her, closer than ever, smelling her scent…he
wouldn’t wait any longer. He put his hand on her chin and pulled her
face up toward him, kissing her deeply and taking the time to suck
on her soft, sweet tongue. He released her tongue and stood back up,
watching her honey-colored hair cascade down and around her

“You’ve been cleaned, Britney. It’s like all those idiots who see
you on TV never even laid eyes on you,” he said pulling his jeans
down to his ankles. “you’re mine all mine.”

The man allowed himself to study his captive. Britney was a pretty
girl, maybe not as stunning as her TV image with all the make-up and
fancy lighting, but a good, sound, pretty southern teenager. He felt
no remorse or pity for her standing in front of him sobbing in
silence. His eyes moved down her body. She must have use titty pads
when she’s on show he thought as his eyes caressed the small teen
bumps beneath Britney’s flouncy, white schoolgirl’s blouse.

“Lift up your skirt Britney,” he asked matter-of-factly.

“Oh, no…oh my God no…please,” she screamed. “I’ll pay you, whatever
for however long, please don’t…”

“Do it you bitch. Now!” he shouted close to her ear.

Britney stopped sobbing suddenly as if reality had hit and she
realized what she may have to face. Slowly her hands folded over the
bottom of her skirt and, still blindfolded, she lifted the material

allowing God knows who he was to see her down there.

“Good little girl,” he purred.

He swore he could smell her. This pretty little teenager standing in
his basement, blindfolded, wearing only an almost see-thru blouse,
this poor excuse for a skirt covering her modesty and a pair of
white socks. He knelt in front of her, his face a few inches from
her waist. He was silent and she had no way of telling where he was.
Beneath the skirt Britney wore a pair of simple, clean, white
panties that were stretched alluringly across her pudenda. Her vulva
protruded a lot and he could clearly see the depression in the
material of the panties around the lips of her vagina.

“Stay still,” he ordered as he lifted his hands up around the top of
her panties and began, ever so slowly to lower the flimsy cotton
material down over Britney’s thighs, her knees and finally her

“Step out,” he whispered.

Whimpering slightly Britney stepped out of her panties and stood
blindfold before this complete stranger holding her skirt around her
waist, exposed. He allowed his eyes to travel back up Britney’s legs
from her ankles, back over her knees and up her silky, teenage
thighs. When they arrived at her pussy he could hardly believe his

“Do you shave yourself Britney?” he whispered.

She started not realising how close he was to her.

“What…,” she weakly replied.

“Do you shave?”, he repeated. “This certainly looks a lovely, bald,
clean cunt for a teenager. You must shave it, or do you get one of
your servants to shave you.” He stared transfixed at her pussy.
Leaning in he placed his nose millimetres from her cunt lips and
sniffed. He could definitely smell her teen angst. Was it his
imagination or had Britney’s cunt lips began to part slightly, was
she moistening up for him?

“No….no,” she murmured. “I have to shave myself. The
costumes…swimming, you know.” She was blushing beneath the
blindfold. She was struggling to come to terms with what was
happening to her. The fact that what seemed like two hours ago she
had been safely in transit to a hotel and her life was normal. Now
she was blindfold, naked and being gawked at by a man she hadn’t
even seen. And having to tell him she shaved her pussy! She
shuddered and started sobbing again uncontrollably.

That didn’t bother Clarence. He liked to see her sob. He stood and
silently moved round to inspect her ass. Beautiful, tight globes
unspoiled by time. Pert and shimmering with every sob.

“Part your legs and bend over Britney,” he ordered.

“Oh please don’t touch me. Don’t hurt me please,” she begged.

“Do it!” he repeated, “or I will.” Britney drew breath and slowly
parted her legs and bent over at the waist. Clarence squatted down
to inspect her ass.

“Pull your skirt up and your ass cheeks open,” he ordered.

She shakily brought her hands up behind her and pulled her buttocks
apart. Clarence could smell her now he thought. His nose inches from
her anus he could see and smell flecks of faeces around her perfect,
small, puckered ring. His cock twitched, almost painful in it’s
hardness, caged in his pants. He struggled not to just reach out and
touch her but he told himself to wait. Draw it out to encourage her

Standing again Clarence leant in close to Britney’s face and
whispered, “I’ll be back darling, please wait.” He picked up
Britney’s panties from the floor and strode out of the door. Britney
heard the turn of a key and relaxed slightly.


