Britney Speared

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Britney Speared

The first time I saw Britney
Spears’ video, I thought she was
butt ugly and her music sucked. Over time though, I started
to develop a liking to her looks. I still thought her music
sucked though.

Since she was a teen popstar, her 15 minutes wouldn’t last
long so I figured I’d better get a piece of her while it still
meant something.

My chance would come when she would be doing a video countdown
for MTV, or rather afterwards.

Being a big star, she’d no doubt be driven around in a limo.
After checking with some "contacts" I found out she was indeed
riding in a limo and which limo and driver she’d be using.

Pulling a bit of money out of the bank, I managed to contact
the driver and bribe him into letting me take his place for
the day.

After arriving at her hotel and explaining to Britney that her
driver was sick, and I was his replacement, we went on our way
to the MTV studios.

After dropping her off, I went to finish some errands while
she did the countdown.

Not being one to drink much of anything Britney had her
management arrange for bottled water to be available while she
made public appearances.

She’d made it easier on me to make final arrangements when she
put her partially finished bottled water back into the limo
fridge before exiting the limo.

Soon after I made a call to a "friend" and at a hefty price, I
obtained some powder called IDRD (cleverly short for Invisible
Date Rape Drug.) This stuff didn’t even leave a trace of any
sort in water so it was the ultimate in spiking someone’s
drink if you will.

Two hours after I’d dropped her off, I returned to pick her up
to take her back to the hotel. Ten minutes into the 45 minute
trip, I noticed Ms. Spears take her water out of the fridge
and finish it off. Five minutes later, she was passed out
cold in the seat.

After arriving at the hotel, I had an associate "Nathan" put
Britney into his car and drive to the other hotel.

After dropping off the limo and getting back into my car, I
headed for the hotel. I arrived to find a still passed out,
but now nude, Britney Spears on the bed and "Nathan" jerking
himself off.

"God damn it Nathan! Not now and what about your face?!?
What if she wakes up and sees your face?!?"

I went back out to the car got my video camera and tripod and
went back inside. I sent up the camera on it’s tripod in the
corner to get a perfect shot of the bed.

We then got our ski masks out of "Nathan’s" bag, put them on,
and waited for Ms. Spears to wake.

Fifteen minutes later she did wake up, a bit groggy, but well
enough to know she wasn’t in the best of situations.

A look of confusion crossed her faced, then it turned to fear
as she realized she was buck naked and me and "Nathan" had
raging hardons.

Covering up she asked, "Wh- Wh- Where am I?"

"In my hotel room and you were uninvited."

Knowing the answer, but still hoping and praying she
continued, "Wh- What do you want from me?"

"Not much really, just to punish you for breaking into my

Tearing up, "But I didn’t break in here. I don’t even know
how I got into your room."

"Bah, enough of this shit. Look Britney, right now you’re one
of the hottest things going in the music industry.
Unfortunately teen popstars, don’t have a long shelflife, so I
figured I’d might as well get a piece of you before your
fifteen minutes of fame are up. As for Nathan here, this was
a two man job and he’s always came through for me, and as
usual he has a price though in your case he waived his fee for
a piece of you too."

Crying and starting to get hysterical, "Get away from me! I’ll
scream, I swear I wi—".

Smack! I broke her off in mid-sentence as the palm of my hand
slammed into the side of her face, knocking her off the bed
and onto the floor.

"Look bitch, if you want to live another day, you’ll keep the
hell quiet, However, if that doesn’t keep you silent, see that
camera over there? That may or may not end up on the Internet
for sale. It might go just into my personal collection. What
you say and do will determine it."

Crying hysterically now and with a big red hand print on her
face, she pulled herself to her feet.

"Nathan" finished dis-robing and I stripped naked myself.

"Get on all fours on the bed!"

After meekly do so, "Nathan" walked to the end of the bed
playing with his ever hardening cock. Not looking like she
knew what she was supposed to do I slapped Britney again and
told her to open up.

