Britney Spears: House And Dogs For Sale

This story is fictional. No intention of

disrespect is intended to any of the

participants. Its sole purpose is for

the adult entertainment of the readers.

If the topics of this story disturbs you,

go no further. This story includes

aspects of non-consent, rape and


Britney Spears – House and Dogs For Sale

By David Oberman

In a recent news story, the teen diva

drew SPCA’s ire for including pooches in

asking price of family home. Britney

Spears is in the doghouse because she’s

selling her dogs.

In Britain, the Royal Society for the

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has

blasted the pop star after hearing that

she’s selling her old house in the

States, three dogs included.

She’s selling the family place in

Kentwood, Louisiana, to move, with her

parents, into a vast new estate five

miles away. I don’t know if the dogs

don’t match the decor, or what, but word

got out that the asking price on the old

house includes the furniture and the


There’s no word yet from the Louisiana

SPCA, but the British branch got involved


“We are very concerned that Britney is

setting a bad example,” a spokesperson

said. “Pets require longtime commitment

and care, and should not be thought of as

objects that can be left behind.”

The animals in question are a Yorkshire

Terrier named Baby and two Alsatians,

names not given.


Now, here is the real reason behind her

decision to get rid of her three dogs,

and her home.


With her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake of

the group N’Sync, about to go on a

concert tour again, Britney and he

decided to have a goodbye petting session

before he left. Despite her oversexed

image, Britney Spears was still a virgin

and intended to remain so until the night

of her wedding, whenever that might be.

So, for the past hour they necked and

petted each other tenderly. She would

let him cop a feel of her large tits and

tight pussy, even kiss them a few times.

She didn’t see anything wrong with just


In the same token, she would eagerly give

him a handjob as she watched his cock

grow, stiffen, and finally squirt its

creamy fluid all over her bare hands.

She didn’t like how it felt on her skin,

but she realized that he needed this kind

of relief once in a while.

“God, Brit,” Justin would groan as he

came. “That feels so damn good. I just

wished that we could… you know… fuck

someday. You got the sweetest ass and I

really want us to make love.”

“So do I,” she gasped. “But… but you

know how I feel about this. I… I’m just

not ready for that yet. Please be


“Fuck, you are such a tease, you know

that,” he said in frustration.

“I bet you say that to all your groupies

too,” she said, laughing.

“Babe, there’s nobody else for me but

you,” he told her. “You know that, don’t


“Yes, I know,” she said, giving his cock

a final squeeze. “I… I think you better

get going though. The guys will be

waiting for you.”

“Damn! What time is it?” He asked,

looking over at the VCR clock. “Oh,

shit! They must be at the airport


Rushing around the room for his clothes,

Britney sat back laughing her head off as

Justin struggled to buckle his pants over

his aroused cock.

“Too bad you’re in such a hurry,” she

laughed teasingly. “I could take care of

that for you.”

“Fuck girl!” He swore, seeing her having

fun at his expense. “If you weren’t my

girlfriend right now, I’d fucking rape


“OOOOOH! I’m scared,” she kept teasing


“Call you when we hit town,” he said,

leaning over and kissing her tenderly,

his fingers finding her wet pussylips one

last time.

“Can’t wait,” she replied.

She walked him to the door and waved

goodbye as he drove off. Taking a final

look, she slowly closed the door and

began stripping off her clothes,

preferring to be naked when she was alone

in the house. Soon, she stood naked, her

blonde pussy glistening with her juices

that all that foreplay had instigated.

The young popstar had the most luscious

body in the music business today. Men of

all ages, and probably a fair number of

women also, would fantasize about her

large tits, commenting that they must be

fake. But that didn’t bother them, just

the sight of her bouncing on stage, her

tits flopping around as she gyrated was

all that mattered to men, and some women.

Since hitting it big in the charts, her

parents were mostly concerned for her

safety. Especially, once she moved into

a house on her own. They had insisted

that she get some guard dogs for



A year ago

“Now listen honey,” she recalled her

mother’s words. “Today, in show

business, there are stalkers all over the

place. At least with a good guard dog,

you’ll be protected at home.”

At the time, it made perfect sense, even

to the eighteen-year-old diva. So, she

accompanied her dad to a protection

agency and they showed her the dogs that

they had available just for celebrities.

They showed her menacing looking

Dobermans, and ferocious German

Shepherds, all of which were trained to

attack intruders.

“Don… don’t you have anything less…” she

stammered, fear in her eyes. “Less


“They scare you, do they?” The kennel

manager smiled. “That’s okay. Granted,

these are mean looking. But then again,

that’s what they were meant for.” He

paused to ponder the matter further.

“You say you live alone miss Spears.”

“Huh-uh,” she nodded.

“Well, we don’t want you to be scared of

your own home,” he said. “I think I got

the perfect solution for you.”

He walked past the most common guard

breeds and headed to the back of the

building, Britney and her dad following

close behind. When he got to the very

far end, he turned and opened the gate to

one of the cages. He stepped inside with

a pair of leashes and came back out with

two well-groomed and well-behaved white


Though these looked a lot like the German

Shepherds, they are a related breed,

these looked more docile and better

groomed than their brethrens. Both dogs

were almost completely white in color,

with only a splattering of brown and

black at their paws and snout.