Clarence switched on the monitor and microphone and watched and
listened. Britney was crouched in a corner of the room the blindfold
on the ground beside her, bare beneath her stupid excuse for a
skirt. She was rocking gently back and forth, sobbing and moaning.
Clarence turned to his lunch on the table before him, switched the
radio on and settled down to enjoy her terror. What mother let’s
their teenage daughter dress like a whore he thought? Dress like one
be treated like one he mused.


It had been a long time since Britney had been incarcerated and her
body was telling her it needed food and it needed to pee.

“Please sir, is anyone there?” she pleaded. “I need the

Clarence leant forward to the microphone. “Go ahead baby,” he
whispered. “Take off your blindfold, you’re in the only bathroom in

Oh God, Britney thought, the humiliation. Nevertheless she had to go
so, walking over to the far corner of the room she squatted and let
go with a stream of warm urine which pooled at her feet. Tears of
fear and humiliation streaked her face as she shakily stood and
began pacing the far side of her prison drip drying her pussy.
Upstairs, Clarence sat watching Britney urinate. His hand unzipped
his pants and freed his penis. The rumour of black men being well
hung could have used Clarence as proof. His cock was huge, a solid
12 to 13 inches of black circumcised meat, throbbing with excitement
and blood. He stroked himself as Britney finished up and began
pacing and inspecting her prison.

When would this stop, she thought desperately. When would someone
come for her and rescue her from this humiliation. Deep down she
feared for her safety, she was convinced this man would harm her,
possibly rape her even though he hadn’t yet touched her flesh. She
had to get out soon but how. The room was solid, the door was
locked, there was no window. The only feature, save the door was a
small camera and microphone up in the top corner.


The door opened and Britney looked up to see her jailer for the
first time. What she saw struck terror into her heart. The man
striding into the room was huge. A full six foot plus and built like
a weightlifter. He wore a white singlet and a pair of sports shorts.
Britney couldn’t stop herself looking and noticing a bulge in his
shorts that made her shiver.

Clarence realized that there was so much that he wanted to play with
here, and his excitement was affecting his judgement and making him
want to hurry, but he knew he would have plenty of time later to
enjoy Britney’s every pleasure. He had to fuck her butt now. It sang
out to him. It tasted and smelled so sweet that it simply had to be
his first conquest. He just had to slide his 13 inches into her
virgin, teenage hole; and Christ was she going to hurt!

“Bend over, Britney. Please. I’ve gotta get my dick inside you. It
almost hurts not to be balls deep inside you, looking at your tight,
round butt like this. I need to feel your butt from the inside.”

Even just hearing the words, Britney’s arms and legs became weak.
She couldn’t bring herself to terms with the fact that she, Britney
Spears, worldwide teenage superstar was imprisoned and about to be
raped. She decided she had to fight back, had to try to stop, no
forget that, persuade this beast that he mustn’t rape her.

“Please sir,” she started, “I can…I can help you with that. I’ll
bring you off with my…my hand. Please don’t force me. I’ll release

“You’re dead right you will baby. You’ll suck me later but I’m gonna
fuck you now. You can’t expect me to have Britney Spears in my power
and not want to fuck her. Now GET ON THE FLOOR ON YOUR HANDS AND

Britney knelt on the floor and tried to think about anything except
what was about to happen. She imagined that it would take hours,
that this guy who’d obviously been fantasizing about her for a long,
long time, would make it last as long as possible. He would stick
his dick in her asshole and watch it go in and come back out, and
slap her ass, and call her names. He would bend over her while
stuffing her butt full of meat and tell her that she was now his and
he’d be right. And afterwards, she knew, she would be little more
than the fuck-toy of this man-child now wedging his sizable cock in
her buttcrack.

“Relax Britney and this won’t hurt, you’ll enjoy it. Push your butt
up and out darlin’ so’s I can see where I’m aiming.”

Clarence reached out and touched the smooth skin of Britney’s
buttocks. Her puckered hole was winking at him urging him to bury
his cock in her and fuck her little brain out till she bled. He
slipped his shorts off and released his immense cock. On presenting
the tip of his penis up against Britney’s asshole he just couldn’t
see how it was going to fit. He pushed gently at first then more
insistently. Britney’s sphincter just wasn’t opening up to allow his
girth through, he realised he needed to help her along. Taking his
index finger he licked it and slowly slid it into Britney’s anus and
started to move it round in a circle trying to open up her

Suddenly he started. “You bitch, you’re full. Empty yourself. How
can you expect me to fuck your ass when you’re full of shit you
bitch, empty yourself now”

Britney didn’t seem to understand. She started to pull herself up
off the floor and turned to her captor. “I’m sorry, what do you want
from me……?”

