Britney Spears In Rape City

Britney Spears doing a concert in New York City in Madison Square Garden which was already sold out. She was on the plane heading toward New York and got off. Fans came from all over the Airport. When one fan saw her the word spread. Britney lead to her limo by a security guard and the rest of security trying to keep the fans back. Britney got in the limo and the Driver stopped in the middle of no where.

Driver where are you going. Britney asked

Oh just riding around. He answered

Well we have to be there in 30 minutes. Britney shouted

Oh don’t worry that will be enough time. He said

What. Britney asked

The driver then ran out the limo and jumped in the back grabbed Britney and had a pair of scissors, since britneys style of cloth were so hard to take off he cut the cloths off.

What the hell are you doing Britney SHOUTED

Oh having some fun He answered

He pulled his pants done and aimed his cock toward s britneys head and started to piss on her head.

SUCK IT BITCH. He damanded

Hell know Britney responded

He then started punching Britney in the Stomach to get her mouth opened and then stuck his dick in her mouth

And when britney thought things couldn’t get any worse he started pissing in her mouth

How does that taste,, You better swallow He said

He took his cock out Britney gasping for air

He pulled Britneys Bra and Panties down and started fuck her


Britney tried to push him but he was too strong

Britney suffering her orgasm he took his cock out and aim for britney piss covered head

He came all over britneys head

I hope you enjoyed it

YOU BASTARD britney said

But little did she know it was far from over his friends that were heading toward where they were, were not far away Britney was in for a long night

I will post part 2 soon…

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