“Now these two would be perfect for you

particular situation,” he said. “This is

Stan, and this fellow is Lee.”

Britney immediately felt comfortable with

them. She kneeled down and the dogs

began licking her face as any friendly

dog would.

“Uhm!” She heard her father grumble in

thought. “They don’t seem too capable of

protecting anybody.”

“That’s what makes them so perfect for

your daughter mister Spears,” the manager

said. “They fit right into any family

setting and nobody is the wiser. Here,

let me show you.”

He pulled the dogs leash and they

obediently fell into step with him. He

led them to the training facility and

released them. He then walked over to

the intercom.

“Hey, Jim,” he called.

“Yeah, Mr. Steed,” a voice came back.

“Get into a padded suit will you,” he

instructed the man on the other end.

“You’re gonna give a demonstration of

Stanley’s abilities.”

“Oh, I get it,” Britney broke out

laughing. “Stan-Lee. They’re names

together sound like one.”

Mr. Steed led them behind a glass panel

so they could observe without being in

the way. A moment later, a man wearing a

heavily padded suit walked in with a bar

in his hand. Instantly, both dogs began

barking ferociously at him without

attacking. As he approached closer, the

dogs stood their ground.

“Nicha!” The owner said over the


Both dogs leapt at the bulky man and

shoved him to the ground. Then they

began gnawing at his arms and legs as he

struggled to get away from them.

Britney’s father was quite impressed with

the demonstration. He could see that

these dogs were indeed competitive guard


“Schmoo!” Mr. Steed gave the halt order.

“Is that it?” Britney asked. “All I

have to do is say Nicha and they’ll


“No, sweetie,” Mr. Steed said. “You’ll

have to come in for a few weeks to get

some handling training before we even let

you buy any of our dogs. This is as much

for your protection as mine. We wouldn’t

want you to give an ill advised command

while alone with them, now would we.”

“I think they’ll do just fine,” Mr.

Spears said, shaking hands with the

owner. “We’ll make the arrangements

around Britney’s schedule and take it

from there.”


That’s how Britney Spears got those two

large Alsatians. But she also wanted a

dog, just as an ordinary pet. First, she

checked with Mr. Steed to make sure that

it would be safe for it before she went

out and bought one.

She picked a Yorkshire Terrier puppy

which she called Baby. It didn’t take

him long to reach its full size. That

was over a year ago.

Now, as she neared her twentieth

birthday, Britney had three mature dogs

in her house, which she didn’t mind all

that much.


Back to today

Now that she was all alone in the house,

Britney walked to the backdoor to call

her dogs in.

“Stan! Lee! Baby!” She called out in

the darkness of the large backyard.

“Come on babies! Come on inside and keep

mommy company.”

Out of the darkness, three sets of

glowing eyes came bounding towards her.

As they neared, she smiled as she watched

her dogs run to the house.

“Hey babies,” she petted each as they

rushed past her bare calf. “Sorry I had

to put you out for so long, but mommy

needed some time alone with her

boyfriend. You understand, don’t you?”

She half-expected for them to understand

her explanation, but she knew they didn’t

really care for such nonsense. She

padded in behind them, lay out their

bowls, and filled them with their food.

The three dogs attacked the bowls

ravenously as she stood back, smiling.

She still had a buzz from the foreplay

and she reached down and began rubbing

her pussylips with her fingers.

‘Damn!’ She thought. ‘I just wish that

Justin had finished me off before rushing

off like that.’

She buried two fingers in her wet pussy

trying to relieve herself that way. But

that was a poor substitute to Justin’s

talented tongue.

The two Alsatians finished their grub

first and looked up at their naked

mistress with curiosity. They could

never understand these humans or why she

would constantly be burying her paw in

her hole. They were bright enough to

know the purpose of a pussy wasn’t to be

wasted on a paw.

Right behind them, Baby yipped shrilly to

let her know that he was done eating as


“Okay boys,” she reluctantly pulled her

fingers out of her snatch, licking them

clean. “Let’s check out what’s good on

TV tonight.”

As she walked back to the livingroom, her

hips swinging suggestively, the dogs

followed close behind. Her sexy aroma

wafting the air in front of them.

By the time they had all reached the

large room, the three dogs had become

slightly aroused, though Britney had no

knowledge of this at this time.

She settled herself down heavily on the

sofa and began clicking the TV remote,

channel surfing in search for something

to watch. While she did that, she began

diddling her cunt again trying to get the

orgasm she so desperately needed.

Her dogs settled in their corners and lay

their heads on their crossed paws,

sniffing the air intently.

Britney remained oblivious as to the

effect her smell was having on her pets.

She just kept trying to find her own

pleasure with her fingers while searching

for something good to watch. She lay

back across the cushion, lying on her

back as she continued with her self-

pleasuring. Lifting a leg up onto the

sofa, she spread her legs apart wide,

opening up her pussylips for better


As she felt her orgasm nearing, she let

the TV remote slip from her fingers and

it clattered loudly on the hardwood floor

of her livingroom. Now with both hands

free, she could work more intently on her

pussy and clit. As one hand worked down

under, the other would squash her

voluptuous tits and nipples, pulling one

up to her lips so she could suckle on

herself as she came.