“Shit yourself Britney, take a dump, whatever, just empty your hole
so’s I can fuck you good. I ain’t never gonna fit in with all that
shit in there”

Britney looked down at his cock for the first time and shuddered at
the enormity of what awaited her. Immune to her humiliation by now
she shuffled over to the wall, squatted with her elbows on her
outstretched knees and began to strain. Clarence took a step back
and knelt down to watch this ultimate indignity. Slowly Britney
managed to persuade her body to evacuate and faeces dropped from her
to the floor with a sickening squelch. The smell made her want to
retch but didn’t seem to bother the man.

Standing up Britney moved away to a corner of the room and stood
with her eyes down, shuddering with fear and unconscionable
humiliation. She just couldn’t comprehend what was happening to her.
She struggled to stop herself thinking back to climbing off the
plane and dreaming of the hot bath alone in the hotel and a good
night’s sleep. Yes she’d planned to have a quiet wank alone,
dreaming of Justin or some strange attacker, but that was fantasy,
and this was horrible reality. She started to fear for her life, she
had no idea of time, how long she’d been here, it seemed like days
but if that was the case why hadn’t anybody come to rescue her…

“Good girl,” he leered. “Come back over here and get on all fours
with your ass pointed at the ceiling. Daddy’s gonna fuck you good.
Teach you how.”

Britney slowly paced over and knelt on all fours resigned to the
anal rape that seemed imminent. Clarence knelt behind her and pulled
her ass cheeks aside. Flecks of shit surrounded her unwiped hole; it
turned him on. He took his cockhead and rubbing the shit over her
puckered hole slowly pushed the head onto her asshole. Britney’s
shit lubricated her and he felt it quickly give way before his
insistence, and he sighed. Britney’s butt was tight and warmer than
he could have imagined. After a couple of minutes of slow pushing he
finally felt just the huge head of his cock pop inside her
sphincter, he stopped and stayed there for a while. This was his
dream coming true, and he was loving every minute of it. With his
cock twitching in her butt, Clarence leaned over and hugged Britney
from behind and kissed her neck. She seemed to be enjoying this
almost, almost, as much as he was. “God, Honey, your butt feels so
good,” Clarence said to her softly, “I’ve never felt anything like
this before. I wish you could see it. Your cheeks are swallowing my
cock, Britney…they’re so tight. I wish you could see it.”

Britney could barely speak. She was in pain but blissfully unaware
that she’d only taken the head of Clarence’s cock, she had another
12″ to somehow take into her teenage body.

“Do you feel that, Britney?” Clarence asked, breathlessly, “Do you
feel your butt trying to hold me in? God, you’re so tight.” Instead
of waiting for an answer from Britney who simply held her head
against her right shoulder, eyes closed, crying to herself, Clarence
began pushing the remainder of his member into her. As her sodomy
continued, Britney screamed in her mind, but moaned outwardly. She
began to realise that there was no point in trying to fight what was
happening, perhaps if she pretended she wanted it, he may finish
earlier and release her from this humiliation. There was more pain
as her butt muscles relaxed again and spread to take his girth. It
felt just like she was taking a shit, she thought, after the pain of
her sphincter dilating it didn’t hurt so much now she just had to
push when he pushed so her ring relaxed.

Clarence’s fucking of Britney’s butt soon picked up speed, and he
was getting his entire length into her on every stroke. Britney was
flexing and relaxing her muscles around his member, her athletic ass
giving him quite a work out. He knew then that it would be
impossible to hold out for long.

“Oh, Britney, I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come on your face bitch.
Swivel round here when I’m outta you.

Between moans and grunts and shallow breaths, Britney struggled to
respond. She felt his cock slip from her ass one last time and
bringing her legs in beneath her turned to face the sentence.

Clarence looked down at this pathetic, famous girl. Once Britney
Spears the teenage pop queen of the world now some no good whore
crouched at his feet in her fuck me whore skirt and crop top. He was
holding the base of his huge cock; the top four or five inches were
flecked with Britney’s shit from within her rectum and he didn’t
particularly want to touch that, he wanted to see her lick it clean
before he flooded his cum in her mouth though.

“Lick me clean bitch,” he ordered.

“Oh God no, please,” she begged.

“Ain’t you never sucked cock before Britney? ” he teased. “Surely
you’ve blown Justin a coupla times in your momma’s house late at
night. You let him cum in your mouth? You let him swallow?”

Britney stared at the floor mute with shock.

“Answer me you BITCH!” he screamed.

“I…I…Yes I’ve sucked it,” Britney began.

“And, did you let him cum in your mouth? Did you swallow or spew?”

