Britney Spears 18th Birthday Party

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Right, okay, this is my first "story." I decided to write it after
I searched the archives looking for something like this, but no one
wrote it, so I decided to. I’ve seen stories like this about other
people, just not Britney… But like I was going to say, this

story involves Britney Spears. I honestly met no disrespect to
anyone who reads this, or to Britney. I would never want to
disrespect her like that…. this is merely a fantasy, writtin on a
word processor, and now i’m putting it here so anyone with the same
fantasy can enjoy it as well… So if it offends you, I’m truely
sorry, you can delete it from whatever server it’s on. If you can’t
delete it, click the "X" button and don’t read it… but PLEASE,
don’t chew me out… this is a FANTASY and a WORK OF FICTION and is
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Anyway, all comments are welcome. Email me and tell me how you
like it… how much you like it… and what exactly you DO to
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by CalienteCuidado

Well, something pretty unbelievable happened. I got to have sex with
Britney Spears. I always used to complain about how nothing
interesting ever happened in my life… but now, I can’t say that
anymore. Ever since I first saw her on the cover of her first CD
when I was 14, about three years ago, she’s been a sexual fantasy of
mine. I’ve had wet dreams about her, I’ve pretended that when my
girlfriend gave me head it was actually her, I’ve sat in front of my
computer downloading fake nude pictures of her and jacking off,
cumming all over the computer screen….
To make a long story short, I’ve wanted to fuck that girl since the
first time I laid eyes on her. All of my friends were trying to
guess how good "in bed" she’d be. I know that now…. They used to
say that she’s probably really lazy and just lays there and let’s
the guy do all the work. We’ll… I have a story for them.
First, let me explain to you how exactly I got to be the luckiest
guy. It started last summer. I was visiting my great-aunt for a few
weeks, and we were having one of those talks where you just sit
there and ramble on and on like family members do. Well, we got to
talking about Hollywood, and the hole entertainment business, and
she told me that her daughter’s boyfriend is a pretty famous actor
(I won’t release his name). I was surprised.. that guy was one of my
favorite actors. I asked if I could meet him. The next week, when I
was back home, my great-aunt, her daughter, and her boyfriend, the
actor, stood at my doorway. We all hung out at my house for a while,
and me and the famous actor really got a little friendship going.
Well, sometime during the course of that night I had mentioned to
him my little crush on Britney Spears. He mentioned that he knew her
through someone in "the business" and mentioned that she was having
a small little 18th birthday party and that he was invited. Britney
had apparently been joking around with him when she said, "Bring all
the hot guys you want!" And so he wanted to know if I wanted to fly
out to L.A. with him next month to be at Britney Spears party.
I said yes.
Britney Spears was having a PRIVATE birthday party at her house in
Los Angeles with only a select few invited… AND I WAS GOING!
I went…

When I arrived, I was so nervous. I wasn’t really dressed up, James
(let that be the "name" of my new friend I met through my
great-aunt’s daughter) told me I didn’t have to be. I was wearing a
pair of loose fitting black cargo-khaki pants, with a blue and white
silk shirt that buttoned up at the front. I had it dangling loose,
as I wore a loose fitting white undershirt. James took me out to get
my hair done pretty nice. I wanted to look pretty damn good if I was
going to meet Britney Spears.
We walked up to the door… James rang the doorbell. I quickly tried
to swat away any nervousness I was feeling, and I did a pretty good
job at doing so, because for some reason I calmed down considerably.
My heart rate was slowing back to normal… but sped up again as
someone answered the door. I had my gaze to the floor when the door
opened and a sweat, girlish, flowery smell came over me. I was
starting at two feet with white tennis shoes on them. I slowly moved
my head up. I saw two smooth, tan legs and then a pair of black,
loose fitting shorts. I kept going up this person’s body, and she
had on a purple, tight fitting tank top, which looked really great
because it accented two beautiful, perky breasts. A shock wave hit
me before I even looked at this girl’s face. I knew who it was.