All three dogs lifted their heads in

confused curiosity as her scent gained in

potency. They couldn’t see any bitches

around, yet they could smell one nearby.

Their cocks were slowly slipping out of

their furry sheath as their arousal grew.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” She mumbled to

herself, the passion in her voice very

evident to the dogs. “Right there! Damn

you, Justin. Why didn’t you finish what

you started before you left like that.

Oh yeah! I’m getting there. Just a bit


One by one the dogs sat up, the pink tip

of their cocks protruding from their

furry hiding places. But they remained

there, still too confused to understand

what was happening to them.

“Mmmmmmmh! Oh yeah!” Britney moaned.

“I’m cumming baby. Cumming! CUMMMMMING,


squealed in ecstasy.

The dogs’ ears stood up straight at the

high pitch wail of their mistress. At

first, they were distressed, thinking

that she was in trouble. But that was

soon replaced by another strong blast of

her sexual scent invading their nostrils.

This gave another surge of blood to their

own crotch and their penises slipped out

even further.

“Damn, I needed that,” the teen diva said

breathlessly, licking her fingers of her

juices. “I should be good for now. Now

where did that damn remote go to?”

She looked over the side of the sofa to

the floor in search of the TV remote she

had dropped while fingering herself.

Then she spotted it. It had skirted

under the glass-top coffee table and she

could see it through the glass cover.

“Damn,” she swore as she dropped to her

knees to retrieve it.

Too tired to simply walk around the table

to retrieve it, she just lowered her

shoulders and reached for it from the

farthest side. In this precocious

position, her butt was raised high as her

shoulders were almost down to the floor.

This alluring position was not lost on

the three aroused animals. Almost as if

by command, they approached Britney’s

upturned ass in unison. Then as if by

accord, they all began licking her ass.

The two Alsatians were busily licking at

her ass and moist pussy, while her

diminutive Yorkshire Terrier had found

its way under her belly to attack from


“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?”

Britney yelled from under the coffee

table, banging her head in surprise.

“Now you guys stop that!” She ordered,

expecting compliance.

However, the dogs were not reacting to

training. They were reacting to

instinct, an instinct to procreate.

Something more powerful than any training

given by man. They continued their

licking, and in the position she found

herself, Britney could do nothing to

extricate herself from their lapping


She tried to back out from under her

coffee table, but the two strong

Alsatians were pushing her forward. So,

she tried crawling forward under the

table. But again, she was foiled. With

her Terrier under her, she couldn’t lower

her ass enough to fit under the low


All that she could do was remain in

position until the dogs tired of this

nonsense and then she’d have to think

about what to do about their brash


“Fuck! This is so embarrassing,” she

swore as she endured the rough tongue on

her ass and pussy.

Her Terrier was the first to get a

reaction out of her. The tiny dog had

found her clit and his rough tongue was

lapping at the tiny nub feverishly. The

sandpapery organ was raking across her

already excited clit, pushing her back

into heat.

“Oh, shit, Baby,” she moaned. “That’s

nice. But you shouldn’t be doing this to


She could feel her cunny moistening at

this attack, and the other dogs noticed

this fresh moistness as well. Their keen

sense of smell had picked it up

immediately and dove into her snatch to

dig deep with their stiff tongues.

“Holy shit!” Britney gasped as she felt

them bury their snouts in her cunthole

and their tongues delve deeper than

Justin could ever manage.

The dogs lapped at her hungrily, trying

to find a hidden source for the strong

aroma that had gotten them in this

aroused state. And with each passing

moment, their cocks grew longer, thicker

and stiffer.

The sexually aroused state of her dogs

was still unbeknownst to Britney as their

licking was getting her all hot and

bothered as well. But as far as she was

concerned, this was simply a

miscommunication, a misunderstanding.

There was no way that a dog would have

any interest, sexually, with a girl like


After all, she didn’t fool around much.

In all appearances, she was a good girl

who wasn’t at all promiscuous. In fact,

she was still virgin, wanting to wait for

her wedding night before giving that up.

“Mmmmm! That’s nice, babies,” she

moaned. “Maybe it ain’t so bad if I let

you lick mommy.”

Not realizing the implication of the

decision she made, Britney began

undulating her ass to encourage her dogs

to finish what they had started.

“At least you won’t leave me high and dry

like Justin did,” she laughed.

The Alsatian guard dog, Lee, was the

first to take charge. The large dog

leaped onto Britney’s back, his forepaws

resting on the glass-top of the coffee


Britney heard his nail as they hit the

glass surface, but didn’t think much of

it. Instead, she concentrated on how

good her pussy was feeling with the doggy

tongues licking her.

Lee instinctly began humping, trying to

locate the elusive hole that had so

excited him. His pre-cum covered cocktip

poking frustratingly against her butt.

That’s when the young diva began to

wonder what was going on.

Turning her head around to see what was

going on, she saw that one of her dogs

was on top of her trying to bury his

reddening pink penis in her virgin hole.

In a panic, she tried to reach back to

slap him away, but in her vulnerable and

helpless position, she couldn’t reach

back far enough.