“I pulled him out at the last minute and he…he… dropped on my dress”

“He dropped on my dress,” Clarence sarcastically imitated. “Well no
wonder Justin left you Miss Princess if you wouldna even give him a
proper blowjob!”

“It….it….wasn’t Justin, ” she sobbed. “It was just some guy I met
when I was a girl.”

“You’re still a girl Goddamn it Britney, how old are you anyways?”

“Fifteen….going on sixteen.”

“Shit, how old was you when this guy spiked you?”

“Shit, you’s a real little teenage lolita whore ain’t you Britney.
Well let’s see what you’re made of whore, suck me.”

Clarence swung his member, now a little more flaccid than when he’d
withdrawn from her, in front of little Britney’s face. Slowly her
eyes turned up to meet her agressor and with a blank stare of
resignation her lips parted and her mouth opened. She could smell
her own shit on the end of his cock and she gagged as her tongue met
with the tip. Slowly she forced herself to widen her mouth and move
her head forward gradually allowing Clarence’s big, black cock to
slip inside her little mouth.

“Oooooaaaaaahhhh, that’s good girl, real good, ” he moaned. “Now run
your pretty little tongue around it and clean all that shit off it.
That’s it suck it off an swallow it.”

Suddenly Britney gagged and jerked her head back. She spat
incontrollably onto the floor, a sickening mixture of phlegm and
faeces. Clarence could wait no longer and grabbed her by the hair
and forced his cock back inside her mouth. Holding her hard by the
back of the head he began to fuck her mouth. Britney gagged and
writhed to no avail, Clarence was on his way to fucking this teenage
whore good and proper. He’d show her what a dangerous game being a
cock tease was and what it meant to slip up.

For a couple of minutes he continued slamming into Britney’s mouth.
He was getting at least two-thirds of his cock into her on every
thrust so it must have been reaching the back of her throat and
hurting her with every stroke. Eventually he sped up even faster and
then, throwing his head back in orgasm stopped thrusting and groaned
time and time again.

Britney was writhing around in panic but couldn’t break Clarence’s
strong hold. At last he slipped from her and looked down. His teen
toy glanced up as he spurted one last load of hot, white, blackman’s
cum over her face. It hit her right across her left eye and nose and
began to drip down her cheek like a tear. Britney opened her mouth
and released a torrent of cum from within.

“You’re a good little girl Britney, ” he purred. “Now get some
sleep, tomorrow’s gonna be a busy day!”

With that Clarence pulled up his shorts and walked out of the room.

Britney heard the lock and collapsed on the ground.

Lying there she was an unbelievable sight. Britney Spears, the
global teenage queen of pop. Dressed in a pair of black schoolgirl
shoes, white pop socks, a short little gym skirt and a white blouse
she looked just like she had for millions of horny men in her Baby
One More Time video. Only difference now was she had no panties on,
her dilated anus burnt painfully and she had the cum of a blackman
all over her face and blouse.

Britney slipped off her blouse and started to clean herself up as
best she could. The cum stank and she quivered at the memory of what
had just happened to her. How could this be true? What had gone
wrong? Why her?


After a long overnight sleep, Britney found that her situation was
in fact real, and there seemed to be no way out. She awoke on the
cold floor and last night’s assault came flooding back into her
mind. She realised she was scantily dressed and sitting up looked
around for her clothes. She found her blouse up against a wall and
was about to put it on when the smell alerted her to the fact that
it was encrusted with cum. Running her hands though her crinkly,
blonde locks in despair she realised her hair was stuck together in
places with the bastard’s cum. She was dirty, depressed, degraded
and desperate. She hurt. Her bottom still stung from the anal rape
and she was sick of the futility of her plight. How was she going to
get out of here? Was anybody coming for her? The sound of the lock
in the door stopped her with a start. She got to her feet and began
backing away from the door towards the back wall of her prison.

Clarence entered the room dressed in a clean singlet and a new pair
of shorts. In his arms he held a large firehose.

“Time to wake up and freshen up Britney,” he shouted. “Oh, I see
yous awake my little whore, now we’s better get you clean for
today’s fun! Take your clothes off for your shower my lovely”

“Britney stood there defiantly, determined not to allow her
humiliation to continue. But the smell of sperm in her hair and on
her face. Her ravaged anus with cum and shit around it. She felt
dirty, perhaps she should allow this sick bastard to shower her.

“Fire away,” she whispered.

“Oh no I want you naked at last,” Clarence called. “Don’t make me
have to come over there an strip you little girl!”

