Britney Spears Gang Bang

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Britney Spears Gang Bang

As usual after every show, Britney had taken a dip in the
hotel’s jacuzzi. Dressed only in her bikini and robe that
covered her, she made her way back to her room.

As she passed Terrance’s, one of her dancers, room she could
ever so faintly hear the moaning of a man and a woman engaged
in sex. The curtains on his window were shut, Britney had a
fairly good idea of what Terrance was up to.

Checking the door, she found it not to be locked. He had a
bad habit of not locking doors and this it would cost him,
Britney thought to herself as a wicked grin crossed her face.

"Hiya Terrance!" Britney said as she stepped into his room and
shut the door behind him.

Terrance was lying on the bed with his boxers down around his
ankles and his hardened penis in his hands.

"I’d ask what you were up to, but I already know," she said
with a grin. "You should really learn to lock the door you

"Oh shit…" he mumbled as he pulled up his boxers. "I was
bored and a bit lonely since I haven’t seen my girlfriend
since before the tour started. But anyways, I’m tired now so
I think I’ll go to bed."

"Oh Terrance, you’re not tired, but I do know how you feel,"
Britney said as she dropped her robe to the ground leaving
only her bikini to his imagination. "I sorta had a boyfriend
back home I never really broke up with, because I really
didn’t expect this much to happen to me. I’ve talked to him on
the phone and he still thinks everything is fine between us,
but you know how hectic our schedule is. A girl’s gotta do
what a girl’s gotta do, and I’m know it applies to guys as

With that said Britney go on her knees as he pulled down his
boxers. She grabed his cock in her hands and started rubbing
it up and down it’s shaft.

"No Britney I can’t. I’ve got a girlfriend."

"What if I let you play with these?" she asked as she removed
her top revealing her recently enhanced breasts.

"Breasts are a dime a dozen Brit."


"There’s nothing that’s going to make me change my mi–",
Terrance stopped in mid-sentenance as Britney removed her
bottom and started to finger her pussy.

"You were saying something Terrance?" Britney rhetorically
asked as she continued to finger herself and with her free
hand began to squeeze and massage her right breast.

"Uh… Uh… I…"

"Stop being silly about this. I won’t tell if you won’t," she
said as stopped to sit Terrance down on the bed and began to
rub up his cock up and down, making it hard again.

"Ok, ok, you’re right Britney, but just let me call Tim, Mike,
and Steve (three other male dancers) and tell them not to
come. We were supposed to play cards later."

"No, let them come. I’m sure they’re lonely too."

"Ok then if you say s–aaah," Terrance spoke as Britney took
his cock in her mouth.

"Ooooooooh," he moaned as Britney’s head bobbed back and
forth over his cock as she wrapped her tongue around it.

Slowly Terrance began to buck his hips as Britney’s pace

Faster and faster Terrance thrust his cock into Britney’s
mouth, as she quickened her pace and increased her intensity.

"Oh Britney, I’m fixing to cum!"

As soon as he said that, Britney stopped sucking on his cock
and removed it from her mouth

"Not there Terrance, there," she said as she got on all fours
on the bed and pointed to her pinkish white pussy with the
patch of blond hair above it.

Terrance was all too happy to oblige and started to thrust his
cock into Britney’s pussy when there was a knock at his door.

"Shit," he mumbled out loud as he started to withdraw.

"Don’t stop, baby. Let them in," Britney said.

"Uuuh. ok."

"Who is it?"

"Hey dude, it’s me Mike."

"Ah k, come in Mike. Door’s open."

"Holy shit." Mike said as he stepped inside. "I’ll leave you
two kids alone," he said as he started to leave.

"Man, don’t go Mike. Britney likes it like this," Terrance
said as he started to re-enter Britney’s hole.

"For real?"

"Yes Mike for real. Now bring that thing over hear and let me
have it," Britney said.

"Dude, if you say so Brit," Mike said as he undressed, climbed
onto the bed, and sat on his knees.

"Mmmm, you want some of this don’t you Brit," Mike said as he
started to play with his dick making it hard.

"Oh yeah, but let me do that for you," she said "oh and
Terrance would you hurry up and start to fuck me please?"

"Um yeah," Terrance answered as he reinserted himself inside
of Britney and she took Mike’s dick in her mouth.

Mike could feel the effects of Terrance’s fucking of Britney’s
pussy as her mouth seemed to get more and more of his cock in
her mouth.

With her head bobbing back and forth her tongue wrapping
itself around his dick, Mike was soon thrusting his hips
forward into Britney’s face.

Meanwhile, as Terrance was grinding himself into Britney’s
snatch, he reached under took hold of her breasts, squeezing
them and pinching the nipples.