“No! Down boy! Get off mommy!” She

screamed, trying to order him off. “Lee,

you can’t do that to me. I’m… I’m a

girl, not a dog, you doofus. A dog can’t

have sex with a girl, don’t you know


As if to prove her wrong, Lee shoved

forward, the tip of his cock finding her

sphincter by mistake. But as far as he

was concerned, it was a tight fitting

hole that would do just as well. He

pulled back again and the shoved forward

harder. This time a couple of inches

found its way in her virgin asshole.

“AAAAIIIIIEEEE!” Britney Spears screamed

out in pain. “Not there Lee! That’s not

a good place to fuck anybody!”

The large dog paid no mind to her

shouting. He had found a nice warm hole

that had accepted his pole and he wasn’t

about to give that up. He pulled back

again and thrust forward. Back and forth

he went on, burying a few more inches

each time. His pre-cum lubricating her

dry anal passage with each thrust.

“Oh God, Lee,” she groaned painfully.

“You… you’re hurting me, boy. Please

take your dick out. Don’t do this to me,

please. I beg you.”

From beneath, her Terrier was still

licking at her clit, while the other

large dog was concentrating his licking

to her pussylips. This three-prong

attack was driving her nuts. She could

feel her juices bubbling from within as

the dogs pleasured themselves on her.

The dog began humping at a furious rate

now, as only an animal could. He drove

his cock deeper with each thrust and

buried more and more of his cock in the

nineteen-year-old girl’s virgin ass.

Britney’s body began betraying her as the

harsh pain of the anal penetration was

soon replaced with sexual pleasure. She

still couldn’t believe that she was

actually finding this enjoyable. She had

heard of anal sex before, but that was

with a man, not a dog. For that matter,

how can a dog be doing this?

“This… this shouldn’t even be possible,”

she gasped as she could feel an orgasm

building within her. “How can… how can

this feel so good? How can he even know

how to do it with me like this?”

But she couldn’t deny the feelings

welling up inside her. She could feel a

monster orgasm building up and she had to

admit to herself that her dogs were

responsible for that. Without even

realizing she was doing so, Britney was

gyrating her ass back against the

thrusting cock of her dog, instinctively

trying to get him even deeper in her


The dog somehow recognized her compliance

to his fuck lust and doubled his efforts

to empty his seed in his mistress.

Already he had managed to bury five

inches of his eight-inch cock in her ass.

A few more hard shoves and he would get

it all past her resistance. What was

making it difficult wasn’t so much the

length of his penis as its thickness, but

rather his horniness. As his arousal

grew, so did the width of his cock. It

already was a good inch thicker than

Britney’s boyfriend, and seemed to be

growing thicker with each passing second.

“Unnggghh! Ungh! Oh fuck!” Britney

groaned loudly as her ass accommodate

each of Lee’s thrust. “Christ! I… I’m

cumming! Lee, you’ve making me cum!

Fuck me! Fuck me hard with your hard

dick, boy! Make mommy cum!”

She couldn’t believe what she was saying.

She couldn’t believe that she was begging

her dog to fuck her, and in the ass of

all places. But there lay the bare truth

about her. As her dog continued ramming

his cock in her black hole, she was

busily pinching her hard nipples in pure


Meanwhile, her other dogs continued

ravishing her clit and pussy with their

raspy tongue. She could feel Stan’s

tongue reaching so deep in her.

“Oh god! I’m cumming!’ She moaned.

“I’m cumming on my dog fucking me.


Just then, her dog howled in the air as

he blew his load in his mistress’ tight

ass. She moaned loudly as she felt the

almost scalding heat of the warm jism

filling her bowels, triggering another

powerful orgasm within her.

“Oh god! Noooooo!” She howled with him

when she realized that a dog had cum

inside of her.

It seemed like hours for her before her

Alsatian finally pulled out of her ass,

when in fact only a few minutes had

passed. A splash of jism came pouring

out of her liberated asshole to the

hardwood floor as soon as Lee’s cock-plug

was removed. She could feel the warm

fluid trickling down her calves as the

other dogs began lapping that up as well.

“Thank god this is over,” she breathed a

sigh of relief.

She tried crawling out, but the dogs

where still blocking her path. So,

thinking that this whole ordeal was over

with, she relaxed and waited patiently

for Stan and Baby to move.

But between licking their mistress’ clit

and pussy, and cleaning up after Lee’s

climax, the two dogs were far from done.

The next thing she knew, Stan had taken

up position on top of her back the same

as Lee had only moments before.

“Nnnooo! Stan, don’t!” Britney cried

out in terror. “Don’t fuck my ass again.

I couldn’t take that.”

She could feel the slimy tip of her other

guard dog’s cock sliding through her

asscheeks, trying to find a hole to

nestle itself in. Back and forth, the

large dog would thrust his hips, slipping

through her tightly clenching ass.

“Please, don’t do this,” she pleaded,

tears streaming down her cheeks.

Stan pulled himself far back, allowing

his cock to slip down below her ass

crack. On his next forward shove, he

located and slipped his lubricated shaft

into Britney Spears’ virgin cunt. With

all his might, the large dog thrust

forward and buried four thick inches into

her pussy.