"Open up Britney. Nathan likes to start out with a nice

It was almost a sad sight to see. Britney Spears with two
handprints on her face, tears running down her cheeks, and a
cock in her mouth.

I proceeded to climb onto the bed and position myself behind

Having one of the finest bald pussies I’ve ever seen, I
couldn’t help but take pleasure in playing with it. I was in
ecstasy as I worked my tongue up and down her lips taking in
the taste and smell of a nice fresh pussy. I could feel her
hips buck a bit as my tongue worked it’s way inside and got a
taste of the her inner walls as well.

I brought my head back up to see Britney half-heartedly
sucking "Nathan’s" dick.

"Look Ms. Spears, I don’t want much trouble either but if
Nathan isn’t cumming or at least has smile on his face when
I’m done with you back here…"

I then started to play with my dick to get it nice and hard
for entry into Britney’s famous hole.

I slapped the head of my dick against her ass and pussy a bit
to try get her sexually aroused and to get myself even more

Having a narrower cunt than I thought she would, I had to
slowly push my dick into her.

As I was doing so, I hit something. This girl was still a god
damn virgin! Not caring for the pain on either end I shoved
real hard, and I heard a muffled scream from Britney as her
cherry was popped.

I looked back at "Nathan" and did see a smile develop.
Despite being forced into it, she was apparently doing a good
job giving him head.

Slowly I pulled myself out of her tight cunt, went back in.
God she was tight and I was loving it! I slowly started to
increase my speed a bit, loving the tight fit.

As I increased my speed, subconsciously or not, Britney seemed
to do the same with bobbing her head back and forth.

I reached down and grabbed her small tits giving them a gentle
squeeze. Britney moaned a bit more and I quickened my pace.

"Nathan" too sped up a bit, and soon Britney was taking it out
of both ends.

As I was thrusting my cock in and out of her I could feel
nearing climax. Faster and harder I was fucking the hell out
of her bald cunt until finally with one hard and final thrust
I completely bottomed out and shot load after load into
Britney filling her insides.

Dripping, I pulled out picked up her panties from a pile of
her clothes on the floor and wiped myself clean.

I looked over to "Nathan" saw that he was about to cum as well
and when he looked at me, I gave him the go ahead nod to do
what he was asking me.

I saw "Nathan" shudder a bit and make one strong lunge into
Britney’s mouth as he started to unload into it. He quickly
grabbed the back of her head and pushed it toward him as to
keep her from pulling her mouth away.

Soon we could hear Britney gagging and choking on "Nathan’s"
cum as he always had big loads.

When Britney’s arms started to flail I gave him another nod to
release her head. She quickly pulled away and fell to the bed
coughing and spitting up cum.

Breathing heavily and just laying there, "Nathan" flipped
Britney onto her stomach and still having a hardon proceeded
to penetrate her ass without lube of any sort. He liked it
that way, the girls who asses he fucked didn’t.

Britney initially just laid there without any movement
whatsoever. "Nathan" shoved his cock in real hard, and she
let out a quiet scream.

"Please no more. Please…"

Completely ignoring her, "Nathan" continued.

"Please don’t… No more…"

"Nathan" continued to penetrate Britney’s ass and soon I found
myself stroking my dick.

From the grimace on her face I could tell Britney was in a bit
of pain, but I don’t know if "Nathan" could or even cared.

I positioned myself in front of Britney’s face and continued
to stroke myself.

As "Nathan’s" pounding of her ass quickened in speed and
intensity, I could feel another eruption coming up. I
positioned myself right above Britney’s head and as I started
to cum again it landed on her forehead and dribbled down her

"Nathan" was soon blowing his load into her ass and onto her
back. We wiped ourselves clean with the rest of her clothes
and cleaned up the room.

As we were leaving I stopped and looked back at Britney. I
kinda felt sorry for her. There was poor Britney Spears
struggling to get herself cleaned up and to save some face.
Her body and clothes she could attempt to wash, but the heavy
smell of cum would be too much to take care of in a hotel

Soon many people would know of the event, but how many would
be willing to pay to see it?

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