Britney Spears: Big Ben




The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

Britney Spears is one of the most successful and admired young woman in the world.
But the constant rumors and stories concerning her sexuality have taken a tremendous
toll on the pop star. Even her boyfriend from
N’SYNC broke up with her after reading stories about
her on the internet. The loss of the person she considered her soul-mate devastated Britney in a
way she didn’t think she could deal with. This is where Ben comes in to the picture. His friends call him
Big Ben because of his enourmous size. Big Ben stands 7′ feet tall, weighs 469 pounds and is still a virgin
due to his freakish stature.

Ben has been Britney Spears bodygaurd for the last 3 years. He has always harbored
a secret crush on the singing sensation. Britney knows about the crush but has never told Ben because
she looks at him the same way everyone else does. Just a big goof and only good for sports or protecting normal
people more important than him. Well, after hearing the news about Britney being dumped, Ben thought he should
finally ask her on a date. The night after being dumped Britney Spears performed at a concert. Big Ben was of course there to protrect her. After the show Ben finally got up the nerve to ask Britney out. Her reply was less than gracious. She told him that she couldn’t date a bodygaurd let alone someone who stands out like like a giant in a cicus. Big Ben was crushed at this rejection.

A week later at another concert Big Ben overheard a conversation between Britney and her make-up person. They were discussing how inappropriate it was for Ben to have asked out Britney. Especially since he was a giant freak goof anyway. Big Ben was pissed off and wanted payback for the way he was being talked about behind his back. He also wanted a chance to show Britney Spears that his freakish body included the freakishly long 1 and a half foot cock from hell. Big Ben decided to combine the revenge with the lust he felt for Britney and give the pop star a night to remember for the rest of her life. Big Ben wasn’t nearly as braindead as he appeared to be. It only took him a couple of days to plan out his “dream date” with Britney Spears. He waited until after a concert to put his plan into action. First Ben paid the regular limo driver 200 dollars to take the night off. Then after escorting Britney to the limo, he got in the driver’s seat and locked all the doors. Britney didn’t even notice. She was too busy checking her hair and makeup. Ben drove to a friends house who was gone for the week.

When Ben stopped the car Britney waited for the driver to open the door for her. She was more than a little surprised to see Big Ben open the door.

Ben told her that they had to make detour due to traffic. Britney asked where they were and Ben told her that they were at a secluded place where no one would bother her. This confused Britney but she was more concerned with finding a bathroom. She had drank alot of water after the concert and had to pee very badly. Well Big Ben walked her to the front door of the house and opened the door. Britney ran in ahead of Ben and went looking for a toilet. Ben told her to stop for a minute. She did. Then she asked where the bathroom was. Ben told her that she needed to be more concerned with the pain of the fingers he was going to break. Britney asked him what the hell he was laking about. Big Ben then walked over to Britney and grabbed her by the hair. He told her what he had heard and what he had in mind. Britney pleaded for him to let her go. Big Ben said no.
Ben told her that she would have to pee in a giant cooking bowl. She asked why and he grabbed her left hand and held it with both of his hands. Ben then grabbed her pinky and snapped it back. Britney screamed and Ben snapped the ring finger back. Both fingers were now broken. He then repeated that she was to pee in a giant cooking bowl. He walked her into the kitchen and found a siutable bowl.

Ben told Britney to take off her shoes and spandex jeans and squit. Britney was holding her left hand and crying. She said she would do it and stripped off the shoes and jeans using her left hand as little as possible. Ben laughed at the sight of Britney Spears squiting over a bowl peeing. She finished up and Big Ben told her to take off the rest of her clothes. She was now scared enough to do it without speaking. It took Britney a couple of minutes to get her bra off but Ben was gracious enough to help her.
Now Britney Spears was naked and at the mercy of Big Ben. Her tits were large and firm. Ben began sucking on them. He was big enough that he actually put her entire right breast in his mouth. Ben then decided to take Britney to the living-room. Ben had Britney lie down on the floor. It was cold and uncomfortable, but Britney was silent. Big Ben was anctious to lick pussy for the very first time.

He started off slow but quikly sped up, beginning to finger Britney’s cunt and sticking his tongue in and out. This was also Britney’s first sexual encounter past french-kissing. Britney felt afraid and a little turned on at the same time. Ben the instructed Britney to suck him. When Britney saw his enormous cock her eyes bulged and she realized Big Ben was the most hung man in the world. Britney began by putting the tip in her mouth and licking it. Ben told her to suck the whole thing.m Britney put as much of the dick in her mouth as possible and started bobbing her head on it. Ben then decided his balls itched.

Britney used her right hand to lift Ben’s dick up and she began licking and sucking his balls. They truly were the size of grapefruits. They also tasted salty and even worse than the cock. Big Ben soon tired of the fore-play and told Britney to lie down on her back. She did so with her naked body quivering. Ben started to insert his one eyed monster and Britney immediately began to squirm. Ben grabbed her head and slammed it against the floor. Britney was now semi-conscious and barely able to move. Ben again began to stick his prick in to the virgin hole Britney Spears. Ben wasn’t sure if his dick would really fit all the way in but he wasa determined to try. Ben pushed hard and managed to get the tip of his dick to tear Britney’s hymen.

Ben thought that was not quite far enough. So he kept pushing. He felt Britney’s vagina being streched and saw some blood run down her leg.

Britney was still half unconscious but was moaning in agony for Ben to stop. He didn’t. At least not for another 30 minutes

or so. Big Ben finally filled Britney’s womb with sperm and pulled out. He had to pull a little hard to unwedge his dick from Britney’s bleeding pussy. Ben wanted to continue the fun but wanted Britney to be mor envolved. So he went and got the bowl of piss. He got Britney to sit up enough so that he could slowly pour it into her mouth and down her throat without spilling a single drop. This woke Britney up a little more and Ben asked if it was as good for her as it was for him. Britney just cried and asked him if she could leave. Big Ben said that they would try some other things like anal, fisting, and seeing just how big of an object could be crammed into her now loose clit. Britney started shaking her head and Ben told her that it would be O.K. He told her he would have her home in time for the Nascar races on FOX.


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