“AARRGGHHH!” Britney cried out as her

pussylips stretched beyond reason.

She then mercilessly passed out from the


The dog kept humping his cock into her,

driving more and more of his hard cock

inside her. In her unconscious state,

her vaginal muscles had relaxed making

his penetration that much easier. He

could now fuck into her faster and

deeper. He now had six inches in and

another four to work on.

Britney’s body shook like a loose doll on

the floor, her tits rubbing themselves on

the cool wooden floor. With her head

turned sideways, drool began seeping past

her slackened lips as the dog continued

pummeling his prick in her pussy.

On the side, Baby, her Yorkshire Terrier,

wanted to have a part in this. He yipped

excitedly looking for something to hump.

He tried getting back to licking her

clitoris, but the ramming Alsatian was

making that too difficult. That’s when

the tiny dog noticed her slightly parted


He quickly scrambled up to her face and

mounted her there. He began humping at

her cheek in great urgency, wanting to

bury his stiff little cock in the opening

that she had presented to him. The tiny

dog’s pre-cum squirting across her face.

Finally, the scruffy little dog found his

mark and began humping into Britney’s

mouth. Her body, reacting on pure sexual

instinct began sucking on the warm, hard

shaft. The tiny dog loved the feeling

that the blowjob was giving him and

intensified his thrusting.

Inch by inch, Stan was burying his ten-

inch shaft into his unconscious mistress.

Then he met with some kind of resistance

deep inside her. He had encountered her

unruptured hymen. This was new to the

dog. He had no idea why he was suddenly

being blocked in this fashion

Meanwhile, Baby was lustfully fucking his

squirting little cock into Britney’s

mouth, and she continued to

subconsciously suck on it.

Back at her ass, Stan shoved his hindlegs

forward hard, busting through Britney’s

hymen. The sudden pain of this snapped

her back awake where she found herself

face to crotch with the furry body of her

Terrier. It took her a few moments to

realize that the dog was fucking her in

the mouth and that she was actually

swallowing his pre-cum.

“Gurgh! Ungh!” She coughed and gagged

as she shoved the tiny dog away roughly,

its cock popping out of her mouth.

She spat out what she could of the dog’s

fluid, but the salty taste of it lingered

on. She could feel some of it had gotten

to the back of her throat and knew that

she must have swallowed some of it as


“Oh, yuck!” She gagged. “I… I drank his


In her confused state, Britney hadn’t

realized that Stan had nearly all of his

dick stuffed in her cunt. Or that he had

broken through her maidenhead, losing her

virginity in the process.

He had managed to thrust all but the last

inch of his ten-inch phallus inside her.

All that remained was the hulking mass of

his knot. And being just a dog, he knew

that he needed to bury that in this bitch

as well before unloading his seed.

Britney could felt he warmth of Stan’s

pre-cum and her blood trickling down her

calf as the large dog continued humping

into her. This is when it dawned on her

how deeply the dog’s cock was imbedded

inside her pussy.

“Oh-my-god!” She cried out. “I… I lost

my virgin… my virginity to… to a dog!”

She panicked and tried to pull herself

out of this situation. In her panic, she

tried backing out from under the coffee

table, which only served to double the

impact of Stan’s next thrust. In that

instance, the large Alsatian managed to

shove the first half of his wide knot

past her still, partially relaxed


“AARRGGHHHH!” Britney cried out in pain

at this new attack on her once, tight


But now that he had found a foothold in

her pussy, Stan wasn’t about to stop now.

He surged forward and more of his wide

knot found its way past the constricting


“OH GOD! STAN! STOP!” She yelled back

at the humping beast. “YOU… YOU’RE



But the large dog was too near his goal

to stop now. He humped harder, feeling

that he was nearly there. With one final

thrust, his knot nestled itself inside

Britney’s once tight cunt. Now that he

was securely tied to her, the large

Alsatian slowed his thrusting and

concentrated on what was required of him

next. He seemed to be urging his balls

to empty themselves.

“Oooooh!” Britney sighed as the dog

finally stopped fucking hard into her.

“God, that hurt a lot. I… I sure hope

this means that it’s over.”

But she could still feel the hard mass of

the dog’s cock stuck in her aching

vagina. When she reached back to try to

pull him out, a sharp stab of pain hit

her. That’s when she realized that the

dog was stuck in her pussy.

“Oh god!” She said. “What am I gonna do

now? I… I can’t call for help. What if

mom or dad comes over? How can I get

this dog out of my cunt?”

The large dog relaxed himself on her back

as his cock twitched enticingly inside

her stuffed pussy, exalting a deep sigh

of satisfaction from the teen diva. She

closed her eyes and contemplated what

this was doing to her.

“Fuck, how can I be loving this so much?”

She asked herself. “How can I be cumming

so much. What does this make me for

loving this so much? Am I a sicko? Do

other girls do this? No, this is sick.

Dogs aren’t supposed to fuck women.

They’re supposed to fuck other dogs.”

Then the strangest thing happened.

