Britney Spears At The NBA Finals

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations.
If you are underage or easily offended. Stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

The San Antonio Spurs couldn’t believe their luck. Pop teen
sensation Brittany Spears had offered to sing the national
anthem at the opening game of the N B A finals. Spears wasn’t
a big basketball fan, but she was on tour and it would be
great publicity, she also loved big black men in shorts.

She arranged to meet some of the Spurs before the first game.
She was introduced to Tim Duncan,
David Robinson and Avery Johnson.

Brittany had listen to sports talk radio during the day to learn
something about the game. She liked to watch, but she was only looking
to see if somebody’s cock came out of their shorts, she hadn’t had any

She asked David why he was called The Admiral. He told her it was because
he was in the Navy, Brittany thought that was cool, she then asked if that
was why he was called the little mermaid.

David didn’t laugh at that, he grabbed her around the throat and told her,
"I don’t take that shit from anybody."

Brittany screamed "What are you going to do, ass?" "I am a star,"
"you can’t touch me."

Avery Johnson stepped in, he knew David had done this to women

Avery Johnson wasn’t quick enough though, Spears grabbed
Robinson by the wrist and threw the 7 foot 270 pound center to the floor.

Tim Duncan managed to grab the wildcat and throw her to the ground. He knew
it was time to teach another teenager a lesson.

Avery ripped off her Daisy Duke shorts, Brittany kicked at him,
he just laughed, Duncan had he arms pinned behind her back.

David Robinson got up screaming, he charged at Brittany, she wrapped
her legs around his head and threw him to the ground again, she then knew
why he was The little mermaid.

Avery Johnson grabbed her legs and put them on his shoulders. Her hairless cunt
was right in his face. He slipped his tongue inside of her.

Brittany wrapped her legs around his neck and screamed "Lick me."
Tim Duncan had pulled her tank top tee shirt over her breast. He had one
of them in each hand.

Duncan let her go so he could take off his sweat pants, Brittany was hanging
upside down from Avery Johnson, his tongue was still buried in her cunt. David
had come over and shoved three fingers into her ass.

She was going to cum already, Brittany twisted her hips, Avery fell over, now
she was sitting on his face. David Robinson had taken off his sweat pants also.

Brittany had gotten her first look at Tim Duncan, he had a foot long cock, she
remember why she only went out with black men.

Tim walked over and shoved his cock down her throat. He screamed "suck it like
whore you are. She easily swallowed the whole thing. She never stopped wiggling
her ass across Avery’s face.

Avery and David each had two fingers in her ass and in her cunt, she was
back and forth. She screamed for more, they each added another finger.

She took a look at David Robinson, she saw his 13 inches, her mouth was
watering. She stood up off of Avery’s face and grabbed David by the leg. She
lifted it up and knocked him backwards. She sat right on his cock.

Brittany wrapped her arms around the back of her neck and started jumping up and
down on his monster cock. She was whistling a happy tune. Tim shoved his cock
down her throat again. Brittany thought, "Life doesn’t get any better than

Avery and Tim then each grabbed one of her arms, The began lifting her up and
down even faster. David started thrusting up into her. Robinson screamed, "Fuck
us bitch."

Brittany let out a grunt with every thrust. The she ordered "Harder." The Spur
trio did the best they could.

She then ordered them to fuck her in the ass. Avery whipped out his 10 inches,
he couldn’t wait to ram that teenage ass. David pulled Brittany down so they
were chest to chest, Avery then slipped his cock into her ass.

Brittany screamed "Yes" at the top of her lungs, she was riding both spurs. Tim
shoved his cock back into her mouth to shut her up, he didn’t want his no skill
team mates to come in, he knew they would want to share.

Brittany easily deep throated Duncan while she was being double penetrated. She
started using her tongue on Tim while his cock was down her throat. He screamed
swallow it all bitch That was all he could take. He shot his load directly
down her throat.

David Robinson was going to cum next. He slid out from underneath her. He then
shoved his cock down her throat just in time to unload. She didn’t spill a drop.

Avery pulled out next. He could get his cock into her mouth in time though. He
sprayed her face. Brittany slapped David and told him he needs to teach his
friends better then that. She can’t go out in front of millions of people with
cum on her face. David apologized for Avery.

Brittany then asked for directions to the Knicks locker room, maybe they could
get her off. She hoped to never have to come to Texas again.

She walked into the Spurs locker room, she found Latrell Spreewell. Larry
Johnson, and Chris Dudley.
They were all sitting with nothing on but jock straps. She just looked and
pointed at Spreewell and Johnson. She told Dudley to leave. He had 10 inches,
but she had a rule. No white guys.

Brittany rubbed her hands together, Johnson and Spreewell both had 13 inches at
least. Latrell told her she should leave, she was a 17 year old female and she
shouldn’t’ be in the locker room, it was a dangerous place for a teenage girl.

She just laughed and told him to lighten up. Larry Johnson pointed his cock at
her and said he agreed with her. Latrell said he was leaving, this was wrong.

Brittany grabbed him by the arm and swung him around, Spreewell tried to break
free but he didn’t want to hurt her. Brittany tossed him to the ground. He told
her "No" but his cock was standing straight up. She wrapped both hands around it
and started to stroke. her fingers weren’t even touching.

She bent over and tried to suck his cock, it was so thick she couldn’t get it in
her mouth though. She licked up and down the shaft. She then started singing
Baby, baby into the hole.

Larry Johnson came up behind her and stuck his cock into her cunt, she let out a
moan. The Spurs may be a better basketball team she thought, but the Knicks do
other thing better.

Larry grabbed her around the waist and rammed it to her as hard as she could. He
was fucking her so hard she had to stop licking Spreewell.

Latrell rolled from underneath her and started to leave. Brittany begged him to
stay, she needed at least two guys to satisfy her. Sprewell reluctantly agreed.

He laid on his back, Brittany pulled away from Johnson. She then climbed
aboard Spreewell’s monster.

Brittany screamed as she was penetrated, she had never had a cock that large
inside of her before. Sprewell slowly started to thrust up into her. He was very
gentle. He was scared that he would injure the young singer.

Larry Johnson had no such worries, he watched her cunt bounce up and down, and
he had to have it. He shoved his cock into her pussy along side of Spree’s.

Brittany cried out, it was amazing that both monster cocks fit inside her cunt,
but they did. The two basketball players began to thrust in and out of her.

She wrapped her arms around Latrell, she held on for dear life as they began to
fuck her harder and harder.

It was too much for her, she was having orgasm after orgasm, she stopped
after her fourth one. Well, she stopped counting as she passed out with a smile
on her face.

Spree was concerned and covered the naked girl with a blanket, Larry wanted to
wheel her out to center court. Latrell talked him out of it.


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