It was Britney Spears!
"Hey, James!" She exclaimed. She didn’t look at me yet.. I just
stood and watched her for a minute. Her hair was loose.. it fell
into curls around her shoulders. She was wearing little makeup,
letting her natural beauty show. She threw her arms around James and
gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Nice of you to come!"
She looked at me. "Hi! I’m Britney…." She introduced herself.
"Um.. Jacob. I’m Jacob." I said as casually as I could. Again, I
tried to push the nervousness away. It worked, because she came up
to me and shook my hand politely and invited us in.
James and I sat down, had some food, and greeting the other guests.
To my delight, there were only a few other people there. Some of
Britney’s friends from her home back in wherever-she’s-from, her
mom, and some other guy that James knew was a local actor. He was
about twenty five.
As the night progressed, things were looking food between Britney
and I. At one point, we spent an hour and a half on her couch (it
was one of the most comfortable couches I’ve ever sat in) just
talking about life while the other people did other things to
entertain themselves.
And at about 9:00 at night, after some people had left, the most
amazing thing happened. We were sitting next to each other on the
couch talking, and we started to talk about sex. My dad would always
say that if you put two teenagers in a room, eventually they’ll talk
about sex… which I guess was true.
"So, have you ever done it?" She asked me. After I didn’t reply for
a minute, she added: "Sorry, if that’s to personal you don’t have to
answer. I was just curious."
"No, it’s okay…" I just couldn’t believe she asked me that. "Yeah,
I did it once before with my girlfriend." I didn’t tell her, but the
whole time I did it with my girlfriend I was looking at the Britney
Spears poster above my bed, imagining it was her I was fucking.
I took this opportunity to at least get a mental sound byte in my
head so I can masturbate later.. I asked her: "Have you?"
Her reply was instant. "Yeah…" She gave an innocent little smile.
"Back home I kind of did it a lot, actually. It’s something I kind
of regret." "A lot?" I asked.
"Yeah.. well, with three different people. It was when I was first
becoming a big star, it kind of got to my head, about how I was the
object of millions of guy’s fantasies.. so I kind of become a bit of
a slut. I’ve cleaned myself up, though."
"I don’t think three guys makes you a slut necessarily.." "At the
same time? One was fucking my mouth, one was in my ass, the other
was in my pussy." She smiled at me and shrugged. "And one of them, I
didn’t even know his name."
I was surprised at the language and her bluntness about it. "Oh…."
Was all I could say.
"See, I’m a slut!" She jokingly punched me in the arm. We sat in
silence for a moment, and when she glanced over at James and the
rest of the people left who were watching some horror movie on her
big screen TV, she leaned over to me and said, "This is kind of
boaring, you want to go up to my room?"
I looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "Woah.."
She hit me playfully again. "Not for that, you perv! I just want to
show you around."
And so we got up and Britney Spears was showing me around her

We walked into her bedroom. It had a king size bed with purple silky
sheets. It was dimly lit, the only source of light was a blacklight
on the wall and two red lava-lamps on either corner of the room. She
had stuffed animals and little odds and ends all over her room. She
even had a computer, TV, VCR, everything you could think of.
As I was glancing around the room I was surprised to feel to hands
grip my shoulders from behind and spin me around. I knew it was
Britney, but it seemed to good to be true as I felt a pair of warm
lips come into contact with mine as her arms squeezed around my
Britney Spears was kissing me. In her bedroom. With the lights
dimmed. And now…
With the door locked and shut behind her.
I pulled back, with thoughts running through my head and weak-spells
shooting through my body. I looked at her, she was smiling. "Was
that okay?" She asked. "Yeah… I was just making sure you knew what
you were doing…" Her smile faded. "You have a girlfriend, I
forgot…" The truth was, I forgot too. So I tried to think of
something to say because I really wanted to kiss her again. "Well, I
won’t tell if you don’t." I didn’t know how she’d reply to that,
weather or not she’d throw me out of her house by saying that or
She didn’t.