Through the transparent top of her coffee

table, she could see Stan jump off. But

his cock still wouldn’t pull itself out

of her stuffed pussy. She watched as one

of his hindlegs slid across the glass

surface. She could feel that large knob

twist and turn inside her cunt, sending a

shiver of pleasure through her,

triggering yet another orgasm. She then

found herself tied to the large dog,


“Damn! This is too weird,” she said


Thankfully, the large dog was no longer

fucking his thick shaft in her

inexperienced hole, so it wasn’t as

uncomfortable as before. But they were

still stuck together, despite this

repositioning, and all Britney could do

was wait in the hopes that the dog would

free his cock on his own.

Off to the side, Baby, the Yorkshire, was

yelping in frustration at being

unsatisfied. He had thought that he had

found somewhere to fuck earlier, but his

mistress had shoved him across the room

in anger. The tiny dog skidded against

the easy chair and sat there, licking his

still hard cock.

He looked on in utter frustration as the

second of the large dogs had their turn

with his mistress’ rear. Then an idea

seemed to glimmer in the dog’s eyes.

He rushed to the sofa and jumped on the

soft cushions. Rushing to Stan’s side,

the small Terrier then leapt onto the

larger dog’s back and made his way to

Britney’s upturned ass. Sure, her pussy

was already occupied with the Alsatian’s

knot, but her asshole was now vacant.

Britney had no idea what the smaller dog

was planning, as she was intent on Stan’s

cock still tied inside her cunt.

Baby then dropped between the two asses,

one animal, the other human, and leaned

his forepaws on Britney’s white ass.

Balancing his hindlegs carefully on

Stan’s hindlegs, the tiny dog measured up

his mistress’ ass for a good fucking.

Britney was confused at the newest touch

to her skin. Trying to peer back to see

if somebody else was in the room, she

couldn’t see anything but Stan’s body,

still facing the other direction to her


Then Baby began humping his ass forward,

searching for the hole that Lee had used

before. In his aroused state, the tiny

dog was squirting a copious amount of

pre-cum across Britney’s asscheeks. He

lowered his hindquarters and could now

thrust between her cheeks.

“Oh no,” the diva sobbed. “Not that


She could now feel the presence on

another cock trying to get to her

asshole. She didn’t much enjoy it when

Lee fucked her there earlier, his thick

cock ripping her insides she thought for

sure. And now there was another cock

trying to do the same all over again.

She could tell that it was much smaller,

but she still didn’t look forward to

another ass-fuck.

“Baby, is that you?” She presumed, both

from the cock size and from the fact that

she couldn’t see the little bugger in the

room. “Are you the one trying to fuck my


She heard the yipping of the tiny dog

from above and almost smiled in response.

If the situation wasn’t so disgusting,

she would have probably thought this

funny. But this was happening, and worse

still, it was happening to her.

Then she felt the tip of the tiny dog

slip into her still slightly dilated

asshole and shoved its way in. The

scruffy dog began humping furiously once

he had found what he had so desperately

been looking for.

“Ungh!” Britney groaned as the third

cock fucked into her. “Oh god, now I

have two of them fucking into me.”

Though not as thick or long as his canine

companions, Baby’s cock was still thicker

than her thumb. It still managed to

stretch her asshole enough to give her

surges of lust.

She could feel its mass rubbing against

Stan’s cock in her pussy through the thin

membrane that separated them. She could

feel herself climbing to an even more

powerful orgasm, as both cocks seemed to

caress each other as the tiny dog thrust

his cock in and out of her still cum-

lubricated ass.

“Oh shit!” She groaned. “I’m… I’m

cumming one more time! Oh, baby, baby,

I’m cumming one more time! Oh my god!


Just then, Stan’s scrotum tightened and

the large Alsatian unloaded his seed into

this human bitch he had copulated with.

Britney moaned loudly as she felt the

scalding heat of his jism filling her

womb, triggering yet another powerful

orgasm even before the previous one had a

chance to subside.

In her lust, Britney reached under and

tweaked at her clit, exhaling loudly as

it too triggered another orgasm. They

seemed to extend into one long climax,

when in fact it was multiple ones

overlapping each other.

More and more of the large guard dog’s

jism shot into her teenaged pussy, until

it started squirting past their

interlocked sexes. Doggy cum came

cascading down her calves and she

instinctively ran her finger through the

warm fluid. Without even thinking of

what she was about to do, she brought her

drenched fingers up to her lips and

licked it clean.

She could detect the sweet taste of her

own juices, but there was also the salty

metallic flavor of the dog’s spunk also.

That triggered the memory of Baby’s cock

when he had tried to get a blowjob out of

her earlier.

That’s when she felt the warm ejaculation

in her ass and she knew that her tiny dog

was also emptying his balls into her.

Luckily, the tiny dog-knot couldn’t tie

into her, so Britney wasn’t tied inside

her asshole as Stan was in her cunt.

She was now filled in both holes, cum was

pouring out of them and down her legs.

This attracted the attention of Lee and

he scampered over to the three locked


The second guard dog began lapping up the

leaking jism energetically, which Britney

now enjoyed guiltily. She let the dog

lick her between the legs without any

protest this time. Rather enjoying it

fully this time.

Meanwhile, Stan’ knot was shrinking and

he began trying to walk away from

Britney’s still clenching pussy, dragging

out from under the coffee table as he did


“Oh! Argh!” Britney groaned, as the

pulling tension on her cunt was only

slightly painful.