This only drove Britney even more wild as she began to really
suck hard and tongue the shaft of Mike’s cock.

"Oh god I’m fixing to cum," Mike moaned.

Britney didn’t care as she continued to engulf Mike’s dick.

As Terrance continued his pounding on Britney, he could feel
his orgasm coming.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Terrance panted out between

As Terrance was about to cum, his dick slipped out, and
quickly went back to reinsert without looking where he was
pointing. With one hard jab, he got his cock back into her as
he cummed, but her hole was tighter than earlier, and as he
looked down her realized he penetrated her ass, but didn’t
really care.

Britney didn’t care either, but the surprise entry into her
ass made her bite down a bit onto Mike’s cock as he thrust his
cock back into her mouth one last time before cumming.

As the last drops of their cum finished, two new showers of
appeared, one landing on Britney’s back side and the other in
her hair. There were Steve and Tim jacking themselves off,
unnoticed until now.

"Two’s company, three’s a crowd, and four’s and orgy. How
bout it Brit, you got time for two more?" Steve said.

Licking the few drops of cum off her lips she said,"You know I
do. Mike, Terrance go make yourself busy, I’ve got company."

"But this is—"

"No problemo babe," Mike said as he dragged Terrance off to
the bathroom to clean themselves off.

"Over her Brit," Steve said lying on the bed nude with an
erect penis standing straight up.

Without question, Britney obliged slowly lowering herself onto
Steve’s dick.

"The usual Tim?" she asked.

Quietly he noded, and Britney leaned forward, coming face to
face with Steve.

Being lubed up with Terrance’s cum, Tim was easily able to
pentetrate into Britney’s anal cavity.

"Mmmmm…" she purred.

"I’ll be back later," Terrance said as he left the room.

Mike came out of the bathroom a bit later still naked still
carrying a raging hardon.

"What a gimp," he said as he walked over to where Britney was
being occupied. "Why’d you fuck him anyways?"

"Because I.. uuuh… felt so– ooh… rry for …mmm…
himmm…" Britney panted as she was fucked by Steve and Tim.

"Ah well, you did more than I would have if I were you.
Anyways, you have room for a full house Brit?"

"Oooof… coOURse."

"Yummy. Just what I like to hear," Mike said as his cock got
engulfed for the second time that night.

With Steve and Tim already working over Britney’s ass and
pussy, Mike had to do little as Britney’s head naturally
started the bobbing and she started sucking on his dick.

With Britney’s cunt quickly bouncing up and down his dick,
Steve reached and grabbed her breasts squeezing them and
pinching her nipples. He carefully raised his head started
sucking on her left nipple.

With every lunge into her ass, Tim could feel Britney’s ass
closing tighter around his cock. With one final thrust, poked
Britney’s ass hard and decided not to pull out.

Feeling some of Tim’s cum trickling down Britney’s ass and
into her pussy, and feeling Britney’s juices starting to flow
themselves, Steve quickly increased his pace.

Having seen Tim cum, and feeling Steve’s increase in
intensity, Mike bucking his hips toward Britney’s face. With
that tongue of her’s and her increased engulfment of his cock,
Mike could no longer hold himself and pulled out cumming for
the second time that night with it hitting Britney all over
the face and in her hair.

Finally being able to no longer hold out, Steve let himself
go. With a few final thrusts, Steve’s cum starting filling
Britney’s insides, and 20 seconds later when Steve was
finished and Britney lifted herself off his prick, some of
Steve’s load started to leak and drip on the bed.

"As good as usual babe," Steve said with a smile.

"Shit, ain’t nothing to clean up with," Mike said as he walked
out of the bathroom.

"Here use this," Britney said as she finished wiping herself
clean with the quilt off of Terrance’s bed and tossed to Mike.

"I thought you said you felt sorry for him?" Steve said.

"I do. I didn’t say I loved him tho."

"Oh, you mean little bitch," Steve laughed.

"Oh, screw him. I’ll give him a blowjob tomorrow and he’ll
forget all about it," Britney said as she put her bikini and
robe back on. "I’ll see you guys tomorrow at rehearsal," and
with that she left.

After Steve and Tim left, Mike looked around to see if
everything was back in place. He got the extra quilt out of
the closet and put in on the bed, then threw the cum soaked
one in the bathtub.

As Mike started to leave, Terrance returned.

"Hey Mike, how’d it go?"

"Went pretty good I guess. I’m a bit tired so I’m turning in
for the night."

"Ok then. See ya at rehearsal tomorrow."

"’K. Oh, before I forget. Britney left something for you in
the bathroom," Mike said with a smile, then he left.

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