She just giggled, smiled, and did something completely unexpected…
she pushed me onto her bed. I felt the warmth and the softness and
the smoothness of her silk sheets against my body. She came in
closer and leaned over the bed and kissed me again, this time
beginning to remove my over-shirt. At the time things were moving so
fast I didn’t really have time to faint or pass out, because the
fact that Britney Spears was undressing me didn’t fully register
until later.
When both of my shirts were off, leaving only my pants and shoes
still on, she climbed up on the bed and straddled me. She pulled off
her tight purple tank top and threw it onto the black-carpeted
floor. Her pink bra looked very good with the light of the black
light on it.
She must have felt my growing dick under her because she started to
move her hips back and forth, rubbing against me through both layers
of our pants. "Why are you just laying there?" She asked me in a
sexy, sluttish kind of voice.
The truth was, I had no idea… I was just laying there like a
loser. So I decided to take some command. I grabbed her shoulders
and flung her around onto her back on the bed. She was smiling
wildly. "I like it rough…" she said. "I’ll remember that.." I told
"In that case, I like it really rough. Rape me. Throw me around…"
She told me.
I decided to start with the dirty talk as I took off my shoes and
began to take off hers. "How rough do you like it? What do you want
me to do to you?" "Fucking rape me!" She cried. "Throw me against
the walls and pull my hair and fuck the shit out of me! Make me
bleed!" She screamed. I’ve always wanted to hear her say that to me,
and now that it was actually happening, my dick was about to burst
out of my pants.
I had my socks and shoes off, along with her, and threw them on the
floor. I began to unzip my pants. She sat up on the bed and helped
me push them off. After they were off, I stood there in my boxers.
She began to untie her shorts and slid them off. Now she was only
wearing a pink bra and black panties. Her entire body was exposed to
Her body was so tight and so fit and perfect. Not an ounce of what
was not supposed to jiggle jiggled. Only those perfect, large, ample
breasts bounced up and down when she moved. Her muscular legs were
so smooth and tan and felt so good to rub against.
"Are you going to fuck me or what?" She asked as the got on all
fours on her bed. I was standing on the floor at the edge of her
"Blow me first." I told her. "Give me the best blow job I’ve ever
had and I’ll rape the fucking shit out of you." I made it sound like
I was dominating and controlling, which seemed to turn her on
because she pounced at my hips, pulling my boxers completely off, so
that I was standing naked at the edge of her bed, with her on all
fours and her mouth at a completely perfect level for sucking
someone off.
She moved her body toward and used one of her hands to grab the base
of my dick. Usually, when I masturbate, my dick is about 6 inches
long, which is pretty equipped. But now it felt like it was so hard
and so big it must have been 7 inches. She slowly began to massage
it with her right hand, and then she licked her lips. I knew what
was next.
She began to say something because I saw her mouth move a little. I
tried to listen, which was kind of hard because it was hard to
concentrate having Britney Spears jerk me off… but I thought I
heard her singing one of her songs.
"What are you saying?" I asked her.
"I’m singing to your dick… it’s a fetish I have.. never mind it."
She said with the most sluttish smile on her face. "Just fuck my
mouth." She moved her head completely forward with her mouth open,
taking about 3 inches of my 7 inches into her mouth. Her mouth
closed around it and I felt her begin to suck. It was really warm
and really soft. I wondered how many other guys have had the same
experience I was having.
She moved forward again, this time taking in what seemed to be six
inches of my dick. I felt the tip of it slam into the back of her
throat but keep going, so I knew she was taking some of my down into
her throat. She must have had a lot of practice.