But she endured that as she felt the

doggy cock finally begin to slip out of

her cunt. Then in one final tug, Stan’s

thick cockshaft popped out of her

pussylips, followed by a rush of his jism

and hers to the wooden floor.

With his support gone, Baby came crashing

to the floor, his own cock popping out

painfully of her ass.

“Ooooh! Shit!” She moaned, as the

sudden release of pressure triggered

another orgasm out of her.

Now that she was finally free of all the

dogs cocks, Britney got up to escape

them. But her bare feet slipped on the

slick surface of the wet floor. She came

crashing hard on her back, knocking the

breath out of her.

“OOOF!” Air rushed out of her mouth.

Lee simply rushed forward and buried his

snout in her gaping, wet pussy. He

immediately resumed licking out all of

Stan’s spunk from her love hole.

Britney quickly knew that one of the dogs

was back at her pussy.

“Lucky for me that this time, I’m on my

back,” she said, eyes flickering open.

“No chance of them trying to fuck me


But when she opened her eyes, she was met

with the sight of Lee’s rigid cock

vibrating just above her head. The dog

was licking her, yes, but he had taken up

such a position that the couple was in an

ideal 69 position.

“Oh! Crap!” She swore.

The dog’s pre-cum was already squirting

continuously, tingling the flesh of her

tits as it landed.

Intending to wipe the doggy fluid off her

chest, Britney soon began engrossed in

massaging her tits instead. She began

pinching and pulling on her rock-hard

nipples as she enjoyed the dog’s tongue

exploring her pussyhole.

“Jesus-H-Christ!” She was saying. “This

can’t keep going on like this.”

The dog just kept on licking while she

got a close up look at the thick dog

penis bouncing in front of her eyes.

“Was all of that in my ass?” She asked

herself. “Damn! I didn’t think anything

that big could even fit in my pussy, much

less my ass.”

The sight of that wet cockshaft reminded

her of what Baby had tried to do earlier.

She began wondering about how a cock

tasted, a dog cock. Her curiosity

mounted as she hesitantly reached up and

touched the vibrating shaft.

She immediately pulled her fingers away

as if she had touched a hot flame.

Twitching her fingers, she reached up and

tried again. This time she grasped the

cockstalk firmly and began stroking him

as she did so often to her boyfriend.

Stan looked back, licking his chops, then

returned to licking at her cum-flooded


Britney was kind of enjoying her illicit

handjob of the dog. Despite the slimy

texture of it, she loved how warm it felt

in her hand. It was much warmer than any

boy’s she had done this to in the past.

Meanwhile, Lee and Baby had recuperated

enough to join their comrade in licking

the teen diva. Britney was now being

lapped by all three of her dogs. Their

raspy, sandpapery tongues alternating

between her pussyhole and her ass.

“Oh, fuck, doggies,” she moaned, another

orgasm hitting her. “Do mommy good.

Lick mommy’s wet pussy. Make me cum

again. Pleeease!”

In her lust lost, Britney wasn’t paying

attention to what she was doing next.

Without thinking about it, she raised her

head and licked at Stan’s stiff cock.

Over and over, she lathered his prick

with her tongue, cleaning it of its slimy


“Mmmmmh! Mmmmh!” She hummed as she

licked that delicious piece of meat.

As the dogs continued their frenzied

licking, Britney did the unthinkable.

She lifter her head and sucked in Stan’s

cockhead. She began sucking him eagerly,

wanting him to empty his balls down her


Not only had she lost the virginity of

her ass and pussy to the dogs, but now

she was about to lose the virginity of

her mouth as well.

She could already feel the cocktip

hitting her tonsils as she surged her

head up to his balls. Inch by inch the

slick shaft would disappear past her

lips. She wasn’t thinking of what she

was doing, or what she wanted to taste.

She was too busy living it to consider

any of this.

She squirmed her ass all over the cum-

covered floor as the dogs kept on licking

her as she went on sucking on Stan’s

cock. She didn’t know if she could

manage it, but she wanted to feel that

warm piece of flesh in her throat. She

wanted to deepthroat the fucker.

“Mmmmmmh! Mmmmmmh! Mmmmmmh!” She

moaned, both from climaxing and from the

excitement of what she was about to


Bracing herself firmly, she lifter her

head back and shoved her face against

Stan’s crotch. She could feel the thick

shaft slide past her tonsils and further

down her throat. She immediately had to

pull back as she could get air.

After a few more practice strokes, she

discovered that she could breathe quite

easily if she timed it right. As she

pulled the dog’s cock back to her mouth,

she could take a fresh breath of air

through her nose. She quickly found the

rhythm and was deepthroating the dog.

‘Oh god!’ She thought to herself.

‘What’s gotten into me? I… I’ sucking a

dog’s cock, for chrissakes. I haven’t

even sucked Justin, and here I am sucking

my dog.’

Despite knowing what she was doing, she

couldn’t stop herself. She just had to

suck this dog until he was dry. She

wanted his jism to fill her cheeks so she

could really taste what cum was like.

