Britney Spears And The Invisibility formula

In my work for one of the top government agencies, myself and several other
scientists ere working on an invisibility formula. The government were funding
this program in the hope of using it in the army and spy business. If the enemy
can’t see your soldiers and your soldiers can see the enemy wars could be one
quite easily.

We had been working on the project for over 2 years and we could not stabilise
the formula so the invisibility only lasts a mere few seconds and would be no
good in war. One night I was working on my own and I accidentally left some of
the formula on top of a fan heater. After an hour or so I realised
my mistake
and removed it. I was really worried cause I thought that I might of ruined the
batch, and it would take several weeks to make a new batch of formula. I looked
at it under the microscope and was shocked to find that it was still stable. I
performed several tests on it and found it was still stable.

I injected myself with some and looked in the mirror, there was no reflection,
“Eureka” I thought. In all the invisibility lasted 6 and half-hours. I was about
to ring my superiors when I saw a add in the paper.

Britney Spears


At the Bolersville Concert hall




“Ummm? I think the formula needs on more test before I present it to my
superiors” The following morning I rang in sick to work and drove the 35 miles
to Boldersville getting there around 6pm. When I got there I went to the concert
hall. I got some of the formula from the glove box and insured none was watching
before I injected my self with the formula. Once invisible I got out o the car
and walked to the back door of the hall I walked in right past two big bouncers
and I heard one of them say to the other. “Are u ready mate she about to

Just then there was a big commotion and a big stretch Imo pulled up outside the
main doors. The driver opened the door and out stepped Britney Spears. She was
rushed into the hall to avoid all the awaiting photographers who wanted to
picture the teen beauty, who had just split with her long-term boyfriend Justin.
I followed the precession of reps and bodyguards accompanying Britney to the
star’s dressing room and quickly slid in before the door was shut.
Britney was sitting down on a leather sofa chatting with one of her reps.

After 25-30 minutes the rep left the room, and this left me alone with the sexy
pop princess who had no knowledge that someone else was in the room with her.
Britney got up off the sofa and examined her surroundings checking were they up
to scratch with her usual standards. After doing so she began to open her
suitcase she took out 3 different suits and lay the on the small bed in the
corner of the room. I walked up behind her and rubbed her ass with my hands she
jumped in the air and looked around the room. “I’ve gotta get some more sleep
I’m imagining things now” she said to herself.

Britney grabbed her tiny tight T-shirt and pulled it up over her head, she was
wearing a lacy black bra her massive breasts almost overflowing from it. Next
she began unbutton the jeans and apon doing so she rolled she tight dark blue
denims down her legs and over her knees before letting them drop to her ankles
and kicking them off. I began to rub myself though my pants at the sight of
Britney Spears standing in front of me in only a lacy black bra and a matching
black g-string. I fought off the urge to grab her.

Britney lifted up one of the suits and tried it on, looking at her self in the
mirror. She did the same with the other two suits before settling for the second
suit, which was a white PVC zip-up sleeve less top which stuck like a second
skin to her tits and a pair of extremely tight green hot-pants. She packed the
other two suits away and hung up the one which she had chosen,

Next she lay down on the ground and began doing sit-ups still dressed only in
her sexy black lingerie. She must of done a least 100, (you don’t get such a
perfect figure from sitting about doing nothing) She grabbed a bottle of water
from the mini fridge, and took a large sup she shuttered, as a large trickle of
the water ran down her neck and in between her tits wiping herself off. Just
then there was knock on the door and a shout of 15 minutes to ShowTime Miss
Spears. Britney gabbed a towel and ran into the en-suite bathroom and I followed
her in.

Next thing I knew was that I was standing in Britney Spears private bathroom as
the Pop princes prepared to take a shower before she took the stage. As Britney
reached behind her back and un-clasped her lacy black bra, I dropped my pants
and began pounding on my cock, as the teen starlet’s bra fell to the ground her
famous tits got some air, and from what I could see there was no sign of any
operation (I should know from the many boob jobs I’ve seen in the various Porn
movies I’ve seen in my time). Now she slid her two hands down each side of the
black g-string and rolled it down to her knees, and then bent over to remove
them the whole way. In doing so she gave me a perfect view of her lovely ass. I
wanted to go and shove my prick up her ass and fuck the Hard bodied Miss Spears
as fast and as hard as I could.

I snapped out of my daydream as Britney jumped into the shower, she moaned
softly as the warm water ran over her large breasts. I began to pound harder on
my swollen prick as Britney grabbed a bottle of shower get and began to massage
it into her body. I almost exploded as the pop princess rubbed the suds all over
her large breasts over her ass and down her silky smooth legs. Next she grabbed
a bottle of herbal essence shampoo and massaged that into her hair, I exploded
my entire load in to the shower as the suds from the shampoo ran down her body
over her tits.

Britney stopped the water and jumped out of the shower grabbing her towel. She
dried herself off. She then grabbed a bathrobe and exited the bathroom.

She walked over to her dresser and applied her make-up (There was no need for it
in my view).

She grabbed the costume, which she had selected earlier and laid it on the
table. Then she un-tied the bath robe and pulled the hot pants up over her ass
Britney Spears performs in the commando style (I wonder was this always the
way), she then zipped the white top up tight and it hug her tits like a second
skin. She admired herself in the mirror and examined her full and curvaceous
body smiling to herself.