Resigned once again Britney crossed her heels and pushed her sandals
off. Bending down she slipped her little white socks from her feet
and stood up straight again. Staring consciously at the ceiling her
hands passed behind her back and unclipped her pretty, white lacy
bra. Finally her thumbs hitched either side of her gym skirt and
lowered it to the floor. Stepping out she realised despite the
horrors of the night before this was the first time she was stark
naked in front of this sick fuck.

Clarence looked on as Britney stripped and, though it was far to
early for it, he felt his cock twitch in his shorts as she stepped
forward from her skirt and stood before him naked at last. He was
right about the titty pads he thought. In the flesh Britney’s breast
were small little lumps with tight nipples. Teenagers breasts. Her
body as a whole was in good shape though she didn’t half look young.

“Jesus Britney, how old did you say you are, fifteen. You look
younger to me with your little titties and your bald pussy.”

Britney wasn’t going to give him the buzz of admitting her age. She
and her mother had duped the media circus that had put her where she
was in the eyes of the world many years ago. She wasn’t fifteen. The
boy that she’d sucked all those years ago was two years ago. She was
just turned fourteen. A true teenager. Some of the implications of
what was going on here would come to haunt her in later life. She
played the know-it-all temptress but underneath it all she was just
a little lost schoolgirl in big danger.

Clarence opened the valve on the fire hose and a hard jet of water
leapt out at Britney. It forced her back onto the wall though was
not too cold. She began rubbing her hair and face in the clean water
trying to cleanse the evil from her skin. She opened and bent her
legs slightly and pushed her hand over her ass and pussy rubbing
away the scent and evidence of horror.

Clarence shut off the water as suddenly as he had switched it on,
and abruptly left the room locking the door behind him. Britney
stood there somewhat stunned that he had left again, perhaps she’d
expected something more. She rubbed herself all over trying to dry
as quickly as possible. She had no towel and didn’t want to use her
soiled blouse or make her clean skirt wet. Once as dry as feasible
she slipped on her gym skirt and bra and looked around her prison


Upstairs Clarence was busy. The rape last night had been filmed by
the camera in the room, he’d made sure of that. There was no way he
was gonna run the risk of raping a young underage teenager without
keeping the memory alive on DVD. The fact he’d gotten hold of a
famous underage teen opened up a whole new realm of fantasy.
Clarence was putting together a set of photographic equipment, a
digital video recorder, a stills camera, spotlights the usual
things. Grabbing the kit he let the door swing as he headed down the
stairs to the cell below.


Britney had paced the room looking for some chink in her captor’s
plan. The room was a square walled room with no windows, with no
escape. Once again she was brought up sharply by the lock in the
door turning. She almost instinctively now backed away onto the far
wall and watched as the door swung in and Clarence appeared. At
first Britney couldn’t make out what Clarence was carrying into the
room but on realising it was photographic equipment shuddered.

“OK my little Brit babe,” Clarence started as he began setting up
the kit. “You dry now, time to start the fun. We’re gonna have a
lotta fun today, just like yesterday. And just like yesterday I’m
gonna record it all for posterity. You don’t mind if I do that now
Britney, do you?”

“Sir, I just wanna go home please,” Britney pleaded. “You did what
you needed to last night. I just wanna go home to my momma please.
Please sir, please….”

“Shut your mouth bitch, you’s ain’t seeing momma today that’s for
sure. You might become a momma today, now that’s the truth!” he
giggled maniacally. “Come over here and let me see you properly.”

Britney shuffled over into the glare of the photographic lights
Clarence had switched on. Clarence walked around her close but not
touching, just like last night. It unnerved her.

“You sure are a beautiful little girl Britney,” Clarence muttered as
he picked up his camera. “These’ll sell for millions. OK now, you’re
gonna do just what I want but this time I’m gonna take photographs
of you and if you don’t pout and look sexy at the camera and shit
like that I’ll fuck you up bad again you hear me? I’ll fuck you bad
again! Now give me the sexy, innocent schoolgirl look and lie down
on the floor on your back.”

Britney wasn’t really sure what to expect today but it wasn;t this.
A camera, pictures of her, naked. God only knows where these would
end up she feared. On the internet no doubt or in trashy
pornographic magazines. She shivered as she resigned herself again
to the fact that she had little choice but to do what he demanded of

Clarence was rock hard. Through his viewfinder he saw this virginal
fourteen year old lying prone on the cold floor, her titties lying
flat beneath her lacy white starter bra, her cunt covered just by
the short gymslip skirt. She was awaiting his bidding. Not only was
the girl tight and young, just as he liked them, she was Britney
fucking Spears. What had he done to be this lucky? He didn’t know or
care, all he knew was he had to make this moment last as it wouldn’t
come again.

