Britney Spears Grammy Adventure

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations,
if you are underage or easily offended. Stop reading

By Wonder Mike

Teen pop sensation couldn’t wait to perform at her first
Grammy award show, she was also stoked to meet her idols,
the Spice girls. She knew she had to act fast because they
where on there last 10 seconds of fame. Britney knew she
still had at least 10 minutes left before she had to do porn.

Britney was surprised when the older blonde woman started walking
over to her. She had been surrounded
by the press but Britney
didn’t recognize her.

She asked one of the reporters who she was, he told her if she gave him
a blow job he would tell her. Britney told him to meet her after he show,
it was good to have the press on your side.

The reported asked her to guess who it was, Britney thought it was
either Courtney Love, or Faith Hill, she really didn’t keep up
with music stars, she thought she looked like Jill Kelly, somebody
else she couldn’t wait to meet.

The reported told her it was Madonna. Britney said "Who?"
The reporter said you know, the Madonna.

Britney finally recognized the name. Madonna was some big shot
50 years ago, Britney thought she looked good for somebody that

Madonna reached Britney and told her how much she reminded her
of herself. Britney said thanks grandma. Madonna told
her lets go backstage and I’ll show you what being a sex symbol
is all about.

Britney Spears never turned down a challenge, she quickly
agreed to meet her, they both ditched their bodyguards and went
to a secluded room.

Madonna was wearing a long silk see through gown, Britney was
getting ready to perform and was wearing her Daisy Dukes and a
cut off shirt with no bra.

Madonna made a quick turn and she was in nothing but a thong.
Britney said you look good for a 50 year old. Madonna slapped
her softly and told her she was 36.

Britney pulled off her top exposing her now perfectly round breast.
Madonna was impressed but she told Britney that she didn’t need a surgeon
to be a sex symbol.

Britney pulled down her shorts, she then laid on the floor and spread her
legs. She used both hands to spread her hairless pussy. She then told Madonna
"This is all I ever needed."

Madonna couldn’t pass up that opportunity. She dropped to her knees and
buried her tongue into Britney’s snatch.

Britney grabbed Madonna by her hair and pulled her tongue deeper into her
dripping cunt. Madonna licked faster.

Madonna grabbed Britney by the ass and lifted her up so she could get her
tongue inside even deeper. Britney’s eyes were watering from the pleasure.

Madonna swung around so her cunt was hovering over Britney’s face. Britney
reached up and stuffed three fingers into Madonna’s cunt.

Madonna grabbed Spears wrist and started working her fingers in faster. She
screamed "more fingers, you know I had a baby."

Britney stuffed another finger into Madonna’s gaping cunt. Madonna held
her wrist with both hands now, she was slamming her cunt up and down onto

Madonna was loving every minute of this, Britney slip from out underneath her,
she was going to show this Spice girl wanna be what sex was all about.

Madonna was on all fours, Britney kneeled behind her. She rammed
her whole fist into Madonna without warning.

Madonna screamed, but she quickly adjusted to the teens fist. She started
rocking back on her hand. She then reached back between her legs with both hands

and grabbed Britney’s wrist. She rammed her fist deeper until it was in almost
to the elbow.

Britney couldn’t believe how deep her arm was buried into Madonna, she could
see into her cunt, there was plenty of more room.

Britney looked around and saw the snack tray, she grabbed 2 banana’s.
Britney pulled her arm out of Madonna, who cried "No." Britney replaced
her arm with one of the banana’s.

She rammed the banana into Madonna as hard as she could, Madonna was
rubbing her clit as fast as she could. Britney knew this bitch needed more.

Britney grabbed the second banana with her other hand, She shoved that one
into Madonna’s cunt too.

Britney had a banana in each hand, working them like pistons into Madonna’s
cunt. Madonna fell face first to the ground, Britney let go of both Banana’s
they were stuck in Madonna’s cunt.

Britney grabbed another banana and rammed it all the way into Madonna’s

That was what Madonna needed, she was going to cum, Britney then grabbed
both banana’s in Madonna’s cunt and rammed them all the way inside of her.
Madonna passed out.

Britney Laughed and pulled the banana’s out of the music superstar,
she then but them back in the bowl. She left Madonna laying, got dressed and
her quest to meet the Spice girls.

Britney searched all over the halls, but there was no sign of any of the Spice
girls, in fact nobody had seen them.

She ran into Snoop Doggy Dog, he told her the Spice girls were working for
him now, he told Britney if she came out to his limo he could make a call and
arrange for a meeting, Britney told him she would do anything to meet her

They went out to the huge limo, Britney had enough room to stand up straight
inside of it.

Snoop said, "Take of you jeans bitch"

Britney said yes sir.

She stood in front of Snoop in nothing but her cut off top, Snoop said
"No bitch, turn around and bend over"

Britney said thank you sir.

Britney grabbed her ass and started to rub his hand all over it, he then
reached between her legs and rubbed her clit.

Britney moaned and started rocking back and forth, she reached down and
started rubbing her clit too.

Snoop Doggy then said "Bend over bitch."
Britney bend over and touched the floor.
Snoop shoved his fist into her teenage cunt.

Britney rocked back on his hand, she was begging for him
to do her harder, this was what she did every night with every
black man she could find.

Snoop pulled his fist out of her and told her to take out his
cock, Britney’s mouth was watering.

She unzipped his pants with her teeth, Snoop’s 12 inches
fell out of his pants.

He didn’t have to tell Britney what to do next. She wrapped
her lips around his cock like a pro. Snoop shoved half of it
down her throat.

Snoop said "Damn bitch, your new name is Hoover" Britney
said thank you.

Snoop told her to turn around, Britney dropped to all fours,
Snoop shoved his cock into her cunt.

She had no trouble accepting the whole thing. Snoop grabbed her
by the waist and started slamming her back. Britney was rocking
back on her own though.

Snoop was trying to fuck her silly, but he quickly got tired, he rocked
back and pulled Britney on top of him.

Britney planted her feet and started jumping up and down on Snoop’s cock
he was starting to sweat, no bitch had ever done him this good.

He was laying back enjoying the ride when Britney quickly stopped her
ride. She then pulled his monster cock out of her cunt. Snoop took the
chance to take a quick breather, he didn’t get a long one though
Britney gave his cock a quick stroke and shoved it into her ass.

Britney was the first bitch who had ever been able to take it up
the ass. Snoop thought he killed Cameron Diaz when he shoved it into
her ass, but Britney was a different kind of bitch.

She was jumping up and down on his cock now, She reached between
her legs and shoved three fingers into her cunt, Snoop then reached
up and did the same.

Britney then let out a blood curdling scream at the top of her lungs,
it was the biggest orgasm she ever had. She then fell over and
off Snoop’s cock.

She fell off just in time, Snoop was cumming also, he managed
to jump up and get his cock into her mouth just in time
to take his entire load. Britney was going to make him
millions on the street, even more than Meg Ryan

Britney had forgotten why she came to the Grammy’s


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