Just then there was another knock on the door. “Its show time Miss spears”.
Britney unlocked the door and headed towards the stage to perform.

End of part 1

Part 2: I ass fuck Britney

I pulled my cock back into my pants and headed for the door, to follow the teen
goddess. The door was locked (Of course it would be to stop any perverts like
myself getting in and attacking Britney). I was now locked in Britney Spears
dressing room, “Fuck it” I thought I may as well make the most of it.

I walked back over to the bed, where she had left the underwear, which she had
been wearing. I lifted the black thong up and began playing with it. I pulled
down my pants and began to wank as I did so. Then I got an idea; I removed my
boxers and slid Britney Spears g-string on in their place. I was now wearing the
princess of pop’s underwear and this got me very aroused. I began pounding away
on my swollen cock for about 20 minutes until I shoot my load all over the Sexy
teen’s panties. I grabbed some toilet roll from the bathroom and dried them off.

I then took them of; I grabbed some toilet roll from the bathroom and dried them
and collapsed on the bed.

I must of drifted off to sleep because the next thing I remember was hearing a
lot of noise coming down the corridor outside, I looked at the clock on the wall
and realised that I had been asleep for over an hour and half

Just then I heard a key in the door it swung open and in stepped Britney and
some of her team. She was asking them how they thought she had performed and of
course they were saying “Ohh you were excellent Britney” and such things just
sucking up to her. She then asked them to leave saying she was exhausted after
the gig and wanted to have a bath and sleep for a while. And yet again I was
alone with Britney Spears in the teen goddess’s dressing room (and she thought
she was alone).

Britney started towards the bed and I jumped up from it, she fell forward face
first on to the bed and let oh a large sigh. “That was one of my most exhausting
performances to date,” she said to herself. She reached round and un-zipped her
top and shook it off. She lay there for a few minutes with her large breasts
crushed against the bed. She then spun around and I got another great view of
her famous tits and pointy nipples. Her breasts were now glistening wet from the
sweat from performing under them hot lights.

Britney sat up in the bed and looked around, she stood up and walked in to the
bathroom where she started to run a bath. She lifted a bottle of bubble bath and
ran the blue liquid under the hot tap. Bubbles began to form on top of the water
in the bottom of the tub as the steam rose from it.

Britney let the bath fill and stripped off the green hot pants, as I was
standing directly behind her I got a great view of her perfect ass as she bent
over to squeeze out of the hotpants.

When the bath filled Britney swung on leg over and dipped her toes in the water
“Umm that’s just right,” she said as she swung the leg over the tub and sunk
underneath the water. She resurfaced and began to apply a facemask and placed
two slices of cucumber over her eyes. For the next 10 minutes she lay there
bathing in the hot bubbly water.

Then she grabbed a sponge and squirted some liquid soap on it, she raised her
silky smooth left leg up in the air and washed it with the soapy sponge, she
then repeated this on her right leg. Next she sat up in the bath my cock sprung
out at the sight of the Pop princess’s large breast which ere now covered in
bubbles. Britney squirted some more liquid soap on the sponge and ran it across
her tight little tummy and began to work on her boobs. She moved the soap in a
circular motion across each breast before rinse them of. Britney now grabbed a
bottle of shampoo and worked it into lather in her hair before rinsing it under
the tap.

She stood up in the bath, (the water and bubbles running down her fine body) and
stepped over on to the floor. Grabbing a towel she began to dry herself off
before applied moisturising lotion all over her body. She got a little red thong
and pulled it up over her ass, she then grabbed a bathrobe and tied it loosely
around her body she then exited the bathroom.

Following her out, I could see she made her way to the bed. She loosened the
bathrobe and let it fall to the ground. She lifted up the bed covers and slipped
under, she then hit the lights and the room was covered in darkness.

I waited about an hour in the darkness to ensure she fell asleep, the I lifted
up the bedcovers and slowly slip in beside the almost totally naked Miss Spears.
I waited about another 10 minutes and began to slowly slid down her thong taking
care not to wake her.

I then slowly slid my cock into her tight ass and began to slowly as fuck her. I
slowly increase my tempo as I slid my cock further and further up her ass before
my whole 8 inches was snugly inside the teen sex goddess.

As I began to ass fuck her she started to moan softly “Ummm Justin, that’s so
good, It feels so nice fuck me hard my love pleases fuck me harder” I could only
assume she was referring to her ex-boyfriend Justin from N-sync. I wasn’t him
but I did as the lady asked all the same (After all my Dad always said to treat
a Lady right and always give her what she wants).

I began fucking her harder and harder in her ass, her moans grew louder and
louder until after about 15 minutes I shoot my entire load up her ass. I then
let her fall back to sleep before I slid out of the bed and pulled up my pants.

I took one last look as the sleeping beauty before I slipped out of the room
walked to the exit and returned to my car.

“Fuck that’s was fun” I thought to myself. “Fuck I don’t think I’ll bother
telling anyone about my breakthrough and keep it to myself, I could have some
real fun with this stuff”

Stay tuned for my further adventures as Invisible Boy.

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