“Good girl Britney,” he whispered still looking through the
viewfinder. “Now I want you to lie very still and let me do what I
want. You might enjoy this bit, you never know!”

Clarence squatted on his knees beside Britney and gently placed his
hands either side of her hips and pulled the skirt up over her
belly. Her bare vulva was now exposed for the camera. On close
inspection under the harsh glare of the lights faint wisps of hair
were visible but to all intents and purposes Britney was a smooth as
the day she was born. Looking from the side Clarence saw her pudenda
really protruded up from her hips and her labia was large for such a
young girl. Her clitoris was just visible as a small lump at the top
of her labia.

“Nice little cunt you good little whore,” an evil murmur came from
beside her. ” I wanna see you come off Britney. You ever done that
before little girl, you ever come before Britney?”

Britney heard him and guiltily thought, no she hadn’t. Her momma had
always told her not to worry about sex things and to wait until she
was older. The night with that boy, sucking his thing had been
forced, maybe even assault, certainly not enjoyable or a sexual
experience for her, nevertheless she had had feelings in the past
that she thought could have been sexual but she wasn’t sure.

“No…no……I don’t think I have,” she stammered quietly.

“Well close those sweet innocent eyes Britney and dream away.”

She felt a hand stray across her thighs and between her legs. Gently
stroking the crack in her pussy; up and down, up and down, up and
down. It felt good she began to realise, a strange feeling of warmth
and adrenaline flooded through her body. Slowly but surely her pussy
lips began to open up and the finger ran deeper and deeper between
her rapidly swelling labia. She wasn’t sure this was right but God
it was good, why had momma not told her about this. The hand was now
moving faster and faster stroking her mound and running deep between
her lips. She realized the finger was damp and in fact her pussy was
wet; had she wet herself God no please not that humiliation again
but no, it wasn’t a stream just a moistness deep with her. She’d
never even pushed her fingers inside herself before so to feel
herself wet was a new sensation. A good sensation Britney realised,
one she could learn to repeat. She felt another hand down between
her legs that gently began to pull her labia apart.

“No, please don’t,” she whimpered not really sure whether she wanted
him to stop or not. She was confused by her own feelings now and the
first rush of sexual lust that was washing through her teenage body.

“Open your knees and flop them out, darling,” he whispered.

The feel of the cold air on her moist passage was good and she
sensed a finger creeping inside her, just a little at first and then
exploring deeper. Her cunt was dripping now with juice and the
finger was joined easily by another and then another spreading the
walls of her vagina to their limit. She gently moved her butt
forward urging the hand deeper inside. She struggled to accept she
was allowing this stranger to do this to her; last night’s violation
with him ramming himself up her bottom was wrong, humiliating and
painful but this, this gentle, playful, fingering was feeling

Clarence looked down on the prone Britney. He had stationed his
camera up close looking down so that Britney’s face would be visible
but most of the frame would be her beautiful, pristine, virginal,
shaven mound. Sitting beside her he had extended his hands and
started playing with her. He knew he had her when her breathing
quickened and her pussy began to moisten. He could not quite believe
he was in a position where he could control this teenager to the
extent that she would allow him to masturbate her. He moved round to
a position between her legs and lay on his front with his face a few
inches from her cunt. The smell was divine, a pungent waft of
virginal passage. He pulled her labia apart and the glare of the
spotlights illuminated the walls of Britney’s young vagina. He could
see the lubrication coating her passage as he moved closer and
started to insert his long tongue.

Britney bucked as a new sensation hit her; it felt like a slippery
tongue had gone up her, oh my God she thought it is his tongue, he’s
licking me up there. God it feels so good, so damn fine. Her
breathing quickened further and she started involuntarily bucking
her hips off the floor driving the tongue into her time and time
again. Suddenly she paused.

“Oooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! God, no, please,” she cried.

Clarence looked up as Britney came for the first time in her
fourteen year old life. Her face was flushed as her body arched back
and bucked once, twice and again as paroxysms of orgasm thrust
through her young, taught frame. Her tiny breasts were peaked with
rock hard little nipples that poked through the flimsy cotton of her
bra, confused as to their purpose in this new desire. She’d enjoyed
that, Clarence thought but now it was time for some harder play that
he’d enjoy….

Britney lay panting after the sudden new feeling had washed through
her. She knew it was wrong what had happened and suspected she’d had
her first orgasm at the hands of a grown adult stranger masturbating
her with his own hands. Wrong she thought, but good. Suddenly she
felt his hands at her passage again.

“Oh, no, please I’m sore now,” she pleaded. “No more please.”

