Britney Spears And friend

Britany Spears and Friend
Copyright@1999 By Sage (

Britany Spears and her dark-skinned African lover Idriss were in a hut in
Both were alone, the heat emitting off their perfect bodies.
He was 24, she was 17. Both were in love.
"Baby, One More Time" played in Idriss’ mind as he took in the beauty of
his fantasy.
He noticed Britany’s eyes track down to his immense dark erection, which
pulled up the small loincloth he wore.
Withdrawing it, Britany gasped as she saw
what was about to enter her.
* * *
With Idriss’ help, Britany hoisted herself onto one of the rails that were
holding up the hut.
Idriss was on ground level taking hold of Britany’s tanned legs, wrapping
them around his body, beginning his thrusting inside her.
She gasped once again, as did he, while the rhythmic movements continued.
The profuse sweat on both allowed the two lovers to stay locked in their
lovemaking as did their sexes.
* * *
They soon fell to the floor, Idriss’ large sex still erect, slick with
Britany’s juices.
Britany was exhausted, her blond locks in disarray.
She managed to get on all fours as Idriss entered her tight area from
behind… thrusting…thrusting…thrusting…
Holding beautiful Britany by her waist, Idriss moaned her name…she smiling
knowing he was hers.
Her smile disappeared and was replaced with a look of deep pleasure, as
she screamed out…. knowing she was near.
Again, again, again he thrusted…
…Quicker and quicker he entered her…until she felt him growing in width
and ejaculate inside her…

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