She began to bob her head up and down, taking my dick in and out of
her mouth. Her whole body began to move back and forth, and I
grabbed her head with my hands and began to move in the opposite way
she was, so that when she pulled back I pulled back, and when she
came forward and thrusted forward. Then I would stop her rhythm by
gripping her head and holding it on me and pushing as hard as I
could so that my entire seven inches was inside of her mouth. She
groaned in pleasure as I gagged her with my dick.
I pulled out and took control again. I pulled her up by her hair and
slapped her across the face. She let out a scream, but somehow I
knew it was a scream of pleasure. "Hit me again!" She screamed. It
was then I realized her song was not meant to be taking
metaphorically.. she actually did like to be hit. "Hit me again,
I raised my hand and smacked it across her face as hard as I could,
afraid that it would be too hard. But it wasn’t. She moaned and
pulled at her own hair. I took some initiative and grabbed her
shoulders really hard, then threw her up and against her wall. It
made a loud thump and then she fell back down to the bed, with a big
smile on her face. Encouraged, I pulled at her hair and rammed her
head into the wall. She smiled even more. Knowing that she liked
being hurt made it fun, but I didn’t want to do it to much because
it could have been dangerous. But I had to do something one more
time before I did what I originally wanted to do.
I put my hand around her throat and pinned her against the wall with
it. With my other free hand I grabbed one of her beautiful breasts
through her bra. It felt so nice. Her bra was made of some fabric I
couldn’t identify, but the touch of it sent chills up and down my
By now her face was turning red as I held her against the wall with
my hand. She kicked me in the leg and I released her. She fell to
the bed and I lost balance and fell next to her. "Oh my god!" She
said with a smile as I helped her up and reached around to undo her
bra. "I’ve never had someone do that! You are so good! You are so
what I need! Do it some more!!"
"Shut the fuck up!" I told her, doing my dominating thing again,
since she liked it so much. "You’re just a slut.. that’s all you
are. That’s the only reason you’re this famous, you’re just a
teenage slut!" Thinking I took it to far, I immediately regretting
saying that. But to my surprise, she threw her head back and laughed
in pleasure. She even liked being called names! I reached behind her
back and began to undo her bra. I couldn’t do it all the way so I
eventually just ripped it off and threw it down onto the floor. Her
breasts sprung a little as they lost their support, but they didn’t
move much. They were so perky and full and so young that they just
bounced in place. I took one of them in each hand and began to
squeeze and massage them. They were so firm and strong. Her nipples
were perfect, too. They weren’t to big, and they weren’t to small.
They were about the size of a quarter, which was perfect for me.
While still holding them in my hands, I bent over and began to suck
on one of them.
"Bite me, Jacob. Bite me. Bite me." She said in a whisper as her
hand ran through my hair, pulling me closer.
I opened my mouth a little more and then began to close my jaw,
taking her nipple in between my teeth. I squeezed gently at first,
then a bit harder, and then bit to the point where I thought it
would hurt. Her moans and grunts told me she liked it, and I’m sure
that if I bit the damn thing off she would have gone into an orgasm
but that would just be a bloody mess, and I don’t really find *that*
to be a turn on.
I stopped sucking on her right breast and then went over and did the
same thing to her other breast. Then I licked all the way up to her
smooth, soft neck. I pulled away and flipped her around so that she
was laying on her back on the humungous bed. Her breasts fell apart
from each other as she laid back, but not much. They hardly moved.
That’s how firm and perfect they were. She didn’t even need a bra if
she didn’t want one.
I didn’t bother taking off her panties slowly or anything. Knowing
how rough she liked it, I pulled at them until they ripped off,
which didn’t take long. And underneath was the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen. Britney Spears’ pussy. A thing that millions of
guys would give anything to see. And here it was.. right in my face.
Ready to get fucked.
It wasn’t shaved, but it wasn’t grown in. It was perfect. Her
brownish-black hair was trimmed up very nicely, and she was already
very, very wet. I could see moisture running along both of her
thighs and knew it was from her pussy. With the black light on and
the lava lamps, it was very easy to see a glistening coming from the
pink lips.