“Shut up Britney, you’re mine and I’ll do what the fuck I want with
you. Now lie still and this won’t hurt too much.”

Clarence moved the camera slightly and reached into his pocket. He
withdrew a small tube of vaseline and proceeded to squeeze a
sizeable amount into the palm of his right hand. Britney lying on
her back staring blankly at the ceiling with tears in her eyes could
not see this and just as well. Having spread the lubricant all over
his large black hand and up to the wrist Clarence inserted a couple
of fingers into Britney. She was still a little damp from her
earlier orgasm but with the lubricant his fingers slid easily up

“You liked three fingers didn’t you my little girl,” Clarence
whispered. “Well here comes a lot more!”

With that he began to force his hand into Britney. She bucked and
wailed this time in pain not pleasure as the man’s hand slipped into
her vagina. Within minutes Clarence had his hand inside her
completely. Britney was stunned not knowing what was happening and
why. She just didn’t understand this continual assualt and the
conflicting feelings in her body. One minute she felt wrong but
enjoying it now she was being abused again. Clarence fisted Britney
for the camera popping his fist in and out of her virginal cunt. For
a grown man, and a large black man, to be fisting a fourteen year
old teenager was so so wrong it blew his mind. His cock was solid in
his shorts and a small stain of pre-cum had soaked through and was
visible. His cock would see action later, for the moment it was his
hands doing the business.

“Turn over Britney,” Clarence demanded withdrawing his fist one last
time. “Let’s see that sweet young ass of yours again.”

Britney sobbed and moaned, “no, please sir I’ve had enough. I’m
sorry I enjoyed it earlier I shouldn’t have, I just wanna go home.
I’m just a little girl who wants to go home.”

“Shut the fuck up and show me your ass bitch!”

Clarence grabbed her around her shoulders and forced her over onto
her stomach. He slipped his hands back under her hips and pulled her
buttocks up.

“Keep your shoulders on the floor little one so’s your butt stays in
the air and I can see it good.”

Clarence eyed Britney’s asshole. It was red and inflammed from the
pounding he’d given it the night before. Little girls’ anuses are
not designed to have 13″ black cocks thrust into them he thought.
Well let’s see how they cope with hands! He re-lubricated his right
hand and, starting with one finger, slowly slipped it into Britney’s

“Ow, no please, you’re hurting me,” she cried. “Not there again
please, not there…..”

Clarence ignored the bitch and continued working her hole. He
dilated her sphincter with one finger to the extent that he could
slip another in, this method worked until he had three fingers in up
to the second knuckle. The rest was gonna have to be force he

“Get ready honey,” he cried and forced his hand up her rectum. Her
sphincter stretched to breaking point but somehow took the
onslaught. Clarence found himself crouched over the catatonic teen
star with his hand completely up her asshole. He waggled his fingers
inside her, conscious of the resistance caused presumably by the
remains of shit in her bowel. Britney flinched but said nothing.
Poor little girl though Clarence, she’s so deep in shock she doesn’t
even realise what horrors are being inflicted upon her. Anal fisting
rape of an underage fourteen year old global star would find him
lynched at the stake if he were caught he thought. But I’m not
planning on being caught….

Having taken pictures Clarence slid his hand out of Britney’s
asshole. It winked closed as his fingers left her back passage
though he knew as long as she stayed as catatonically relaxed as she
was his next plan would work a treat. He reached into the camera
equipment bag and withdrew a set of medical dilating calipers.
Wiping a little lube from his fingers onto the tip he slipped the
cold steel into her hole and flexed the calipers. Britney’s anus
stretched under the pressure from the calipers and Clarence stood up
to admire his handiwork. This little bitch was head down ass up on
the floor with her asshole gaping wide. He glanced into her cavity
and under the spotlight could see the turtle head of shit far up her
passage. What Clarence had in mind was far beyond what Britney could
ever imagine or understand.

Britney had been unnaturally still whilst being anally fisted. Her
brain was working overtime, she couldn’t comprehend what the
situation she was in was all about. Somewhere outside of herself she
felt his hand leave her body to be replaced with something cold. She
then felt cold air rush up her passage as the calipers were opened
up. She was weeping on the floor as her mind raced in teenage
patterns of confusion.

She heard it just before she felt it; the sound of running water
splattering into a receptacle. She soon realised the receptacle was
her rectum and assumed he was pouring a liquid into her. In fact
Clarence was standing over her little butt and pissing from his
engorged member into her forcefully dilated rectum. All captured on
DVD her teenage passage soon filled and hot, yellow urine dribbled
out of her passage and down her legs onto the floor. She couldn’t
close her hole because the calipers were locked open. She gagged
with the humiliation of her treatment and the smell of his piss on
and in her body.