Suddenly, she found that she couldn’t

take anymore of Stan’s cock. Something

big was preventing him from going in any

further. When she turned her eyes down

to her lips, she got her first good look

at his knot. The knobby mass was much

too thick for her mouth. There was

simply no way that she could take that in

past her lips.

‘Holy shit!’ A thought just dawned on

her. ‘I… I’ve got his whole cock down my


She gulped loudly past her cock-stuffed

mouth and began squeezing her dog’s

balls, urging him to empty his load.

With her other hand, she was crushing her

tits hard as the dogs continued lapping

their tongues at her crotch area.

Then she heard Stan howl loudly, his cry

vibrating through the house. A moment

later, Britney could feel his sperm

shooting down her gulping throat.

Unfortunately, that first shot found its

way past her tastebuds before she ever

got a taste. She quickly realized that

she needed to pull back so that his jism

would fill her mouth cavity for a taste.

She pulled back until only his cockhead

remained clasped between her lips and

sucked eagerly. The next shot filled her

mouth completely, ballooning her cheeks

grotesquely. She had to struggle to

swallow so much before the next squirt


Again and again, Stan’s cock spurted a

new load of seed in the wanton bitch.

Britney didn’t know how she could handle

so much. As she struggled to swallow,

more creamy hot jism would flood in.

Soon, she couldn’t hold it anymore and

cum came dripping down her cheeks past

her clasping lips.

“Mmmmmh!” Mmmmmmh!” She moaned in

ecstasy as she got the taste of cum for

the first time.

Finally, Stan’s climax was slowing to a

trickle. And now that he had been

relieved, he also stopped licking at her

pussy. The other two dogs had tired of

licking a few minutes earlier. Now, as

he felt his cock softening in Britney’s

mouth, he stepped away pulling his prick

from her lips in a slurpy sound.

“OH fuck!” She moaned, still feeling the

lingering of all her orgasms. “What have

I done? What have I become?”

In tears, she got to her feet and rushed

up the stairs to her bathroom. There she

locked the door and started the shower.

For the next hour, she was scrubbing her

skin raw, trying to remove all traces of

the dogs. She even went so far as to

literally wash out her mouth with soap,

in the hopes that that would remove the

cum she had swallowed.

When she finally stepped out and headed

for the door, she thought that she heard

the dogs scratching at it. In absolute

fear, she scrunched up in a ball on the

floor and stayed there all night,



The next morning, she snuck into her

bedroom, got dressed and snuck out of her

own house, not wanting to go through

another ordeal with the dogs again. She

ran to her parent’s house, five miles

away, forgetting that she had a car of

her own.

When her dad opened the door, she jumped

in his arms and cried for an hour.

Whenever he asked her if everything was

all right, she just answered ‘yes’. She

couldn’t bring herself to tell him, or

her mother, what had happened the night



For the next two weeks, following her

bestial rape, Britney lived with her

parents. She couldn’t bring herself to

even step into her own house, much less

face the three dogs that had raped her.

Whenever her parents asked her about it,

she would simply say that she was tired

of the place. They just accepted it as

the response of a youthful and impulsive

girl. They figured that she had simply

grown bored with the place, and the dogs.

During all this time, her dad had to

travel across town every day to feed and

water the dogs. This was a bother, but

she was his daughter after all.

“Mom. Dad,” she finally said a few days

later. “I… I’ve decided to sell my

house. And the dogs too.”

“But why, dear?” Her mom asked.

“It… it just doesn’t suit me anymore,”

she said defensively. “That’s all.”

“Are you sure you want to sell the dogs

too?” Her dad asked. “We could keep

them here with us if you like.”

“NO!” She yelled out impulsively. “No,

I don’t think I want any pets anymore.”

“But what about security?” Her father

reminded her. “That’s why you got Stan

and Lee, remember. You sure you don’t

want them with you either.”

“No, I don’t,” she said, getting a bit

frustrated with this discussion. “Why

the third degree. I don’t want any of

it. I just want to sell it all.”

“All right, all right,” her dad finally

conceded defeat. “I’ll call the broker

first thing tomorrow.”

“Thanks dad,” she said, giving him a kiss

on the cheek. “Thanks mom. Sorry for


“But I’m still concerned for your

safety,” her father said, not wanting to

let that part go.

“I was thinking of moving to a condo

building,” she said. “You know, one with

their own security.”

“Mmmm, that would be all right, I guess,”

he agreed after a moments thought.

So, the next day, Britney Spears’ house

and dogs went on the market. In less

than an hour of this being released, she

was being attacked by various

organizations of the SPCA for not caring

enough to keep her pets.

“We are very concerned that Britney is

setting a bad example,” a spokesperson

for the British SPCA said. “Pets require

longtime commitment and care, and should

not be thought of as objects that can be

left behind.”

Her manager tried to deflect this animal

rights attack from her. He even tried

convincing her to reconsider. He had no

idea of the reasoning behind this, and

she did not intend to let him know about

it, nor anybody else for that matter.

But Britney took the brunt of this

fiasco, her head held high. She didn’t

care what these people thought of her in

this issue. There was no way that she

would keep those rapist dogs with her,

not after they had done to her.

The End

David Oberman

Don’t forget that every author

appreciates input on their work, so feel

free to let me know what you think.

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