She opened up her legs and I could tell she was growing impatient.
"Fuck me!" She cried.
I could have some fun with this… "Beg me… beg me, Britney." She
opened her legs wider and propped herself up with her arms. She
looked at me. "Jacob, I need to feel your dick inside me. I can’t
live without it. I want to get fucked by your cock… please,
please! I’ll do anything, just don’t make me wait like this! Just
fuck me! Fuck me hard!!! I need to feel you, Jacob, fuck me!!!" She
screamed the last part so loud I thought the next door neighbors
would hear her.
I would have finger-fucked her, but I knew that would probably piss
her off. I sat on the bed so that I had my back pressed up against
the wall where I once choked her on. My legs were outstretched. I
reached and grabbed onto Britney’s hair and pulled on it. She didn’t
move, which meant she wanted me to pull her myself. I pulled harder
until I had her sitting upright.
"If you want to feel me inside you so bad, you dirty bitch, then get
on me and do it yourself." She smiled at me and swung one of her
legs over me. She inched herself forward so that her pussy was
hovering over my dick. I grabbed my dick and held it out for her to
sit on. She slowly lowered her hips and I felt the contact of my
cock and her soft, warm, wet pussy. I didn’t even care about any
fucking condom. Hell, she’s rich, money’s not an issue.. I wouldn’t
mind having a kid running around that I made with Britney Spears.
She moved her self down slower and slower. She was so fucking tight.
I knew she was lying about the 3 guys from back home when we first
started to do all this… I knew it must have been more. But if you
judged her my how tight her pussy was, you’d think she was an
eighteen year old virgin. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on
me a little faster. Her nose crumpled up a bit signaling, for the
first time in all of this, a bit of pain.
I didn’t really want to hurt her. All the other stuff I did and said
was just part of the type of sex we both happened to like. Right
now, with the look of pain/pleasure on her face, I didn’t want the
pain to take over. I didn’t want to hurt her at all. I pulled her
head closer. I whispered in her ear, "Go as slow as you want…"
Her reply told me that my suspicions were wrong. She was lying about
the 3 guys from back home, but I was wrong about my assumptions.
"I’ve never done this before.." she confessed.
I tensed up my body, which always made it better for me, as she
lowered herself completely onto me. As my entire seven-inch cock was
buried inside of Britney’s pussy, I let my body relax. She did the
same. She rested her head on my shoulder and just lay there still,
with my dick impaling her. And then she lifted her head in a jerk
and that smile of erotic pleasure returned to her. "That feels so
good! Are you still ready to fuck the shit out of me?"
I bucked my hips up, and she curled her nose again, this time
because of her intense, school girlish smile. With me still deep
inside of her, I held her close to me and lifted her up with me. I
stood up off of the bed and turned around. I then threw her down
onto the edge of the bed, which was perfect level with my cock. As
she was thrown down, her pussy made a sucking noise as my dick slid
out of it. She giggled and moved herself toward the edge of the bed
with her legs wide open. "Hit me, baby!" She screamed, and then
added "One more time!" as she realized what she had said.
"Sing it!" I told her, encouraging her little fetish she told me
about earlier which sounded like it might be a turn on.
"Turn on my CD player.." She told me. I turned around and saw a CD
player on a dresser. I flicked it on. "Hit play.." I hit the play
button on the CD controls. "It’s track one, now get back here!"
As I spun around to face her again I heard her song "Hit Me Baby,
One More Time.." come on. She sang along with the CD perfectly,
adding those really sexy facial expressions and mouth movements. And
then at the middle of the song, she sang "Fuck me baby, from
I stopped enjoying my personal little show and pounced at her. I was
going to do what she wanted me to do, and get at her from behind. I
flipped her around and pulled at her legs so that she could stand up
and then lean over the edge of the bed, which she did. This opened
her up really nice. I saw her tight little pink asshole and couldn’t
resist poking at it with my tongue really quick. She giggled and
then began to sing along with her song again. I inched forward,
closer to her, and grabbed my dick with one hand. I placed it on her
pussy hole and I slowly slid it into her. She bucked backward really
quick, sending my cock back into that really tight pussy of hers.