Suddenly she heard a click and the calipers were whisked from her
passage. Her sphincter winked shut forcing more urine from her like
diarrohea. The urine stung her raw passage as her hole clamped shut
and she collapsed back onto the floor.

“You better slip off that pretty little skirt young lady,” he
sneered, “seeing as how’s it’s covered in piss. You’re a fuckin’
human toilet you are you little bitch. How come noone knew that
sweet little Britney loved piss in her asshole, eh?”

Britney stood shakily to her feet and slipped her soiled skirt from
around her hips. She now stood in front of her attacher stark naked
except for her shoes, socks and bra. All other pieces of clothing
had either been taken from her or were soiled beyond use..

“Tell me what you want me to do now Britney,” Clarence demanded. The
sound of silence from the shaking teenager opposite him. “TELL ME!”

“I…I…don’t under…..stand, sir,” Britney stammered. “I just wanna go
home to my folks. I haven’t done you no harm, please sir let me go.
You’ve had your fun with me, I’m just a scared little girl who wants
to go home….”

“You’ll go when I let you you cunt! Now tell me what you want me to
do bitch. Come on it’s about the only thing I haven’t done to you so
far. I’ve made you piss and shit yourself on camera, I’ve fucked you
in the ass, I’ve come on your face and in your mouth, I’ve fisted
your cunt and your asshole, I’ve masturbated your sweet, sweet bare
pussy till you came for the first time and I’ve pissed in your
rectum. The one thing I haven’t done Britney, the one thing…
fuck you properly in the cunt. To take your cherry you sweet teenage
virgin whore.

“Oh please no…please NO!”, Britney vainly cryed. Throughout the
onslaught she hadn’t noticed somewhat ironically the one thing he
hadn’t done was fuck her and take from her the one thing she could
never get back, her virginity.

” Keep that sweet little cotton bra on Britney and get back on the
floor on all fours. I’m gonna fuck Miss Spears good and proper at

Britney struggled back onto her hands and knees and braced herself
for what she prayed would be the final onslaught.

From behind Britney looked fantastic. Her fourteen years meant that
true woman’s hips had yet to form on her frame and as such her ass
was just so damn tiny and hard. Splayed on her knees her buttocks
had parted and her sore, red ring was clearly visibly. Beneath her
ring lay paradise as far as Clarence was concerned; the hairless,
virgin hole of a teenage girl. God his huge black cock was gonna
make her scream he hoped. He reached out with his hand and started
to nuzzle Britney’s labia apart with his middle finger. The girl was
as dry as he’d predicted so he reached into his carry sack and
extracted a tube of lube. Squeezing a generous squirt onto two
fingers he lubed up the teenager ready for his finale.

Britney felt him at her once again but was simply too tired and
distraught to flinch or recoil away from the certain pain she knew
deep within her was once again imminent. She began to think back
over the past few years when she’d fought Justin over her virginity.
Justin had started to demand Britney let him do her as she called it
but she’d stood her ground as her mother had told her to and refused
to submit to him. Sure she’d sucked him off, even allowing him to
cum in her mouth a coupla times but there was no way she’d let him
put himself anywhere near her pussy. Besides it was illegal for
Justin to fuck her as her momma kept reminding her.

“Brace yourself baby one more time, ” Clarence leered. “I’m gonna
slip into you and fuck you good you little teenage cock tease. This
one’s for all the young boys you pout and strut for on the TV. Do
you know Britney, just how many young boys cum over pictures of you
every day you bitch? Britney, answer me you bitch, how many?”

“I……I’m not sure. What doya mean?” she stammered quietly.

“Thousands, absolutely thousands. And do you thank them? Do ya? The
fuck you do you bitch. Well I’m gonna set the record straight and
take your cherry right here and NOWWWWWWW!!”

Clarence thrust himself forward suddenly and harshly his huge member
forcing it’s way into Britney’s teenage passage. She screamed in
pain as her vagina was forced apart to accommodate his girth. Slowly
Clarence’s 13″ began slipping deeper and deeper within her until his
balls were tight up against her clit. He started pulling out then
in, thrusting himself slowly at first then, as Britney’s body began
to react and lubricate itself, faster and faster.

Britney’s head collapsed onto the floor and with her ass thrust in
the air Clarence pummeled her with his black weapon. Gradually
Clarence’s breathing quickened until he was panting uncontrollably;
suddenly he froze with his cock deep inside the teenager. He spasmed
once, twice then again and again and again and…..

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