She did it quickly this time, obviously either with no pain, or she
let the pain get her off. But it didn’t bother her, so that was good
enough for me.
I grabbed her hips and began to pump in and out of her, slamming my
hips against her ass every time I went into her all the way. I began
to smack her lower back and ass with one of my hands. By this time
the song we were listening to went off, and it must have been a
special CD because her brand new song, "Oops, I did it again" came
on. She was already groaning and making squeaking noises each time I
pumped into her, but she managed to sing along with that song too,
again with her cute facial expressions.
As I felt my orgasm come on, I began to pump harder and faster. I
grabbed her hips with both hands and then leaned a little to the
right so that I could see her breasts bouncing back and forth
against the bed sheets, making her nipples even harder. I ground my
finger nails into her hips as she began to sing along to the chorus
of her song. As the chorus ended she finally came. I made Britney
Spears cum.
She stopped rocking back and forth, jerked her head back and whipped
her hair out of her face, then arched her back. She pounded against
her bed with both hands as the most vicious scream I’ve ever heard
echoed throughout the room. I kept pumping my cock into her.
"Put it inside me, NOW! Put your cum deep inside me, you BASTARD!
Blow it into me so I can taste it, RIGHT NOW!" She screamed.
I thrusted back and forth faster and faster. She arched her back and
opened her legs up even more now, which made me even hotter. She
began to scream again as I finally let it go. I stopped thrusting
and pushed my cock deep into her as far as it would go. I kept
pulling her onto me very hard even though I was all the way inside
of her as it was. She was groaning quietly as her newest single
blasted in my ears from behind me as I cummed deep inside of her. I
must have stood there, pulling her against me, for about five
minutes before it all emptied out. It was the longest orgasm I’ve
ever had. I slowly began to pull it out. When it came all the way
out, it was wet and shiny, but still as hard as ever. Usually after
I orgasm I have to stop because it’s not hard anymore and I’m not
usually in the mood, but now it was different. It was still rock
hard. But when I saw Britney collapse onto her bed I knew we had to
stop beucase I wanted to do the same thing. I walked over to her
radio and turned it down, then walked back over to the bed and
climbed onto it. She was lying on her stomach, using her arms as
pillows, stretched straight out. I curled up perpendicular to her
and used her ass as a pillow.
The next morning, she woke up first. I was waken up by a light kiss
on my neck. She smiled at me as her hair dangled in my face. "You
know, my friend Melissa is having a party pretty soon to, maybe
you’ll have to do that to her, too."
"Melissa Joan Hart?" I asked with a smile, stretching and yawning.
She nodded.
"Hell, yeah!" I said. We both laughed and then stood up off of the
bed. We got our clothes organized and put back on from last night,
and turned off her CD player which was set to repeat all night. It
was in the middle of "Sometimes" when she turned it off.
She put an arm around me as we went for her door.
She opened it and we saw James.
Smiling and laughing.
With the rest of the people from the party, with video cameras and
digital cameras and normal cameras and everything else people use to
record things. All smiling and laughing.
I turned to Britney with an embarrassed smile. "The door was
locked…." She shook her head with an innocent smile. "Nope.."
I grabbed her tit and shoved my tongue in her mouth, right in front
of everyone.

It was a day I’ll never forget. I saw her after that a few times,
but we never had the change to fuck again. Not yet, anyway. That was
about a year ago. She said that she’ll let me know when she has a
week off, so that we can just go back to her house and fuck all
But as of right now, I have all those video camera recordings that
James and Britney’s friends made. They saw EVERYTHING. So I have it
all on tape… and I watch it over and over.. even with my friends..
getting about as hard as I was on that day.

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